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    Top 10 Surgical Retina Fellowships

    Things change fast. A decade or two ago, residents were advised that only a smattering of 10 vitreoretinal surgery fellowship programs were considered worth going to. More recently, a more palatable truth seems to have emerged: there are so many amazing programs, each with their own advantages...
  2. A

    Official 2022-2023 Sleep Fellowship Application Cycle

    It's that time, folks..! Applications are officially out! Best of luck to y'all :giggle: Interview Offers - Program Name (date offer was received) Rejections - Program Name (date rejection was received) Just copy/paste the list each time you add a new program. Thanks!
  3. M

    [Please Help] Is this school list okay? (3.4 cGPA, 520 MCAT)

    Hello everyone, so I finished putting together a school list today, which is shown below. Some details about my app: MCAT: 520 cGPA: 3.41 sGPA: 3.5 Cali resident, reapplicant, non-trad, took me like 7 years to graduate EC hours included at top of image Strong upward trend: did garbage at CC...
  4. P

    School List Help?

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  5. P

    AMCAS School List Advice

    All advice would be appreciated! Planning on applying to 30 schools and sending in secondaries soon. Aiming to shoot as high as possible. Demographics: African American Male Cumulative GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 513 (129/125/131/128) Research: 1800 hrs in my university lab (2 poster...
  6. D

    Step 2 CK/CS and rank lists

  7. A

    Need Help Developing School List 516 MCAT, 3.7 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA

    Trying to create a list of schools to apply to. Academics: BS Healthcare Administration: cGPA 3.7, sGPA 3.3 MPH: 3.92 GPA Strong upward trend in undergraduate studies MCAT: 1st attempt- July 2017: 498 (123, 126, 124, 125) 2nd attempt- June 2019: 516 (128, 128, 128, 132) Extracurriculars...
  8. I

    3.55sGPA 3.60 GPA 515 MCAT improve school list?

    Hello! I am an asian CA resident currently applying! Mcat 515: 130/128/129/128 GPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.55 Undergrad research: 1204 hours no pubs Undergrad Student Instructor: 1 semester Post grad research: 750 hours with 1 pub submitted June Work study Vet assistant 12-14 hours per week for 2.5...
  9. king17887

    Med School List Help. 3.95 sGPA 510 MCAT

    Hey everyone! I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a critical review of my med school list. I just want to make sure I'm doing well with targeting schools that I will fit best in. Thanks in advance! Stats: Resident of AL, cGPA: 3.97, sGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 510 Research: 1600 hrs - 1...
  10. D

    School List Help! 3.9/~517 MCAT -- Non-trad

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  12. C

    How's my school list?

    Hi there! I currently attend an Ivy League school in New York state. I have a 3.87 GPA, 518 MCAT and 74.7 LizzyM score 100 hrs of clinical shadowing where I shadowed obstetricians, RNs, NPs, and attended morning round meetings 3000 hrs of research during undergrad 4 publications as co-author...
  13. M

    MD Help with school list! 523 MCAT cGPA 3.78; sGPA 3.72

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to put my school list together. I feel like my MCAT and GPA don't exactly match so I'm trying to figure out if it is realistic for me to get into these top tier schools and I want to make sure my list isn't too top heavy. I'm also worried because there are some schools...
  14. D

    Letters of Intent - what's the deal

    Alright, ladies and gents. The consensus is clear on the following: - it is worth informing your #1 program - you should never lie (i.e., tell your #2, #3, etc. that they are your #1) Where the consensus is grey: - is it worth telling programs at the top of your list (but not your #1) that...
  15. TheOnlinePharmacist

    What are some of the biggest mistakes I can make in my first year (P1) of pharmacy school?

    Title says it all. I've been really stressed out ever since I started early last week, and I found a few google links to answer this question, but they were all generic mistakes that I already know not to do. I think some people on here can give me actual valuable answers from real experience...
  16. B

    Low CARS School list help! need some pointer on where should I aim ?

    Thank you for take your precious time reading my post, I really need some help to build my school list.. ORM (Asian), Florida resident. I just received MCAT today, GREATLY appreciate any input on chances and list. GPA (Biomedical Science major - graduated) - upward trend? 4.0 last two and...
  17. N

    need to take 1-2 schools off! please help with list!

    Hi, im applying with a 3.3 GPA and a strong upward trend of a 3.8 the last 2 years. I got a 18AA, and a 15QR (lowest score) everything else was 19/20. Im retaking my DAT in early September, but I'm submitting now. Everything else on my application is realllyyyyy strong. Really strong LORs, PS...
  18. thestylishgeek

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Sorry for having the same question as another fellow Cali applicant. Also wondering if I am applying to too many/the wrong places. My closer friends all are applying to 20 ish schools, but I've read forums that say it's too many? Thank you very much for the help in advance! My stats are: cGPA...
  19. S

    Need Help Finalizing School List

    Hello, I am having trouble finalizing my school list. I have stats for some high tier schools but I think my ECs are pretty average (maybe not?). My stats: cGPA: 3.82 sGPA: 3.82 MCAT: 519 (132/128/128/131) Shadowing: 6 hours (gynecological oncology) 26 hours (ortho, neuro, general surgery)...
  20. C

