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  1. G

    Geisinger OMFS - externship and internship opportunities

    Geisinger Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program is accepting students for externships/observerships, as well as applications for the upcoming internship year. Geisinger OMFS website Geisinger serves a population of approximately 1.3 million patients in central and northeastern Pennsylvania...
  2. M

    OMFS PGY-3 Position Available

    The position is no longer available
  3. IndifferentOsteoblast

    OMFS Program Insight

    Now that I have successfully completed the CBSE, I am starting to look into externships. Right now, I am mostly interested in 6 year programs for personal reasons. However, I am by no means disinterested in 4 year programs. I don't know what the future holds, but I would like to have a strong...
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  5. H

    How do programs (OS) create their applicant rank list

    Looking for information from those with an understanding of how this process works, specifically for OMFS residencies. How do programs create their rank list of applicants? I know everywhere is probably a little different, but there are also bound to be similarities and overriding patterns...
  6. D

    Stuck between periodontist and Oral Surgery and job security

    I'm stuck and in dire need of advice. SDN might not be the place to get it but will try anyways. I was set on OS because I enjoy surgery and I even took the CBSE. Planned on retaking but im still on the fence. The more I looked at OS the more I realized that I really didnt want to do the 4...
  7. N

    OMFS externships

    I am currently a dental student trying to build my application with externships. There are no formal externship programs in my country, but I am getting in touch with my university OMFS professor and asking him if I can shadow him. Will this count as an externship? I am trying to do this during...
  8. N

    OMFS at University of Manitoba

    Is anyone here a current/past OMFS resident at U of Manitoba? I would really like to get in touch and get some help with my application. Thanks!
  9. N

    OMFS - alternatives?

    I am a UK dentist looking to move to Canada. I know my chances of getting admission into canadian OMFS programs is next to zero. I was wondering if people who cannot do the full scope of OMFS may be able to attend CE courses and be able to perform limited scope in oral surgery? I really want to...
  10. N

    OMFS externships

    I am an international BDS student from the UK, and I am planning to move to Canada after graduation and clear the NDEB. I definitely want to specialise and I am aware my journey towards becoming an OMFS is going to be almost impossible, but I want to to as many externships as I can and be the...
  11. C

    Colorblind oral Surgeon?

    Hello everyone! I have a mild form of deutan(red/green) color blindness. I was wondering if any of you know if oral surgery residencies test for color vision? oral surgery is very competitive, and I don't want to work so hard and spend so much time just to get disqualified because of something...
  12. M

    Competitive applicant after HPSP service

    Hi! I am currently a D2 in dental school on the HPSP scholarship. I would like to specialize in oral surgery, and I know I have several options. However, if I chose to serve my four years as a general dentist in the dental corps and then decided to pursue oral surgery residency as a civilian...
  13. F

    OMFS Internship Opportunities - POST HERE ONLY

    I know this time of year, everyone is trying to figure out exactly how they want to fill out their rank list, but I just want to take the time to post a little about my experiences at my OMFS internship so that those of you not fortunate enough to MATCH will be aware of the opportunities...
  14. N

    Stanford Dental Medicine and Surgery Fellowship 2020-21

    Great opportunity for those looking into OMFS and did not match this year. You will have an opportunity to work with multiple oral surgeons and hospital dentists.
  15. Maryamsinai

    July 2020 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Non Categorical Position Available

    Hi everyone, Mount Sinai health system in new york city is excited to announce to have three non-categorical positions for oral and maxillofacial surgery starting in July 2020. Who qualifies: - completed a GPR1 - interest in OMS what to do Send the CV to [email protected] Feel...
  16. PhansterZ

    OMS Residency AMA 2020

    Haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m enrolled in a 6-year combined MD-OMS residency program. On my anesthesia rotation, so I have a lot of free time. Ask me anything! Here’s a link to the previous AMA I did 2 years ago. https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/oms-residency-ama.1297706/
  17. D

    How do I apply for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how to go about applying for an OMFS internship/non-categorical position. Can anyone explain the process? Should I contact/send my application before or on match day? Should my application be mailed or emailed? Should I fill out a PASS application? What documents...
  18. A

    Better route for Oral Surgery application: Retake CBSE or Internship after dental school?

    To all my fellow Oral & Maxillofacial maniacs (students, residents, practicing doctors) Main question: If you do poorly on your CBSE and don’t get in first time appplying, would you be more competitive if you do an internship after dental school or if you retake the CBSE and aim for a 70+...
  19. Cito

    Studying during the last few weeks before CBSE

    So I have an externship next week for 1 week so I'm a bit limited there with studying time during the day; however, the next test date is August 17th. I have a total of 1830 questions left on Uworld but since I'm focusing on higher yield sections like pathophys, micro, path, immuno, anatomy...
  20. lOuDMoUTH

    Should I keep trying for OMFS?

    I know asking this question is like beating a dead horse, but hey, where else will I get a straight forward answer? Currently a D2, at a state school (if that matters), and trying to see if I should keep putting the effort in towards getting into either a 4 or 6 yr OMFS program. I know the first...
  21. chomuballer

    OMFS chances.

    Hi all, New member here. Currently entering D3 year. I took my CBSE in Feb, scored a 65, my class rank is among the top 5% in the class. What are my chances (considering a 3.1 undergrad GPA) for 4 or 6 year programs? Another question I have is, how do they calculate your undergrad GPA, is it...
  22. thebadkabob

    Cannot shadow oral surgeon due to new HIPAA regulations 2019?

