1. P

    MPH Online MPH

    Any thoughts on enrolling in an online MPH program?
  2. O

    Need Advice!

    Hi everyone, I am a little confused on what to do next with my life. I applied this previous cycle and got one interview with an 18AA and a 3.21 oGPA and a 3.0sGPA. Over the past year (my senior year) I was able to raise my oGPA to a 3.39 and my sGPA to a 3.1. I am planning on reapplying right...
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  4. H

    Value of 4 year MD/MPH degree?

    Hi all I am planning on attending a medical school that has a 4 year MD/MPH option. I applied for the program since I was interested and the application deadline was relatively early, but now I am having some second thoughts. For context I have a political advocacy and policy background and am...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Family Practitioner, Author, Advocate: An Interview with Dr. Alexa Mieses

    Interview with Dr. Alexa Mieses, family medicine resident, mentor & writer [Show Summary] Do you want to be a clinician? Are you concerned about your ability to gain acceptance to med school? Listen in to today’s interview with the author of The Heartbeat of Success: A Med Student’s Guide to Med...
  6. S

    Your experience with these MPH/MHA programs

    Hello, So it is almost time to finalize and commit to a program for the fall and I wanted some insights on your experience with the following schools: UIC - MHA Rutgers (New Brunswick) - MPH Drexel - MPH NYU - MPA Cornell - MHA Out of these programs, what was your experience through the...
  7. K

    Graduating MPH Student 2019

    Hi Everyone! Is anyone graduating this year from the MPH program? I'm interested to know what sort of career routes you guys plan on going to. Any positions or career moves you're looking to apply for? Any organizations?
  8. D

    Can you do a dual degree MPH program if selected for the NHSC scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I know this cycle hasn't even opened yet, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete an MPH degree while a dental school. I'm interested in applying for this scholarship, but I would reconsider if they wouldn't allow me to do the dual degree in dental school.
  9. A

    MPH candidate

    Hi everyone!
  10. B


    I just finished applying to MPH/MSW programs for Fall 2019 and was wondering if anyone else is applying for this degree so I thought I'd start a thread Undergrad School: Penn State University (graduating in May) Undergrad GPA: 3.81(overall), 4.0 (major) Major/Minor: Rehabilitation and Human...
  11. M

    MPH - Penn State

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to SDN; I just happened to come across it on a Google search looking for students/almuni perspectives on different MPH programs. Anyway, I tried searching through past threads to see if anyone had any experience with Penn State's MPH program, and I couldn't really...
  12. M

    Is public health for me?

    Hey everyone! I need advice. I’m currently a pre med student about to start my junior year of college, but now I’m not so sure I want to become a doctor. I’m interested in disease, but I think I am better suited for research than clinical work. I am studying biological psychology in school and...
  13. P

    MPH Canada: Epidemiology

    Hi! I noticed there is next to no information or discussions about MPH in Epidemiology in Canada -- mainly U.S. talk is here. I'd like to pose a question: UAlberta is one of the few accredited public health universities. Can anybody provide details about its epi program, and the job prospects...
  14. L

    MPH Seeking MPH Student for Research Assistance

    A physician is seeking an MPH student for research assistance. Ideally, you are a strong writer and have a good understanding of epidemiology and biostatistics. The physician is open to how you'd like to reflect your title/description for your resume and some compensation is available. This...
  15. sushi18

    Pros/Cons of MD in the Public Health field?

    Hi there, I am a non-traditional pre-med conflicted as to whether or not to pursue an MD. I have always been interested in public health, and want to devote my career to improving the lives of disadvantaged populations. Perhaps I want to have my cake and eat it too, but my dream is to be doing...
  16. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  17. A

    Should I reapply to med school before my masters program is complete?

    I applied to many medical schools during the 2017-2018 cycle and was unfortunately not accepted. My MCAT score is competitive enough, but my GPA needs some work. I have decided to pursue an MPH in the meantime, which should hopefully boost my GPA, and will begin this August. However, the program...
  18. I

    Loma Linda or St. George MPH

    I got admission to both schools but still deciding on where to go. Loma Linda is a Christian school and it has a good MPH program. After St George's MPH, I can enter their medical school which is my goal. Loma Linda is 2 years but St George is three semesters. Which school do you think I should...
  19. D

    How did you choose what school/program was right for you? What types of questions should I be askin?

    So basically I'm wondering what questions can I ask myself/these schools and programs to figure out what is a better fit for me? I'm in between choosing schools, NYU vs Drexel both where I got some $$. Both are going to be expensive for me either way, both located in large urban cities. I've...
  20. F

    GRE and MPH Applications

    Hello, I was hoping people would provide me with some info about what the level of GRE scores is good enough to get into top public health schools? I know all the schools say they weigh all parts of the application (and I do think I have a pretty strong app besides GRE scores, in the low/mid...
  21. F

    Recommendations for MPH application

    I am interested in applying for MPH graduate school for Fall 2019. A lot of the applications are due by December 2018 though. I would like to get letters of recommendations from my current boss/supervisor. However, I am nervous about approaching him to ask for it because then they will know I am...
  22. S

    MPH Please help me choose.

