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  1. 77fatcats

    When is it worth it to withdraw?

    This is a somewhat specific situation -- I normally would never withdraw with a B. Basically, I overloaded my workload this semester (1st of my junior year) like crazy - I'm taking 19 credit hours, all of which are science classes, and I'm also working part-time and volunteering and doing...
  2. sparklepuff97

    SOS: How do I choose a program?

    Hello all! Psychology/Computer Science undergraduate senior/incoming (career-changer) post-bacc here. Firstly, I hope you are all feeling/faring well during this difficult time. Personally, I am feeling quite overwhelmed and am looking advice, if anyone here might have any insights into my...
  3. Dakterbin

    NEED HELP,,,,- 4 year school -> community college-> 4 year school/ will it affect medical school application!!??

    Hi all I want to move from my current school, to community college then 4 year school. Currently, I have cGPA of 3.6 which, isn't terribly bad, but I want to improve the number more by attending more years at college. but I have several academic and personal reasons to leave my current...
  4. cmurillo22


    Hello. I have a few questions I need help with. I graduated with a Biomedical Science degree. I have a 3.456cGPA and 3.4 sGPA. I know my GPA is on the low end. I went to my pre med advisor and I believe I didn’t get much help. I was in the process of applying to one year program master degree...
  5. D

    Is it even worth my effort? (maryland/dc area)

    So here's my story: Went to a 4-year school for 4 years (2011-2015), but didn't get a degree. I wanted to study music, but my family wouldn't support that endeavor and told me to reconsider. So I picked engineering, but I found out that I didn't like that, after 2 years. Next, I changed my...
  6. 1

    Transferring mid Junior Year?

  7. A.MC94

    FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificates

    Greetings! After some serious research about the FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program, I finally found a thread on personal experiences with FIU and their programs. But I am still having some difficulties regarding what decision would be best for me, so I...
  8. N

    How do I know if I’m smart enough for med school?

    I struggle in science classes and my GPA is terrible (I mean less than a 2.0). I’m in my second year of college and am not sure if I’m really cut out to be a doctor. I’m even struggling to do labs, LABS! I don’t have a learning disability or anything like that. I just want to get another opinion...
  9. L

    How am I doing as a pre-med? What can I do to improve?

  10. O

    Extremely Low GPA

    I had a horrible freshman year of college, I was going through some medical issues along with an abusive relationship, as well as some family problems. These obviously making it hard to concentrate on school, I ended my freshman year, academically suspended, with a 1.8 cGPA (ouch). However I...
  11. F

    Orgo II Grade Options

    While I was at a school, I was taking Orgo II but due to personal issues, I had to withdraw it. However, since it was too late to withdraw, I got an incomplete, but since I never completed the class on the time allotted, it turned into a F. I never took care of it and ended up graduating with...
  12. F

    Orgo II Grade Options

    While I was at a school, I was taking Orgo II but due to personal issues, I had to withdraw it. However, since it was too late to withdraw, I got an incomplete, but since I never completed the class on the time allotted, it turned into a F. I never took care of it and ended up graduating with...
  13. R

    Bad Freshman Year----Do I still have a chance?

    Here it goes, so I am a college freshman now and I am not doing so well, as the title suggests. I have tried absolutely every study method (probably not, but I still have been trying different ways of studying all the time). But so basically, the problem is that I really, truly do understand the...
  14. P

    What are my chances of getting into MD, or MD/Phd program?

    Chemistry Major BCM Gpa 3.59 AO GPA: 3.88 I haven't taken the MCAT but what would be a good score for such GPA? I have one more year before I apply to medical school and I'm hoping to raise both GPA's by then. I have over +200 Hrs of volunteer work +3 Years of research ( working on my 3rd...
  15. M

    worried premed student

    Hello, I am a second year (3rd semester) undergrad student and I have taken most of my pre-med prereqs but have not been doing well. C in bio, C in Orgo 1 and 2 other C- which I am retaking. My cumulative GPA as of right now standing just above a 3.0. The classes I have left to take are Orgo...
  16. kkilla

    What do I do now?

    Alright. So, I currently don't believe I am a hopeless pre-med [yet] but I just finished a pretty rough semester. While my final grades have not come in yet, I am expecting about a 3.0 GPA. I'm getting ahead of myself; I am majoring in Biological Engineering. My current cumulative GPA is a...
  17. C

    Nursing or Premed?

