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  1. salsees

    Calculation of sGPA for Optometry School

    Hey guys, I checked on the forum and online, and couldn't find a specific answer to this. I know for premed its pretty straight forward how the sGPA is calculated, but how is it calculated for optometry school. For example for optometry, would a math class like College Algebra, be a part of...
  2. -Michael

    Optometry school decision 2021

    Hi, I am a Canadian student trying to make a decision between NSU, MCPH, NECO and IAUPR. Theres obviously many factors that are involved ,but my two main are overall cost (in terms of living + tuition) and the education I will receive (in terms of pass rates for board exam, good professors, a...
  3. R

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hi! Would anyone be willing to give some feedback on my personal statement and also help me figure out how I can shorten it down to meet the character count? I think figuring out what to include and what leave out has been the hardest part for me right now. Thank you!
  4. preoptbear98

    Letters of Rec

  5. O

    OAT Scores

    Hi everyone, could you please share your experience with this: which score do you think is more important for optometry schools? Total science or academic average I got a good total science (390), but unfortunately, 340 for academic average and I'm really worried about it:(
  6. freeapple123

    OAT and Applications

    Hi there, I am currently going into my last year of my undergraduate in biology/ psychology. I had originally wanted to go into medicine and pursue ophthalmology; however, I do not see myself in school for that long. I had been prepping for my MCAT all summer and have had a change of heart and...
  7. SleepyGene

    Does Optometry school require the extra 'fluff' for applications like med school?

    Currently I am pre-med finishing up my 2nd year of uni and after doing a lot of research into the application process it seems i'm going to have to dedicate quite a bit of time just to fluff my application. From what im reading pre-meds are completing hundreds of volunteer hours, months of...
  8. EyeSeeWhatYouDidThere

    Disclosing Depression/Anxiety Issues In Optometry School Application

    On OptomCAS, some optometry programs include the following question: "Provide any additional information that may assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application." I feel that disclosing my previous issues with depression is essential to understanding me as an applicant due to...
  9. J

    Graduate in August, plan to immediately return as non-degree seeking

    So I'm currently an undergraduate senior graduating in summer with two dual degrees in Health Sciences and Economics. I came into college wanting to pursue healthcare, but having incredibly poor confidence when it came to science. Thus, used business as a cushion and pursued an economics degree...
  10. D

    My OAT and Application Experience

    Since reading peoples experiences on SDN helped me a lot this summer when studying for the OAT I wanted to share mine. I studied from June-July2018 and took the test on August 9. I had a very low budget for study materials for the OAT, I used the Princeton DAT 2018 book to study for...
  11. C

    Do I even have a chance?

    OptomCAS calculated: cGPA = 2.91 sGPA = 2.66 I just want to know if I even have a chance. I take my OAT on the 20th of this month and I am pretty sure I can get well over 300 if I continue to slave myself for the next week and some change. I have over 2000+ hours of shadowing and working as a...
  12. R

    May seem like a stupid question but..

    Can i submit my application through optomcas, even though I haven't completed my personal essay yet for each school? Can i still submit my personal essay after submitting my application? I'm super confused and don't wanna submit my application and not be able to submit my personal essay.
  13. R

    Personal Statement

    Hi all, I just finished writing my personal statement, this is the last thing I have to do before I can submit my application, if you can give me some feedback or anything on it, please message me!
  14. R

    Chances of getting into Waterloo?

    Hi, I'm a 4th year Canadian BSc student. I've got about two years of experience of working as an optometric assistant. 50+ hours of shadowing. I've also been an executive in my schools Golden Key club for two years and have done a bunch of other volunteering stuff. OAT score: 340 AA 330 TS...
  15. R

    Canadian Student

    Hi all. I'm a 3rd year biology Canadian student looking to apply to Optometry schools both Waterloo and US schools. I'm trying to figure out what schools and how many schools I should apply to this summer. My GPA right now is at a 3.7, I will be taking the OAT in August. I've got three...
  16. D

    Letters of Recommendation HELP !

    Hello everyone, If you guys read my last post, you know I feel insecure and worried about applying to optometry school because I don't have the strongest of grades. I am asking people for letters of recombination, but I am having a tough time. I asked my Developmental Psychology Professor...
  17. L

    NECO vs ICO?

    Hey guys! So I was accepted to NECO but also have an interview coming up with ICO and need to make some big decisions soon. Anyone have any thoughts, opinions or recommendations to share on which program I should choose?
  18. S

    Unique cases looking for opinion on how to go about it

    So I'm applying to Optometry school but I want to know how to go about my application. My case is as follows: I finished 2 years of undergrad classes and then went to a Caribbean medical school that was still opening up (worse decision of my life even though my parents forced it upon me). But...
  19. L

    What are common extenuating circumstances listed on applications?

    In many of the applications there is a section asking about extenuating circumstances in your academic record. Do people commonly fill this one? What are good reasons schools appreciate reading? I happened to leave this blank on mine because I didn't want to make any excuses for myself. However...
  20. L

    Anyone submitted optomcas with only 2 LOR requests logged and then requested the 3rd LOR later on?

