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  1. S

    Can COMM count towards English Credit?

    Hello!! I am currently freaking out a bit regarding my English Credits required for Medical School. So I'm in my last year of College, I graduate in the Fall of 2021, but I do plan on entering the cycle for 2022 and take my MCAT this semester. Though I am just realizing that I don't believe I...
  2. rntodoctor

    Pass/Fail Pre-Med Courses

    Hi all! I'm currently a Registered Nurse turned Post-bacc Pre-med student. Due to the circumstances of this semester (finals were cancelled due to Corona Virus outbreak on campus), I was wondering about the risks of having a class reported as pass/fail on my transcript. We were given the option...
  3. K

    How bad is a C+ in Biology II?

    I messed up this semester I got a C+ in Bio II. I'm only a sophomore right now but this C has me bugging. I took A&P 1 this semester as well and managed an A- and in the other pre reqs I've taken I've gotten at least a B. I know that I have time to make up for this, but how bad does a C+ for bio...
  4. L

    Am I competitive for audiology at Wayne state university?

    I can only apply to Wayne State university Aud program because I can not move. However, is it worth spending money on pre reqs for one school and not be competitive enough? I didnt graduate with a CSD or have any experience Undergraduate gpa: 3.6 BS in biology Graduate gpa: 3.8 masters in...
  5. A

    UNE online course - Gen Chem II...advice

    For anyone who has taken UNE Gen Chem II course any advice would be great. This is a re-take course for me and I was wondering if it were possible to finish it in 6-7 weeks? No other online courses in conjunction and working part-time. What was the level of difficulty and how much time did you...
  6. B

    General Admissions & OTCAS Should I go into OT?

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking into going into OT. I was a Bio major and was actually thinking of going into research but I decided the jobs outlooks on that wasn't the best. Since I have just decided to go into OT, I haven't taken any of the pre reqs in college. I have been out of school...
  7. K

    Pre-Dent help!

    Hello All, I am a non-traditional student. I just finished my microbiology class at a community college and now transferring to a 4 year in January. I have all science classes left to finish.Biology I & II, Chem II,Organic I & II, Bio-Chem, Cell Bio, Genetics,Physics. I have it planned out to...
  8. G

    Take MCAT before finishing courses?

    I am a non-traditional student and will start taking my pre reqs next semester and finish in Spring 2020 and apply the 2020 cycle. During the Spring 2020 semester I will take Physics 2 and Organic 2. I would like to take the MCAT but still leave enough time for a possible retake before/during...
  9. M

    I do not want to take pre reqs, should I really become a doctor?

    Hello everyone! I need advice. I’m currently a pre med student about to start my junior year of college. I came into college wanting to go into medicine, but found I really loved neuroscience/ psychology, so I changed my mind and decided to pursue a career in research. I took a lot of statistics...
  10. I

    RN-BSN to MD

    hello all, I know this has been asked a lot and I’ve asked this previously too... but I have different questions and I can really use your help. *please respond only if you have concrete info and know the topic, I’ve been getting mixed info lately and I don’t want to get confused anymore than...
  11. queenki

    [info] expiration date for old pre requisite classes for non traditional

    Hi all, I just wanted to contribute my 2 cents here. I am a non traditional. When I first started looking up infos here, there were not much information about how old the pre requisites can be. Some, or most people, say no more than 3-5 years old, which means, you either have to apply right out...
  12. K

    How bad is a withdrawal

    Currently in a statics class and I'm most likely going to get a C or BC at most, it doesn't affect my pre-reqs or even my back-up major and without it, my GPA will be good; how badly will a withdrawal freshman year reflect during admissions.
  13. D

    PTCAS Contradiction? Help

    Happy 4th of July Everyone!! So I have a couple of questions. First question is regarding the first picture. I finished the supplemental questions and picked the pre req classes for these two schools but I'm still not able to submit them, I was wondering if anyone here knows what I am missing...
  14. P

    High SGPA with Bad Pre-Req Grades?

    If I have mediocre (3.0-3.3) grades for all or most of my pre-reqs, but have an overall good SGPA (3.6-3.7) due to being a science major and thus having that many more BCPM courses to make up for my poor pre-reqs... how does that look to adcoms? The reason I am asking is, couldn't a science...
  15. F

    When do pre med prereqs "expire"?

