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  1. Bobiscius

    Boards and Beyond plus Anking for incoming M1

    Pretty much the title, I had heard about Zach Highley’s study method of pairing Boards and Beyond with Anking and was curious if anybody has tried something similar? Practice questions saved my life on the MCAT so I wanna try it for the preclinical years. For reference we start with Biochem then...
  2. OMSWeebHours

    Medical Most Proven Techniques for Studying in General?

    Not just for medical school (but obviously that is a major focus to learn enough of the content to do well), but for other subjects and language learning. ANKI is promoted as an active study method, but what are the most proven techniques to learn and retain the most information with the...
  3. Z

    Hello! 2024 PCAT and applicant here

    Hello, I am coming back to the fold after a ten year hiatus. I successfully repeated a few pre-reqs to replace some C's with A's. I have been prepping with Kaplan and Dr. Collins books for the PCAT since June. I did not realize the PCAT was being retired until recently, so I now plan to take...
  4. M

    How to improve my MCAT score :'(

    Hi everybody I'm sure you guys see plenty of posts like this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask this question here. Essentially, I got a 508 (128/126/128/126) on my MCAT (this was my first time taking it). As a summary of how I studied (I went through all the Kaplans): In regards to cp...
  5. C

    Should I start Anking as a rising M2??

    I did very mediocre my first year (lots of C's) and I'm realizing I didn't retain much. Is it worth starting Anking now??? Or is too late? I'm looking at the number of cards there are (over 40k) and I have no idea how I'm going to all of this in and finish by like April of next year. Are there...
  6. T

    pharmacology Help

    Hey Y'all, I am in my final semester of basic sciences and I have always had a hard time with pharmacology. Please drop any tips you have to tackle pharm.
  7. PathNeuroIMorFM

    I was a bad student in preclinical. How do I get better from here?

    Background My preclinical was P/F, but I was academically not performing at the same level as my peers, which made studying for Step 1 was a nightmare. I was consistently scoring about 72-75% on my exams, with 70% needing to pass. That put me at the 23rd percentile compared to my peers. My...
  8. O

    Medical Trying to form a study plan prior to medical school...

    Hi everyone, As someone who has been out of school for a few years, I'm trying to form a study plan. I know this will change once I start but I wanted to get some input from current/former medical students. I'll be attending KCUCOM in the Fall. Besides the class lectures, what other resources...
  9. Yousif Khaled

    Medical Best youtube channels for medical students

    What is the best medical youtube channels for the following subjects: Biochemistry Anatomy Histology Physiology Pahrmacology Pathology Thank you so much for the help :) Edit: it is not necessary to be a youtube channel .any source that makes medicine subjects easier to study is more than good...
  10. J

    Study Tips for PY1 with ADHD

    Hello, im a PY1 who just started pharmacy school back in august. I have dealt with ADHD my entire life and had done well in school. I take medication for it of course but it isn't a magic pill where im all of the sudden rain man (im sure most of you all know lol). Anyways I regularly attend...
  11. edgyluvly

    Being an unmotivated Psychology Student

    Hello, I’m a new member here so here’s a little background on me. I’m fresh out of highschool and a freshmen in college as a Psychology major. I’m taking all online classes so I can balance school, work, and my relationships. My career goal is to become a clinical psychologist. I’m really stuck...
  12. MissRibeye

    Has Anyone Tried Doing Questions First?

    Incoming OMS-1 here. I have been researching a variety of study strategies and tools in preparation for the start of school and have been reflecting on my experience studying for the MCAT, as that is the closest experience I have of studying a crazy amount for an extended period of time. One...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Save 100’s of Hours Studying: Making a Medical School Schedule That Makes Sense

    This blog post is an excerpt from The Med School Survival Kit: How to Breeze Through Medical School While Crushing Your Exams by Dr. Wendell Cole. Some people have their schedules set and may not need to read this post, but this may help some of you, so here we go! ___ The MVP of questions...
  14. G

    Prereading before gensurg intern year

    I'm a nontrad med student (MS4) who just applied into General Surgery. I have a few months off between my graduation and July 1 and really need some advice on what resources I should use to keep my medical knowledge current before starting internship. A lot of residents say things along the...
  15. J

    I'm sure it's not just me!

    I've been studying like mad for the MCAT as one does and at the end of every day I feel as though I haven't learned a thing. Has anybody ever felt the same way? Surely I have to be learning stuff but it's hard to tell how effective my studying is.
  16. M

    March Study Advice

    Hi SDN, I've decided to push my MCAT back to March. My latest score was a 505 (127/125/128/125) on AAMC FL2 and I'm really hoping for a 515+. I've completed the SB's (BB: 59%, CP: 68%, PS: 64%) and UW (50-55% on each section). I'm planning on doing the Q-Packs, then re-doing UW and the SB's...
  17. HugoBoss_89

    1st MCAT experience and plan for the future

    Hello everyone, I am a new member here on a student Doctor network. I’m happy I found this website because over the last few days, I’ve been gaining more confidence to continue pursuing my passion to become a doctor. I’d like to share my academic background before I share my first MCAT...
  18. J

    Other OT-Related Information Making a Career Change from Tech to OT

  19. adrenalinejunkie

    MD & DO Tips/tricks for keeping up with material and staying focused.

    I'm finishing up my first semester and looking over the schedule for second semester, I am slightly terrified because of how much is going on in one day. It's not necessarily the amount of material, but more so seeing 7-8 lectures scheduled in one day. This past semester, we mainly had...
  20. P

    Full Length Exams

    What is a good number of full length exams to take? How many did you take and which ones? Kaplan? ADA? Were any of your full lengths DAT exams? How accurate are the Princeton OAT exams? Thanks!
  21. L

    Study partner needed step2 ck Dallas

    Hello! Anyone need a study buddy?
  22. R


    Hi i'm writing the OAT on September 7th, so far i've only studied 3 chapters of the QR section. I'm having a very hard time studying for this exam because all throughout my undergrad i've been used to cramming for exams two or three nights before which I know won't work for this exam. For those...
  23. A

    Delaying my MCAT Date?

