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  1. A

    Uploads in Portal

    would you suggest sending letters of interest pre-interview, esp to ones that people are still reporting IIs for? I don't know how much help it would be since I already sent update letters a couple months ago, so it would just be reiterating my fit for the schools and vice versa. Thank you for...
  2. Master Bone Wizard

    Does it look bad to send both a letter of interest and letter of intent to the same school?

    So my story is like this. School A interviews me and offers me a position on the waitlist in October 2021, I graciously accept and shortly after send them a letter of interest. Time passes by and I hear back from other schools. At this time, School A is my first choice and I want to let them...
  3. T

    When to send "Letter of Interest" after being waitlisted

    Hi All, If someone is waitlisted for a school 2 weeks post-interview, how many weeks after receiving this news would you recommend they wait before sending a follow-up "Letter of Interest"? I do not want to send the letter too early & it come across as desperate/needy. Similarly, I do not want...
  4. S

    MD Applicant Cycle 2020 - How should I update schools on my Fall 2019 Grades?

    Currently, I am attempting to share my Fall 2019 grades with medical schools that have not extended me interviews after I completed secondaries. Unfortunately, I already sent them both a 'Letters of Interest' and 'Activities Update' (research) earlier in the year either via application portal or...
  5. NileMasr21

    Sending Update Letters/Letters of Interest

    I'm honored to have been to six MD/PhD interviews already. It's starting to come near the time where I think I should send an update letter or a letter of interest to some of my earlier interviews. But my problem is that I'm not sure what to include in my letter. I have no new grades to report...
  6. M

    Unique Letter of Intent Question

    Hi all, This is my first post! Anyways, I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs. I am a reapplicant. I was fortunate enough to be invited to interview with one of my top choices (top 3 or 5 schools). I'm preparing for this interview every day leading up to the interview, but I digress. So...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical 4 Must Haves in a Med School Letter of Interest

    In terms of timing, if you have been placed on the waitlist, the best time to submit a letter of interest (or letter of intent) would be early May. Most medical schools require that students notify them of their decision by mid-April. Selection committees will be deliberating over who to accept...
  8. R

    Letter of Interest Pre-interview

    Hi fellow applicant, I wonder if it is worth it to send a letter of interest to a DO program pre-interview that I am would be committed to attending if accepted? I have already got a very good offer from an allopathic medical school, but the geographic location of this DO school puts it on top...
  9. mr. tree

    Waitlisted Need to Upload a Letter of Interest

    Hey so I have been waitlisted at Wake and they want us to upload a letter of interest to remain under consideration, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on crafting this letter up. All I remember her saying was keep it under 1 page but more than a few sentences. What all is appropriate to...
  10. J

    Letter of Intent/Update Letter

    Hey guys, I am attempting to craft a letter of intent for a particular school i would love to go too. I only have 1 other acceptance at a DO, but I'm in an unranked top tier list of this school. I dont have much in the way of any metric updates for the school, but I have taken the opportunity in...
  11. M

    Letter of Interest

    Looking for opinions as to whether a letter of interest is appropriate for the following situation: Of all the medical schools that I submitted completed applications to, I am now only seriously considering two of them. One I have been accepted to; the other I am currently waiting on a...
  12. lovehate

    Waitlisted at Pitt. What to do now?

    So I am really grateful I got multiple acceptances this year. However, after interviewing at pitt, I fell in love with the school. I know I want to be there for the next four years. They put my on waitlist yesterday. I am guess I either didn't interview well, or they didn't believe I would...
  13. Redpancreas

    How many interviews did LOIs yield for you this season?

    **not sure if this belonged in NRMP/ERAS thread (its not really ERAS). If its in the wrong forum, I apologize and mods please place appropriately**. Just answer the poll and provide commentary if you'd like. Where's @Milotic given his/her recent posts. **EDIT: Mods, if you could place this in...
  14. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  15. hs764

    How to write a letter of interest?

