1. F

    526/3.9 Reapplicant School List Advice?

    Hi all, 526/3.9 from a T20 undergrad, double majored in Bio and Chem, FL resident. This past cycle, I received one interview and I am currently on the waitlist. I think the major factors contributing to a lack of good results were 1. Not having anyone vet my essays, 2. Minimal clinical...
  2. johnsonthehopeful

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  3. WannaBeMedSchoolStudent

    MCAT Retake and Reapplicant

    I am currently set to retake the MCAT on June 18th. I originally took it in July of 2018 and got a 513 (cGPA was 3.61, BCPM GPA was 3.47). I did not receive any acceptances in the two years that I applied and am attempting to apply again. However, I am not sure how I should go about submitting...
  4. E

    Ignore First Application? Reapplicant interview.

    Hey SDN! I got an interview into a bridge program at a local medical school. Nontraditional, 35 yr old, 493 on the MCAT, 3.7 GPA, 3.6 Sci, have valuable life experience, forged in the fires of Mordor, etc.… All the typical stats of a second career person who is vying for a spot in a bridge...
  5. T

    MD & DO WAMC? Re-applicant cGPA 3.90, imbalanced 509 MCAT, MPH holder

    Hey guys! Looking for some input regarding my odds at MD programs, my existing school list, and any additional schools you fine folks may recommend for someone in my position. cGPA and sGPA - cGPA: 3.90, sGPA: 3.91 MCAT score(s) and breakdown - 509 (132/124/127/126) TX resident Asian/ORM...
  6. M

    Please give me your thoughts on my application 2021 (I need help on if I should re-apply or not)

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you'd give me some thoughts on where I am at and where I should apply. I am a re-applicant and this is my second cycle. Traditional B.S. in Biochemistry (graduation may 2020) Expected cGPA: 3.75 * positive trend Expected sGPA: 3.58 MCAT (May 2019): 512...
  7. MaesterDean

    Mentioning Last Cycle in Personal Statement

    Hi all - First time starting a thread, so I'm sorry if this has been tackled elsewhere. I applied to 20 MD programs during the 2017-18 admissions cycle, attended 4 interviews, was placed on one wait-list, but received no acceptances. After graduating I took a position in research which I have...
  8. LatinDoctor

    IMG Internal Medicine Re-Applicants or IMGs with low scores- Match 2020

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create this thread specifically for IMGs that are applying again for the match and/or for IMGs with low USMLE scores. There is another thread for IMGs applying to internal medicine, but it's not very realistic for people like me who are applying again and have low...
  9. N

    Re-applicant Advice

  10. V

    MD What if I don't match?

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  11. F

    Post-Bach Programs for Re-applicant LECOM vs. OSU COM

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some general advice on my situation. I have a number of conundrums. Any constructive advice is most welcome. Thank you! My Stats: B.S. in Biology from University of Wisconsin Madison (2017) Certificate (Minor) in Classical and Near Eastern...
  12. V

    Prep for next cycle, LOR

    It looks like, according to ADEA's website, LORs do not carry over from your previous application. Does anyone have experience with this? How did you go about obtaining letters for when you re-applied especially if you are no longer in school? Of course and advice is greatly appreciated.
  13. Diverdude93

    Re-applicant chances / What to do

    Hello all! I am planning on applying during the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle. I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews which turned into waitlists and then rejections. Here is my initial application stats: Undergrad - Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor cGPA - 3.52 sGPA -...
  14. C

    Non-Traditional Applicant Letters of Recommendation

    I am a non-traditional re-applicant (graduated from Masters program in Dec. 2017) gearing up for the 2019 application cycle. I feel like I have a strong grasp on everything but recommendation letters. Since I have been out of school and therefore out of touch with professors for over a year I'm...
  15. Diverdude93

    Research vs Scribing To Improve As Re-Applicant?

