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  1. MattDfutureMD

    MD & DO What are my chances?! What schools should I apply to?!

  2. F

    MD What are my chances?

    Hi everyone, I just want to say thank you for any advice that you guys choose to give. I have just completed second year of a biology undergrad at York University in Ontario, Canada. I plan to apply to mostly American schools during fourth year, because Canadian schools are nearly impossible to...
  3. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  4. M

    Will retaking biochem ruin my chances at med school?

    Hi everyone! I just finished sophomore year, and I ended up with a C- in the 2nd hardest intro biochem course at my university (there are three). I got a B in Physics 2 this semester but an A in my English and Spanish classes. Currently my total GPA is 3.56 and my sGPA is 3.29. I plan to...
  5. M

    Low GPA

    This is my first time using this website, please excuse me if I post this in the incorrect area. I was wondering how hard will it be to recover from my GPA mistakes... and if there is any slight chance of getting accepted to med-school. Right now I'm thinking of majoring in french (I'm fluent...
  6. B

    MD What are my chances of getting in off the waitlist?

    I'm currently on 2 waitlists hoping to hear back after traffic day. I'd appreciate advice on plans moving forward and my chances of getting off the waitlist. What is your advice moving forward/chances of acceptance next month?
  7. J

    MD Reapplicant: What are my chances? Help with school list

    I am a Maryland resident and am planning to apply to AMCAS MD schools in June. These are my stats: sgpa: 3.71 cgpa: 3.86 MCAT: 512 I also have 12 months of research experience with one publication back when I was in undergrad. I currently work as a medical assistant so I have >2,500 hours in a...
  8. A

    Should I apply this year??

  9. S

    Chances? Non-trad Applicant

    Will any MD or DO schools consider my app? 1. cGPA:3.012, sGPA:3.35, post-bacc GPA: 3.8, Major: Geology, B.S. 2. Taking MCAT in April, planning to crush! 3. State of residency: TN 4. Race: white 5. Clinical Experience: Volunteer: 50+ hours volunteering in ER at University hospital...
  10. D

    How are my extracurricular? What are my chances?

    This is a long post but thank you for your time! My current GPA is 3.67 with an MCAT score of 31. :) Freshman Year: Leadership Program (ELP) Revelle Programming Board Research Summer Intern Sophomore Year: Varsity Rowing Team Hospital Volunteer Revelle Programming Board Shadowed an oncologist...
  11. Dogleash

    What are my chances? Military experience etc.

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on SDN. I'm just curious what you think my chances are for medical school.. I have been an active duty medic in the army for 4 years now. I have a BA in psychology, an AA in general science and an AAS in paramedicine. I am a certified paramedic through the...
  12. K

    Potential third time applicant... Drop in grades during my senior year

    Hello Everyone, I've been applying to medical school for the past two years now, and, unfortunately, I have yet to be accepted anywhere. This is a very long post, so thank you to anyone that reads it. If I can get any help or advice from anyone out there, it would be much appreciated. First...
  13. A

    MD What are my chances with Academic Intergrity and 515 (130/127/130/128), 3.85 cPGA, 3.88 sGPA

    During the fall 2015 of my junior year I wrote a paper for my honors college class (Oxford) explaining my undergraduate research and my plans to publish a thesis over it. The honors college requires every student to publish a thesis before they graduate, and Oxford is a class to help students...
  14. V

    WAMC: Please help

    Hey everyone, I am new to SDN. I have seen how great you guys can be, and I could really use your help. What do you think my chances are for MD? Should I apply to DO? I have already sent most of my MD secondaries, but have not sent a DO primary application. Any advice would be much appreciated...
  15. S

    Excel List of 80 top ranked MD Medical Schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS, Tuition and Fees, Scholarship

    Hey all. I truly appreciate those who take the time to help out other students on here. I'm applying this cycle and I've compiled a master Excel of the top 80 MD schools with GPA, MCAT, IS/OOS percentages, Financial info on a few, letter info on a few, and more. This info is from StartClass, a...
  16. T

    MD 3.923 GPA, 504 MCAT - School List

    White Male Indiana resident, temporary FL resident for tuition purposes 3.923 GPA 504 MCAT (67th percentile)- 124/125/127/128 I realize my MCAT is on the low end for MD. I'm applying anyway because the rest of my app is very solid. If I don't get in this time around I will retake the MCAT and...
  17. E

    Canadian Applying to US Med SChools

    Hey guys, I'm currently going into my 4th at the University of British Columbia with a major in Biology and I'm a Canadian. My first year and a half in university was quite rough (in terms of my grades) and that has hugely set me back in my goal in getting accepted into med school. Based on what...
  18. N-Man

