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  1. marcusbailey

    Online Organic Chemistry Lab

    I attend a university that has multiple regional campuses where students can take classes from any one of them. Organic Chemistry 2 lecture and lab are being offered online through a neighboring campus and I want to take it there. The registrar's office told me that the official transcript won't...
  2. loveapplejuice789

    substitution on bond strength and bond energy

    For question 4, A is the correct answer because "a less stable reactant yields a greater amount of heat upon reaction, so the pi-bond must be weakest in an unsubstituted alkene (making it the least stable of the alkenes)". Applying the same logic, I thought 7 would be D because unsubstituted...
  3. S

    Failing Organic Chemistry?

    So I'm currently in Orgo 1. I have failed the first two tests (56 and 55- the class avg was a 64 and 65). I have one test (each are worth 20%) and a final (35%) left with a 5% participation grade left as well. I dont know what to do. Should I drop or continue through? Do you think I could still...
  4. clr12

    Organic Chemistry Requirement?

    Hi guys, for the schools that only require one semester of organic chemistry with a lab should it be the class titled Organic Chemistry 1? I'm trying to take some classes over the summer and they offer one called Foundations of Organic Chemistry which would work so much better with my schedule...
  5. Q

    Resonance - Electron Withdrawing or Donating

    Hi, I am unsure how you would determine if a group is electron withdrawing or electron donating by the resonance forms. My confusion stems from the amide group...I thought from the resonance that the carbonyl group would be electron withdrawing (by getting a partial negative charge) and...
  6. D


  7. Mister Significant

    IR Spectroscopy

    Hello all, Can two different compounds share the same IR Spectra? I got docked down a couple points in my General Chemistry lab for putting that they could. I was thinking along the lines of how Benzene vs. Napthla would share the same aromatic C-H bends, or how since alkanes of differing...
  8. I

    Withdraw or retake ochem 2 over the summer?

    hi everyone, I just got a pretty devestating grade back - I’m not doing so well in ochem 2 this semester. I got a 68 and 44 on the exams so far. It seems like no matter how hard I study, a lot of the questions on the exam are so foreign to me. That fact that I’m taking several other hard...
  9. F

    Organic Chemistry Questions- Nucleophiles and Electrophiles- Mechanisms

    Hello, I am having trouble with a few problems, I would appreciate your help. The question asks to identify the sequence of arrow pushing patterns in each of the following mechanisms. For 8.25 I got nucleophilic attack and proton transfer, however, I also got another proton transfer...
  10. Future Molinator

    Organic Chemistry Breakdown of Type of Questions

    Hello, Can I get a conformation of the breakdown of questions for the orgo section. According to Kaplan, Reactions (30%) Mechanisms (17%) Chemical & Physical Properties (17%) Acid-Base Chemistry (10%) Aromatics and Bonding (10%) Stereochemistry (10%) Nomenclature (7%)
  11. L

    What is the fastest and most efficient way to study organic chem?

    I am feeling a bit discouraged with Organic Chem. Its been nearly 4 years since I've taken Orgo and I didn't do too great at it even back then. It is my worst science subject, probably because I only memorized things for short term gains. I watched Chad's videos but am still feeling a bit lost...
  12. Richanesthesiologist

    How to approach a professor about unfair grading for orgo problem?

    On an orgo test dealing with the alkylation of alkenes/Alkynes (i/e Hydroboration, Br2 addition, etc.), there was this 9 step problem that required 9 products, which each product worth 5 points (Question total was worth 45 points). The first step involved an ozonolysis and I drew the wrong...
  13. B

    Too stupid for med school/science?

    Hi, so I'm new to this thread although I've kind of lurked for a while. I'm not really asking for sympathy with this thread, just advice. I'm a fall semester sophomore, and I'm taking organic chemistry at the moment. Chemistry has always been my most difficult subject, and I devote the most...
  14. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Main/Most Helpful Organic Chemistry Concepts to pre-study?

