NOVA What Apartment?


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May 10, 2012
    I've heard bad things about Sunforest... Anyone have any input on something near nova? I know some are owner owned and you have to rent directly from them like Sundance. I've looked into the palms also. I like where sunforest is its just really old etc.


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    Apr 9, 2011
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      Hey all you up and coming Dentites

      Available for rent:

      Fully FURNISHED bedroom in two-story 3 bedroom/2 bath townhome. Just 2 miles from Nova Southeastern University, it is easy to bike ride (sidewalks the entire way) or a quick drive to class. Located in Pine Island Ridge, a quiet golf-country club community west of Pine Island Road, you will have access to amenities such as the pools, gym, clubhouse, and golf course. A shopping plaza with a Publix is just 1 mile away.

      Currently, you have your choice of rooms with one looking northeast towards the stunning Florida sunrise or the other facing west to the beautiful nature preserve. The nature preserve has trails for hiking/running and a wonderful playground (for when you need to let your inner child out).

      The bedrooms are upstairs and roughly 11'x12' with a spacious 7' closet and an overhead fan-light unit. Fully furnished including: twin bed, large desk, night stand, dresser, and area rug. You would be sharing a sizeable upstairs hall bathroom featuring a large shower with floor-to-ceiling linen cabinet.

      You will have access to a FULLY APPLIANCED kitchen, which includes a dishwasher and two full sized fridges (so essentially you get half a fridge). Also there is no need to bring your own dishes! We have dishes, cookware, cups, and silverware.

      As you'll be spending a lot of time studying but will want to wear clean scrubs, you don't want to have to go to a Laundromat or "down the hall" to a communal washer drier. We have our own full size in-house WASHER & DRYER.

      Down time is also essential for survival in med school. No need to worry because CABLE is INCLUDED with your monthly rent. All other UTILITIES are also INCLUDED in the monthly rent, including electricity.

      Finally, you are also living with a M3 and a M2/former MBS. We have all the notes and practice tests for the past 2 years, and know all the tricks for survival at Nova. Asking $600 per month.

      If interested please contact Mike or Jess at [email protected] or 813-956-6505 (call or text).
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      Dec 31, 2011
      1. Pre-Dental
        Dear NOVA dental students, I am applying for Fall 2013 to the dental school. Could you please tell me how you find the school based on the environment, student-faculty relationships, costs, the city socially?

        Please also tell me the best thing you like about NOVA, and what you think needs improvement.


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        Jan 5, 2004
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          I have a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo up for rent in Rolling Hills Circle located on the 5th floor with a Direct lake/golf course view. This place is literally less than a mile away from the HPD campus and takes a minute to get to via car or 5 minutes via bike. The condo has a Brand New kitchen with all brand new appliances and is COMPLETELY RENOVATED. The entire unit is covered with a brand new tile floor - NO carpet. A washer/dryer is also in the unit itself. I'm looking for two responsible graduate students to rent out this condo to. The rent ($1350 total or $675 each roommate) INCLUDES water & trash. NO EXTRA monthly Fees. The only utility the renter has to pay is electricity. The place will be available July 1st 2012 or earlier. I can also have the unit partially furnished. You can email me at [email protected] or call 732 -423-2496
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