1. I

    How do you send transcripts to Residency programs (Canada)?

    Hello friends. I am a foreign trained dentist and applying to a few schools for the residency program. One of the requirements is requesting the undergraduate university to send transcripts to the Canadian school directly. I have authentic, sealed transcripts from my undergraduate university...
  2. true_royal

    eTranscripts from AMCAS marked as "not received" despite being told by Parchment that they were received on 5/5

    Basically the title. I requested transcripts from two different schools - one was a university and one was a community college. The university's transcripts were sent, processed, and received by AMCAS all on the same day. On 5/5, Parchment told me the transcripts from my community college were...
  3. T

    Listing a W summer class on AMCAS app?

    Hey all - I've got a bit of a weird situation with summer classes, would anyone know how to list this in AMCAS? I took Physics I & II at two different branches of my local university (UState-CityA; UState-CityB) over summer sessions, two consecutive summers. The first summer, I took Physics I...
  4. F

    Advice for student with several unofficial withdrawalss

    I’d like to start off by thanking the SDN and the network of people who give proper guidance to students like myself. Long story short, I come from a lower socioeconomic background where pursuing higher education isn’t a priority for many. Starting 2012 I attended three different universities in...
  5. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Transcripts and OTCAS

    Hello Everyone, I am starting the OTCAS process and am concerned about the Transcripts section on the OTCAS. When entering in your courses, it says to use official transcripts, but obtaining the official transcripts from all of the schools I attended is very costly. Has anyone had issues using...
  6. blueberry4104


  7. F

    Question about transcripts

    I took my physics course at a college that is not the college I went to and I had the credits transferred over to my college. Now my transcript shows that I have taken my physics course. When I do my application for dental schools, do I also have to add and request transcripts from the colleges...
  8. V

    Post-acceptance paperwork?

    I am thinking about studying abroad for Spanish in the summer before entering medical school, but my school says that since grades don't come out until late August, my diploma might come in October. On file it will also say that I will graduate college in Summer 2020, rather than June 2020. Will...
  9. F

    Is it detrimental to omit transcripts from past institutions when applying to med school

    I've been taking university courses for 10 years now, since high school. The issue is that I'm afraid I'm going to forget about one of the many self-enrichment classes I've taken online or at other institutions. I'm trying to think of every accredited institution I've taken university credit...
  10. W

    Verification time

    Anyone that has recently got their app verified willing to share their submit date? Looking for an idea of how long the process is taking currently.
  11. the great old predent

    Trade school transcripts required too?

    Hi, so I went to trade school for dental assisting and also for nails (cosmetology). Do I still need to send these transcripts to dental school? I can still retrieve my dental assistant transcript, but for nails I don't think they even have one in their records (i tried ordering it online but...
  12. M

    How badly did I screw up my transcripts? (Personal issues, health issues) Need advice

    Hello, fellow SDN'ers! Just joined the forums, but I've been a lurker for quite a while. I'm sure you guys must get this kind of question often, but I would like some insight on my specific situation. Beware, this is a long post. I will summarize red flags on my transcripts at the end, but...
  13. L

    General Admissions & OTCAS Personal Statement/Evaluations/transcript entry

    Hey there guys! This is the first year I am applying through OTCAS. I am wondering if anyone has any comments about the format/length for the personal statement? Also, if our school asks for letters of recommendation, then the evaluations under the supplemental portion of the application is...
  14. L

    What happens if I just don't submit one of my transcripts?

    A few summers ago I took some prerequisite coursework at a college, but ended up doing very poorly. I have since re-taken those classes and received an A. The only coursework I have taken at this school was those two classes. If I just don't submit my transcript from that school, will I be...
  15. V

    PCAT Scores Input Error!!!

