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  1. J

    Physical therapy school interview

    Does anyone know of who can help out with doing mock interview? I have an interview with Ohio University DPT school in couple weeks and needed some help. Willing to pay too. Also if anyone has been accepted to Ohio University, does anyone remember what the questions were or like? Thanks!
  2. J

    Mock interview

    Does anyone know of who can help out with doing mock interview? I have an interview with Ohio University DPT school in couple weeks and needed some help. Willing to pay too. Also if anyone has been accepted to Ohio University, does anyone remember what the questions were or like? Thanks!
  3. A

    Students of “Candidate” status programs

    Hello, I am looking into applying to a new program and entering their class as they become a “candidate” for accreditation. Has anyone attended a school under these circumstances and how did it work when you graduated and tried to get licensed?
  4. J


    Hey guys, recent graduate and I got waitlisted at Marshall University for their physical therapy program and was wandering if anyone is or has been a student of the program? If so how is it or was it? What is your favorite thing about the program? What is your least or hardest class you’ve had...
  5. J

    Marshall DPT school

    Hey guys, recent graduate and I got waitlisted at Marshall University for their physical therapy program and was wandering if anyone is a student of the program? If so how is it? What is your favorite thing about the program? What is your least or hardest class you’ve had? Any tips on excelling...
  6. S

    University of St. Augustine DPT FALL 2020 Thread (YELLOW CLASS)

    Haven't seen a fall 2020 thread. Only see a summer/spring one. Comment if you're applying for fall and which campus. I'm applying to San Marcos Campus. cGPA: 3.39 pGPA:3.3 GRE: combined 291 141V 150Q 3A scienceGPA:3.02 Observation Hours: 190 Letter of Recs: 4 when I applied: 10/15 ...
  7. B

    Help me choose! U of Utah vs. Regis University

    Hi! I am weighing out the pros and cons between these two schools. I am a California resident so I would apply for residency in Utah. Regis is private so it doesn't matter. I am into rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, really anything outdoors so I know both of these schools have plenty of that...
  8. N

    Getting Into Physical Therapy School: 10 Essential Things You Must Do

    Hello everyone, I want to be fully transparent here and tell you that this is my publication (per the SDN rules). I wrote this to help prospective students prepare their applications as best as possible when they are applying to schools. Of the students that have shadowed me or worked with...
  9. T

    Physical Therapist Learning Emergency Medicine

    I love all aspects of the medical field, but I feel like I would enjoy physical therapy the most because it allows me to have a family and get to spend time with them more than say emergency medicine or surgery. The only thing I think I wouldn't like is the fact that I wouldn't have the...
  10. Z

    What are my chances??

    Hello everyone! I am currently freaking out about getting into PT School and am so unsure of what kinds of schools I would even get into. I have a pretty strong overall GPA, but a very low science GPA. Also have a strong quant score and low verbal so not sure how that all factors in. Let me know...
  11. T

    Average GRE Scores? Phyiscal Therapy School

    Hi, I scored a 152Q and a 146V on the GRE? Will I be looked at? Most schools that I am applying for I reached the Quantitative Section I am just off on the Verbal. Advice?
  12. A

    UTHSC - Reapplying to DPT program

    Hello! So I applied to the UTHSC DPT program last year and didn't get in, but I'm currently trying to do everything I can to become a more competitive candidate- one of them includes moving back to Memphis for a number of reasons. I am currently looking for physical therapy technician jobs in...
  13. Pre-PT Grind

    Why do you want to be a DPT?

    Why do you want to become a physical therapist? Sometimes we can get lost in the stats and comparisons, but I'd love to know what makes all of this worth it for you. Plus it's great practice for interviews. Can't wait to read!
  14. M

    Need Some Feedback Now That Applications are Due...

    Hey guys, below I wrote about myself. I'm getting nervous and anxious about the applications I have already submitted and submitting soon. Does anyone have any feedback? I changed my major after two years of undergrad and received a 3.6 GPA my last 3 semesters of college. Worked hard to bring my...
  15. WonderWoMegan

    Pacific University Essay Inspiration

    I'm sure you all feel me, but my fingers and keyboard are spent. I need to write a few more mini essays about myself for PTCAS and PU, but I'm spent. Just so I can get this done and try to sell myself as much as possible, what does PU look for when they ask, "Using an experience you have had...
  16. B

    Selling My Microsoft Surface Pro (2017 like new condition)

    Selling my Surface Pro with Intel core i5, 256gb storage and 8gb of RAM. Also included is the premium keyboard case with Alcantara in cobalt blue, the new surface pen in platinum and the surface dock. The keyboard and pen accessories are both back ordered from Microsoft. Everything is in perfect...
  17. P

