1. M

    Miami (MD/MPH) vs FIU (MD)

    Thanks for clicking. It sounds like an obvious choice but please hear me out: Miami MD/MPH Pros - MPH is nice for primary care residencies - Great match list for UM in general (no specifics for this program's performance) - Relationship with UM for residencies - Great students and staff -...
  2. J


    Hello! I was wondering if there was anyone else here who is planning on going to SDSU in the fall?? Please feel free to pm me, I'd love to get to know some of you! :) Also, if anyone is from San Diego, any recommendations on best housing/how to find roommates would be greatly appreciated!
  3. thetransnurse

    MPH Health Education vs. Nursing?

    Good evening all, this is my first post here so I apologize if it's in the incorrect section of the forum. I've been working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse in a psychiatric hospital for over 2 years now, and I believe the time has come for me to pursue an undergrad degree (LVN program was a...
  4. R

    Should I get a MPH?? Helpp

    So I applied to medical school and didn't get in. I am reapplying this year, but in the meantime I was told by someone very involved in the med school to get an mph, the issue is the program is 2 years so I can pile as much as I can in one year but I would end up finishing it while in medical...
  5. 10thousandhours

    Thoughts on Post-Bac -> MPH -> med school?

    I have a 3.4 overall GPA and am about to graduate undergrad. I plan to participate in a post-bac program this upcoming school year to enhance my GPA. I really want to attend a top medical school and was wondering if I would have a better chance if I get an MPH after my post-bac then apply to med...
  6. R

    Harvard incoming Fall 2018

    Hey yall, I wanted to start a thread for folks who are going to (or thinking about) going to Harvard next year! Some starting questions: Has anyone thought about when they are going to move to Boston and how they are going to find housing? Does anyone know what kind of acceptance rate the PhD...
  7. C

    MPH Berkeley MPH Scholarships Financial Aid

    I'd like to gather all conversation about the scholarships and financial aid Berkeley gives its MPH admits in this thread. Berkeley sent an email recently saying the following: The School of Public Health has notified nominees of their nomination for GOP, Block Grant, and KP Scholars program...
  8. R

    Senior Year..Not sure what to do. (DO? PA? MPH? PA/MPH???)

    Hello, this will be very complicated so pay attention and hopefully, you can give me some good advice. I am 21YO white male and I graduate this semester in May with a 3.2cGPA, a Cell and Molecular Biology major with a Biochemistry minor. I started my first semester of freshmen year with a...
  9. J

    MPH Personal Statement

    Would someone read and edit my personal statement? I'm so confused as to what the difference between a good one and a great one. Please I'm super desperate.....
  10. P

    Non-Traditional Student Seeking Advice!!

    Hey everyone! I'm hoping I can get some advice on my situation. I am 24 years old and majored in bio in college while claiming pre-med. After graduation I worked as a research assistant in a lab on a GI disease. This experience along with talking to many, many doctors guided me away from...
  11. P

    Low undergrad GPA, better MPH GPA...PhD chances?

    I'm thinking of applying to PhD programs next year. I'm interested in Health Policy and Management programs and I'm looking at GW, JHU, and UMD, but would be open to others as well. The problem is my terrible undergrad GPA which hovers at a 2.6. I went to a competitive private university and...
  12. E

    Hopkins MPH Vs. Harvard Job (+Harvard MPH)

    Hi all! I'm at a very strange and promising crossroads and would love to get some feedback, because I'm truly at a loss for what direction to take. I just got accepted to the Hopkins MPH Full-time program for the upcoming year, which I honestly thought I had no shot at. While waiting for that...
  13. J

    Public Health Concentrations

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  14. J

    MPH Having Difficulty Deciding on a Concentration

    I entered my MPH program as a Community Health concentration (or its equivalent). However, now I'm having doubts about sticking with it because I'm afraid that it's not as marketable as other concentrations (ex. Epi/Biostats). I was considering switching into Epi/Biostats, but community health...
  15. S

    SLU MPH- Be Wary

    Hi all. I was a frequent reader of the MPH Applied/Accepted/Rejected forums a few years ago and ended up choosing Saint Louis University for my MPH in a dual concentration. I am now a second-year and would not recommend this school to anyone seeking their MPH. I will preface this by saying I am...
  16. I

    MPH schools for foreign students

    Hello all! I am a physician from the Philippines and I am interested in pursuing a MPH degree in the US. Does anyone know which public health schools are inclined to accept foreign students and which schools provide scholarships or financial aid to foreign students? Is there a website that has...
  17. R

    MPH MPH Fall 2018 Deadlines: Rolling Admissions?

    Hello all. I'm new here. Forgive me if I say something stupid. So I am applying to MPH programs in the US (US citizen) and I have noticed a lot of schools, such as University of Michigan, have rolling deadlines after a priority deadline (often December 15 is priority, and March 1st is final)...
  18. C

    Vlogging my Hopkins MPH Experience

    Hey Everyone! I'll be starting my part-time/online MPH at Hopkins and figured I'd Vlog my experience since I also work full time. Orientation starts Jan 2018, so I don't really have much content, but I hope you follow me along as I begin posting!
  19. M

    New to MPH- need help!