    So I had taken my PCAT on Jan 17 and did well compared to the standards and averages of the school i'm applying too. I requested the scores be sent by Pearson to PharmCAS and after about a week, they were in. However, my WRITING SCORE was not! PharmCAS had left my writing scores blank and when i...
  16. GreatWish

    Chances? Went to two universities, two gpa figures

    Hello SDN, I have a somewhat confusing situation because I have two transcripts. Quick background: I did the Running Start program, finished an AA-DTA degree at a community college. Then, I transferred to a private 4-year university, currently a senior. At my community college my gpa on...
  17. eyehaveastigmatism

    Transcripts/LOR Question

    I have already completed my OptomCAS application, ordered for my transcripts to be sent, and submitted the names and emails for my LORs. Can I submit my application before OptomCAS receives copies of the transcripts and LORs, or should I wait until they receive them? I saw some questions on...
  18. I

    General Admissions & OTCAS Transcript Nightmare

    I submitted my application last week for the July school-deadlines, but OTCAS undelivered my application because I need to send one more transcript. That transcript was needed because I didn't realize that I took university courses in high school. The good news is that it's on its way and will...
  19. D

    Application Timing

    Hello! I'll be finishing my masters in the first week of July and final grades will be posted no later than one week after that, so my question: should I delay submitting my application until I get my completed transcript or submit now? I'm worried that if I submit now and my GPA gets verified...
  20. F

    Emailing Transcripts to AACOMAS

    Hi everyone! I just had a quick question about sending AACOMAS transcripts electronically! When I try to send transcripts electronically from Parchment, it asks what email to send it to. I've been looking all over but can't seem to find it so I was wondering if anyone knew what email address to...
  21. D

    AMCAS Transcripts 2018

    As someone who has gone through this process I can advise the following. If you're transcripts are not in as of May 26th 2017 then request a transcript from your school NOW!. Use EXPRESS mail delivery. Usually FedEx. Send it to the following address: AAMC ATTN: Transcripts AAMC Medical School...
  22. thezilchplatypus

    Can I send my transcripts to AACOMAS now?

    Can I submit my transcripts to AACOMAS now? I currently have an ID Number as I created an application last cycle without submitting/applying to any schools. Does anyone know if I would be able to submit my transcripts to AACOMAS now in order to avoid delays later on if I already have an...
  23. J

    Academic Update Transcripts

    okay ive been looking everywhere -- what is the address we send our transcripts too?? we can't electronically send them correct?
  24. P


    Background: I had a bit of a complicated undergraduate career I transferred three times and took classes at two separate universities to complete prerequisite courses. There were some repeated classes that "replaced" grades, for just one one semester at each university. OTCAS doesn't allow me to...
  25. S

    PTCAS Transcripts: Transferring Schools

    I took classes from three different universities, and transferred all the credits to Oregon State University from which I graduated from. I sent in my transcripts from all three schools to PTCAS (received), but I entered the classes straight from my OSU transcript rather than the separate...
  26. E

    Do med schools care about irrelevant transcripts? I took a few courses after college.

    The courses taken were art history, dance, architecture, and computer science. I was really lost in college and didn't know what to do with my life. I graduated from a UC with a humanities BA a year early to figure things out and enrolled in these courses at a local community college. I didn’t...
  27. D

    AADSAS Transcripts???

    Alright, I tried to see if anyone had asked this question before but couldn't find it. Basically aadsas has a transcript request form I have to print out. Do they expect me to go to my university, give the registrar this form in person? Is there anyway I can do this online? Like...what about...
  28. pinkrosie88


    Hey guys, How do I request transcripts, I know for sure maybe this question was asked before.. Can I request them online or do I physically have to get up and go to the transcript office at my university/community college? Thanks
  29. F

    Transcripts for AADSAS

    Hey guys, I got a question (again) I plan on submitting my application on June 1st, the day it opens but I am extremely confused about how transcripts work. I plan on requesting my transcripts on June 1st but is that a good idea, and then applying that very day. My question is, can I do that...
  30. iliketurtl3s

    Transcript Question

    Hello all! I am applying to vet school (finally!) this coming cycle. I'm super excited! I just have a question about transcripts: does every single transcript need to be sent? The reason I ask is 5 years ago I took one class at a different university than my undergrad, and due to outside...
  31. K

    Residency Application + Graduate Transcript

    What is involved in a residency application? Do they require undergraduate, graduate (master's) transcripts as well as medical school transcripts? Or only medical school transcripts plus STEP scores are required? Thanks!