    Greetings! (-: I'm currently interested in nursing, but I want to be eligible to apply to med schools. I've looked up a couple of top notch medical schools and the requisites consists of organic and inorganic chemistry, bio course(s), foreign language (particularly at UCLA and USC), statistics...
  18. F

    Taking Pre-Med slow-married with 2 kids

    Hi All- looking for some feedback on my situation. I'm 28 and started premed about a year ago. I'm Married with two kids and work part-time as a cardiology practice manager/clinical assistant. I'm dead set on med school (preferably DO) but am worried that my slow pace of 2 courses a semester...
  19. T

    MD & DO Please Help- WAMC, GPA:3.63, ScGPA:3.43, MCAT: 501

    scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Excellent clinical and nonclinical experiences. Basically, I plan to do a post-bacc or masters in biomedical science, but I'm wondering if this is even all worth it...
  20. T

    What are my Chances? Which schools should I be focusing on?

    I am graduating college this year with a scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63, mainly because my fall junior year, I received a D in Calculus due to poor circumstances. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Good clinical and nonclinical...
  21. D

    2017 Admissions to postbacc/premed/MBS

    Hello! I wanted to create a thread for those of you who have been accepted or rejected from pre-med or post-bacc programs this year (2107) as well as your stats! Thanks!
  22. Med&VetDad

    Pre-med college decision: more selective UC, lower GPA vs. less selective UC, higher GPA?

    Looking for advice for my daughter who will begin undergrad as a freshman in fall 2017. She's going in with stellar academic record from one of the nation's top school districts, so it will be a shock to her system when she experiences "failure" for the first time in college - and it will happen...
  23. E

    UT Austin public health major

    Hi! I will be attending UT Austin next year as a public health major and I wanted to know what the premed experience was like at UT Austin and how hard it was to maintain a good GPA as a public health major.
  24. 5

    Need advice on my situation

    Up until the 1st quarter of my junior year I was studying chemical engineering. I realized as soon as began taking my first engineering course that I did not want to continue with ChemE. I always considered the possibility of going to med school, but it wasn't until I shadowed a doctor during...
  25. SterlingMaloryArcher

    HS: 1.667, Freshman: 4.0, Sophomore: 4.0, Junior: ?, Senior: ? - Recovery Strategy?

    Senior Year of High School I thought it would be fun to take my classes at the community college (BAD IDEA) F in Spanish I, D in Sociology, D in Government, D in College Composition II. Not hard classes, just wasn't putting in the work. I have read the related forums, I know, and accept, that...
  26. rhmha33

    Advanced science post bacc?

    Hi, I'm a senior in college and I'm trying to find ways to increase my GPA. I'm a psychology major and I've decided to stay in college a fifth year to finish a second degree in biology in order to improve my GPA. However, I don't think that will be enough to bring it to a competitive level, so...
  27. G

    Physics 2 is not going too well

    So sorry if this has already been posted, this is my first time hanging out here. I'm a rising junior currently taking Physics 2 over the summer at Georgetown University (have not taken physics 1) and I'm consistently doing badly in the class, particularly on the exams - I'm guessing I might...
  28. firelord_zuko

    MD & DO How am I doing so far? + advice needed

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on SDN, though I frequently consult the forums :D I just found out that I got a B+ in my physics 1 class along with a C+ in the lab. :arghh: I am planning to withdraw from physics lab and retake it..what do y'all think about this? I've been quite down in...
  29. L

    Advice Needed

    Hello everyone! I just completed my first year of undergrad and I had a really tough time transitioning from high school. I checked my grades on my school website and realized that I am considered a junior. I completed my first year of college in high school! Now I am freaking out! I don't...
  30. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Boost Your PreMed’s GPA

    With hard work and the right resources, there are ways to improve your child's GPA. Do you want to help your premed child get into med school...without having to nag or stress them out? This series has loads of concrete, actionable advice that will help your premed discover their competitive...
  31. F

    US Pre Med Student intending to go to Australia for Medschool

    Hi, I'm am an international Pre-Med student in America and I plan to go Med School in Australia. I wanted to know what the prerequisites are for the schools there? I have looked up the requirements on their websites and what I found out was that most of the schools require a high GPA and MCAT...
  32. K

    Is the safe path worth it? HELP

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. Sorry for the wall of text. I'm currently enrolled and on my way to the flagship public university in my state that has a medical school in its system. I am completely financially supporting myself while there, but I have scholarships that cover all expenses...
  33. hs764

    Undergrad GPA v. Postbac GPA

    How do medical schools look at your undergraduate GPA versus a premed postbac GPA? My GPA from undergrad is 3.92 (I graduated in 2009) but my GPA in my premed program right now is 3.63 and may get even lower soon because organic chemistry is killing me. Can I count on my undergrad GPA to boost...