1. S

    Admissions Requirement: Full Sequence vs One Year

    Hello, my university goes by the quarter system and the organic chemistry sequence only spans two quarters. I noticed that some medical schools require an entire year/the full sequence of organic chemistry and was just wondering if that meant I would need to take a third organic chemistry course...
  2. B

    Advice on whether to continue pre med track

    I failed Ochem last quarter (just barely) and retook it this quarter. Everything was going super well until the coronavirus pandemic happened (for more context finals were put online and to deter cheating they made the final longer and harder). I'm pretty sure I failed the final and thus the...

    Common Names used in Ochem section?

    ** Sorry if this has already been posted. Only found one post on it and it was not helpful ** Simple Question: Will common names be used / be expected on the Ochem section of the DAT? Im fine with IUPAC but hate common names with a passion. Like, will at any point they give us a common name and...
  4. A

    C/C- in Organic Chemistry but I can't retake at my school

    On the online admissions pages for most schools, I didn't see a lot of hard cutoffs per subject, but when I looked at the prerequisites for each school through AADSAS, most schools list "Organic Chemistry - 6.0 credits - 2.0 grade" I'm panicking now because I received a C on my first quarter...
  5. sushi18

    Is it okay to take one of your OChem Labs during the cycle you're applying?

    Hi there, I'm a non-trad and thinking I might have to move my OChem 2 lab to the summer when I'm applying a few years from now. Given that I'd have taken all my other labs at that point (including OChem 1 lab) and have all my other prereqs done, would it be seen poorly for me to do that? It's...
  6. 9

    Final DAT Study Tips

    Hello, all! I am new to SDN, but I have been reading threads for the last few months, and everyone has such great insights! I'm currently studying for the DAT, and I am taking it on August 24th. I have been studying most of the summer for it, every day, for at least 2-3 hours. The only...
  7. D

    I need help choosing OCHEM class!

    Hello, I read several posts here about taking ochem online, but most comments seem confusing for me! I’ve to take it online bc I can’t take it on campus next semester for many reasons plus I want to take it now (during summer) because I don’t have anything else to worry about and I’ll spend...
  8. G

    Pass/Fail Organic Chemistry

    Hello, I'm unsure whether I should change my Orgo I grading option to pass/fail and retake it next year. I got below the average score for my first midterm and after taking the second one...not feeling so great about it either. Would retaking the class and getting a higher grade be able to...
  9. Awkotaku

    What classes did you take before the MCAT?

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in college and have taken general chemistry, physics, English, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and some statistics courses. I will be taking biology and organic chemistry in my junior year, genetics the summer before my senior year, and taking the yearlong...
  10. J

    Is it okay to take organic chemistry after I graduate?

    I know this is very long but I really need some help/guidance. I would really, really appreciate if anyone can help me out. I'm a third year transfer student. I have to take organic chemistry for my major (neurobiology) and for medical school. My school offers it as a year long series and as a...
  11. J

    Should I take organic chemistry in the summer? Can anyone share their experiences?

    My general chemistry series sucked so I need an upward trend. I finished general chem almost two years ago. I'm enrolled in organic chemistry right now but I don't think I did well on my first exam. Our entire grade is dependent on three exams, including the final, and 8 quizzes. We can't turn...
  12. R

    Organic Chemistry Lab Grade

    I took Organic Chemistry 1 this last semester (with the lab) and received a D in the lecture component and a C- in the lab. I am re-registered for the lecture, but am wondering if it is really necessary to re-take the lab. While I understand re-taking it and getting any grade above the C- would...
  13. Isoval

    Where did the second 'o' in 'orgo' come from?

    Seriously, this makes no sense to somebody who calls it 'ochem'. Where ever did the second 'o' come from? Did you guys take orgonic omistry? :thinking:
  14. O


  15. O

    School Requirements

    Hi I was curious because I know for example OSU wants 9/13 classes taken before even applying. I have 9/13 but my problem is that I took ochem 1/2 but have no taken the labs yet. Will they not count my Ochem 1/2 classses since I haven't taken lab yet?
  16. C

    Classes to take after doing poorly in ochem

    I got a B-/C in ochem. What classes should I take to show that I can actually do well in ochem and bounce back? Assuming I get an A in those classes of course.
  17. D

    Studying using 2011 TBR so what should I do about biochem and ochem?

    I'm using the old version of the Berkeley Review to get ready for the exam, but I am worried that the 2011 version that I am using will not adequately cover biochem. Also I think their ochem might be more in-depth than I need for the 2015 MCAT. Any suggestions as to what I should do especially...
  18. C

    DAT Destroyer Ochem #6 2017

    I understand why the answer is D but was curious about the explanation for why B is incorrect. Answer choice B says that Ethanol/H20 @ ph=10 is not miscible. Why? @orgoman22
  19. D

    Need Advice 4 MCAT

    Hey everyone! I wanted to get your input on what materials I should get and how to study while being a full time student. I was planning on getting the Kaplan full set with the flash cards + AMCAS materials and go through that with khan academy. Is that okay? Also, does anyone have any advice...
  20. Mason91

    Are halogens strong nucleophiles?

  21. O

    How did you study Ochem ?