    Hi all- I am graduating in May with my undergraduate degree in biology. For over four years I had planned on becoming a Physician Assistant. That was all I had prepared for- I worked in patient care for several years and have a lot of clinical experience. I applied to PA school but have gotten...
  20. ThisisReality

    MPH CV vs Resume

    So, for SOPHAS - I'm trying to figure out which one would be better to use... a 2 page resume or write a CV with some more description on my leadership positions. Also, if I have a CV, do you think filling out the experiences section is redundant? Or would it be where the "most important"...
  21. S

    A few questions I had regarding choosing streams in MPH and how to word it in my SOP

    I have currently started working on my statement for MPH and while English is not my first language, I'd like to think I have a decent grasp of the language. I'll primarily be applying to Canadian universities and was wondering how I'm supposed to write which streams of mph I want to study in...
  22. R

    Current DVM; Career change veterinary anatomic pathology or veterinary preventative medicine

    Currently I am a practicing large animal vet for four years and I am looking for a career change. My desire is to work with the state diagnostics laboratories, being on the front line of detecting disease or academia (I really enjoy teaching)! I am considering an anatomic pathology residencies...
  23. S

    Applying for a mph in epidemiology and looking to go to MD program in Italy after

    Hey I have a 2.6 GPA and am in my fall semester of my senior year of my bachelors degree in biology. I have just started looking into masters degree programs as I realised I do not want to take a gap year, I would like to know what I should do as my GPA is low and I do want to apply for an MD...
  24. E

    In need of some guidance please

    Hi everyone! I am going to be applying for MPH (most likely with an epi concentration) for the 2018/2019 school year. I am unfortunately going to be applying quite late (Mid December) because of some unforeseen circumstances. I am going to be moving to NYC and it is my dream to get into Columbia...
  25. M

    Jobs for Pharmacists in Public Health??

    Hi everyone.... I’m currently pursuing my PharmD and am, as always, considering what I am actually going to do with it. I know right now I am going to get my MPH (Masters of Public Health) dual degree. So now I’m left wondering... what all can a pharmacist do in the public health sector? I’m not...
  26. V

    Epidemiology; should I go to med school and do an MPH alongside, or just go straight to an MPH?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums so please tell me if I do anything wrong or incorrectly. I had a few questions with regards to epidemiology, even though my entrance into the field is likely years away since I'm still just a senior in high school. I'll be applying for a B.S. in econ/math this...
  27. D

    MPH Question about UAlbany online MPH program

  28. V

    MD Chances for a Canadian - Advice needed!

    Hi all, Long time forum viewer but first time poster. I am just starting to look into American MD programs (not for this application cycle but next) since I know the US app cycle is a tedious process. I figure the earlier I start gathering information the better. I have also been having a hard...
  29. K

    Global Health vs. MD vs. PA

    Hello. I am having some trouble deciding what to do after undergrad. I am EXTREMELY interested in Global Health and I'd like to be able to diagnose patients as an MD. Are there any residences/global health tailored medical schools in the USA? I'm having trouble finding these schools. Any help...
  30. D

    High undergrad GPA, low grad GPA. Will it hurt?

    I had a 4.0 GPA from undergrad and my masters GPA is looking like a B. Will this downward trend reflect poorly on me during my med school application? Or will the grad school grade not really have much weight? I've heard mixed things about how a grad GPA is evaluated.
  31. N

    A word of caution to anyone considering the Cross-Continental MPH at NYU.

    I am in this program now, currently in Accra, Ghana. I gave up other more established programs to be here because I wanted the experience of living abroad for a year. However I believe I was severely misled about the program and want to warn anyone who is starting to think about their...
  32. P

    Peace Corps and MPH before Med

    I want to do the Peace Corps and an MPH before med school, will this help or hurt my chances? I know that's a four year (at least) gap between my undergrad coursework (and all my pre-med classes) and med school + the MCAT scores only last 3 years. However the peace corps -> MPH -> MD track is...
  33. E

    P2 or not P2?

    Background: BS in human bio, minor in chemistry. Current P2. Volunteered at a VA (both inpatient and outpatient) before applying to school. Currently work at a psych hospital as a pharmacy extern. My issue is that I am extraordinarily ambivalent about being in pharmacy school. P1, fall...
  34. D

    Stuck between two concentrations. Help!

  35. S

    Interested in USPHS, with an MPH degree

    Hi, I've been really interested in a possible career in the USPHS, but have had difficulty what I could use my Masters' degree for. I have a master's degree in Epidemiology and am currently working in Social Behavioral Sciences Research. I'm looking for a change in pace and a more hands on...
  36. B

    MPH: Grad Assistantship Phone interview (ETSU)?

    I applied for a GA position at my school (ETSU) in the epi/biostats department. Originally I was emailed because my "name was provided as someone who may be a good candidate", and when I saw what the job entailed, I jumped at the chance to apply (because it involves some of the things I'm...
  37. URMfemaleMPH

    LORs for Non-Trads

  38. S

    MPH Career and Prep Advice

    Hi everyone! I would like to receive your input on my pathway to MPH programs/ Admission. I graduated from a big ten school with a degree in geology/ environmental sciences with a low gpa (2.62). In my last year of undergrad, I was taking 18 credit hours of adv sciences for both semesters while...
  39. ericK14

    MPH UML MPH vs LSHTM MPH vs Uni. of Nottingham MPH

    I've gotten accepted to Umass Lowell for MPH, as well as the University of Nottingham and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for MPH. Both schools are in the UK. I'm trying to decide if choosing to go overseas for a year will be worth it, factoring living costs, so my degree in the...
  40. ericK14

    MPH LSHTM or University of Nottingham?

    Hello everyone, I'm a little bit confused on making my final decision. And I would appreciate any feedback. I first got accepted to the University of Nottingham in May, then I finally got my acceptance to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). I got into both of their...