1. J

    Northwestern Health Sciences University (Post-Bacc)

    Hey everyone! New to SDN and really appreciate all the information that I'm finding here. Does anyone have recent experience with the Post-Bacc program at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN? There are some older posts here, but nothing over the past couple of years...
  2. M

    Need help with SMP decision! 2 days to decide

    So I've recently been accepted to a couple SMP programs for academic enhancement and I've narrowed it down to Tulane's masters in cell and molecular biology program and Kansas City University of Medicine's master of biomedical science. My goal after the program is MD. I'd really appreciate some...
  3. Stay_med26

    Chatham University MABS program 2020-2021

    Hi all, Just received an acceptance from this program today! Doing the 1 year non-thesis track. Does anyone have any personal experience or insight on this program? I am a pre-Med student.
  4. RedLeopard

    Postbaccalaureate SAT/ACT Scores

    I'm looking to apply to postbaccalaureate programs next application cycle (Fall 2020) and some of them require standardized test scores. I haven't taken the GRE, and don't intend to. Unfortunately, my SAT/ACT scores are well below average since they were taken at a low point in my life; I do not...
  5. I

    Help Me Decide: FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate vs. USF Masters in Medical Sciences (MSMS P3)

    Hi All, I've been accepted to both the Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program at Florida International University (FIU) Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) and the Masters of Science in Medical Sciences, Pre-Professional Program (MSMS P3/MSP3) at the...
  6. G

    Post-Bacc Decision Help Needed! (Umich MEDPREP vs. Agnes Scott)

    Hi there, I am in the process of deciding between two post-bacc programs: The University of Michigan's MEDPREP program and Agnes Scott's program. I have heard more about Agnes Scott's program, as it has been around for much longer, but I do not want to discount Michigan's program because it...
  7. M

    UCONN Post-Bacc 2019-2020

    Hello everyone, I haven't seen a current thread for UConn's post baccalaureate program for 2019-2020. Where is everyone in their application and has anyone heard back?
  8. lastrealunicorn

    USF MSMS Program 2019-2020

    Hey y'all ! Just wanted to start this thread for the new application season. I'm going to be submitting my application within the next 2 weeks for admission next year into the pre-professional track. Update: Just got accepted today, almost 4 days after applying! I’m just going to list my...
  9. J

    Creighton Pre-dent post bach program

    Does anyone know how many applicants apply to Creighton's dental post-baccalaureate program? I saw on their site that they accept 7 students into the program but I am wondering how many apply for it, to better understand the chances of getting into it. Thanks
  10. S


  11. D

    What should I do for post-bacc?

    So I have been contemplating on what I need to do after graduating. I am needing to improve my chances for getting into medical school and I have three options. 1. Attend Duquesne's formal post baccalaureate pre-med program for 60,000 dollars a year (it was the only one I could find that didn't...
  12. LindaAccepted

    Medical Johns Hopkins Postbac Programs: An Interview with the Director Part 2 of 2

    [Show Summary Continued] Linda Abraham: You’ve done a lot of research on what are the predictors of success in medical school. I know you approach that in a very analytical PhD research-driven way. What are the predictors? What has your research shown? [17:04] Dr. Tan: I’m still working on it...
  13. LindaAccepted

    Medical Johns Hopkins Postbac Programs: An Interview with the Director Part 1of 2

    About the Johns Hopkins University Postbac Program [Show Summary] For many future doctors, the simple step between college and medical school is not so clear cut. For various reasons, some sudents will choose to attend a pre-medical post-baccalaureate program to help boost their skills and...
  14. mbdavis

    Postbac-premed Questions!

    Hello everyone! I'm what most postbac-premed offerers consider a "career-changer." I didn't know what I wanted to do straight out of high school, and settled on studying my passion--music. I now will be graduating with my B.A. in Music in December, but over the course of my junior and senior...
  15. prehealthboi

    Should I apply this cycle?

    Hey guys, I am struggling to make a proper decision in regards to my career path. I will be a fourth year in the fall, and in order to apply this cycle I need to take my MCAT soon and apply (probably late, which will make my chances much slimmer). I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and up...
  16. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  17. J

    Uconn post bacc vs. BU MAMS

    Hi All -
  18. Leenjerjos

    TCMC MBS 2018-2019

    Hi all, I got accepted into the Scranton program a few weeks ago and wanted to start a thread for everyone else that got accepted or is waiting to hear back still. If alums or current students have any advice for the incoming class, please share!
  19. HalluxSlicer

    LMU-DCOM MS Biomedical Professions 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hey guys! I couldn't find any thread on LMU MSBP for this cycle so I decided to make one. I applied to both MS Anatomical Sciences (AS) and Biomedical Professions (BP) in early January. I was rejected from AS without an interview but just interviewed with BP today! My stats are: cGPA: 3.33...
  20. S

    Advice - Official vs. DIY Post-Bac!!!

