1. VectorPhoton

    Physician Contract Review and Negotiations + Attorney Access. Physician Career Advice and Protection.

    Doctors Support Doctors LLC is a physician owned and operated company on a mission to protect doctor's careers! We offer a comprehensive contract review process and tailored career advice. Check us out on the White Coat Investor or at our website below. https://www.doctorssupportdoctors.com/
  2. N

    How to be a physician-pilot and get enough hours of experience in both (HPSP? Civilian?)

    Hello, I also am really keen on being a physician-pilot because I love aviation and medicine but have no idea how to do so. I am set on becoming a doctor first so I was thinking about joining the Navy on HPSP (I went through MEPS with them already but haven't signed anything) and then becoming...
  3. Stayccoob

    Other Locum Tenens - Gathering Information

    I am looking to learn more about what physicians know about locum tenens. Mostly what you are told as a resident/fellow or while in medical school. Is the option to "go locum" presented as a career option?
  4. P

    Geriatric Medicine Physician - (MD/DO) - Houston, TX

    Your Invitation to Apply Partners in Primary Care (PIPC) is seeking a Board Certified/Board Eligible Geriatric, Family or Internal Medicine Physician for our clinic in Houston, TX. What We Need As a Physician with Partners in Primary Care, you have the opportunity take a hands-on approach to...
  5. P

    Geriatric Medicine Physician (MD/DO) - Shreveport, LA

    Your Invitation to Apply Partners in Primary Care (PIPC) is seeking a Board Certified/Board Eligible Geriatric, Family or Internal Medicine Physician for our clinic in Shreveport, LA What We Need As a Physician with Partners in Primary Care, you have the opportunity take a hands-on approach...
  6. YA1818

    Is it possible to combine specialty training with PhD in the UK?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm a medical doctor. Interested in pursing a PhD program. Meanwhile, I'm still very interested in continuing along my medical path. I'm yet to start a medical specialty training program and I wanted to know if its possible to combine this with a PhD program? Because I...
  7. L


  8. B

    Do I need a diagnostic set?

    Hello! Fellow MD student here. At my university there is no accessible clinical skills lab of the sort, the only place where I can practice (so to speak) physical examination and physical maneuvers are with classmates. I recently had clinical rotations through ophtalmology and...
  9. U

    Physician LOR more valuable if attended specific school I'm applying to?

    I have worked as a scribe for 1.5 years with about a dozen physicians. There is one physician in a leadership position that would be the obvious choice were I to ask for only a single letter, but it has occurred to me that I can request an additional ~8 physicians with whom I have established...
  10. L

    Working as a physician in Europe

    Hello everyone, If someone has their MD degree from outside Europe, but completes residency in Europe, does it entitle them to work in any European country or only the country where they did their residency? Thank you :)
  11. T

    Couples Match MD and PharmD?

    Hi everyone, I am an entering MD student and my SO is an entering PharmD student. I know this is a while away, but out of curiosity and for future refernce, is it possible to couples match for residencies together, with one of us a physician and the other a pharmacist? Apologies if this is in...
  12. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Is it wrong to call the patient's Physician On Call to avoid an ER visit?

    Well, it's certainly not in our EMS protocols, but for something simple like my call tonight, here is my reasoning: -Patient called for high home blood pressure reading ("190/110 and rising"), feels fine, no other complaints -Patient is an old lady and it is flu season -Patient is fluid...
  13. H

    LOW GPA but still hopeful

    What are my chances to get into a DO program? What programs would accept me? Or should I apply to post bacc/ or masters program? I have a 2.88 GPA. BS in Human Biology. I have not taken the MCAT (January 2019). I am 26yrs Female African American. I have well over 2000 hours of clinical...
  14. A

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Hi everyone, I hope this is OK to post. I am a consultant/coordinator for a new medical company that is aiming to help residents that have completed or are close to completing their residency take their next steps. One of the things I would like to coordinate is free monthly dinner and learns...
  15. G

    Podiatry Salary Outlook

    Hey SDN, I am a health science pre med major (junior) and was looking at potential careers in the med field since it is what I want to pursue. I shadowed a cardiologist, family physician, radiologist and a podiatrist and I have to say, the podiatrist was definitely the one who was most...
  16. Dr. Bruce Banner

    Neurology tops burnout again in JAMA 2018 article

    Neurology, along with EM, urology, and gen surg, again tops the uncoveted spot amongst the specialties with the highest burnout rate. The article states, and confirmed by AAN, that neurology is the ONLY specialty that has the highest burnout AND the lowest work-life balance... OK, I can see EM...
  17. Z

    Odd Situation- Advice?

    Hello All, this is my first post in SDN and I want to say hello! So here is my odd situation.. Im a student at a University in Northern Eastern Pennsylvania currently in undergrad as Sport and Exercise Science and like I stated early in an odd situation. Currently at my university I'm...
  18. E

    DO and PA programs

    Hi Folks, I'm not here to ask pros/cons between DO vs PA (yes, theres tons of post on Med vs PA) So... I am looking to apply to BOTH DO & PA Programs. However, they both use the CAS Application Portal (AACOMAS CAS vs CASPA). I am wondering if programs can find out if I'm applying to the other...
  19. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    Edited to state the survey is still open! I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the...
  20. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the statistics that a disproportionately higher...
  21. 8

    How do you become a U. S. Navy Physician

    If im a 40 year old premed student, assuming I get accepted to medical school, do I still have a shot at landing a commission to Ensign as a U.S. Navy doctor? Do I still have time? Do I have to enlist as a Seaman first? I’ve talked to a recruiter, but it was hazy at best. Does anybody know?
  22. WonderW

    Military Medical Schools?