    Could also be phrased: MCAT-Heavy Organic Chemistry Concepts. Thanks!
  15. P

    Graduate College a Semester Early?

    I am A Biological Science major and I can potentially graduate in December, which would give me Jan-March to prepare for the MCAT & shadow with no distractions and apply for med school (doing a gap year). My only issue is I would have to take Orgo 1, Phys 2, Genetics, +1 upper level bio next...
  16. D

    DPT to MD - what are the chances?

    Hi all, I am a DPT that graduated from the University of Montana in May 2015. I have been practicing at a private outpatient clinic for over 2 years now and love it. Like most PTs, I once considered M.D. vs PA vs PT. I ultimately chose DPT for multiple reasons: Plenty of one-on-one time with...
  17. M

    CourseSaver Level of Difficulty compared to real OAT

    Hi everyone, So I'm taking my OAT exam in 5 weeks, and have been primarily using Chad's videos/quizzes, the fat Kaplan Strategies book, and Kaplan MCAT Biology review for preparation. I had three questions regarding to preparation: 1. Does anyone know how Chad's questions compare to the real...
  18. odairfinnick

    How bad are my OChem grades?

    I'm an incoming junior who took OChem 1 last year and got a C, the first in what are otherwise all B science grades for me. Because of that, I decided to take OChem 2 over this summer so that I wouldn't be distracted by all my other classes. I just got my last grade before the final, and the...
  19. S

    Organic Chemistry on New MCAT

    Hi all How emphasized is organic chemistry on the new MCAT? How many questions did you see? Is it worth devoting a ton of time to?
  20. S

    What classes should I take with Organic Chem 1?

    This coming fall semester, I will be in 16 credits and am wondering if this is too much to take with organic 1. 1. Elementary Statistics (required by major and pre-med 2. Human Physiology + lab (major class; it's a biology class) 3. Organic Chem 1 (pre-med requirement) 4. Kinesiology 202...
  21. M

    Should I retake these courses???

    Hi Everyone! So I'm applying MD and am really only concerned about my grades in Orgo 1 and 2. My school does lab and lecture separately so for Orgo 1 I ended up with a C+ in lecture (3 credit hours) and an A- in lab (1 credit). For Orgo 2, I had a C in lecture (3 credits) and an A in lab (1...
  22. P

    Tips to improve score?

    Hi! I'm preparing to take the dat in a little less than 3 weeks. I've used chads videos for orgo and GC and I'm just starting boot camp. I've taken 2 practice exams so far and I scored a 19 in orgo both times (mainly due to mechanism problems). I've been studying orgo reactions so I'm not...
  23. A

    AAMC Practice Test #1 Chem/Phys Section Question

    So I just took the AAMC test and was not sure why choice A was true. It talks about a tertiary alcohol, but in the passage, I only see a secondary alcohol. Could someone explain this to me? I might be missing something really obvious but I can't see it. I have the question and the passage...
  24. F

    Organic chemistry prep?

    Going to be taking organic I & II in summer, and I've got two weeks before classes begin. I was a solid B+ in Chemistry (with a huge curve in chem II though), and pretty much memorized my way through chemistry without really understanding concepts too great. Any books, videos, or etc...
  25. D

    Esterification in water

    Why can't esterification occur in water? The kaplan book says that it would revert back the ester into carboxylic acid but since carboxylic acids are more reactive than esters wouldn't water react with carboxylic acids instead of esters?
  26. puppers

    DAT Organic Chemistry Question

    Hi! Just wondering.. I'm currently a soph in undergrad and I'm finishing up this semester w/orgo 1, and I'm taking orgo 2 over the summer.. Would it be a good idea to study for the DAT at the same time and take it sometime July/Aug? I have all my other DAT prereqs done. Just wondering because...
  27. D


  28. F

    is organic chem II required for med school?