    Hi all. So I applied to 10 schools, all allopathic, during the 2017-2018 cycle. I got 2 interviews, which both resulted in waitlists and ultimately rejections. I am taking a year off and trying to improve my application, but need help deciding what to do during the upcoming year. Here was my...
  16. J

    Non-trad applicant, kind of stuck, not sure how to move forward

    Hello, I am a non-trad applicant and also a re-applicant. Three years ago I applied to medical school and did not get in. I lost motivation and hope that I'll ever go to med school and so I decided to delay reapplying. I worked for 4 years in the lab while doing masters in MPH...Thinking back...
  17. GlowCloud

    Nontraditional re-applicant

    Hi everyone, First time poster. I’m looking for some general feedback on my application. Any and all advice is welcome. Thank you! Background - I applied twice back in 2013 and 2014. I had one interview for VCU’s MD program, but I was waitlisted and ultimately rejected. Both times I applied...
  18. D

    Early Assurance for starting in 2019 vs reapplying

  19. examsandyams

    Question about Blacklisting

    So I didn't know if this qualified at a re-applicant question, but I thought it'd make most sense to post here. If a person were to submit 20 DO primaries, then choose to submit 15 secondaries, and then not get into any school, would he or she be blacklisted at the other 5 schools that the...
  20. EzioAuditore88

    Opinions on re-application for residency

    Hey everybody, I am a US citizen that graduated from one of the big four Caribbean medical schools (AUA). I initially started at SGU (another big four Carib school) and transferred over during 2nd year after withdrawing due to poor academic performance. I passed all my board exams on the first...
  21. D


    Hey Everyone, looking for some advice here as a non-traditional re-applicant on my chances this cycle! cGPA: 3.76, sGPA: 3.5 (approximated) MCAT score: 506, 127,127,126,126 (Chem, CARS, Bio, Psych) New York State resident. ORM SUNY Binghamton undergrad: accelerated 3/2 master's program with a...
  22. W

    Becoming a better candidate for M.D/D.O. school

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here because I really need some help right now. I was wanting to apply to M.D. school this cycle, but I don't think that is doable right now. My latest MCAT score was a 485 (I at least want to get a 508 in the future). I wasn't fully prepared the last...
  23. G

    Re-applicant seeking advice

    I recently graduated from a top 30 undergraduate university and applied to 10 medical schools last cycle hoping to matriculate into medical school this fall straight from undergrad. All I can say is that it was largely unsuccessful across the board, save 4 interviews that landed me on the...
  24. M

    What to do?

    Hello all! I'm in a pretty tough situation and wanted to seek the advice of the wonderful /premed community. I am a Caribbean medical student and am not doing well. I did not pass first semester and currently am attempting to repeat the semester but will likely not pass this time either. I will...
  25. N

    A few questions regarding dental application

    I have a theoretical scenario I can't seem to find an answer to.. I hope someone can help me out. Suppose I took the DAT in May and my scores are average. If I apply and get denied from my schools is it possible to retake the DAT in September, get a higher score and reapply in the same...
  26. R

    School List help - 517 MCAT, c3.64/s3.74, non-trad + no research

  27. T

    Re-writing a personal statement

    I applied in the 2016-2017 cycle during my senior year of college but didn't get in due to a low MCAT. Took it again, but didn't get as high as I wanted so I am retaking for a 3rd time in June. I am applying this cycle but I want to know how much I need to change for my personal statement. From...
  28. D

    Should I re-take MCAT

    Hi guys! Thanks for reading. My MCAT is a 507 (127,128,129,123), I have a 3.93 cGPA (it was a 3.91 last cycle). I got interviews and waitlisted for the two public IS MD schools that I applied to last year, their median MCAT scores are 509 and 504 according to MSAR. Reviewing my application, I...
  29. spotted_drum

    Re-Applicant Advice [519 MCAT 3.93 GPA]

    Hey all, Thank you upfront for any constructive advice. Here is my situation: Graduated from OSU in Biomedical Engineering from the Honors College a couple weeks ago. Was offered two interviews and was wait listed at U of Pittsburgh and U of Cincinnati. Since my last application I have 2...
  30. P

    Re-applicant seeking advice

    Hello! I applied to MD/DO schools for the 2018-2019 cycle and only received one interview, no acceptances. I'm going to reapply and am seeking advice on strengthening my application. Here are my stats: GPA: 3.6 cum, 3.45 science MCAT: 510 Volunteering: 100 hours hospital volunteering, week long...
  31. M

    Reapply or Post-Bacc?