    Hi. I am a medical doctor from india with GPA of 3.5, Toefl 92. I am applying for the spring 2019. I have selected some schools for applying can anyone please let me know which among these are good ones( i am hoping to get into atleast 3-4 of them owing to my public health work and...
  23. S

    MPH, next step RD or DrPH in Health Education

    I currently have an MPH in Chronic Disease Epidemiology and have been working in Obesity Prevention Intervention research focused in nutrition and physical activity for the last two years. My ultimate career goal is to work in implementing health programs and providing health education (and...
  24. K

    MPH-Epi student interested in Wildlife Epidemiology

    Hi All – I am looking for some advice. I wasn’t sure which forum to post this in, but I thought this group might be able to provide the best insight. I am currently in a MPH-Epidemiology program and will graduate in May of next year (I have a B.A. in Psychology). I also work as a research...
  25. L

    UCSF vs. Hopkins

    I was accepted to UCSF during the regular cycle and got off the waitlist at Hopkins--so I feel like I have a little less info for there since I wasn't at the second look. Cost is still TBD because I'm waiting on my Hopkins estimate but I expect it to come out close unless the aid is super...
  26. ancoraimparo

    MD STEP 1 before MS2?? MPH/MHA instead?

    Hello. I am a med student that has to take a medical leave between MS1 and MS2 for treatment. I also have to remediate anatomy - either this fall or next summer. I applied to and got admitted to an MPH program and a Master's in Healthcare administration program - both start next month and can...
  27. C

    Applied Epidemiologist...Questions About The Paths of Becoming One.

    Greetings Friends, I would like to ask for some insight regarding some questions I have about being an applied epidemiologist and the various educational routes that lead to this kind of position. Working at the CDC EIS seems to be the dream for this line of work. (See CDC's side about epi...
  28. P

    Cornell vs Wash U

    Got off another waitlist, will be going there instead!
  29. S

    MPH Scholarships for MPH students?

    Hey everyone, So I finally made the decision and picked an MPH program, but money, sadly, is a thing and so now I am trying to find outside scholarships to apply to. Does anyone know of any good ones or had success with any website? I have just been googling and looking on fastweb, but I am...
  30. O

    Columbia Fall 2018!

    A thread for all who have committed to Columbia PH grad programs for the Fall 2018 semester!
  31. O

    BSPH Undergrad, looking into MPH

    Hi! I just needed some advice on a couple of things. So I'm a BSPH undergrad, and I really want to get my MPH, so I'm planning on applying to graduate programs in my senior year. I was just wondering what type of activities and work should I focus on doing so that I may have a chance in...
  32. J

    MPH for Indian medical graduates in canada

    Hi, I'm working as assistant administrator in a tertiary level government multispeciality hospital in Pune since 1 year. I have total GPA of 3.1 out of 4. GRE score is 314 in total and IELTS band 6.8. I want to pursue MPH, focusing on health management in canada. Please guide me on following...
  33. C

    MPH Information on CUNY SPH?

    Hello, Is there anyone that is very knowledgeable on CUNY SPH's biostatistics program? The program seem to be relatively new compared to others and it is very difficult to find any information on their program, nor could I find much in studentdoctor either. The faculty seems great with most...
  34. slee

    DECISIONS!!! Health Policy: MPH or MPP?

    Thanks for visiting this page! I'm a '17 grad from Emory stuck between University of Chicago's Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Johns Hopkins' Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Health Policy. --- My long-term goal is to work with policymakers in the government to create more...
  35. J

    MPH MPH in the US or Abroad Decision and Opinions! Help!

    Hi all, This is the first time using this service so bear with me. I am trying to do a public health-related master's degree right out of undergrad and need some help and expertise. I've gotten into the following programs MPH- Imperial College London MPH- Univeristy of Edinburgh MPH- King's...
  36. michifoo92

    Low uGPA, don't know where to go from here. Please help!

    Hi guys, first time posting so I'm kinda nervous/embarrassed, but here goes. I'm currently working at the College of Medicine at my alma mater and haven't been a student for nearly two years. I received a Psychology BA in 2015 and a Biology BS in 2016. I've been dreaming of becoming a doctor for...
  37. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  38. S

    2018-2019 DO non-traditional applicant

    I am a non-traditional Texas resident looking to apply in the 2018-2019 cycle. I graduated in 2016 with a cGPA 3.2 and a sGPA 2.96, no strong increasing or decreasing trends. Since graduating I did a summer of full time research in HIV a Texas Tech Health Science Center in EL Paso Texas. I have...