Jan 15, 2015
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I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to both of these great schools and needed some help deciding between the two.

I know that this thread already exists but since that thread, a lot of changes have occurred, including the graduation of OUWB's first class, so I wanted to see if I could get some input from all of you on whether I should choose Wayne or OUWB.

Any input on this thread is greatly appreciated.
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Jul 4, 2015
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  1. Medical Student (Accepted)
I was accepted to both, too. If I have to pay sticker price Wayne is an easy decision I think. I like OUWB a lot, but the basic science education at Wayne seems more conducive to getting good board scores (at least for my style of learning - I know there isn't sig difference b/t avg scores for the two schools) because of more efficient learning (don't have to attend lecture for honors so can stream lectures 1.5x speed, no TBL, curriculum seems more focused on the essentials - I think OUWB students sometimes write reflection papers or have other "extra" things to do). On the other hand, I think OUWB has a better community feel and more enthusiasm surrounds the school than Wayne. OUWB definitely has better anatomy facilities as well. I like that OUWB pairs you up with a Capstone mentor, though the actual Capstone course seems pointless for anyone who's already published research. While at Wayne it seems like you're more on your own finding a mentor, but it appears that everything can be done the summer between M1 and M2 without research invading the normal curriculum (since I'm an undergrad research assistant the idea of starting and finishing everything over the summer is highly appealing as I've found research is a time suck). The patient populations are different b/t Royal Oak area and Detroit obviously. People typically say the better clinical education is in Detroit b/c of the precarious pt pop, but I also think that the types of things seen at Beaumont would be more reflective of what I would see in future career. Wayne I think would be more interesting.

Overall I think both have their pros/cons, but I would choose Wayne if both were the same price. I would maybe go to OUWB if I got a half scholarship. I am very curious what their match list will be this year. Although all 47 matched (3 dropped out before match I guess), the only super competitive match they had was ENT at Mt Sinai, so I wonder what it will pan out to be since I think students at interview day said some ppl were applying to really competitive things like derm.
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