    I am currently a rising senior undergrad (will be taking a gap year after college, aka applying in 2019). I was planning on taking my MCAT in early September, however, I am worried that I will not be prepared enough. I have been studying this summer, but due to some unforeseen circumstances have...
  24. C

    Resources/ Advice - Applying for a Residency after time away

    Hi SDN people, I graduated from a US allopathic school in 2015, took several years off to focus on creative endeavors, and am currently in the process of returning to the medical field. This will be my first time applying for a residency, and would appreciate any advice or resource...
  25. S

    NC dental hygiene jurisprudence test

    I have tried to take the NC Jurisprudence Test twice now and I’ve failed it both times with a score of 19, and I need 20 to pass. I only have 1 attempt at the test left. I’ve read the laws and info they sent me to study but answers to certain questions are no where to be found on any website...
  26. Future Molinator

    The One Where We Get Into Dental School! FB Group

    Hey guys! I know there are a lot of Facebook groups already in place to help us. HOWEVER, you can never have to many resources. Please join my group, "The One Where We Get Into Dental School," I would love to see my group grow with people whom share the same interest. Let me just say, I...
  27. Future Molinator

    DAT Study Group!!

    Hey Guys!! I will be taking the DAT in May. I am just about to start with DAT Bootcamp, and I was wondering if anybody is eager to form a study group through Whatsapp? Or use another outlet in order to prepare for the exam. I am pretty comfortable with the biology section however I need to...
  28. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Improve Your Study Skills to Become a More Competitive Med School Applicant

    As an aspiring doctor, you have a lot on your plate. Upgrading your study skills now can help you learn to be more efficient about how you study, save you time, help you improve your grades, and allow you to establish the skills that will see you through medical school. These strategies can make...
  29. J

    What fraction of time do you spend reviewing?

    There is constantly new information being added and yet its necessary to review old material. I find that as med school progresses, it gets more difficult to achieve balance since there is always more info added to the pile that needs to be reviewed. For example, I'm doing "Interpreting EKGs"...
  30. DrGainzzz

    Looking for effective ways to are you guys studying??

    Ok, so I'm just wondering how yall are studying week to week/ for exams/ overall? I won't start medical school until the summer of 2018 BUT I'm just reaching out early and looking for some tricks of the trade so I don't get my s-h-i-t rocked the first few weeks. Also, does anyone have tips for...
  31. W

    USMLE IMG prepping for STEP 1 (help a bro out)

    你好! Hi all, this is my first post on SDN! I've been lurking on this site for ages, and I wanted to finally go ahead and make a post for once! I'm a US-IMG, studied in China 6 years, and graduated recently. (it was very affordable and in English) Problem is, my school didn't really hammer...
  32. S

    Studying and Syncope

    Hi all, Vasovagal syncope is usually associated to sight of blood, but I was wondering whether anyone experience this while studying? I noticed that when I would begin studying, after say 15 to 20 minutes, I would lose the ability to concentrate. I would be able to read but not process...
  33. B

    Help Please!! - Study Methods

    Hey Guys, I am a first year medical student and I just started my fourth week of medical school. The curriculum just changed this year where we have weekly take home timed quizzes that we can take anytime Friday through Sunday at noon. Even though it is my fourth week, I am still at odds on the...
  34. Empathetic Dreamer

    Best way to appropriate time?

    Hey guys, so I am taking the DAT in about 2 1/2 weeks. At this point, I think I have a good idea of my weakest areas, and want to spend my remaining time focusing on them. I am doing Ari's 10-week study schedule, and am in the phase where I am doing timed problem sets. My predicament is that I...
  35. H

    7 weeks enough time to study for the MCAT?

    Hello! So I recently graduated this past May and originally planned to take the MCAT earlier in the summer so I could apply during this cycle, but I ended up deciding to take two gap years instead of one and will be applying next summer. I have been obligated with research commitments for the...
  36. N

    How did you guys study for the MCAT?

    So I am starting to study for the MCAT early on. But I am stuck on how I should study. I bought the 7 subject Kaplan books, which are amazing, but I am not sure if I should take notes on them while studying or just read through it. So I just wanted to know how you guys studied for the MCAT...
  37. B

    Anki Content

    Hey Guys, So I've read a lot of stuff about Anki but I can't seem to find any place that addresses a few questions I have. I know how to use it and how I should write questions, but what about the material to add to it? (I'm an incoming first year medical student, sort of.) Do I make the...
  38. dentaldiva27

    Should I reschedule my DAT?

    Hi, I currently am signed up to take the DAT on July 20th however this past weekend I broke my ankle and have to get surgery now. Prior to this, I had been working 40 hour weeks and shadowing for 6 hours a week and haven't truly gotten to study as effectively as I should have. I have most of...
  39. S

    Dismissed Students

    Hello all. I have question to all of those students that were dismissed due to academic struggles. I was wondering if people can share what their struggles were when in school that would be great. This is open to everyone to comment but am looking specifically at dismissed students. For me...
  40. P

    AZ mpje experience and federal law stuff

    Hello, I just received my MPJE results today and found out I have passed!! I used to federal MPJE book to study (Guide to Fed Pharm Law, 9th edition, By Reiss & Hall) and a specific state book called (Pharm law simplified AZ MPJE, by Heckman). I studied about 4 hr a day for 2 weeks and focused...