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  1. S

    Gross Anatomy Labs as an undergraduate?

    Currently, my school has a collaboration where undergraduate students can work alongside the medical students during gross anatomy labs. Personally, I was wondering the relevance this could have on the application process and whether it would help bolster my app if I do around 50-100 hours...
  2. C

    2017 Midwestern University PsyD Program Thoughts?

    I have an interview scheduled for the end of November at MWU Downers Grove. I've read past forum post's about their program when they were recently APA accredited, although they are still considered a "new" and "developing" program. Does anyone have any opinions on modern day MWU at Downers...
  3. I

    No Interviews in October

    I am an undergrad senior applying this cycle. I have a 3.65 sGPA, and a 3.8 cGPA. MCAT score 510. I have plenty of bench and clinical research experience. I am president of a club and on the board of another. I have 100+ hours of experience volunteering in clinics. I have also worked a job...
  4. MaximusD

    SURVEY: 2016-2017 Pain Fellowship Application Cycle Outcomes

    SDN - 2016-2017 Pain Fellowship Application Survey - COMPLETE ONLY IF YOU APPLIED IN 2016-2017 Hope this might help future applicants! I will post some of the analytics after November 1st. More (scientific, match-only) data may be found here: NRMP And here: NRMP Related thread here...
  5. Piglet2020

    Silent Squad Wya?

    Applied to 25 schools, 2 II, 1 reject, and rest silence. Complete 7/31-8/3 Not in panic mode, just want to see how everyone is holding up in the radio silence.
  6. MBADentalLegend

    Verified GPA, Now What?

    Just received an email stating my grades have been verified and received another from one of the schools I'm applying for 30 minutes later to complete their supplement. Can anyone tell me which GPA they look at? I have a list 2 pages of specific GPAs and not sure which ones they care about. I'm...
  7. R

    Attention all Emergency Medicine Applicants: Official EM 17-18 Application & Interview Spreadsheet

    Greetings fellow EM applicants, So I totally decided to rip off the "Official 2016-2017 Anesthesia Application and Interview Spreadsheet" (see here: ) Obviously this will only work if people are willing to contribute- and hopefully take it seriously. I've got us started off and will continue...
  8. N

    Help When Should I Submit My Application

    Hello SDN world, So I am a bit confused on when I should submit my primary applications and about the whole verification thing. So I am taking my MCAT on Friday (shouldn't be on SND lol procrastination at its finest) but I am planning on still applying this cycle. I am scoring about 506 on...
  9. D

    Supplemental Application Error

  10. F

    How to choose between two PT schools?

    Hi, everyone! First of all, good luck to everyone applying this cycle!! For all of us re-applicants, this year is our year! In the spirit of the application season, I just wanted to throw out a question a lot of us may be struggling with: how do you choose between two DPT programs? In my...
  11. avi670

    Include participation in a research study on application?

    Hi, I participated in a research study held on my campus testing the effects of yoga on the body. It was a 12 week study where other participants and I went to a yoga class 3 times a week for an hour each and had extensive pre-testing and post-testing done. I know this isn't really related to...
  12. Z

    Is it too late for me to apply this cycle???

    Hello! So basically I am hoping to apply to both M.D. and D.O. schools this summer, but I was just wondering if I could get some advice/insight on the timeline of my application. So some background: I just recently graduated this May with a degree in cell biology and neuroscience and a minor...
  13. avi670

    Keynote speaker

    Hi, I was the keynote speaker at my university's annual scholarship dinner this year. I'm wondering what I would put this under on my app? Experiences or achievements? I'm thinking experiences, but I wanted to get a second opinion.
  14. avi670

    What to put Research Presentations under?

    Hi, I know that research presentations should be put under Acheivements, but should I list it as an award or honor? I've looked around SDN and can't find a concrete answer.
  15. avi670

    Supervisor Title?

    Hi, I'm wondering what to put for the supervisor title if you were on the board for an on-campus club? I was treasurer for a year. Would I put the presidents name as the supervisor? Also, does it look bad if I say that no to the release authorization in that section?
  16. avi670

    Question on Experience Section

    Hi, My question is about how to report my research experience on my application. I started working in a research lab on campus during summer getting paid as a full-time research assistant. After summer passed, I continued to work in the lab during the school year, but I was not being paid...
  17. D

    Unique qualities?

    Hi: I am filling out application question in program materials. One of the most common question types is "what make you stand out." or "What you have but other applicants do not have" I do not know what to write. I think most pre-dent share similar qualities. Could anyone give me some...
  18. dentaldiva27

    Should I reschedule my DAT?

    Hi, I currently am signed up to take the DAT on July 20th however this past weekend I broke my ankle and have to get surgery now. Prior to this, I had been working 40 hour weeks and shadowing for 6 hours a week and haven't truly gotten to study as effectively as I should have. I have most of...
  19. P

    MS4 PEDS away rotation vs international rotation advice

    Hiya! I am starting year 4, going into ped's, and have 2 away rotations booked for Aug and Sept. I also have the option of going to Mexico for a month in April. The idea would be to become more fluent in Spanish - however, I can save a lot of money ($2500) and take classes locally. I am curious...
  20. D

    Application Submission

    I have already taken the DAT once. I took it last summer in July. I am retaking the DAT at the end of July this year (July 31st, 2017), so I have a competitive application. I know it is recommended to submit the application early, however, I want schools to consider my new DAT scores when I...
  21. lickerwhicker

    *Can someone review my Work and Activities?*

  22. lickerwhicker

    WAMC - *Need help reducing/finalizing school list!!!*

    deleted for anonymity
  23. lickerwhicker

    *Does this count as disadvantaged status?*

    deleted for anonymity
  24. E

    Low Science GPA, Considering Options Outside of DPT, Thoughts?

