1. YoungDaggy

    Negotiating Financial Aid

    I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to my top MD school earlier this week. I, of course, filled out the FAFSA, and the school mentioned that they give out need and merit based scholarships. Just today, I was sent an email regarding a scholarship but it did not mention whether it...
  2. P

    VA HPSP for Pharmacy 2024

    I applied as a PharmD Scholarship Candidate as of 3/26/24. If anyone has applied this year, what is your current status? Mine still says submitted as of today. When emailed they said that they don't have an ETA on review for pharmacy submissions.
  3. Cryptobiotic

    Scholarship Available

    Hello everyone, I would like to bring attention to the Chinese American Physicians Society scholarship. Each year, we award scholarships of $2000.00 to $5000.00 per selected student. This opportunity is available to all US medical students regardless of their hometown, gender, race or color...
  4. GettinAfterIt

    How many years can you practice before entering fellowship?

    I would like to get a little more insight, as I am in a bit of a unique situation. I have been offered a scholarship from a school that will pay for all of my tuition + living expenses, if I agree to practice primary care for four years following residency. I'd love to take the scholarship, but...
  5. Mr.Smile12

    What if you got a tuition-free P1 year?

  6. michaelgjerkins

    $5,000 Scholarships for Medical Students from under-represented ethnic and racial minorities.

    My name is Dr. Michael Jerkins and I am practicing Med-Peds physician and co-founder of “Panacea Financial” and its not-for-profit arm the “Panacea Financial Foundation”. Our foundation is focused on strengthening the pipeline of underrepresented ethnic or racial minorities in medicine...
  7. michaelgjerkins

    $5,000 Scholarship Opportunity for Med Students from under-represented ethnic and racial minorities

    My name is Dr. Michael Jerkins and I am practicing Med-Peds physician and co-founder of “Panacea Financial” and its not-for-profit arm the “Panacea Financial Foundation”. Our foundation is focused on strengthening the pipeline of underrepresented ethnic or racial minorities in medicine through...
  8. E

    Emory Radiation Oncology Medical Student Scholars Program

    Emory University School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology Medical Student Scholars Program Purpose The Department of Radiation Oncology at Emory University strives to promote clinical, basic science, and medical physics research by attracting the best and brightest medical students...
  9. Y

    Best Med Med Schools in Egypt, Gulf or Turkey with affordable tuition fees or scholarship

    Hi, I'm an Egyptian student looking to study Medicine, I graduated from secondary school advanced stream from UAE 2021. I'm struggling with finding a university for the next intake or 2022 intake, I'm also open to study in UAE/ GULF/ TURKEY OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY. The main problem is that I can't...
  10. dentalboi

    Recent Air Force HPSP grads, going back would you do the HPSP Scholarship?

    Hi, basically what time title says. I am currently applying for the 3 year Air Force HPSP scholarship and interview in a few days (lmk if you have any tips please). I have talked to a few dental students who are on the HPSP scholarship but I have not had the opportunity to talk to anyone who has...
  11. C

    AMA: Today is the Last Day of My NHSC Scholarship Service Commitment

    Background: I received the 4-year NHSC Scholarship and worked at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) for 4 years after graduation (I did not do a GPR or AEGD). I ended up having to change jobs in the middle of my service because my workplace was so toxic. Unfortunately, it was during the...
  12. dentalboi

    dumb hpsp questions

    Hi everyone, my apologies in advance if these are dumb questions, but I wanted to learn more about the dental HPSP scholarship. I am currently a D1 and was interested in joining for the next 3 years (and then serving for 3 years). I have listed my questions below, thank you for your help! 1) My...
  13. J

    Canadian Student Going to the US - Scholarships and Loans

    Hello everyone, I will be a Canadian student entering a DO program in the US starting in August. I was trying to find the best loan opportunities out there as well as scholarship opportunities. Which bank would you guys recommend? I had TD and CIBC in mind, but I guess it is up to whoever...
  14. B

    HPSPs for Osteopathy

    Hi there! Of the Airmen, Sailors, and Soldiers in the osteopathic community; why and what made you chose it? Did you do the 4 years or the 2? What specialities are you aiming for? What you recommend?
  15. MedicalStudent2021

    Utah (full-tuition) vs Dartmouth (full-tuition) vs UVA (half-tuition scholarship)

  16. MedicalStudent2021

    Dartmouth (full-tuition) vs UVA (half-tuition scholarship)

  17. ashcave

    HPSP for Veterinary Students

    Hello all! Is there anyone on here that has done the military HPSP to pay for vet school, or know anything about this scholarship? Is it just the Army that offers this or is it Air Force as well? And can anyone speak to the number of years of service this requires after graduation and how many...
  18. ashcave

    Incoming Veterinary Scholarships

    Hello all! Does anyone know of any vet school scholarships open to incoming students? Or any websites that could have this information? I am seeing lots of scholarships for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years but not many for first years or incoming students.
  19. D

    Applying for Scholarships and Payment Plans

    I will be attending dental school this year and was wondering about my options for scholarships and paying back my student loans. I am not applying for HPSP due to reading other student's experiences with it. I am considering the NHSC scholarship because I already live in a rural underserved...
  20. A

    Early Commitment - Scholarship Impact

    Would notifying the admissions team that you plan to enroll in that medical school impact scholarships? Specifically, if this communication took place before financial aid information was distributed, would the medical school reduce the scholarship amount (since they don't have to compete with...
  21. Raesel

    Harvard vs. UCLA (OOS) vs. UNC (IS) vs. UF (OOS)

    Hi everyone! I’m currently trying to decide which dental school I’d like to go to and I was wondering if any dental students could share their experiences. I’m in a unique position where I’ve received scholarships from a majority of the schools. UNC is my state school and they have given me the...
  22. I

    FAFSA: submit now or wait a month to have a lower, more accurate reflection of household income?