    MD & DO Where to apply? In dire need

    Hi all, sorry for the typical "what are my chances" post. But I'm freaking out a little bit and could use some guidance. About myself: Canadian citizen, Completed undergraduate at University of Toronto. Poor GPA due to depression in the first two years. Started graduate student (research based)...
  19. M

    Reapplicant (Canadian) Looking for help with School List

    Hi Everyone, I am a Canadian reapplicant (this will be my 3rd time, first time with new MCAT) based out of Vancouver looking for help with a school list. My stats ... School: Top 20 Liberal Arts cGPA: 3.75 sGPA: 3.8 MCAT: Old 33, New (05/20) 520 ECs: -> Full time research job during gap...
  20. D


    International student from India Undergrad from Stony Brook University 3.93 cGPA, 3.9 sGPA 514 MCAT. 92nd percentile. 130 in Phys/Chem - 97th percentile. 127 in CARS - 83rd percentile 129 in Bio/Biochem - 92nd percentile 128 in Psych/Soc - 86th percentile ECs: - Shadowed an American MD for a...
  21. T

    3.9 cGPA, 3.97 sGPA, 517 MCAT, Graduated 3 years

    Hey all thought this would be useful for me (honestly pretty nervous); any input is appreciated -I am Indian, Born in NY, Living in NJ -MCAT: 130,127,130,130 = 517 -GPA: Cumulative 3.9, Science 3.98 -School: I went to a top 3 business school for Finance in a top 30 university My finance...
  22. S

    Would love some school list help, please!

    Hi guys! I am applying this cycle and would love some help narrowing down my school list. I am a California applicant. I have extensive community service. I have volunteered in the hospital and have shadowed. I would love some help assessing where I stand as my GPA and MCAT are not super...
  23. A

    What are my chances

    Hey. I will be applying next cycle and I am somewhat nervous. Please tell me your opinion. GPA: 3.70 MCAT: 525 Research: 5 First Authored Publications I also have great clinical volunteering/shadowing, normal volunteering, attended several conferences, and have really strong letters of...
  24. G

    MD & DO Do I have a realistic chance?

    Hello all! New member to this page. Looking for honest opinions, advice, etc. Be as a brutal as you feel is necessary. I can handle it! So. Just finished my sophomore year of college. 3.8 GPA, recently decided to major in microbiology, minor in psychology and/or neuroscience. It is clear that I...
  25. Alienman52

    DO DO Chances: 3.31c, 3.28s, 501 MCAT

    Howdy, finally my turn to give this a shot. Please let me know what you think my chances are with the following details: Race: White Male. College: I attend a top tier liberal arts college in PA. I am a NY resident, however. Major: Biochemistry GPA trend has been fairly decent (Semester System)...
  26. P

    GPA Crisis (URGENT!!!)

    Ok, so I'm in a pretty awkward dilemma right now. I just finished up my junior year of college, and I haven't gotten my grades back for this past semester. I've done really well in all of my pre-medical classes (all A's with no grade less than 93) until this semester in physics. I failed two...
  27. 7

    What Are My Chances?

    So I'm taking the MCAT this saturday, and I have been taking the practice tests on Kaplan. I got 126 (average) on most sections, and my highest score overall so far has been a 504. Is that good? Additionally, I have a 4.0 GPA as of the end of this semester, so what kind of score on the MCAT do...
  28. R

    Chances of getting in to MD?

    Undergrad: Penn State University Ethnicity: Asian (Indian) Stats: 3.40 cGPA 3.44 sGPA Volunteering hours: 200 Shadowing hours: 80 Community service hours: 1,300 Mcat: 520 Hi, I just wanted to know my chances of getting into a MD school in the US with my stats. Some people are telling me it...
  29. N

    Chances with 3.47 GPA & 521 MCAT?

  30. B

    C's and my Chances

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you could grant me some guidance. My first two years at college were very rough. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder and this greatly affected my studies. I ma not trying to use this as an excuse but I was very ill. I ended up attempting...
  31. M

    Plz help! Low GPA, good EC chances?

  32. NarcoticSmoothie

    Looking for advice and chances?

  33. I

    Pennsylvanian Pre-Med at Pitt's branch campus (chances at in-state schools???)

    Hello Everyone!! New to Student Doc, help is appreciated. I'm going into my senior year at one of the branch campuses of Pitt. I have a 3.5-ish GPA (science gpa is a tad lower). I plan to take my MCAT's midway through my senior year (so yes, I will take one gap year), I plan to finish with...