1. L

    Position Wanted PGY1

    Older graduate, green card holder, 3 graduate degrees, 5 years of research experience, 7 publications, 3 years of home country experience. Open to any residency.
  2. L

    Position Wanted PGY1

    Looking for a PGY-1 in IM, FM, Peds, Pathology or psychiatry. Can start anytime and move anywhere. Please let me know if you are aware of any opening. Help me, I’m getting old and broke. God bless.
  3. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.

    Position Swap PGY1 FM in NJ looking for PGY2 IM anywhere

    I'm a current PGY1 in an FM program in NJ looking to switch to IM, preferably PGY2 spot but open to PGY1 spot. Message me at [email protected]
  5. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM, FM, Peds, Psych, Patho or TY

    Desperately looking for a post-match PGY1. In serious financial difficulties. Please, let me know if there is an opening. Old IMG, tons of research Experience. Some observerships. I don’t need visa. thanks
  6. E

    PGY1 GS-Prelim vs IM-Prelim vs TY?

    For students applying to DR (advanced, starting PGY-2), what are the pros and cons of completing a PGY-1 in general surgery vs internal medicine vs transitional year? And how would students prepare for each (eg LORs, 4th year rotations, etc)? And what is the relative proportion of programs to...
  7. J

    Position Swap IM pgy-1 spot swap from New Jersey to Ohio

    Looking to swap a PGY-1 internal medicine position from New Jersey to Ohio. Mainly for family reason. Message me if anyone is interested.
  8. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 or PGY2 Psych position anywhere

    Please message me if any open positions
  9. J

    Position Wanted Canadian IMG looking for PGY1 position - any

    Canadian IMG looking for a PGY1 position in any field. Stats: Step 1: 198, step 2: 235, CS: pass. Please DM!
  10. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Medicine in Chicago looking for position in Houston, TX or surroundings.

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  11. S

    What's my options?

  12. L

    LOI to program director or contact?

    Quick question, if the program contact (on ASHP website) is different than the program director of a certain hospital, to whom do we adress the letter? Thanks!
  13. L

    NAPLEX, state board identity card

    Is it true that to apply for pharmacy state licensure by examination (NAPLEX/MPJE), you need a specific state identity card and not only american passport proof in order to give you an authorization to test? If that's the case how do out of state, or even out of country people apply? I know...
  14. L

    PhORCAS, number of hospitals for residency

    Do residency programs have access to how many programs we apply to on PhORCAS? (Before interview). If so, will they see it badly if I apply to too many hospitals?
  15. L

    NAPLEX, ATT, Residency

    If I get my official transcripts with degree proof by July 1 2019 (that's when my school can provide them), apply to a certain state board of pharmacy to get the ATT then do the NAPLEX exam, will I be able to be licensed on time for residency in the state? Usually residencies start end June or...
  16. N

    Position Swap IMG PGY 1 FM Resident in Ohio Looking to swap to Missouri or Atlanta

    Hi, i'm currently a PGY 1 FM resident in a great program in Ohio but due to new family situations, i'm interested in swapping to Missouri or Atlanta in 2019 for my PGY2 year. I'm planning ahead of time so would love to hear from anyone interested in a possible swap. Thank you so much.
  17. FomaticSysDunction

    Training License Delay

    Back with my Throwaway..... I need my Training License to start my residency program. I have an old arrest (23 years ago - a misdemeanor), so I disclosed it on my License application for the state I matched in. I had to wait wait while the state I did the crime in got my old records. Turns...
  18. L

    Neurology residency application process

    Hello, I've been reading about the application process for a Neurology residency, and from what I understood we need to apply via ERAS for a Neurology program (PGY2) + a transitional/preliminary PGY1 program, both done at the same time, using the same application? Is it the same thing for...
  19. Doctorjpc

    Position Wanted US Citizen IMG looking for PGY2 anything

    Hello, I am a US citizen graduate of Ross University who has completed one year of internal medicine in a categorical program from 2015-2016 however after successful completion of the 12 months had a family emergency at that time. I was also interested in other specialties or programs due to...
  20. P

    NAPLEX/Residency Nerves and Anxiety

    hi everyone, I’ve been studying nonstop for my boards, and I can’t help but feel discouraged. I feel like there is so much that I dont know, and I’m not ready to be a resident. I did very well in school and on rotations, but somehow it’s different when you now have to re-memorize everything in...
  21. Sincerely Sapphire

    No Residency --> Clinical Pharmacy position

    Hey, I'm a 3pd interested in oncology. Looking on the forum, lots of people mention how people get jobs in clinical positions without residencies. I was wondering, what kind of things do those people have that make them acceptable for a clinical position right after Graduation. Are they...
  22. D

    Position Wanted ECFMG certified US citizen IMG looking for PGY-1 position anywhere

    ECFMG certified US citizen, graduated from carribean medical school, have done all my clinical rotations in the US. I am currently seeking any and all open PGY-1 positions that are available. I am able to relocate anywhere within the United States and can start immediately. I can send any...
  23. P

    PGY1 Pharmacotherapy Resident vs. PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident?