    I interviewed at Vanderbilt late last month and as we were wrapping up, the admissions person told us that we could supplement our application by sending a letter of interest to the school. She made it very clear that this was not meant to be the same thing as a letter of intent and that we...
  16. B

    Creative Update Letters/LOI

    Hi guys, so I've heard at a few of my interviews students have been accepted after sending creative update letters and LOIs (e.g. one kid sent in a scrapbook with letters from his friends and family on why he should be accepted). What is your guys' opinion on this? I have heard both positive and...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical When to Send Letters of Interest

    If you have been placed on the waiting list, you can send in a letter to reiterate your interest in the school. Keep in mind, that this letter of interest is not going to make or break your application. Where you are placed on the waiting list plays a much larger role. If you’re #5 on the...
  18. M

    Re-sending LOI?

    Recently, I wrote a letter of interest to one of the schools I'm applying to. I haven't received an email about it in weeks. When I called the admissions office, the girl who answered sounded annoyed and unenthusiastic. She then informed me that it would be added to the file but I still haven't...
  19. Amarysso

    When and how to contact PI

    Hi there! I have started the process of preparing to apply to Clinical PhD programs and am in the midst of finding researchers and mentors who would match my research interests. I have already found two professors whose research I am very interested in, however I dont know how i would go about...
  20. U

    Sample Pre-Interview Letter of Interest?

    Has anyone successfully submitted a pre-interview letter of interest that wouldn't mind sharing it with me as an example? I have drafted one of my own, but I am struggling to find any pre-interview LOI examples and I want to make sure mine is appropriately written. Thank you in advance!
  21. thisischelsea

    When should I send a letter of intent/interest?

    Hey everyone, I just recently got waitlisted from one of my medical schools (one of my top picks right now) and I was wondering how early should I send in a letter? I was thinking to send a short one now and after my fall grades come in, I'll send another one with my updated transcript + a...
  22. BurritoKiller

    Waitlist question for Adcoms (preferably)

    I was waitlisted at my #1 choice, but received an acceptance to one of my "safeties." I'm incredibly grateful for my acceptance, but obviously I would prefer my top choice. At my interview, this school said to stay on the waitlist, you have to send a letter of interest. They don't start pulling...
  23. H

    Letter of Continued Interest

    Hey everyone! I've been waitlisted at my top choice school (but have been accepted elsewhere), and I was wondering if anyone had any information about or experience with sending a letter of continued interest. I know that med school and law school waitlisters utilize them pretty heavily, but I...
  24. TheCruelOne

    When should I send my update letter to Drexel? (Waitlisted)

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate any and all possibly input, especially from those who may have previously been waitlisted at Drexel (or at other schools) and eventually were accepted. First of all, I knew from the get-go that I was probably not the strongest applicant for MD schools (you can...
  25. X

    letter of interest pre-interview

    Hi all. In November, I wrote an update/letter of interest to some of the medical schools that I had applied to. 1 contracted me shortly after with an interview invite. There are a few schools that I am particularly eager to interview at. Would it be inappropriate to send a second letter of...
  26. D

    Mistake in letter of interest

    I sent a letter of interest and I wrote the schools name as: XXX School of Dental medicine instead of XXX School of Dentistry!!! How bad is this... will it affect my chances... what should I do Thanks =)
  27. LindaAccepted

    Medical Four Must-Haves in a Med School Letter of Interest

    Familiar with the area? Have friends close by? Let the adcom know! In terms of timing, if you have been placed on the waitlist, the best time to submit a letter of interest would be early May. Most medical schools require that students notify them of their decision by mid-April. Selection...
  28. Efflorescence

    Letter of Interest -- OOS applying to TX

    Hey everyone! I'm posting this on behalf of one of my friends. She is an OOS resident with two TX acceptances (1 DO, 1 MD) and a 3rd upcoming TX interview. However, she would really like to go to UTHSCSA because of family ties in San Antonio (she would live with them while attending school)...