1. Y

    SCCO offering acceptances & interviews still?

    Hello! Is anyone still receiving interview invites/acceptances for SCCO right now? If so, which dates?
  2. E

    7 w’s on transcript

    I’m currently a sophomore in college I’m taking gen chem with the lab and stats I was taking bio 1 with the lab but had to drop both because it was too much and I haven’t slept in 2 days!!! I can’t keep doing it and I wasn’t learning the material. Upon dropping I noticed I now have 7 w’s on my...
  3. V

    Western U

    Hi everyone! I have an interview with Western U coming up. I’ve been hearing a lot of things that lead me to believe attending this school would not be the safest option for. Has anyone attended or is currently attending Western U that can tell me about their experiences living in Pomona,CA?
  4. K

    midwestern CCO accreditation

    Hello everyone! hope everyone’s interviews are going well. I got accepted into Midwestern CCO and was wondering if someone can help me understand their current accreditation, and what that would mean for me as a student. So I know they are in the process of getting accredited. What exactly does...
  5. V

    No more grade replacement OptomCAS

    Hello everyone, I submitted a few applications and relialized that my gpa on the verified application is way below what I originally had from my official transcripts. I spoke to an Optomcas agent and was informed they are no longer accepting only the final attempt of a repeated course. Does...
  6. K

    OAT Experience: August 2020

    Hi! I utilized SDN / Reddit A LOT when studying for my OAT and locating potential resources, so I thought I would do the same! Plus, I kinda want to get out of Biochem studying for now. Alright, so I took the OAT back in August. A little bit about me: 3.86 GPA / 3.75 Science Optometric...
  7. Harrison11011

    Current Biology major (freshman year) pre-Optometry student in need of advice

  8. Tiff-of-knee

    experience contact info on OptomCAS

    What happens if I don't provide the contact info of my supervisors when filling in my "experiences" page? What happens if I don't hit "Yes" for the "Release Authorization (May we contact this organization?)" question? Is it favorable to provide contact info and Release Authorization? Thank you...
  9. K

    Chances of getting into opto school?

    Hi my name is Karen, and I just joined this forum since it has been helpful for me to see my future options. I have recently hit a low point and am not sure if I should still try to make it into optometry school. I currently have a 3.4ish cumulative GPA and a 3.1ish science GPA. I'm currently...
  10. A

    Decent GPA with bad ECs?

    So I've got a 3.5 GPA, maybe a little bit lower for science GPA but definitely above 3.0. My EC's aren't great however-- I'm part of the preoptometry club, I've helped 1 or 2 times with another club, and I'm a notetaker. I'm planning on doing shadowing this summer, taking the OAT and finding...
  11. 6

    Is Math part of the science GPA for optometry?

    Hello I'm a college student that wants to go into the optometry field but I had a question about the science gpa. Is the science gpa just the BCP gpa or does it include math also? I know in many optometry schools they show the average science gpa but I wasn't sure if that included math as well...
  12. P

    ICO Decisions

    Has anyone heard back from ICO for the last round of interviews?
  13. H

    Letter of Recommendation (from CC)

    Applying to optometry school! I went to a community college for 2 years where I did most of my prerequisites and transferred to a university (just finished my first year at university, going into my senior year). I haven’t be able to connect with my science professors at my university, so I...
  14. S

    My OAT Experience

    Hi everybody! I just took the OAT and wanted to share my experience. I felt reading other people's experiences/post really gave me comfort and a good understanding of what to expect for the OAT. So, prepare for a long post! My Scores: AA 350 (88% percentile), TS 350 (85% percentile) QR: 390...
  15. O

    MCPHS Optometry Interview?

    Hey guys! I got off the waitlist at MCPHS and have an interview in a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone could describe their experience or provide any helpful tips! Thanks so much and good luck with everything!
  16. D

    BSN to Optometry

    I know this sounds strange, but I have been a practicing RN-BSN in critical care cardiology for almost 4 years now. When I first started my undergrad, I was going the pre-med/pre-optometry route with a focus in biology. At that time I was 17 years old and sort of at a loss for what to with my...
  17. ElyssaGabrielle

    Tell me about UIW Optometry School :)

    Hey y'all! I just finished my sophomore year of undergrad and I'm starting to look at schools that I'm interested in to make sure I'm taking the pre-recs since they vary from school to school. Being that I'm from Texas, Hispanic, Pre-Optometry, and a hardcore Catholic, I feel like UIW is...
  18. H

    SUNY Letters of Rec

    For SUNY, I know there is a requirement of two science professor recs, an optometrist rec, and one from a prehealth committee. For the science professors, would a letter from my Orgo lab professor count? I'm not very close with my lecture professor even though I visited his office hours...
  19. F

    Should I graduate early, or add on a minor?

