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  1. P

    certiphi background check

    hili quick q! i got a citation for fare evasion on the public train be i misplaced my ticket & couldn't find it. (had to switch seats bc there were a group of guys that made me uncomfortable & somehow lost it in the chaos). i paid the fine the next day but the website says this; "If you received...
  2. C

    Certiphi and dismissed charges

    Just got my certiphi background check back and two misdemeanor charges from years ago showed up on the report. Both of these charges were dismissed after completion of community service, and the report indicates that the charges were dismissed. It explicitly stated not to include dismissed...
  3. I

    Does spouse criminal record affect my chances?

    Hi everyone. I’ve been combing through all the wonderful advice on this site for a while now, but this is my first post. I’m an early 30s non-trad, applying to MD and DO programs in the 2022 cycle. Here’s the dilemma: After 5 years with my now-husband, we decided to get married. Shortly...
  4. L

    Certiphi Background Check

    Please no negative comments....this is obviously a huge mistake I have made, but something I now need to deal with. I was accepted into a DPT program and now will be going through a background check. A couple of years ago, I got a DWI with exactly a .081 bac, so I was able to get it dropped to a...
  5. evasive fish

    What exactly does "background check" mean?

    Message deleted.
  6. itsgoingtibiagoodday

    Certiphi background check question

    I was accepted into a program recently and got the email to fill out the certiphi background check forms. In GA (where I live), traffic violations are considered misdemeanors; I'm just wondering whether I need to include these in this form for the speeding tickets I had in high school/college.
  7. D

    Certiphi Check - Canadian Additional Form

    Hello! I completed my Certiphi Background check info and submitted it, trying to complete the Canadian-specific form right now. For section D - Identification Verification, it states that "you must meet face to face with a representative of the organization which requested your background...
  8. examsandyams

    Background Check For Driving History Still Under Review?

  9. T

    Error on Background Check

    I had to fill out a Certiphi background screening after acceptance and it came back as expected except it said I had an "alias" (it's my name but spelled incorrectly). There's no criminal history listed for it, so I'm guessing this isn't an issue, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced...
  10. L

    Certiphi Background Check Question

    Hello everyone, I listed my permanent residence as my home country since technically that's where my parents live and own a house. However, I have been studying in Canada (on a student visa) since I was 13. I gave Certiphi the date I left my home country which was in 2008. My Certiphi check...
  11. ancora imparo

    Certiphi background check question

    Will I receive a separate email for each school that accepted/waitlisted me? Or does the one email I got last week grant permission to the other schools? I am asking because I didnt receivemy Certiphi email when I should have, and had to call them to have them resend. Don’t want that to...
  12. Master Thinker

    Should I request preliminary Certiphi report?

    Is it still worth paying for the preliminary Certiphi report at this point? I got the AAMC-facilitated Certiphi check email today as all of the schools that accepted/waitlisted me require Certiphi. If I only do the AAMC-facilitated one, will I see a copy of my report before they get sent to...
  13. Sadlyanon

    Medics school background check

    Hi everyone, One of the medical schools I am interested in and am accepted to does background checks. I wanted to ask some questions about the details of the background check. First off I did have a citation expunged off my record at 19 for underage drinking. I didn’t list it on amcas bc it’s...
  14. B

    Licensing Eligibility Involving Expungement

    Hello all, and thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I am applying to dental school, but I have some demerits going against me that I wanted to clear up before making any big decisions. Most dental school applications ask a question along the lines of: Have you ever been convicted...
  15. X

    VSAS / Away Rotation Background Check

    For away rotations, where do you all recommend getting your criminal background check done? Looking for the best place to get a criminal background check done that will be valid for all hospitals. Do you need FBI fingerprints, etc? Also - when you actually go to rotate at said hospital, do they...
  16. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Juvenile arrest (misdemeanor) with no charges.

  17. L

    Conditional Acceptance Background Check Consent Request

    I received an e-mail the other day from Certiphi asking for consent and a fee to perform the same background check that they performed a couple of months ago for a different school. Only this time, I don't know what school it is, if there is any. And I really don't feel like paying again for the...
  18. D

    SCCO Class of 2022

    I was just accepted into SCCO class of 2022! I'm currently waiting on my background check. How long did it take for everyone to get from the accepted to enrolled stage. Also, is there anything you guys are doing to prepare for the school year to meet other people in the class or get financial aid?
  19. MedicalDoge

    AMCAS Background Check

    Hello all! I have been accepted at a school and have not yet received an email from Certiphi about the background screening. Do they send them out in batches after January 1st or something? Has anyone that has been accepted received it yet? Thanks in advance
  20. lockian

    Medical Licensing Background Check

    I am a second year resident currently applying for a full medical license. In 2009 I was arrested and charged with filing a false police report. The charges were dropped. I was not convicted. Afterwards, the case was expunged. I was 21, living at home, and had opened up a store credit card...
  21. bschaefer97

    Will schools care about non-moving violations? (AZ)

    Okay, I'll save you guys some time and just break down the worst case scenario here - I just found out that 3 of my non-moving violations from Feb. 2015 are *not* misdemeanors (great news), but am worried that since they will still show up on a background check I will either need to disclose...
  22. D

    How to get Certiphi check on self?