    I feel like studying for Ochem is gonna be so hard and slow because focusing on just Ochem is so hard. I was wondering of any productive ways to study Ochem? Any help would be appreciated.
  22. prissy1818

    Continue taking second series ochem?

    I am in a weird situation. I have taken my ochem class at a community college but have heard many times that its looked down upon. I have graduated from a university with a BA in English and have already completed my Bio and Gen chem series and because of money situation decided to finish my...
  23. prissy1818

    continue taking second series ochem?

    I am in a weird situation. I have taken my ochem class at a community college but have heard many times that its looked down upon. I have graduated from a university with a BA in English and have already completed my Bio and Gen chem series and because of money situation decided to finish my...
  24. B

    Anyone recently taken Ochem 1 online through UNE?

    I know there are quite a few posts about the online courses for UNE. I am going to be taking Organic chemistry 1 with the lab soon and I am trying to determine a) which textbooks/materials I actually need? b) where exactly do you buy the materials for the virtual labs? c) anyone who has taken...
  25. A

    Organic chem help??

    This is my first time posting here so not sure if this is how I'm supposed to do it but... I just retook the first part of my three-series organic chemistry class (I ended up with a C in the class but it was curved/scaled HEAVILY.), and am currently taking the second part. I'm worried that I...
  26. puppers

    DAT Organic Chemistry Question

    Hi! Just wondering.. I'm currently a soph in undergrad and I'm finishing up this semester w/orgo 1, and I'm taking orgo 2 over the summer.. Would it be a good idea to study for the DAT at the same time and take it sometime July/Aug? I have all my other DAT prereqs done. Just wondering because...
  27. A

    Post-Bacc Req. Issue?

    Hey all, so I'm looking at post-bacc/SMP programs. A lot of the post-baccs I'm looking at are requiring a C or higher in core pre-med courses (i.e, bio, gen chem, etc). Unfortunately, I got a C- one semester of Ochem. The issue is, I've looked for classes offered at my local community colleges...
  28. whatisit350

    carboxylic acid straight to aldehyde with H2/Pdc??

    Hi guys, I was just reading through my ocher notes and I had a reaction that showed a carboxylic acid going straight to an aldehyde under H2 with Pd/C. Couldnt really find any info on the google web. did i write that wrong in my notes? or is that right??
  29. bentley13

    DAT Done: 25AA, 24 TS, 25 PAT; 3 week study Schedule

    Hey SDN. I took my DAT earlier today, and I just thought I would share my experience with everyone. I used several posts like this to help me throughout the process. There is honestly nothing more helpful than learning from past test takers. I studied for a total of 3 weeks (8am-8pm every day...
  30. E

    Can you take Gen Chem, Gen Bio, OChem, and Physics in different years?

    I really do not want to double up on sciences during undergrad because I feel like that'll hurt my GPA. So I was wondering if I could take Gen Chem my freshman year, OChem sophomore year, Gen Bio my junior, and Physics my senior year? I know that you need physics for the MCAT, but I feel like I...
  31. bentley13

    2 weeks out

    Alright I am just over 2 weeks away from my test date. Tomorrow is my last day of Chad's videos. I started studying 10 days ago. I got through bio, gchem, and qr in that time (Cliffs, Chad's, Chad's). I'm a little nervous about ochem since I've only had one semester. I am planning on doing...
  32. R

    Summer classes or work/volunteer?

    Hi! I just wanted other opinions on this matter:) I don't know if I should spend the summer taking organic chemistry (which would allow me to graduate a year earlier if I wanted) or physics - OR spend my summer continuing to do research, volunteer in some different things, tutor, and hopefully...
  33. Dental_Dream101

    Second Time DAT Taker

    (scroll down for update) Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a long time and decided to finally make an account. So i studied for the DAT during summer and didn't do too well. I studied using the DAT destroyer, DAT genius and DAT Q Vault. Growing up i never really had a great...
  34. C

    IS NH2 more basic than CH2?

    I know basicity goes <---- this way so the least electronegative the stronger base but one of chads quizzes there was an exception where the NH2 was more basic than c triple bond SO I WAs wondering if its same for all N compared to C
  35. molarbear8895

    Destroyer #307 OCHEM

    Hello, can someone please help me with Q # 307? It is about R/S configuration and I am struggling to see how this is possibly a 2R,3S,4S configuration. The answer key says C-2 priority is given to 1st-Cl, 2nd-C attached to a Cl, 3rd-C attached to OOO I am very confused because I though...
  36. L

    Need advice on OCHEM in the DAT

    Hello! So I'm gonna start to officially start studying for the DAT after this weekend, and I am very worried about the organic chemistry section on the DAT. I did fine in biology and gen chem classes, but I didn't do so well in organic chemistry in school. I honestly got through organic...
  37. 7

    Considering RN/CRNA

    Hi everyone. I've recently decided to change my long term plans and have decided that nursing is a good fit for me, with CRNA certification being a further goal. My questions: - After getting my bachelors degree, I plan on enrolling in an accelerated BSN program. What does this provide me in...
  38. Mason91

    How to effectively study for Ochem

  39. C

    DAT oCHEM is killing me

    Seriously I have watched chads ochem and been doing destroyer and at this point I feel like I'm just memorizing how things look and shapes and it doesn't feel right. i don't know any concept behind things that I'm doing. I'm thinking of re-watching all of chads? my test is in a month.. do i have...