    I'm pretty new to this website, and to the idea of going into optometry. I have the opportunity to graduate with a bachelor's in biology a year early, thus possibly starting my journey through optometry school sooner. I still have 3 prerequisite classes left to take, but I would only have one...
  20. R

    Optometry Grade Repeat confusion

    Hey! I had a question that I tried looking for but can't seem to find an answer for it. So basically I got a D in physics in my local community college, then Transferred to a university and got a B+ in physics. The D is really hurting my GPA so I was thinking about retaking it at that community...
  21. O

    Optomcas and Transcripts

    Just curious to know if anyone opted for the "Professional Transcript Entry" through Optomcas? I had a few transcripts to add due to transferring so I figured it would be easier to have it complied by Optomcas... but its been awhile since I requested the transcripts through the website and I was...
  22. S

    How many/which schools did you apply to?

    Applying to optometry school in the future and wanted to know about applications. How many schools/which schools did you apply to? GPA + OAT Scores would be appreciated to know too! Also, if you got multiple interviews, did you complete all of them (and if not, why)? Thanks!
  23. S

    Working/Gaining Experience?

    I'm starting my junior year of college and in about a year I'll be applying to optometry school. Right now, I have very little experience in the field. I got an interview for a retail eye store and was wondering if it's beneficial to work there even if it's only as a front-desk/retail ("with...
  24. M

    Acceptance Question

    so I read somewhere that once you get notified of your acceptance you generally have 2 weeks to accept or decline... can anyone confirm this? (especially for NOVA)... if this were the case, all of your interviews would have to be scheduled within a shorter time frame of each other to be able to...
  25. predent2020

    Adding program after submitting optomcas

    Does anybody know what the cost of submitting an additional program is after you have already submitted initially? Like is it an additional $170 or just the same as adding a school for $70?
  26. M

    OptomCAS Transcripts

    Did anyone else have a transcript sent out yet that has arrived to Optomcas? I had one sent to Optomcas and one sent to my house on the same day. I received the one in my mail two days later, and was assuming the status on Optomcas would have changed as it should have been received by now too...
  27. M

    SCO Observation Hours

    I'm interested in applying to Southern College of Optometry and noticed they have an optical section on Optomcas to upload documents with observation hours. Does it affect you negatively if you don't upload this? Also if anyone has a sample of what their shadowing documentation looks like please...
  28. O

    Letters of Recommendation advice!

    So I've shadowed at a variety of different optometry settings (OD/OMD, group practices, commercial), but I think my optometrists back at home know me the best. I go to a group practice, and I've shadowed for all of them there. Is it a good idea to have both my optometrist letters come from the...
  29. damusiel

    Future Optometrist?

    Hello, I am currently a high school student. I am very interested in the health field and want to be a optometrist. What are the pros and cons and what is the job outlook? Is it hard to get into optometry schools and what should I do in high school to prepare myself? Thanks!!
  30. B

    Neuroscience or Endocrinology??

    I am looking at courses to take next fall and I am trying to see which one would better prepare me for coursework in optometry. One course is neuroscience and the other is endocrinology. I was wondering if anyone that was in optometry school or is currently in optometry school could tell me...
  31. B

    Applying Late to Optometry School

    Hi friends. So. I just submitted my applications to Western, SCCO, NECO, AZCOPT, MCPHS, and PCO last night. I'm incredibly anxious on account of I know most schools have rolling admissions and it is pretty late in the cycle. I will graduate from a UC this spring, so I'm hoping I will get in and...
  32. F

    Advisors confused me - When should I apply?

    Hi all, I am currently a junior in college, and my advisor for human biology didn't really know anything about the optometry admissions process and confused me on when I should apply / if it's too late for me to apply and get in for the Fall of 2018? I went to a meeting last week and heard...
  33. A

    Dental vs. Optometry

    Hi everyone, (i posted this thread on the pre-opt page but wanted to post on here to get a variety of answers) I've been doing a lot of research on optometry and dental schools recently. I'm currently an undergraduate student majoring in sociology but currently working on my prereqs and retaking...
  34. @

    Should I submit my personal statement & application ?

    Hi guys, I know that it only takes a couple of days for processing any other additional applications after you have already been verified. So I submitted my application and personal statement(PS) with only one job shadowing experience to ICO ( probably won't be attending) about a week ago just...
  35. S

    Canadians and Optometry school in states

    Okay so I was inquiring about some prerequisite courses needed for Oklahoma College of Optometry and they emailed back letting me know that they do not accept applicants from outside of the US at this time. I was totally unaware that some schools didn't accept Canadian applicants. Does anyone...