    I realize the whole "I have a low science gpa, am I going to get in?!" topic has been brought up a million times on SDN, but I think that my goals and aspirations might make my situation a little bit different. So basically my situation is that I just graduated from West Chester University with...
  25. L

    NYMC Waitlist 2016-2017

    For anyone currently on the NYMC waitlist, feel free to post any waitlist movement, questions, comments or advice.
  26. S

    Advice on Reapplication, Doing MD now, was MSTP applicant before

    Hello SDNers, Background: I've decided to apply MD this cycle, was MSTP in the past. Was waitlisted for WUSTL, Baylor, URochester, Emory, and UIC, but didn't get in previous cycle. I'm a little relieved though because I finished a masters during that application cycle and didn't see myself...
  27. inGenius Prep

    Medical Our Admissions Prep Week Deal!

    Sign up for a free consultation with us Sign up for a Free Consultation | InGenius Prep InGenius Prep We are offering a 10% discount off of any package - this week only What's included in our packages? School List Research / Support Personal Statement from scratch to perfection Work and...
  28. S

    Undergrad Independent Research for Application

    Hey SDN, I have some questions for you all about some of the research I've done. Throughout my undergrad, I took two research classes through my university that took me abroad to do my own field research in ecology (double major in ecology&evolutionary bio, and neuroscience). The first...
  29. ArtMajor

    Letter of Rec Advice?

    So I have 4 of my letters pretty nailed down at this point (got 3 professors that know me well.. 2 science 1 non, + a PI/doc) but for a last one I thinking of using the parent of the kid that I have been volunteering with through Big Brothers Big Sisters. She seemed to enthusiastic to write...
  30. S

    I transferred school once. Should I take a gap year?

    Hi all, I am a junior thinking whether I should take a gap year or not. I spent two years at a state school far from any hospital interesting research labs. Then I decided to transfer to Johns Hopkins University for the stellar medical opportunities it offers. Although I lost a lot of the...
  31. P

    Chances for any Texas MD school for next cycle

    I have found that application statistics are too general so I wanted to post on here to paint a better picture for my chances with my application. Any advice would be useful. I will be applying for the 2017-2018 cycle on TMDSAS all schools (even DO since I am interested in psychiatry, but prefer...
  32. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Give Your Application as Much Weight as Possible

    Although you may think that your grades, test scores, resume and application essay carry the most weight, the actual application form is important too. The boxes should contain valuable information that helps convince the admissions readers you will thrive at their school and add to their...
  33. skaai

    Med School Application Database

    First, allow me to apologize if this topic has been covered, or worse, done to death. I did spend some time looking for this and failed to find it, thus my grudging desire to do it myself. But if you find someone has done it, or is doing it, please let me know by sending me a few links, (I'd...
  34. P

    USC School of Pharmacy - Class of 2021 (Fall 2017 applicants) - Official Thread

    Hello Everyone! It seems like the thread hasn't been created for USC Fall 2017 Applicants. If there is a thread already, please direct me to the link! If not: Please post any questions here and let's help each other out during this process :) My first question: Which school are you from?
  35. P

    USC School of Pharmacy - Class of 2021 (Fall 2017 applicants) - Official Thread

    Go to: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/usc-school-of-pharmacy-class-of-2021-fall-2017-applicants-official-thread.1228783/
  36. Concho

    Advice Needed

    Yesterday I took my DAT for the second time and achieved my worst fear, and A.A. of 17 :(. Last time taking it my A.A. was also a 17, however my scores were all over the place with the highest being a 21 and lowest a 14 (ouch). This time my scores were much more consistent, mainly 17's with an...
  37. F

    Should I be concerned that I haven't gotten an interview yet?

    I have a decent application I think. The only thing was that I wasn't able to finish sending in my application until mid July. I realize that isn't the earliest date to submit, but it isn't late right? I'm starting to get worried so if anyone could give me more information or direct me to...
  38. E

    2016-2017 Integrated Vascular Surgery Match

    Thought I would get this thread started for this year's cycle. Please add dates as they come in Good luck to everyone
  39. RogueBanana

    Everybody Needs to Calm Down Ep. 2, Underdog Stories

    So my last calm down post seemed to go over well, not that I'm surprised (us bananas are an appeeling bunch) Anyway, I did some thinking over the weekend and I figured I would try to start a thread of success stories and come from behind, bad-news-bears, underdog victories. Just to let everyone...
  40. C

    Less Competitive MD/PHD programs and applying late

    Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of applying to MD/PHD programs. I realize it's a little late, but I have some questions. Is this too late to apply? Should I wait til next year? I'm worried having to re-apply will hurt my application. A lot of these schools are really competitive and some of the...