1. I

    3.5 BCPM / 498 MCAT please help with school list

    Hello everyone, I am an nontrad florida resident and just received my MCAT score today. I am quite disappointed with my 498 since my FL average was 506. Please help with a school list. I am not sure where to apply with this score. BCMP GPA 3.5 Cummulative GPA 3.5 MCAT 498 AA Female 3 years...
  2. P

    Need advice for gap year plans

    I need advice on what do for my gap year(s). I have recently graduated and ended with a 3.47cGPA/3.3 sGPA with an upward trend (especially my last year - had 3.8 or higher) and am planning to apply for 2022 cycle (so would apply next year in 2021). I am URM and currently studying to take the...
  3. K

    What are my chances?

    Hi! I’ve been pretty overwhelmed thinking about if I can go to med school and wanted some advice. I will write my stats below: I am a white female age 21. I have been on the deans honor list for a quarter My current GPA is a 3.31 and I am in the middle of junior year at UCSB school and my...
  4. T

    Chances? How can I improve before June?

  5. B

    MD & DO MD/DO Chances/Reapp

    Hi everyone, I applied this cycle for admission to DO and MD schools and I was wondering how you guys would think about my chances and whether or not I should apply again. I applied late for DO (only got verified last week and just sending out secondaries now) and haven't gotten any II for MDs...
  6. K

    Chances for MD/DO and school list?

    Hello everyone, I will be applying next cycle. I would love to hear some advice on my chances and list of schools. Undergrad: Top 30 school with strong science department Traditional Major: Double Major in Nueroscience and Biology Minor: Philosophy cGPA: 3.42 sGPA:3.31 (upward trend in last 2...
  7. A

    DO 3.13 cgpa, 2.97sgpa, 511mcat.

    I'm a Canadian with 3.11cgpa, 2.97sgpa and 511 mcat. Asian. APPLYING DO ONLY. The gpa stands as is because of prior community college courses that I did horrible in, while my actual undergraduate cgpa is 3.45 and 3.25 sgpa. The last two years of ugrad my cgpa is 3.8 with no grade below A-...
  8. S

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys this is my 2nd cycle applying and just wondering what you think my chances are? Applied around the beginning of July. I retook the DAT June 29th and that was posted to schools around mid-July. oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT: AA 20, TS 19, PAT- 19 None 17 or below. I have dental shadowing...
  9. S

    What are my chances at DO schools?

    Like a lot of other people, I am starting to second guess my chances of getting into a school and am starting to already think about re-applying next year... not sure what my chances are but here are my stats: NY state 3.72 cGPA; 3.6 sGPA; 506 MCAT (126, 126, 126, 128) Currently a full time...
  10. S

    Pre-Med Student at UPJ

    Hello all, to start, I took a lot of general education classes at a community college but also took my Bio 1&2 as well as Anatomy and Physiology. This year I am starting at UPJ as a Pre-Med major and I am starting my higher level classes such as chemistry, physics, microbiology, etc. I have 6...
  11. P

    what are my chances?

    MCAT: 521
  12. 9

    Need to remove some schools!

    Hi, I’ve been getting more stressed than I should be about deciding what schools to apply to. I have a list but it is too long as it will be expensive and doing so many secondaries will be killer. 3.7c/3.5s, rough freshman year but 3.9 over last year. 518 MCAT good variety of volunteering /...
  13. 3

    Help with school list

    Hi all, I am applying for the 2019 cycle with a lower cumulative GPA 3.5 ish, higher science GPA 3.68ish, and pretty good MCAT 514 (non-urm and Massachusetts Resident). I am a non-traditional student and I did a post-bac so my GPA is very upward trending. My post-bac GPA was 3.88. I have a...
  14. 9

    help me select 2 or 3 far reaches worth applying to

    I have a 518 MCAT, 3.7/3.5s GPA. 3.4c freshman year but great GPA improvement each year since. Michigan resident. ECs: Hockey team member - takes up a ton of time, good letter from a coach, successful player (3000 hours) Research: done research for credit for three semesters and a summer at...
  15. 9

    MD 3.65/3.45 GPA, 518 MCAT, chance for top tier schools?