    I contacted Certiphi and they told me that only after a school requests a background check can you view yours. However, I have seen several posters that have said they have successfully gotten theirs on their own. It also says on the AMCAS web site that it is available through Certiphi for $71...
  23. W

    2017 Kentucky BOP Background Check/Fingerprinting

    Has anyone else gone through the initial licensure process for Kentucky this year? It took me forever to find a place to actually roll my fingerprints for their background check. Now, I've done that and mailed them in, but they told me it could take an additional 2 weeks before the state police...
  24. NeuroMap

    Doctors with felonies

    I've been a frequent visitor here at SDN and have read over many inspiring as well as downright negative responses to threads where the individual has a criminal history. So I am curious to see what the community would think my chances are of getting into medical school. Even more so, what are...
  25. T

    Nothing Came Up in my fingerprint Background check

    I had a couple incidents in undergrad about 10 years ago. I do recall them, since I was there. But after submitting a LIVE SCAN fingerprint search with the CA DOJ for my own record review, an official written response from the State Attorney General said, "As of the date of this letter, a search...
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    thanks for the help
  27. B

    what does a background check entail?

    So this is my first time posting. I'm trying to understand how the whole background check works. If someone called the police on you but you never got any citation or evidence that you were charged with something, does that show up on the background check? or if you ended up going to the...
  28. P

    Certiphi Background Check - Misdemeanor Marijuana

    I posted this on Pre-Pharm forum also but thought maybe some readers on this forum might have more insight...I have been conditionally accepted to 2 Texas Pharmacy schools to date. I have a misdemeanor possession of marijuana < 2 oz charge from 2015 for which I served 6 months probation and...
  29. P

    Certiphi Background - Misdemeanor Marijuana - TX PhD Schools

    I have been conditionally accepted to 2 Texas Pharmacy schools to date. I have a misdemeanor possession of marijuana < 2 oz charge from 2015 for which I served 6 months probation and received deferred adjudication. On my Certiphi criminal background check, the County Criminal, Federal Criminal...
  30. SirCourageWolf

    Deportation Case Count On Background Check?

    Good evening, Combed through for a similar case but have been unable to find one so please pardon me. I'm applying in the spring and understand that it is possible to be asked regarding any criminal record on secondaries (and the AMCAS app itself). As an undocumented immigrant (infant with...
  31. J

    Residency Employment History Verification

    Hello. I am a pharmacy student, and I successfully completed a summer internship with a retail pharmacy chain. However, shortly after completion of the internship I was terminated for failing a drug screen. I understand the mistake I have made and deeply regret my decision to use an illegal...
  32. J

    To include or not not to include

    A while back I took orgo I through a random summer school program. I had previously withdrawn from orgo I lecture, but got an A- in the lab section (at my college). Orgo I at this random summer school program entailed both lab and lecture. For the lecture class I did well, but since the lab was...
  33. Q

    Employee Background Check

    Reposting this here because I had it in the allopathic forum and I don't think that's where I'm going to get the best response! Hello Everyone! I was previously employed at a clinic owned by a regional medical system. My employment was terminated because a doctor tricked me into completing a...
  34. Q

    Employment Background Check for Residency

    Hello Everyone! I was previously employed at a clinic owned by a regional medical system. My employment was terminated because a doctor tricked me into completing a CME for her (some computer based thing that looked like a lecture powerpoint). The doctor gave me a website to log into, gave me...
  35. cheesin

    Certiphi Background Check taking too long

    I submitted my request for the background check a week and a half ago. In the follow-up email, it said it should take about 3-5 days, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Based on your experience, are long waits for this normal? I imagine they're probably doing a lot of them at this time
  36. L

    BackGround Check and VSAS?

    Hi everyone, I had a charge of petty theft misdemeanor dismissed from my record, but it still appears on my background check as dismissed. Will this affect my Vsas applications? The charge appears on some background checks (the one the school does) but does not on others. Thank you
  37. O

    Other OT-Related Information License & expunged misdemeanor case

    I want to apply to become a occupational therapy assistant. But I am worried about the background check the state does when I apply for a license. Some background about me: I was a honors student (took engineering, computers, health, related courses) who graduated high school at age 16 and...