    So I applied this past cycle and have only received one interview (TouroNY) and was waitlisted for an interview (Touro-Nev). I have not heard back concerning the interview, and this late, I do not expect good news. My stats were cGPA 3.51, sGPA 3.28 (upward trend), 500, and OOS. I have 100+ hrs...
  32. RooflessMD

    Deciding whether to reapply this cycle, RE: NAAHP Advice

    Overall Undergrad GPA: 3.27 Final year Undergrad GPA: 3.79 Masters Neurobiology GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 515 I have a strong research and publication track record, but academic blunders early in undergraduate and less volunteering experience than the average applicant. I don't have "hands on" clinical...
  33. A

    What are my chances? TX Resident

    Hello! I'm currently a senior premed student considering reapplying to medical schools. I applied this cycle, but haven't had much luck and one of the reasons could be because of my low MCAT score (501). I retook the MCAT in January and improved so I'd appreciate any input on my chances of...
  34. B

    Wait or reapply?

    I had an unsuccess first attempt (not completely done yet) and am trying to weigh options for next cycle. MCAT: 517 GPA 3.65 Graduated last semester (3.5 years) from a highly ranked BME undergraduate program. Very involved in medical device research but only have one paper and it was not a...
  35. InLegionnaire

    Reapplying for Schools Advice?

    Hey guys and girls, I'll try to be short with descriptions. I'm now a Senior, last semester of my undergrad. I switched my major to Interdisciplinary Studies & Pre-Dental in my second semester of undergrad, which staggered all my prereqs and classes to be taken a little later than usual...
  36. B

    First Time Applicant/Reapplication -- Advice Please!

    State of Residency: WI Major: Biology Minor(s): Chemistry and Leadership Current Career GPA: 3.27 Biology GPA: 3.2 Chemistry GPA: 3.14 DAT Scores(AA/Science/Organic/General/Biology/RC/QR/PA): 19/19/18/18/20/20/17/17 Application Date: Late June/First week of July Schools I applied to: Western...
  37. dundermifflinthisispam

    Any advice welcome

    Hello all! I decided to write this post because I am unclear about how to best improve my application for my next cycle (if necessary, hopefully won’t be but probably will be) as I believe I have multiple identifiable weaknesses, and any advice would be much appreciated! Here is my current...
  38. T

    3.63 cGPA, 3.37 sGPA, strong EC, 507 MCAT (retake). Reapplying. Chances for MD schools in Florida?

    Hey SDN, Reapplicant here. I am conflicted at the moment, and I am hoping to get some advice! My credentials are as follows: - female Hispanic - cGPA: 3.63 - sGPA: 3.37 - OLD MCAT: 497 - NEW MCAT: 507 - EC: my newest addition to my application ->City Year (Americorps program involving teaching...
  39. K

    Re-Applying to Residency following Dismissal as Intern

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding a current situation that is particularly distressing to me as I move forward to (hopefully) recontinue my career in medicine I recently was dismissed from my residency shortly into my intern (PGY-1) year after a few episodes of being...
  40. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Retaking Anatomy/Physiology?

    Hello! I'm a reapplicant for the upcoming year. I originally got lower grades in A&P, but I retook the first semester and got an A. My second semester of it is a B-, and now I'm debating on whether or not I should retake that (AKA spend the time and money). A little about me/my application...