1. bikinitop

    Help! School Disregarding Their Late Attendance Policy

    Hi everyone, I’m 3 months into med school and have had a few issues with arriving early, usually due to unpredictability in traffic and the rare personal issue and now I’m being threatened with expulsion due to lateness even though I haven’t been late, based on their policy. Class begins at...
  2. yuh

    Been over a month and haven’t heard anything?

    Applied to ~25 schools and haven’t heard anything from 1 school sending secondary. It’s been over a month since I completed my AMCAS. I understand COVID is pushing back the schedule, but I haven’t even received secondaries from schools that don’t screen. Is anyone else in this position? What, if...
  3. O

    How to send a letter of interest?

    Hi, I am still waiting to hear back from 9 schools. I know its super late and I really don't have much hope, but I guess it would be worth a try. Can anyone give me advice on how to send a letter of interest? At this point I will take any help. I've had one interview this cycle but was denied.
  4. DrHalsey

    Help with AACOMAS personal statement

    Below the line is exactly what is in my AACOMAS application. I am most concerned about the note at the bottom, is it acceptable? Or does it come across as pushy? I know that new MCAT date is late so that is my stealth way of asking them not to throw out my application before the scores are in...
  5. explorer012

    Primary application Submission

    Hi all, Is submitting a primary application at the end of September too late? The deadlines for schools are November/ December. I know the verification process takes ~6wks at this time. If a deadline is December 1st. Does that mean I have to submit by AT LEAST October 15th to get the...
  6. S

    Missed UCSF 4-Week Deadline. Should I still apply?

    I applied to 26 schools and sorted all the secondary invites into a separate email folder so I could see which schools I needed to actually do. I was completely overwhelmed in July by secondary invites so I tried my best to find and write the ones that were due first (which ended up being the 3...
  7. Q

    Asking for advice about my application, Late Step 1 result!

    Dear all who can help, It might be a rare case where I delay my Step 1 exam, but this is my situation. I am an IMG, graduate of 2015, done step 2 ck and cs and passed 1st attempt, and had some problems that made me delay taking step 1 till the 27th of august, my step 2 ck score is high, I have...
  8. I

    Is being complete mid/late August too late?

    I'm thinking of adding a few schools to my list (Vanderbilt, Duke, Baylor, USC Keck, WUSTL, etc.). Is being complete mid-late August still okay for someone who is LM 81, or is it too late to bother?
  9. evasive fish

    Apply this cycle or wait until next year?

    Edited for privacy.
  10. ReturnToSender

    sending the same app again?

    hi all, been reading through the other threads but still can't gauge where i'm at, so if you could help thank youu applied last cycle with 508 mcat, 400+ combined hrs shadowing (2 diff drs), 1000+ hrs hospital volunteering at 2 diff places, 3.9 cGPA, 3.8 sGPA, various leadership and ECs, 2 yrs...
  11. Justduckyy

    June 30th?

    I just moved back my test to June 30th from June 11th.Should I be worried about taking it too late? Will it hurt my chances? I plan on submitting everything else the first or second week in June.
  12. Justduckyy

    June 30th?

    I just moved back my test to June 30th from June 11th.Should I be worried about taking it too late? Will it hurt my chances? I plan on submitting everything else the first or second week in June.
  13. F

    will a June 16th MCAT date put me behind ?

    I am taking the MCAT June 16th (score release July 17th). One of my biggest goals was that I wanted to apply as early as possible to be in the first wave, but due to unfortunate circumstances my mcat was pushed back to June 16th. Now I don't plan on selecting schools before my MCAT is released...
  14. U

    Delaying MCAT (again): more prep vs. later app cost-benefit analysis

    Thanks for reading. I believe (correct if wrong)I am a strong applicant, save that I haven't yet taken MCAT. UC Davis Class of 2017: - Major: Political Science - 3.87 sGPA, 3.94 cGPA - 2 years of clinical research - 9 months as ER tech (EMT-certified) - 3 months as healthcare policy analyst...
  15. A

    Has anyone gotten interviews applying to ERAS programs in December?

    In short, applied to IM programs in Sept without CK score. CK came out recently, i emailed programs i've applied to so they know. Im thinking about applying to more IM programs where the deadline is late Dec or early Jan. Would this be a waste of money as most programs have already filled...
  16. donutzebra

    Not returning secondaries

    I have a really dumb question. I saw the thread about how not showing up to medical school interviews without informing them first is really unprofessional and could potentially burn bridges in terms of residency chances. I just wanted to confirm that denoting a school on AMCAS, receiving a...
  17. Dr. Acetone

    Taking the GRE late

    Hi, so I used to be a pre-med student. Change of hearts happened, now I am applying to grad schools. By the time I made this decision, it was pretty late. I have submitted my full applications to all the schools I wanted to apply to on time. However, I need to take the GRE later on. You see...
  18. M

    Am I too late? + Supplementary Question

    Hey guys, 1) So last night I submitted all of my primaries and have my transcripts verified, as well as my official DAT scores posted; however, I am still waiting on LORs. The last 2 LORs will be submitted early next week before September hits (so they say). Am I too late? AADSAS says my...
  19. collectedgp

    How late is too late?

  20. A

    Attending candidacy status program

    Hello, everyone. The opportunity to attend West Coast University School of Pharmacy starting fall 2017 has suddenly been made available to me. However, I haven't actually applied to any program, I was researching pharmacy schools in California and opted to receive information about the program...
  21. F

    Applying Late to MD/PhD

  22. F

    Am I considered a late applicant?

