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Jan 27, 2000
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Howdy!!! I'm on my way to visit TCOM tomorrow (Friday)for the first time. Any advice from current med students or premeds that have visited or are in school at TCOM? What do you talk about on these visits?! I'm embarrassed to say but I'm clueless! Do's and Dont's...any advice would be good. Are there any TCOM students that would be interested in meeting with me for a beer or anything on Friday afternoon? My appointment is for 2:30pm and I'm staying in Fort Worth till Sunday. What is there to do?

Thanks for the help,


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I think that you are going to really like the facility there at TCOM. I live in Dallas and my wife and I went to do what you did a few months ago. I had an appointment and went to talk to the admissions office. They answered some questions and gave me some tips on my application, and then sent me on my way. My wife and I took a self directed tour around the school. It was pretty impressive. I met a couple of students in the hall and got some answers from them. I dont know when you are getting to Fort Worth, but if you get there early enough you should ask to shadow a student. I dont know if it is too late, but they have that program. I am supposed to shadow one of the students I met next month. This will let you see the classes, meet students, see labs, etc. Show up early and see if you cna meet some students. They are usually out of class at 4 so you might miss them if you wait too long to get there. Good luck. I don't know what you are used to as far as city, but my wife and I loved Fort Worth. We live in Dallas, and it was smaller, and to me neater than the big D. Hope you have a good time.
Thanks for the post! I'll email you later!

Thanks again,

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Good luck, the weather in the DFW region is not so great right now.
If you want to know about the "extras" that really impressed me about TCOM, they would be:

Very friendly, Student Ambassadors -- You feel welcome to call or email them. They even send you congratulations cards after you've been accepted.

You actually go to a real restaurant for lunch on your interview day instead of cafeteria food.

Admissions even calls you to tell you you were accepted, and they congratluate you like crazy (When they called me, I wanted to scream, but kept my composure).

All the faculty that I met (4 or 5) were very friendly and approachable.

TCOM even has 800 numbers to all their offices to boot.

One of my interviewers even took a full page of notes on everything I said. Talk about paying attention to the interviewee!

The library pulls journal articles for you (Or so I was told).

Those are the niceties that I liked about TCOM. Every school has a decent student facility, good medical education, etc. including no qualms there. I interviewed at UTMB, Houston, A&M, Tech, and SA, and TCOM was the only school to have, not some, but all the "extras" I listed above.

I was impressed.

DO Boy