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  1. S

    Zucker (Hofstra) Vs Einstein; Free at Both

    Hi everyone, I'm currently trying to decide between Hofstra and Einstein and would really appreciate your feedback. 1.For a little bit of context, Tuition is covered at both schools via scholarships, so costs would be relatively the same. 2.I currently live on Long Island and will not be...
  2. M

    Emergency Medicine - Reserves and National Guard

    Looking to find out some more information, and any advice would be appreciated. I am currently a civilian EM attending and have been considering joining the National Guard or Reserves (probably Army but open to other branches). I have some questions for those that have experience . I...
  3. nn0401

    Why so many IMG’s at Eisenhower?

    6/10 EM spots for Eisenhower Health filled by IMG’s. 1/10 US MD. 3/10 DO. (Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this on. Please direct me to a better place if there is one.)
  4. N

    On-shift toolkit?

    Humor me EM docs of SDN: What essential on-shift items do you always keep on hand? Are there any items you wish you could access more easily while wearing scrubs? Do you have any creative solutions for carrying items that currently pose a challenge? I'd REALLY appreciate any and all...
  5. lucid_interval

    Best ultrasound fellowships at the moment?

    I am currently in my final year of residency at an university program, and am really interested in academic EM and possibly doing a fellowship in ultrasound next year. I'm just looking for any input regarding which are some really good fellowship programs out there at the moment.
  6. N

    PA vs MD for disaster medicine

    Hey all, I know PA vs MD is a common question but I couldn't find any threads on disaster medicine specifically. I'm a third year undergrad currently; I want to go into a healthcare career specifically doing domestic and international disaster response. I am interested both in patient care and...
  7. ApplyPoint

    555 Vacant Emergency Medicine Resident Positions Remain Following National Match Day

    According to social media reports, this year's National Resident Matching Program left 555 unfilled positions in emergency medicine. While the positions will likely be filled in the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program, it is noteworthy because, as recently as three to four years ago, the...
  8. Fecal_Occult

    Preliminary Data - ERAS 2023 - It's really bad

    Number of applicants for EM declines further...
  9. J

    Is HPSP the right path for me?

    I am strongly considering applying for US Army HPSP when I (hopefully) attend medical school. I would like to be an emergency medical physician, but my parents don’t agree. I would not be doing it just for the money, although the funds would eliminate debts. I have been interested in joining the...
  10. L

    Training in fellowship?

    Can someone that has done fellowships share how much additional general EM training can be obtained from a fellowship? I am at a 3 year EM program and am afraid I will feel incompetent coming out of residency. We have trouble with many procedures and see relatively low volume per shift. We are...
  11. E

    MD & DO Canceling residency interviews

    As the 2021-2022 interview season is in full swing my schedule is getting pretty full. I've been scheduled to interview at 26 institutions for EM, and I know that is far too many and I need to cancel some of them, but I still want to keep a good number to insure match. Anyone else in the same...
  12. I

    List of 3 year long Emergency Medicine residencies

    Hello, Where can I find an accurate and updated list of only the 3 year long EM residencies to help with my ERAS application? There does not seem to be a way to filter out the 4 year long EM programs on MyERAS or FREIDA. The SAEM lists are not accurate or updated. Thanks!
  13. D

    Non-Trad Emergency Medicine Resident - Ask me anything!!!

    Current EM resident in southeast US. Non-trad, military, etc. Ask me anything here or on IG, under same name. I check IG daily and will answer via comment or video. Cheers 🍻 - DocMcStuffandThings
  14. D

    Emergency Medicine Resident - Ask me anything!!!

    Current EM resident in southeast US. Ask me anything. Cheers 🍻 - DocMcStuffandThings
  15. D

    Emergency Medicine Resident - Ask Me Anything!!!

    Current EM resident in southeast US. Ask me anything. 🩺👍🏻 Cheers 🍻 DocMcStuffandThings
  16. I

    Second residency in Emergency Medicine (Part 2)

    Hi everyone, As I have previously posted, I'm interested in pursuing a second residency in Emergency Medicine. I completed an Internal Medicine residency in 2017 and I have been working as a hospitalist since then. I'm ABIM board certified. Although the hospitalist gig has been good to me...
  17. B

    Navy For those who have experience with Navy medicine, can emergency physicians request to be assigned with Marine/SEAL units?

    If not, what are some of the different ways a Navy physician can work with Marine/SEALs?
  18. N

    FM vs EM: What is the reality of continuity of care?

    MS4 here waffling between FM and EM. And the question everyone asks me and I see posted everywhere is "well... do you want continuity of care?" How are we to know what real continuity of care is when we're only in a clinic for 1 month at a time? In general I'm passionate about meaningful...
  19. N

    Re-applying to Residency Advice - EM to IM

    I'm a recent MD grad from an east coast med school who matched into an academic West Coast emergency medicine program. This application cycle was particularly hard for me because I hadn't been able to visit programs and cities. I unfortunately ended up prioritizing reputation and program length...
  20. BehindBlueEyes


  21. D

    Position Wanted Current PGY1 EM looking for PGY1 or PGY2 EM in South Florida

    I'm currently a PGY1 EM resident in north florida and am looking to transfer or swap to a south florida program- either to restart PGY1 or as a PGY2. Help! :)
  22. V

    Why are combined FM/EM residencies not more common?