  16. T

    MD WHAt are my chances, URM?

  17. BNoog

    Mixed MD/DO list, but leaning DO. What are my chances?

    Year in school 4th year Country/state of residence USA/Indiana Schools to which you are applying MD’s Indiana University Rosalind Franklin Rush Toledo Loyola Albany Tulane Eastern Virginia Wright State Wake Forest Geisinger Commonwealth Frank H. Netter DO’s...
  18. D

    MD & DO California WAMC/mention abusive relationship in PS?

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to help me out and I promise not to make this a novel. DEMOGRAGHICS: White Female, 23 California Resident/Dual Citizenship with Croatia STATS: cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.53, 3.8 post-bacc School: 2 years at a CC then transferred and graduated from top UC MCAT...
  19. 7

    Roast my School List!

  20. E

    3.5 c/s GPA, 515 MCAT

  21. 0

    Apply for SGU or push for DO?

    Hi, Im at a crossroad between picking to apply for SGU in the Caribbean or going all in for D.O. My passion is medicine, and not title of MD, so I do not care of how I get to where I want to be. I'm graduating as a Biology Major in Canada with cGPA of 3.42 and sGPA of 3.27. Currently preparing...
  22. K

    What are my chances? 3.6 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA

    Hi everyone, not sure if I should get a masters of biomedical sciences or work for a year or both... thinking about AmeriCorps or medical scribe but I'm not sure Thinking of DO schools instead due to low sGPA sGPA 3.4, cGPA 3.6, MCAT: Have not taken Major: Nutrition Work: Medical Interpreter...
  23. O

    MD What are my chances/what schools should I apply to?

    Just some background info on my self Year: 3rd State of Residence: IL cGPA: 3.97 sGPA: 3/96 MCAT: 515 (130/126/131/128) Research: toxicology lab for 150 hours for 6 months, 1 year at a biology lab working full-time during the summer and doing thesis during the year (600+ hours) presented one...
  24. M

    What are my chances + Help me with list please!

    Year in school: Senior (Taking a Gap Year next year~) Country/state of residence: California (but currently in Maryland at Top 10) Schools to which you are applying: I need help compiling a list (but I live in Irvine and would love to go to UC Irvine and I love anteaters) Cumulative GPA...
  25. H

    What are my chances for MD/ DO school?

    Current grades: A in general Bio 1 B in general Bio 2 B in Calc A in Behavioral Neuroscience A in Stats for Behavioral Sciences B in General Chem 1...
  26. Neurogenesis+Cat

    What are my chances?

    511 MCAT, 3.90 GPA 1.5 years of research experience, 200+ hours of hospital volunteering. 100+ hours of shadowing MDs/DOs, 100+ hours of volunteering with animals. High level positions in campus clubs, university senate position. Great LOR's. I live in the WWAMI region/medically undeserved area...
  27. A

    Need some advice on how to approach my application cycle

    Hi all, Here are my stats: GPA: 4.0 (non-prestigious state school) MCAT: 525 (100th percentile) Volunteering: 90 hours ongoing at local hospital 35 hours ongoing at free healthcare clinic Research: 1200+ hours Undergraduate thesis in molecular biology. Actually convinced my PI to let me do...
  28. S

    Good enough for #25-#40 schools?

    GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 518 (131/130/129/128) Residency: Florida Race: White Undergrad: Jacksonville University Clinical Experience: 200 hours working as a scribe in the ED currently, but I put in 1000 on the app since the app says to put how much you expect to receive not how much you currently have...
  29. R

    JHU Grad, Chance me

    JHU Grad (2016) Colombian First generation American/College Student Fluent in Spanish MCAT: 511/86% (128/87% for Chemical Foundations, 127/83% CARS, 129/92% Biology, 127/78% for psych/Social) cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.51 Research experience: 2 years at JHU, 1 year at another school. 2 poster...