    Hello everyone! I would love to hear your thoughts and advice on my current situation and what I should do moving forward! Stats: Graduated from top tier university in 2017. cGPA: 3.36 | sGPA: 3.00 MCAT June 2018 First generation, low-income, southeast Asian (Vietnamese) Currently working as a...
  21. P

    Pace University

    Hi everyone, Did anyone attend the post-baccalaureate program premed at Pace University, NYC campus? I am applying for next year and was looking for some comments on the program as a whole. Any info is appreciated :)
  22. R

    Do grades matter during application year?

    I have already sent in my applications for veterinary school, but I am still taking pre-requisites (Biochemistry, Genetics now and Physiology and Microbiology in the spring). I know I shouldn't fail them or anything, but do I need to get straight A's in these classes or do they matter less now...
  23. B

    Non-Degree Student at Emory vs. HES vs. State School?

    All, I am currently hoping to begin taking classes this upcoming spring semester (Jan 2018). I graduated May 2016 with a degree in Biology, so I only have about 4 more classes to take before I can apply to med school: Organic Chem 2, Physics, 2, Biochemistry, and Gen Chem 2. However, I am not...
  24. R

    Elms College v. Notre Dame de namur

    HI guys, I been accepted to Notre Dame de namur, and Elms College in Chicopee, Ma. My dilemma is which school to choose, and which one gets me where I need to go. Has anyone gone to Notre dame and can tell their story, is it a scam? Also with Elms College, is that a viable school and how do my...
  25. J

    Post Bacc & SMP Chances/ Reccomendations

  26. nekoatsume

    Washington University in St. Louis Premedical Postbacc

    Hi everyone, I was recently admitted to the premedical postbacc program at Washington University in St. Louis. Is there anyone here that is currently in the program or has completed the program that would be willing to share their experience and answer a few questions I have? Thank you!
  27. H

    Should I do a post bacc?

    Hi all, I was wondering if a post bacc is worth it? My current GPA is a 3.53 and I think my sGPA is around a 3.2. I'm planning on taking the MCAT next July/August. This means that I would enroll in a post bacc program for the fall. Is it worth it?
  28. D

    CSULA Post Bacc (Option 1 and 2) 2017 Application Cycle

    Hello, Was just wondering if anyone else applied to the program (I applied to option 1) and is waiting for their decision? In previous threads, they said they received a phone call AND THEN a follow up email? However, I got an email early May (earlier than I expected, I thought there was...
  29. B

    MD In need of ADVICE Please

    Personal Info: I am currently a 4th year undergrad at UT Austin. I currently have a science GPA of 2.7, and a cumulative GPA of 3.34. I had received 2 Fs, 3 Cs, and 1 D for my basic sciences courses (Physics 1, BIO 1 and 2, CHEM 1 and 2) early on during my 2nd and 3rd year of undergrad and had...
  30. H

    applying to Med school as a degree holder

    Hey guys, I am actually really confused any i needed some sort of guidance if someone can help me. I got a bachelors and graduated in 2015 and i have been studying for my MCAT for the last year and i just got my grades back and i got a 480 on it. i have been meaning to apply to med school this...
  31. susheeto22

    PCOM post-bacc

    Just got accepted to PCOM MS program. Is anyone in the program currently or went through it that can share their experiences?
  32. S

    To do or not to do: Post-Bac programs

    I'm thinking of completing a postbac program during my gap year but I've heard a lot of horror stories! Can anyone shine some light on the pros and cons? Thanks a lot.
  33. D

    Rutgers RWJMS -MBS 2017-2018

    Recently accepted. Anyone else attending or applied this year? Also please share your experience if you have attended this program.
  34. Z

    New York and Florida PostBaccs

    Hey there, I am a career-changer looking for a postbacc program. I have local housing in New York and Florida and I currently live in New York. (in-state tuition is why im telling you this!) My first thought was I wanted to stay in New York so as to keep my life relatively normal taking these...
  35. P

    USC Master of Science in Global Medicine 2017-2018

    Hi guys! I haven't seen this thread yet, so I thought I'd start one :) I just got accepted and I'm really excited to start. Has anyone else heard back? Are there any current students that have advice about the program?
  36. F

    Post bacc forum 2017-2018 SFSU/UCSF/UCLA

    Just thought I'd make a forum to see when people start to hear back from these post baccs !
  37. iceberg413

    NIH IRTA vs. Dana Farber

    So I need some advice on a decision coming up. I'm graduating undergrad in May and am looking for a research/hospital position during gap1 and gap2. A little about me, I'm from a top 40 research university, 3.6-3.7 GPA, 2 years of research, extensive public health leadership and international...
  38. D

    Barry University Master's of Biomedical Sciences Program Fall 2017

    Located at Barry's Hollywood campus. If you have any questions, please ask!
  39. harleyquinn33

    California State University, LA Option 2: 2017

    Hey everyone, I applied online and sent all the required materials today for the option 2 program. Anyone else applying to option 2 or 1? I'm very anxious since all I've gotten so far is rejects. I wish I didn't have to wait until nearly summer to hear if I got in or not. Anyway, good luck to...
  40. F

    UC Postbaccalaureate Program 2017

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to start this forum for all of us applying this cycle.