    Low GPA Help/Tips

    Hey guys, One of the most common concerns of new applicants is what to do if they have a low gpa. Being newly accepted students, my best friend and I created a video that could possibly help! Please give it a watch and if you liked it, please like and subscribe! This is purely to help those...
  18. Sofiya30

    Dental and Physical Therapy School

    Does anyone know of any schools that have both a Dental School and a Physical Therapy School? Or any states that have these two types of schools a short distance from one another? Thanks in advance!
  19. A

    Need Outside Opinions! (applying to Physical Therapy School)

    So I have been in quite a predicament for the last month about applying to pt school this cycle 2017-2018, or the next cycle 2018-2019. My current statistics include: University: University of Louisville Major: Exercise Science Minor: Wellness Coaching Overall GPA: 3.93 Pre-Req GPA: ~3.73 (only...
  20. D

    Waiting Game

    Hello, I know I'm not the only one, but I wanted to find out if anyone else has previously experienced this... I applied to 14 PT schools with 9 rejections, but still waiting on 5 others (Arcadia, Neumann, Misericordia, Alvernia, and Lebanon Valley). I understand most schools do acceptances and...
  21. T

    Pacific University 2020

    Hey guys! Has anyone else heard back from Pacific University (Oregon not California)? I got my response today that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone know roughly what number of waitlisted students are usually asked before the program is filled? Thanks!
  22. dannibambi

    Advice from a current PT student to those applying

    Hello everyone! I wish you luck with your applications this year! I have been in PT school for a year now and I wanted to share some advice that I wish someone would have shared with me beforehand. 1. Buy this textbook and read it: Physical Rehabilitation [6th edition] by O'Sullivan, Schmitz, &...
  23. Cheezy89

    THE TRANSITION TO PT SCHOOL! What you should know before starting!

    CONGRATS TO Y'ALL WHO GOT ACCEPTED! Now what? In this video I cover what you should expect or what you should do before you start school. Any other questions, let me know in the comment section!
  24. N

    western university of health sciences DPT interview

    Hey I received an interview for western university of health sciences for the DPT program Does anyone know how does the process of the interview go and what is the subject of the writing Thank you
  25. N

    Evansville university dpt

    I recently received an interview at evansville university dpt Does any one have an idea about the interview process Thank you
  26. M

    Do I even have a chance next year?

    Hello SDN, I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology trying to get into a PT program in Texas. I have pretty low cgpa and pgpa, 3.26 and 3.10 respectively. My last 60 hours is about 3.1. I have C+s in both A&P 2 and physics 2. I am looking at applying to programs such as...
  27. A

    Should I retake the GRE?

    Hey guys, I took the GRE about a month ago and I didn't do well on it. I'm so bad at standardized tests. I got a 145 Q, 147 V, and 4.0 AW. I know it's horrible and I was really discouraged because I studied two months for it. Anyway, I've been using Magoosh this time around and my next test...
  28. A

    Took the GRE today and didn't go well....

    So I took the GRE today and it didn't go well at all. I've been studying for two months, but I'm just not good at standardized tests and I freak out under time. I did really well on the practice tests, but when it came down to test time, I froze. I'm planning on taking it again in a month, but...
  29. R

    Common Pre-PT questions?!?

    I am a third year DPT student, and have started a vlog concerning all things PT school. I have had many requests to shed some light on the process of applying, getting in, and so forth regarding PT school. I'm hoping to discover the most common questions you, as Pre-PT students, have as you're...
  30. P

    Minimum GRE score, but awesome everything else

    GRE: V=151, Q=152, W=4.5 GPA: 3.91, Major: Health Science/Minor: Chemistry Hours in PT experience: 150+ Worked as an assistant for 1 year with medical school professor who teaches rheumatology. Gone on 2 medical mission trips to Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Volunteer experiences, Global...
  31. B

    Advice on social probation for pt school

    Hi guys, I've been worrying myself sick knowing that applications are beginning to open in a few months, and I would just like your advice or words to help me out. I am currently getting ready to graduate from University of Indianapolis (Summa Cum Laude) anticipated overall gpa being a 3.86...
  32. S

    Knowledge is power

    Looking for some words of wisdom and hopefully some uplifting advice regarding the application process for PT school... Really hoping to stay away from negative energy so please only helpful (not hurtful) comments. They say knowledge is power and that is what I'm here for. I am new to the...
  33. F

    Applying with a certificate GPA?

    Hey, everyone! I hope your interview season has been going well! I had an interesting question to ask all of you: Can I re-apply to DPT school after completing a graduate certification course at another university? For example, I'm thinking about strengthening my application for next year by...
  34. jgraz2

    Physical Therapy Admission

    So, it's coming down to that time of year again. Currently waiting in limbo for the word back from various DPT program s. I was not accepted into any programs last year. Since then, I have taken an additional course as well as boosting my Physics I grade from a C to an A. Basically what I'm...