1. P

    PCOM vs OUWB

    PCOM Pros Location - Philly is amazing and its 30 min drive from my family, which is a really big support system for me I'm really interested in primary care, so I don't care much about extra competitive specialties (derm, plastics, etc) Strong community Reputation - very good reputation...
  2. takeiiteasy

    Michigan (Dean's Scholarship: full tuition + covers 1 year dual degree) vs. OUWB (full-tuition scholarship)

    Hi everyone! Happy social distancing. I hope you're all well. I'm super bummed about second look cancellations as I was really hoping those would help me in the decision making process. Below is the current headspace I'm in. Please help out if you can! Michigan Pros - Full tuition + grant...


  4. I

    OUWB vs Georgetown

    OUWB pros: close to home, newer facilities, less competitive, students seem happier and more social, almost a 100% matching, already found housing cons: in-state (I've always lived in Michigan so I feel like I won't grow as much), newer school so not as established, attendance is mandatory...
  5. madaboutmedlife

    UCSD V OUWB (with half tuition scholarship)

    Hi Guys! I'm having a really tough time deciding between these two schools. I am currently undecided on my future specialty. I really loved both schools during interview day. A disclaimer: I realize that I am super lucky that I have these amazing choices, and I know that this is not an actual...
  6. A

    OUWB (half ride) vs VCU

    loved both schools, but I enjoyed VCU’s location and curriculum more. Also, VCU is very established whereas OUWB is a very new/unknown school. Is it worth the extra 80k + interest?
  7. Sidthekiddd

    Wake Forest vs OUWB

    Hi guys, I wanted to see if anyone had input as to the pros and cons of both programs. Say the tuition for both is equal, what would be the pros and cons to each. What I have so far OUWB Pros: Fit Extremely supportive faculty Beaumont health system Integrated research project OUWB Cons: Lack...
  8. D

    Rush vs OUWB

    Hello everyone! I have been fortunate enough to get into a couple schools this cycle and have narrowed my choices down to these two. I am born and raised in Michigan and currently go to OU for undergrad. I am pretty unsure about my long term career plans and would like to keep my options open...
  9. T

    OUWB vs Drexel

  10. AAAmeds

    VCU vs. GWU vs. OUWB

    Hi everyone, I am fortunate enough and thankful to have some options here. Some background on me: Canadian (don't qualify for scholarships except maybe at OUWB), have lived in big cities all my life and would prefer to continue to do so, and completely unsure of what specialty I want to do...
  11. FlashMed13

    Oakland University William Beaumont school of medicine vs. Wayne State school of medicine

    Hello, I am fortunate enough to have received an acceptance from Oaklamd University William Beaumont school of medicine (OUWB) with a half ride and Wayne State school of medicine with an $18,000/year scholarship. Please help me decide which to attend by voting for one or the other school with a...
  12. FlashMed13

    OUWB (w/scholarship =$26,000) vs Wayne (w/scholarship = $15,000)

    Hello, I am fortunate enough to have received an acceptance from Oaklamd University (OUWB) and Wayne State, and also a scholarship from each. I know a lot about Wayne but I have also heard many good things about OUWB and how their program is taking off in a great way. I wanted to see if those of...
  13. W


    Hey all, I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two schools. Both are similar in that they focus on communities and primary care. OUWB's tuition is much higher than MSU's since it is a private school. So in terms of cost, I am definitely leaning towards MSU. Also, I was admitted...
  14. FlashMed13

    Rank the following Michigan schools

    Please rank the following MD schools in Michigan: CMU MSU WSU OUWB
  15. C


    I'm noticing a lot of OUWB vs discussions out there lately but I'll add mine anyway. Essentially, I was wowed by the OUWB community, especially the faculty and staff. They really seemed to have their sht together on interview day and wholly invested in making sure their students were happy and...
  16. FlashMed13

    OUWB vs Wayne State

    This is what I've come up with so far based on speaking directly to students from both schools: Wayne: Pros -Reputation -Work directly with undeserved -A lot of research funding -Great rotations -A lot closer to home Cons -More expensive -Unresponsive administration -Competition drives...
  17. FlashMed13

    OUWB (with half ride) vs Wayne

    I am considering 2 schools that I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to and wanted some input from my sdn peers. I was just granted a half ride to Oakland University and haven't heard back from wayne about scholarships yet so assuming I don't receive a scholarship from Wayne, what school...
  18. FlashMed13

    Why should I go to OUWB?

    Hello, I am lucky enough to have been accepted to multiple medical schools including Wayne and OUWB but I am having a hard time compiling reviews (both positive and negative) from current students about OUWB and was hoping that someone on here could help me out. Also, if you chose OUWB over...
  19. B

    VCU vs OUWB

    hello! I feel incredibly fortunate to have gained acceptances from multiple schools and I was able to narrow the list down to these two - VCU & OUWB. Here are my personal pros & cons and I'd love to hear your opinion on these schools. I am a CA resident. So I'll be paying OOS tuition for VCU...
  20. FlashMed13

    What would be the pros/cons of attending OUWB?

    Hello, I have done quite a bit of research on the school but wanted to see if anyone could present me with additional information on pros/cons for Oakland's medical school. Thank you in advance!
  21. FlashMed13

    Wayne or Oakland

    I am having trouble deciding between these two great schools. Assuming tuition was the same, which school would you choose and why?
  22. FlashMed13

    OUWB or Wayne State

    Hello, I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to both of these great schools and needed some help deciding between the two. I know that this thread already exists but since that thread, a lot of changes have occurred, including the graduation of OUWB's first class, so I wanted to see if I...