    Help Cutting Down List of Dental Schools Please? (California resident)

    Hey guys, just wanted to get 2nd opinions on my list of dental schools to apply to. Right now I feel like I have too many, and want to eliminate some that I might not have a better chance of getting into. For example, I heard that Midwestern Arizona has an emphasis on community service, and I...
  21. A

    DENTPIN Question

    Hello, This is a random question. I signed up for a date to take the DATs before I had all of the information. I thought I had a set list of dental schools I wanted to apply to and I did not realize that when registering for your exam that you could leave all of the dental school boxes...
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  23. Master Thinker

    Chances and School List Help? 514/3.83

    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone can help check my school list? I currently have ~40 schools and I wouldn't mind applying to that many because I will pre-write essays and I have FAP. I want to get in in the first cycle, which is why I am applying to so many (also because of my MCAT lol). My...
  24. E

    Please help me.. Do I have any hope?

    Can I get into an MD or DO school? These are my stats: - Hispanic (Colombian) - Green card holder (Permanent resident) -- Florida resident - Biology major - 3.8 science GPA - 3.8 cumulative GPA - 497 MCAT (125 BS, 126 CP, 124 Social, 122 CARS) I am extremely disappointed with my score :( I...
  25. O

    Medical Schools with Emphasis on Last 32-60 Credits

  26. AZRobbins

    WAMC and list help? 520 MCAT, 3.74 GPA

    (Please don't quote) Hi all, I'm currently gearing up to apply, but I'm having a lot of trouble narrowing down my list, especially with the conflicting advice I've gotten about what to consider a target school. Here are my stats: MCAT: 520 GPA: 3.78 sGPA: 3.69 LizzyM: 74 WARS...
  27. P

    MD 3.8 cGPA, 3.7sGPA, 514 MCAT - help narrowing school list?

  28. R

    Anesthesiology ROL Pro's and Con's

    Hi folks, I wanted to share my thoughts on the top 8 places I interviewed at this season for anesthesiology. Don't take my rankings of these programs too seriously though, all of them are phenomenal and have unique offerings. Hope this helps future anesthesiology applicants choose a residency...
  29. B

    School List Help!

    Hey guys! I'm new to SDN and was hoping some of you kind veterans could help me out a little bit with my school list. I created my current list by adhering to what my friend (who is now in medical school) said: apply to schools in which you at least hit their 25th percentile for GPA. I was fine...
  30. N

    What Should My School List Be?

    What is everyone's school list like?
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  32. 6

    Any schools with strong public health programs?

    thank you!
  33. DrSatan

    Official 2018 Rank Order Lists

    Hello everyone! It's been a long interview season. Hopefully most of you are done or at the finish line. As you probably know, rank lists entry begins TODAY. Rank lists are due in 38 days (February 21st @ 9pm EST). SOAP is in 57 days. And Match day is in 61 days (March 16th)!!! Please use...
  34. freedoctor17

    LM: 77 - Narrow School List Down

    Mayo Clinic (both campuses) Harvard Johns Hopkins Yale Stanford Want to Choose 10 of these Boston University Perelman University of Pittsburgh Pritzker Northwestern University of Michigan Duke Vanderbilt Washington (St. Louis) NYU Columbia University Cornell Icahn Mt. Sinai Hofstra Einstein...
  35. A

    Unsure about where to apply with my resume. (high stats + time-consuming hobby)

    Thanks in advance for reading! Not URM. Currently a senior at a NYC private undergrad. Taking a gap year. 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) cGPA: ~3.9 sGPA: ~3.95 (I'm a chemistry major/math minor, received As in all my prereqs and chem major courses, just a couple A-s in upper level math classes)...
  36. B

    Help me with school list?

    Huge thanks in advance for your time! I'll try to keep it short but no promises haha. Major: Biological Sciences Minor: Global Health CuGPA: 3.75 ScGPA: 3.70 MCAT: 515 EC's: 150+ hours volunteering at local hospital 65+ hours volunteering at local botanical garden 2 years as a chemistry lab...
  37. M

    Help with my school list? 3.83 cGPA, 519 MCAT

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on my school list. When I originally submitted my primaries, I had a 3.83 cGPA (with a similar sGPA) and an MCAT score of 507. However, I just received my new MCAT score on 8/1 and I scored a 519 (97th percentile). I'm not really sure how to approach...
  38. P

    Add LOR after Primary submission?

    Hi, I know that the AMCAS only lets you edit a few things on your application after submitting. I was wondering if you are allowed to add more people onto your list of LOR after you submit? Just as an example I currently have 4 letters but am hoping to get two more from supervisors where I...
  39. amg_la

    Need Help with School List -- Questionable CARS

    hi all, i really need help with finalizing my school list. I have a solid application except for my CARS score which really hurt my MCAT. I want to go to a really good school (obviously) but i don't want to waste this application cycle being too ambitious about my schools. Please give me your...
  40. R

    WAMC/Finalize List ( 4.0 cGPA, 510 MCAT)

    cGPA/sGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 510 (127/127/130/126) State of residence: California Race/ethnicity: White, Hispanic Undergrad: public university in the midwest Clinical Experience: Not sure if this counts, but I was a Health Advocate in my college dorm for 1 year (paid job); Handed out OTC medicine...