    PGY1 Pharmacotherapy Resident vs. PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Resident? Is there a difference or is this semantics?
  24. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM (C)/(P), FM, or TY wanted

    Hi I am US citizen, recent graduate, strong application but unique situation put me off cycle....in need of Internal Medicine, Prelim/Transitional Year PGY1 position if available anywhere please message me. Flexible with location.
  25. D

    Applying to position as an intern

    Greetings! For me, the match week just ended. After a horrifying and traumatic week of a) not matching in the general match and b) not matching in the SOAP, I finally slink away with a TRI position that I earned by spending the entire day calling places. I'm not giving up on my dreams of PM&R...
  26. B

    Position Wanted Internal Medicine, or Family Medidine position wanted

    Hello, I am an IMG with: - Usmle Step1,2and cs all first attempt, - ECFMG certified, One observership, two externship ( from USA), -one year internship and three years on Internal medicine training ( from over sees ) -three research and one article ( from USA ) one is published. I am looking...
  27. S

    Every other weekend staffing

    Can any past or present residents give any insight on how draining it is to staff every other weekend without comp days vs. with? Also, what are your thoughts on programs without a research month in December (along with staffing every other weekend)?
  28. O

    Trying for a baby at the end of intern year?

    I'm a 4th year medical student applying into OBGYN getting married at the end of 4th year to a now-1st year law student. If I match in the city where he is, we'd like to have a baby at the end of my intern year (summer or start of his third year). His schedule as a third year law student will be...
  29. brothermanbill

    Anesthesia SOAP advanced vs wait for physician only (R) Spot

    Hi all, Recently I found out that I did not match into ophthalmology. I am now looking towards anesthesiology. This isn't the worst thing ever, as I was having some regrets about ophthalmology even during the interview process. I have taken the anesthesiology rotation and have given anesthesia...
  30. C

    Pharmacy Residency Pro/Con

    Hi everyone, With midyear coming up, my colleagues and I figured this may be a helpful video to individuals that are considering whether or not to do a residency. We walk through some of the pros and cons of a pharmacy residency. Hope it helps! We're also releasing another video next week...
  31. bretonnia

    Position Wanted Is there a list of AOA gen surg prelim programs? I can't seem to find one.

    Looking to apply to PGY1 gen surg prelim in case I don't match to EM this year, but can't find a list online of programs. ERAS only shows TY programs.
  32. H

    Position Swap Swap PGY2 (preferred) or PGY1

    I am currently a resident in central United States and wanted to swap for a PGY2 (preferred) if not a PGY1 position. I have no preference to which part of the United States. Please message me for details. Thank you for your time
  33. I

    Audition as a PGY-1?

    I'm starting my PGY1 year soon and we have the option of doing an off-site elective if we do not have a PGY2 spot lined up. I'm just wondering if it's recommended to try and do an audition as a PGY1 (versus a MS4) and if programs even allow it? Any thoughts would be great. Thank you!
  34. D

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1 IM. Sound record

    I,m looking for any opening, unfilled position or other opportunity arising in any Internal Medicine Residency Program. I,m an ECFMG Certified IMG. Done with Step1,2 & 3. Decent Scores. US Clinical Experience including hands on externships US research Experience + Abstracts. US LOR's Committed &...
  35. M

    Other Should I say I have a position?

    I'm currently in a PGY-1 prelim, applying to PGY-2 categorical and prelim positions. At the moment I've been accepted into a prelim PGY-2 program but I'm still looking for that elusive categorical spot anywhere that would take me. My question is, in these postings that open up for...
  36. C

    Position Wanted PGY1-3 positions OB/GYN

    Hi y'all Completed 2 years of OB/GYN residency training in Texas, did not pass USMLE Step 3 on third attempt. Was let go because of three strikes USMLE rule. Recently kicked Step 3's ass. If anyone knows of any unfilled programs or any PDs, please let me know. PGY1-3.
  37. A

    Position Wanted PGY1 Preliminary position Surgery or IM, Very good scores

    I'm an IMG ECFMG certified, USMLE scores: 251, 267, CS pass 1st attempt, 4 months of US clinical experience. Was late to apply for last match, I'm looking for a position in prelim PGY1 in surgery, medicine, or any specialty. will apply to radiology next year
  38. I

    Position Swap California IM PGY-1 or PGY-2 swap to North Carolina

    Looking for someone in an internal medicine program in North Carolina to swap with me for a PGY-1 or 2 position in a program in California. I am happy here in California, but just want to swap for personal reasons (fiancée). PM me if you're interested.
  39. P

    Pediatric PGY1 Interview

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had completed a pediatric PGY1 interview yet? I have a few in a few weeks and was wondering how the interview was or what kind of clinical states to focus on for the clinical portion Any advice would be great Thanks!
  40. M

    PGY1 after being out of school for several years

    Just curious if anyone has applied/ completed a residency after being a pharmacist for many years?