    Do they even? I'll be applying where my gen chem bios and gen bios will be 4-5 years old (the rest 1-3), but I'll have taken the MCAT less than a year before applying (not sure if this makes a difference). Does it reflect badly I've been searching around and could only find info for dental...
  16. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Question on Interviews

    I have been lucky enough to receive several interviews this cycle. I am excited to share more about myself, but I am also nervous about addressing some issues with my application. I didn't have the highest undergrad GPA ~3.7, but had an upward trend (which I referenced in supplemental essays as...
  17. A

    online lab for med schools?

    Are online labs for med schools accepted ? These programs are : 1. regionally accredited (highest accredation SAME as most regular colleges including Ivy Leagues) 2. charge as good as a lab in person
  18. MedicalMermaid

    Need Advice for Pre-reqs

    Hi everyone! I needed some advice on what pre-reqs are accepted by med schools. I am about to graduate with my biology degree and originally had planned to go to PA school, but had a change of heart recently and decided to pursue med school instead. Since I had not intended to apply to med...
  19. S

    New Optometry Schools?

    Hey I keep hearing that people with lower GPA etc should be applying to newer optometry schools, first off why is this? Second of all what are a list of newer schools? Thanks in advance .
  20. T

    Pre-Requisite Timing: Biochem Before O-Chem 2?

    Background: Appreciate any and all advice. I'm finishing up my bachelor's in a non-science major this Spring so I'm taking a year to finish pre-requisites and get some additional ECs. I'm going to take classes in all 3 summer, fall and spring semesters, but I'm also going to take the MCAT after...
  21. M

    How Do I Get More Exposure To The Medical Field?

    I'm currently only 17, however, I am already taking multiple classes related to the health field such as Medical Assisting, Behavioral Health, and EMT. I will graduate high school this year with certifications to work in all three of these fields as well as other certifications on top of them...
  22. D

    Getting into Med School without Pre-reqs

    I have heard that more recently, many medical schools are doing away with their list of pre-requisite courses. This certainly, in theory of course, can potentially make the pre-medical journey a little cheaper. One could audit classes then proceed to the MCAT and potentially pass. In fact this...
  23. G

    Dropping a class after academic update?

    I was originally enrolled in a Developmental Psych class this semester, and I indicated this when I submitted my academic update to PTCAS. However, neither of the 2 schools I am now considering require the class. I wasn't particularly excited about it and I don't need it for my major, etc. My...
  24. C

    Pathways for changing careers: post-bacc and other options

    Hi All, As a 28-year old attempting a career transition, with mind my set on eventually getting a PhD in clinical psychology, I could use some advice about the options available to me. At this stage it seems that I need to beef up my experience to be even considered eligible for a Phd. program...
  25. C

    Post Bac- Need experienced/honest advice about undergrad situation- nontraditional

    I'll make this short and sweet, well at last try to... Finishing up post bac ( only Orgo II/lab remaining) and taking MCAT class. Maintained 4.0 with all pre-reqs, volunteered at hospital intermittently ranging from 3 hr/week to weeks without volunteering at all as I have to work etc. I...
  26. DrBelle

    LPN to Nursing (BSN) Undergrad - Fitting In Pre-Reqs

    Hey everyone (the heart of my question in bold) I'm about to finish an LPN (Practical Nursing) program and headed back to college to complete a BSN. I've done very well, straight A's across the board, and have a pretty good foundation in nursing on the PN level. I know I want to go to...
  27. D

    Becoming Medical Scribe?

    I want to get patient contact hours however many accepted positions that accredited PA programs accept require certifications. I work full time for CDC, MPH, and I have to take some additional pre-requisites which is why I want to start patient contact hours right away versus waiting to complete...
  28. J

    Thoughts on transferring from one postbacc program to another?

    Hi all! So, this is my brief(ish) story so far in regards to my path to my med school plus the questions that it leads me to. I'm currently doing a career-changers postbacc at NYU. It's a fantastic program and very rigorous. I had a great undergrad GPA (3.81) and some solid med-related ECs...
  29. F

    Some clarification on post bac classes please!

    Hello sdn! I have decided to pursue an informal style postbac program. I have spoken to two different pre-health advisors, one from the university I graduated from and the other at the university I plan to attend for classes. One advisor strongly recommends that I take higher level science...