    I shadowed my oral surgeon once in 2017 and continuously shadowed my dentist until now. I recently reached out to my oral surgeon again to see if I can shadow him before I start dental school in July 2019. He responded back saying that HIPAA has updated regulations that prohibit me from...
  23. Itsnotludwigs

    CBSE advice for OMFS residency

    I am currently trying to formulate some sort of study plan/schedule for tackling the CBSE, but it seems quite thoroughly overwhelming. There are so many study resources and so little time with which we, as dental students, actually have to study this material. I see my med school friends...
  24. T

    Applying to OMFS as a fairly recent grad

    Hello, new to SDN. I'm a little more than 2 years out of dental school and considering going back and pursuing OMFS. It's difficult getting good information about residency when in private practice so I figured I'd start here. I graduated in 2017 top 10 in my class (3.9+ GPA) and was awarded OKU...
  25. V

    Will I have a shot at any 6yr OMFS program?

    Hi all, I am studying for the CBSE right now, plan to take it in February but really distraught because I have seen a few posts regarding the importance of an undergraduate GPA for acceptance into a 6 year program. My undergrad performance was, by no means, stellar (~3.3 if you don't...
  26. 3

    Applying to only 4 year OMFS programs? Bad idea?

    I'm a D3 and starting to look into externships for OMFS. I've read countless threads and done my own research and on 4 vs 6 year programs and I've decided that given my currently family situation, age, and where and how I plan to practice, a 4 year program is the route I want to take. My...
  27. J

    University of Maryland OMFS

    Update on Maryland: When I was on the interview trail, it felt like common knowledge that University of Maryland was known for two things: All cancer all the time and being a malignant environment. Having completed my first year of residency at this program, I hope to give you all an accurate...
  28. D

    OMFS non-categorical internship position available at The Brooklyn Hospital Center

    The Brooklyn Hospital Center Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Internship Training Opportunity for July 2018 - June 2019 Recent opening for a non-categorical oral surgery intern in a CODA approved OMFS residency program in Brooklyn, NY. If interested, please contact Gloria Stallings at 718-250-8258...
  29. I

    Question about oral surgery vs dentistry

    I am just curious about the benefits of each career path. I am interested in both, and my father is a rather successful GP. If I chose the dental route, I would just step into his office, if not that path I would go for oral surgery. One of the things I find the most interesting is implants, and...
  30. B

    DDS/PhD research topics

    Hello! I recently got accepted into a DDS/PhD Program and extremely excited to start my independent research! However, I am having a difficult time trying to decide the research lab. I'm unsure if my PhD research will matter when I choose a residency. If it does matter, I'm not sure what...
  31. V

    ENDO to OMFS

    Current Endo resident here extremely interested in OMFS. Is it possible and practical to practice concurrently as an endodontist and oral surgeon? I know endodontists that place implants, but I'm more interested in the broader scope of OS in addition to endo. Any feedback from practicing or...
  32. S

    Guided Implant Surgery- Experiences, Preferences

    I have only used Invivo/Anatomage in the past, and am mostly satisfied with the outcomes. I'm looking to expand familiarity with other systems and planning software. Would like some advice or opinions from those with first hand experience using various systems. Thanks in advance. What is...
  33. PhansterZ

    OMS Residency AMA

    I’m in a 6-year integrated OMS program. Just finished my OBGYN rotation, and have some free time. Ask away!
  34. K

    Advice needed-GP applying to omfs internship

    Hey everyone, I graduated DS in 2016. Was on track for omfs. Long story short, an urgent and very difficult family matter that began during D3 ultimately brought me home for two years following graduation. Worked as a GP—love my patients, but obviously don’t love the work. It allowed me to be...
  35. G

    Apply to both GPR/OMFS in the same cycle?

    Hey guys! I'm a current 3DN, and I waited a bit too long to make up my mind about residencies. I always figured I'd fall back on an AEGD/GPR and just do general if I didn't decide on something. Recently I've been getting drawn in to OMFS and am seriously considering applying for a 4 year...
  36. whosnisarg

    What to do after OMFS Residency?

    Hey! What type of hospital jobs are available after completing an OMFS residency? Any limited to those with the MD (6-Year)? I heard that one can pursue oncology afterwards and was curious what they are open to practice in a hospital setting! Thanks, guys! :)
  37. U

    How to pick/rank your OMS residencies, from a senior resident.

    I've been meaning to post this for a year or so, but here it goes. One thing matters when you rank your options. One thing above all else. You'll encounter a lot of advice and methodology for ranking programs; people will record sedations, talk about osteotomy numbers, talk about their areas of...
  38. M

    [advice needed] Starting an OMFS Student Organization

    Hey everybody, I'm currently a second year dental student, pursuing an OMFS residency post-graduation. There is currently no OMFS organization at my school and myself and a fellow student are in the works of creating our own organization. For anybody that is currently on an exec. board or...
  39. T

    ***Official*** OMS 2018 Interviews

    Welcome to this years interview listing for the OMFS entering class of 2018. Please post when you receive an interview (email/phone/etc), institution, and dates provided. Good luck to everyone!
  40. rootcanalsaregood

    Shadowing My OMFS while I'm in High School?

    There are a few threads I've seen about shadowing in high school, but mostly just about shadowing general dentists and not oral surgeons. I'm really interested in dentistry and I hope to specialize and become an oral surgeon after regular dental school and I really want to shadow the oral...