    Hey all, So I had a problem sending my transcripts from my old school. They just sent off last week priority so I'm anticipating them being recieved and input by the 15th (Hopefully). This will put me at early to mid August verification. I'm applying both MD and DO and I'm not the strongest...
  23. L

    TMDSAS: Too late to apply ?

    I'm an Kansas resident, but I have family and have lived in Texas for a significant part of my childhood. I wanted to apply via TDMSAS, but have been struggling to finish my Optional Essay and Personal Characteristic Essay. Would it still be too late to apply to Texas schools? For reference, my...
  24. M

    Latest MCAT Date

    I was wondering when the latest date to take the MCAT would be in order to still apply in a timely manner for this cycle. I was hoping to take it on June 1st, which would mean the scores would be released on July 6th. Would this delay or hurt my application in any way? I know that many schools...
  25. H

    MCAT Summer 2017 for 2017-2018 App Cycle

    Hi, I was wondering if it was ok to take the MCAT on the June 1st test date and how that will impact my application! Thanks!
  26. T

    How many seats are available by late January?

    Are there still a good amount of seats in most medical schools? Are interviews in late January usually for the waitlist or are there still a decent amount of sets open? Essentially do interviews become much more difficult and the chances of getting a spot much slimmer by late January?
  27. C

    Should I assume I am reapplying?

    So... I know a lot of people are struggling with this. But, here's my situation. Undergrad at NYU 515 MCAT 3.8 GPA 1.5 years of research in behavioral neuro lab 1 year of research in computational lab 6 months volunteering in a hospital volunteered for a couple weeks in Costa Rica I have been...
  28. R

    Late Transcript, Incomplete Application Status at Time of Deadline

    Hi everyone! To summarize my situation, I messed up and haven't gotten my transcripts sent to PTCAS for verification and my deadline is Monday the 17th (University of Montana PT Program). I have everything else done and my questions are AM I SCREWED? and WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am curious if I can...
  29. L

    Interview scheduling - am i at a disadvantage?

    So a school just sent me an email that i've been selected for an interview and they told me to choose a date. I was surprised to see how quickly the dates filled up. I did see the email a bit late, approximately 24 hours after they sent it and they only do interviews once a week so I ended up...
  30. A

    Is it too late applying DO?

    CGPA: 3.77 SGPA: 3.76 MCAT1: 510 MCAT2: 515 ECs: Research for 2 years at CHOP/HUP resulting in Publication (1000 hrs) Research at RWJ ED Scribe (1000hrs) Service Director/ Recruitment Director for my Fraternity Tutor for Bio/Chem/Physics/Orgo Pharmacy Tech at CVS-200hrs Also was a Boyscout-...
  31. s_med

    Applying late to MSTP programs

  32. GBCrzzyy

    Am I submitting my application late?

    I submitted on 7/13 but am still waiting for one of my transcripts to arrive while I got an email saying my other transcript is there yet it isn't attached to my AACOMAS app yet. I'm hoping verification won't take too long but I'm worried I'm getting my app in a little late? I couldn't submit...
  33. C

    Is July 18th too late to submit AMCAS Primaries??

    I took the June 18th MCAT and am waiting for my score ( July 17th). Non-trad applicant and don't really have the money to shell out if my score isn't here I need it to be..... Will submitting my AMCAS on the 18th of July really hinder my chances? ( all other factors aside...gpa, mcat score...
  34. donutzebra

    Shadowing too early and too late

    I've seen many threads about shadowing too early or shadowing too late, but I'm making a new one because I think I'm in a situation where both applies to me. I shadowed an ophthalmologist for 55 hours the summer before my senior year of high school, and I just graduated from college in May of...
  35. I

    MD & DO Chances - 3.5cgpa, 3.2sgpa - 07/22/16 MCAT - TX res - ED

    Hello everyone, I would like to see what my chances are. I am applying this cycle, mostly to DO schools and some TX instate MD. A little background: Graduated this May, 2016 from a large tier 1 state university. Major: psych, Minor: biology AACOMAS cgpa: 3.5 sgpa: 3.2 AMCAS cgpa: 3.48 sgpa...
  36. DentAK907

    How late can I take the DAT?

    I started studying for that DAT using DAT Bootcamp the second week of May. I'm not feeling prepared to take it June 20th. How late can I take it and not worry about being too late? I'm planning on submitting my application without my score by June 6th or 7th. Overall GPA: 3.90 Science GPA...
  37. C1Atlas

    Too late for PSEP? (AZ)

    Hello! I'm applying to PSEP (WICHE program) from Arizona, but I'm applying late. I submitted my application late March and the "on-time" deadline was in the fall. Although I'm late, I can still be considered as an alternate. Does anyone have any experience submitting late and receiving any PSEP...
  38. DantheManimal

    Need some potbacc smp msms advice

    So this is my first cycle applying. Non trad, late applicant (complete Nov., secondaries all done by Jan. 1), only applied to DO. So far received 1 preinterview hold (AZCOM) and 3 interviews. All 10 schools gave me a II. Of the interviews, I have one rejection (WesternU COMP), one wait list...
  39. PikaMeowMeow

    App and MCAT Timing: June MCAT too late? (TX resident)

    Hey all! I've kind of run into a dilemma here for applying this upcoming application cycle--especially for TMDSAS. The dilemma: After weighing my options and commitments realistically this semester (I'm a college student) I'm planning to take the MCAT on June 18th so that I can have some extra...
  40. P

    How late in the application process are we?

    I submitted most of my secondaries in August, but I've only received one interview invite and 2 rejections. I applied to 14 schools, most in California. How late are we in the cycle? Should I be worried? I've noticed many people on here getting interviews and acceptances galore, but I'm not sure...