    I'm working as a critical care nurse in a cardiothoracic ICU, but I've been interested in advancing my career and my depth medical knowledge since nursing school, given that I didn't get nearly as much out of it as I hoped I would. Before I start speaking to recruiters, I wanted to reach out for...
  23. CalendarJ

    A question about asking questions

    Meta-question I’m sitting down next week to chat with a pathologist-scientist who’s the chair of this small department at hms/Brigham. I’m excited. I’m a 4th year undergrad. Doing a +1 masters, so starting grad school in 2020/2021 or so. I’ve been planning to do MDPhD but I’m starting to...
  24. G


    hi everyone, I am not taking classes this summer and will start my junior year this fall. I want to do some shadowing this summer, but I am having problems with actually finding doctors who want to do it. I’ve called several neurosurgeons, multiple private family medicine practices, and a...
  25. P

    Is there a list of residency programs/hospitals with great maternity leave benefits?

    I'm looking at this stuff very far in advance, but having a family is so important to me, so I'd like to have some sort of idea where the female-friendly programs are. If there is a list somewhere, can you please link it? If not, any ideas yourself?
  26. T

    Questioning whether or not medical school is the right choice for me

    I have been dealing with a tough decision. After graduating with my undergrad, I took a gap year to spend some time in a beautiful area loving life and to apply to focus on my MCAT and applying to medical school. I did well on my MCAT (512), and I have an sGPA of 4.0 and overall GPA of 3.9. I...
  27. G


  28. C

    Pre-Med Inquiry at 24 years old

    I’ve just recently started my undergrad at Arizona State University for Biological Sciences. The only concern is it’s an online degree, but the prerequisite classes that require a lab are on campus. I live in Georgia, so as an example: Organic Chemistry’s lecture portion is taught online. I’ll...
  29. C

    Anesthesiologist Assistant or MD?

    I’m unsure if I’m posting this in the right place, so apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong area. I know everyone has a unique situation, so I wanted to explain mine briefly and ask opinions of others on if I should pursue a PA or MD route. When I say PA, I actually mean AA - Anesthesiology...
  30. C

    MD & DO School List Help!

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently going to apply to medical school for the next cycle and I need some help coming up with a school list! Im looking into about 25-30 schools both MD & DO. If anyone could help, that would be great. Thanks! Resident: California University: Small Liberal Arts University...
  31. B

    Nurse Practitioner autonomy (VA)

    " Most Virginia nurse practitioners could gain the autonomy to practice without a physician’s oversight if Gov. Ralph Northam signs a bill the General Assembly passed with near-unanimous support. " - Rankin , 2018. - Basically, a bill in VA that allows NP with 5 years of full time clinical...
  32. C

    URM Help: Where to shadow in NYC?

    Does anyone (urm/orm) NYS resident know any hospitals,clinics, or physicians in particular that allow pre med students to shadow? I am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Please help!
  33. sdlrxo

    MD How do you feel about Physician-Assisted Suicide?

    Please take the following survey if you would like to share your opinion. :)
  34. GBCrzzyy

    Prosthetics and Orthotics?

    Hello! I am interested in so many different specialties and I know have plenty of time to figure it out but I've been tossing an interest around in my head, wondering how I could incorporate it into my career if I chose to. I am interested in prosthetics and orthotics and any involvement that...
  35. P

    Difference between physical therapist and physician patient exams

    When performing a physical exam on a patient what is a physician able to do that a physical therapist cannot? Physical therapists are educated to test for red flags in all systems and refer if condition is serious. I have an assignment that is asking the difference between the two professions...
  36. M

    Recovered From PTSD and Failure- Will I Matriculate?

    I'm a 22 year old pre-medical student. I've done quite a bit of volunteer work and plan to do more, and am currently a phlebotomist while pursuing a degree in the biological sciences. I'm also a certified life guard, so I've got quite a bit of work experience in that category as well. I've had...
  37. N

    All Branch Topic (ABT) USUHS; Prior Service; I'd like your thoughts.

    I'm a long time listener and a first time caller... Just a little context, I'm applying to med school this cycle and will be 30 when classes start. I'm prior military with 5 years enlisted AD and because of that I'm strongly considering USUHS. I'm well aware of the down falls of military...
  38. redence

    Can a PA open their own clinic/practice?

    I'm interested in the PA profession but at the same time also interested in business, so I was wondering if a PA could open up their own practice, what about in New York? I heard that they need a MD supervising them. Who would get the money? Would the PA's have to pay the doctor(s) the most of...
  39. Lee

    Forum Members Request Doctor Verification

    Thank You! Thank you for joining the Student Doctor Network and helping students as they traverse their way through the complex healthcare education process. As a verified source of information, students will look to you as a source of honest and accurate advice. How Do I get the Upgrade...
  40. S

    3rd year medical student: love surgery but scared

    Hi guys! I'm a third year osteopathic medical student. I'm currently on my surgery rotation and I do really like it. Only problem is I get really nervous and freeze when my preceptor asks me to suture or do anything. I think I want to go into surgery, but if I can't even suture when the...