    I was looking at Johns Hopkin's requirements and they had 1 semester w/ lab of orgo and a 3-4 credit biochem class as the only listed requirements related to chem (+ year of gen chem w/ labs) so is this like the general pre req rule or is johns hopkins an exception in this matter?
  29. P

    Organic Chemistry Over The Summer

    Just curious: is taking organic chemistry over the summer (the entire year in 9 weeks) looked down upon by admissions committees? I am a junior with a 3.8 gpa trying to get up to speed with science classes after making the decision to try to be a Psychiatrist the end of my sophomore year. -...
  30. J

    Rough Semester

    So this semester I took a heavier load than I had in my first 2 semesters. My classes include Evolutionary Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Organic Chem, and Zoology. My cGPA currently sits at a 3.4, but this semester isn't looking pretty. As of right now I have an B+ in Evolution, a C in...
  31. R

    Orgo with Bio

    I'm a sophomore at Tufts and I'm trying to figure out when to take orgo. I took gen chem last year and struggled with it. I ended up with a B in chem 1 and a C+ in chem 2 (although part of the reason was because I somehow idiotically skipped two pages on the final). I'm currently registered for...
  32. MsAfrikanQueen

    Princeton Review, Ekamkrackers, and Kaplan Review books for Sale

    I am selling the resources below for the price listed beside it, I will considered negotiating the entire lot for a fair price. I will update the ad when books are no longer available. These prices do not include shipping. I am located in the DMV area for anyone in the area. Examkrackers 101...
  33. molarbear8895

    Destroyer #307 OCHEM

    Hello, can someone please help me with Q # 307? It is about R/S configuration and I am struggling to see how this is possibly a 2R,3S,4S configuration. The answer key says C-2 priority is given to 1st-Cl, 2nd-C attached to a Cl, 3rd-C attached to OOO I am very confused because I though...
  34. A

    3 weeks until DAT

    Hi guys, I wanted to know what I should do in this situation. I have 3 weeks until DAT and my main focus has become the sciences, primarily the Chemistries. I have already gone through, Cliff bio book and will be done with the destroyer within the next 3 days . While I am doing Ok on Bio, it...
  35. K

    Destroyer Organic Chemistry Question 149

    The answer key states c) 2-octanamine will not dissolve in water because "amines larger than three carbons will not be water soluble". Wouldn't the same be true e- 2-octanol and the vanderwall forces dominate the h-bonding because it also has more than 3 carbons?
  36. moka-akashiya-moon

    Just Finished Chemistry with a C, what next?

    Hi All- I have been trolling these threads of late (as I am sure many people do) as I begin my journey as a pre-med student. To give you all some background- I am a 25 year old student (non-trad) that just graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I did very well in my...
  37. starfruit138

    Organic II & Biochem?

    Long story short, I was pre-med, then switched to pre-PA, and now I'm back to pre-med, so my timeline has been bumped up quite a bit. I need to take the MCAT at the latest in May of 2017. I will be taking Org I & II this year. I know that I also need to learn biochem for the MCAT, but I'm not...
  38. C

    Failing Organic

    Hi SDN! So I am about to be a junior this fall. I decided to take ochem this summer and actually just took my final for ochem 1 today. I am scared I will not pass the class with at least a C- because I am pretty sure I bombed the exam. How is retaking it in the fall going to affect my medical...
  39. moose786

    Lab Procedures - DAT

    Hey all, Anyone have a compilation of all (or most) of the lab procedures we need to know for the DAT - mainly for Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry. I know that Bootcamp has a PDF with a table of all the procedures. However, everything is pretty much new to me (have not taken Orgo lab...
  40. Minions2015

    DAT Destroyer ochem is getting rough

    Hey guys, so my test is in two weeks and i have saved the Ochem section of the destroyer to do last. So i realized i am in huge trouble. the first portion of the ochem section i was getting a bit over 50% right. The moment i passed question 100 i am getting only 30-40 percent right. I know the...