    I am far from an expert on financial-related things and could use some insight on this situation I'm in. From what I've gathered, it's best to submit the FAFSA as soon as possible to be considered for school-specific scholarships. Also, even if you're completely independent, you have to list...
  23. C

    Tylenol Scholarship 2020

    Hey! So Tylenol Scholarship for 2020... the FAQ section states you must be an undergraduate senior or current graduate student to apply - sooo what if I am currently in my gap year? I'll be starting a DPT program in Fall 2020 and just about finish the application already but I feel like I have...
  24. Kobethegoat24

    Help me make the right decision

    So i was accepted into my state school and also another school. The other school offered me a 32000 per year scholarship that would make it cheaper for me to attend that school than my state school. So i paid the deposit and am planning on attending there. The scholarship is renewable for all 4...
  25. noona

    NYU Premed Postbac Linkage to NYU Med School (Free Tuition)

    Hi there! I'm beginning my premed journey and looking at postbac programs in NYC. I know that NYU's free tuition for their med school is relatively new (like in their 2nd year or so?), but I'd love to increase my chances of getting accepted there or to another as-yet-undiscovered-to-me program...
  26. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  27. B

    UCSF vs Vanderbilt(scholarship)

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble deciding between these two great medical schools. I am really interested in Orthopedic surgery so whichever program gives me an advantage in matching is a plus. My scholarship at Vanderbilt is full tuition so that would save me a lot of debt! UCSF financial...
  28. R

    UCLA (Need-Based Scholarship) vs. UC Davis (Merit-Based Scholarship)

    Hey guys! I've been fortunate enough to receive acceptances at two wonderful locations, however, I'm struggling to decide which place would be a better fit for the next four years of my life. UCLA DGSOM vs UC Davis UCLA Pros: Prestige - may help with residency applications Attended undergrad...
  29. A

    NHSC Dental Scholarship Analysis

    Hey everyone, I am a D1 Dental Student and I was fortunate enough to land the NHSC scholarship. I just wanted to create a thread to explain my current educational finance situation to hopefully serve as a reference for those contemplating this program in the future. I know I found these forums...
  30. D

    Can you do a dual degree MPH program if selected for the NHSC scholarship?

    Hello, everyone! I know this cycle hasn't even opened yet, but a huge goal of mine is to be able to complete an MPH degree while a dental school. I'm interested in applying for this scholarship, but I would reconsider if they wouldn't allow me to do the dual degree in dental school.
  31. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 Veterinary Scholarship

    If you are applying to vet school next cycle and interested in the Army's scholarship come and say hi and ask any questions!
  32. Armyhealth

    Dental HPSP class of 2024

    If you are applying for the upcoming cycle and are interested in applying for a military scholarship come say hi or ask any questions!
  33. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 HPSP

    If your applying to med school next cycle and considering a military scholarship come and ask questions or say hi. Good luck to all those applying!
  34. Q

    Scholarship disadvantages for late applicants?

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question regarding admissions for fall 2019 entrance. Does anyone know if students who apply later in the cycle generally get less scholarships? I have recently decided I want to go the podiatry route rather than MD/DO, and I'm graduating this coming May. I'd like to...
  35. R

    Revoking scholarships & acceptances?

    I posted something similar to this before but now I've finished my last semester and am starting my new one. So I've been accepted to ICO, NECO, both with $40k scholarships. I'm kind of worried because I dropped 3 classes in the fall, I was originally in 5 classes and so I'm only going to get a...
  36. nostra_damus

    Letter of intent and scholarship

    Happy new years, SDN folk! I am wondering about letters of intent and scholarships and I am looking for constructive advice (if you are going to tell me not to write one, please don't reply to this thread). If you write a letter of intent, how might that impact your ability to get a scholarship...
  37. S

    UNC (OOS) vs. Pitt (IS)

    Hey everyone. I was blessed to be accepted into 5 dental schools. UNC, Columbia, Pitt, Temple and Rutgers. I initially made a decision to choose UNC based on 3 major factors that I was considering (Cost, Name and Weather and location). However, after more research on ADEA book and on this...
  38. M

    Scholarship Question

    Hi all, I can’t think of a better way to ask this (and I’m sorry if it’s been answered before) but what happens to scholarship money when someone with a scholarship declines? Is it re-allocated for another student? Or does it depend on the program? Also, I know in other degree fields this is...
  39. T

    Should I tell med schools I've been accepted to about other offers?

    Hi everyone, I just logged into the portal of a medical school I've been accepted to. There is a section of the online portal that says "In this space, you may update the admissions committee with other offers you may have received." It isn't required. Is there an advantage to be had if I tell...
  40. H

    NHSC Question

    Hello SDN. I am a currently applying to dental schools and I heard about NHSC. I read about it online but I wanted to know some of the pros and cons from current recipients of the NHSC or people who already graduated and are working in NHSC approved sites after graduation. Thank you!!