    Currently, there are only 3 FM/EM programs (5 years) in the country. Why are these programs not more common? To a naive med student, dual board certification in FM and EM seems to create the ultimate rural doctor, and something like this pathway is what other large countries with remote areas...
  23. Amaterasu B

    Seeking advice in setting up 4th year rotations in EM in NY, NJ or CA.

    Hello, I'm a MS-3, enthusiastic in pursuing a path in EM. I know VSAS doesn't open until next year but I would like to get in touch with EM residency programs that are still accepting students despite COVID to learn more about their programs and possibly schedule an away rotation for 2021...
  24. M

    Residency Programs: Announcements and Advertisements

    The Abrazo Health Emergency Medicine Residency would like to invite you to a virtual open house designed to give fourth year students more information about our program. We hope to be able to tell the attendees about our philosophy, curriculum, hospitals, faculty, and why you should train here...
  25. K

    PEER IX Physician's Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine Books FOR SALE

    I am an EM physician, just passed my Boards and I'm selling my PEER IX Question and Answer review books, the print companion. They are both in excellent, like-new condition. The price is $275+shipping. Description: PEER IX is the best content review and self-assessment study tool. The books have...
  26. Preston Ganey Jr

    Value of leadership roles early in career?

    Hi Y'all, A question for the current and former medical directors out there: I'm early in my attending career and considering a couple different options - an academic job with built-in leadership opportunities for about 60-65% of the pay of an alternative "community" gig within a large health...
  27. Preston Ganey Jr

    Value of NRP, ABLS?

    Hi Y'all, New attending here. Does anyone find any value, either perceived by employers or in their actual clinical practice, from some of the more obscure acute care courses like the neonatal resucitation program (NRP) or advanced burn life support (ABLS)? I work a lot of remote, single...
  28. M

    Switching from Anesthesia to EM

    Putting feelers out to see if anyone has done this and what their experience has been? Current PGY2 Anesthesia resident, was torn between Anesthesia and EM so interviewed and applied both. Ranked Anesthesia higher, matched to a great program. Realize now that I miss the teamwork, diagnostics...
  29. D

    Emergency Medicine Fellowship

    Does anyone have any info regarding what is the most important aspects of an application for an Emergency Medicine Fellowship? Also, any info regarding the board certification following a EM fellowship? I recently became interested in EM while in my FM residency. I apologize if this has been...
  30. J

    Pediatric Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hi! I am currently a third year medical student and was wondering if anyone had any insight or information on doing a residency in pediatric emergency medicine. I have previously worked in an ER for two years prior to med school and I have found in med school that I absolutely love peds, but am...
  31. M

    Saint Louis jobs

    Hey. Was wondering what the job market in St Louis looks like? What is the average pay? Was thinking maybe ok given not too close and not far from Chicago, ok weather, good cost of living. Any info appreciated thanks
  32. N

    IMG pursuing Emergency Medicine Residency

    Hello, I'm an Indian IMG, currently in the penultimate year of my graduation, interested in pursuing residency in EM. I plan to give my steps next year and follow that up with electives. The problem is that as per 2018 statistics there were 2265 programs in EM and only 109 of them were given...
  33. CardiacLion

    [Question]: Getting a Dog in EM Residency

    Hi Folks, Looking for some sage advice regarding the possibility of adopting an adult dog this year. I'm a rising intern, hopefully soon to be matched into an EM residency. Wondering how many of you would say this is something that is possible to do. Background: my family owned a dog when we...
  34. @Hazel-rah

    How to go about publishing a case report?

    Hi, I am naive to the publishing arena but trying to get something on my CV under the "Research and Publications" heading. I have a very interesting case that I'm submitting to present as an oral presentation at a citywide research day. I also think I could write it as an article to get...
  35. Doohickey550

    FM to PEM

    Hi all. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (official or unofficial)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete the EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency departments consider me for a job? Lots of pediatric ERs hire regular pediatricians, so...
  36. L

    Advice for medical scribes?

    I have been a part-time medical scribe in the ED for less than a year, and feel that I have greatly improved since training. However, I still feel as if I walk into some of my shifts insecure about my charting abilities. Most of the physicians are too nice to give criticism (I ask for advice and...
  37. frosted2

    ER docs... do your paramedics transport patients without ROSC?

    Florida father dies after ambulance breaks down; took nearly one hour to get to hospital Where I work, we work on scene for 20-30 minutes and call the code if we don't have ROSC. Obviously, everything in medicine is situational, but it is often an exception when we transport patients who do...
  38. T

    EM Utah Job Market

    I am a medical student strongly considering EM and am REALLY hoping to eventually practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm worried about the job market, however. It seems that many other states have numerous job listings, but Utah has very few. I realize that most jobs are likely not found via...
  39. 1


    Hey Everyone! For those looking to add another EM Residency to your application list, take a look at Northwell Health's newest program at Southside Hospital. It is a 3 year EM program recruiting for its inaugural class this year. ACGME certified with the backing of one of the nation's larges...
  40. P

    Should I upload a potentially bad sloe? what to do to subvert the possible disaster

    Hey guys, I am an MS4 applying for EM residency and I have been dreading about the bad sloe that is going to be uploaded any day now. I know it's not going to be a good sloe because a person who gave me negative evals said that I was not performing up to the institutions standards couple of...