    Hi everyone. Things are wrapping up for me with applications, I'm trying to get my application submitted by this weekend so that I don't approach the late bracket. So far I have 2 professors writing me letters of recommendation and will have both their names/emails in the evaluator section by...
  21. D

    Opt School Chances of Acceptance

    Hey guys, so I'm a little concerned with my chances of getting into an optometry school (specifically MCPHS). I'm a junior and I am going to graduate Fall 2019 with hopefully a 3.0 or 2.9. I'm a neuroscience major with a minor in Education at a good/competitive state university (hence my sad...
  22. WhyNeedAName

    What Should I Do Until Summer '18?

    Hi! I am a rising Junior at Nova Southeastern University and I really want to go to their optometry school (Only one in FL!) I want to make myself a competitive applicant since they only can take 100 people, but with a 2.9GPA, it's kinda hard . I had over 100hrs of shadowing an Optometrist in...
  23. T

    Application confusion

    Hello, I was completely thrown off about the application timeline. I just graduated this past May and was thinking about taking a year off to get my finances together to pay for optometry school. But I had to retake a course and was told I had to take anatomy before I could apply. The cycle has...
  24. M

    OptomCAS Transcripts

    Did anyone else have a transcript sent out yet that has arrived to Optomcas? I had one sent to Optomcas and one sent to my house on the same day. I received the one in my mail two days later, and was assuming the status on Optomcas would have changed as it should have been received by now too...
  25. S

    Optometry: Shadowing Hours?

    Hello, all! I am applying to optometry school this upcoming fall, so I am not familiar with Optomcas and the application process yet, but I am starting to gather my thoughts. How are shadowing hours verified or asked for when you apply to schools? A submission from the doctors that you have...
  26. R

    Bypassing Supplemental Applications

    Over the course of this application cycle, I've noticed that for some of the schools I applied to I was able to receive an offer for an interview without completing the supplemental application. Does anyone know why sometimes this is the case for schools?
  27. P

    Please Help (what are my chances?)

    I have around a 3.0 overall GPA with (hopefully) by next semester I will have a science GPA of around 3.1 or 3.2. I've taken my OAT and scored a 360 with a 340TS. I have shadowed two optometrists, worked as an ophthalmology tech, and currently have a job at Warby Parker (they make glasses)...
  28. O

    LOW OAT SCORES!!! Help!

    I graduated with a Bachelors in biology in May 2016. My GPA is 3.5 (science 3.3, non-science 3.8). I took the OAT last year and did not study at all and was extremely stressed because of certain circumstances and got a disappointing 250. I am an okay test taker but every time I think about this...
  29. I

    Taking Pre-Reqs the Summer Before Starting Optometry School Allowed??

    While deciding which schools to apply to I've had some trouble determining which schools allow you to take a pre-req the summer before starting optometry school. I know that IUSO does but am wondering what other schools also do? My main issue is that I have not take Anatomy and Physiology yet...
  30. L

    UHCO supplementary app

    I recently completed and paid for the secondary app for UHCO. I was expecting to be prompted to write an essay of some sort, just from what I've heard in the past. Now, I'm wondering if I had overlooked it or if they decided to eliminate it from the supplementary process completely? **Edit...
  31. R

    Next Steps???

    Hey guys! Questions: 1) Are my grades competitive? 2) When should I start studying for the OAT? 3) When should I write the OAT? 4) How many shadowing hours and number of optometrist do you need for your shadowing experience to be competitive? I am most worried about this as I currently have no...
  32. T

    Do evaluators have access to your optomCAS application?

    Hey all! Out of curiosity, does anyone know if evaluators/people who will submit your letter of rec have access to your OptomCAS application in full? Like, your transcript and all grades of repeated courses and whatnot? I know that OptomCAS send out links to an online evaluation portal but I'm...
  33. R

    Reporting Academic Dishonesty?

    Hi! Long story short: I have an academic dishonesty mark on the internal records of my school, but not on my school's official transcript. The incident happened 4 years ago, and I was irresponsible and take full responsibility. My question is, since on optomCAS it says to 'Indicate if you...
  34. R

    What are my chances of getting to optometry school?

    I have a 3.1 overall gpa. I started out at a university where I got a 3.7 gpa. I then transferred out of state and took 18 credits a semester. My gpa at that school is a 2.35 (I failed physics and got a few c's). I then returned to my original school and will be graduating with at least a 3.5...
  35. O


    Good morning everyone, I applied to UIWRSO and other optometry schools a bit late in the cycle. I haven't heard anything from rso school of optometry. Do you know when they stop interviews? For the individuals that got accepted do you mind telling me your stats, interview date, and how long it...
  36. S

    Advice!! Low OATs, should I apply?

    Hi guys! So I just took the OAT's today, and I did horrible. I have a 3.41 GPA QR 340 RC 330 Bio 270 Chem 350 Orgo 260 Physics 270 TS 280 AA 300 I decided very late in the game to apply to optometry school, and I wanted to try to apply for SCCO for Fall 2016. Today was the last day for me to...
  37. D

    Help me with my GPA

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum I need help with my situation. I am in my 5th year of Kinesiology and Health Science Bachelor of Science in York University. I want to apply for Optometry in Canada and USA. My GPA is not so high right now it is at 2.75/4 and I still have a few courses...
  38. R

    Should I add a non-academic transcript to my optometry application?

    My transcript for my undergrad classes are pretty science-focused (graduating with majors in biology and microbiology) but I attended culinary school during a 15 month break between my first undergraduate institution and another one that I transferred to. If I do not include my culinary school...