1. shariahallen

    searching for advice on Med School.

    I have a few questions so I'll try to make this straight to the point! I'm currently pursuing a future career as a Neurosurgeon and I'm getting a tad bit close to the time to apply for Med School (sophomore in undergrad, bio major). I'm currently trying to build up a list of medical schools I...
  2. J

    Need some advice

    Hello Everyone, I have been reading alot lately on physicians seeking mental health treatment. It concerns me, because I've always wanted to go into medicine and hopefully become a surgeon. To give a little context, when I was about 11 going on 12 I was hospitalized for about a week...
  3. GlassOnion

    Can I be nutritionist while in med school?

    So my ultimate goal is to be a surgeon, however, I want to double major in nutrition while doing my undergrad so that by the time I start med school I will already have a stable job that can pull me through financially. Is it possible to have a job like that and go to med school? How...
  4. F

    Can surgeons take time off?

    Though it's no secret that highly-specialized surgeons make a lot of money, the ones I've talked don't seem to vacation much. What is vacation allowance like for surgeons?
  5. C

    MD Can anyone help me understand this aspect of MD course?

    Hey, so it has been about 2 months since I started my MD course. So far everything has been going great! The thing is, I am so interested and motivated to learn Anatomy and I find it very fascinating which is good because I plan on becoming an Orthopedic surgeon one day. But my university does...
  6. D

    Surgeon with an actual life?

    Over the past year I’ve worked as an OR tech and it pretty much reassured my love for surgery. But I’m worried about hours. My mother was always home but my dad was not. I don’t want to be this kind of father to my children. I want to be a surgeon, but I value time with my family the most. So...
  7. C

    Anesthesiologist Assistant or MD?

    I’m unsure if I’m posting this in the right place, so apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong area. I know everyone has a unique situation, so I wanted to explain mine briefly and ask opinions of others on if I should pursue a PA or MD route. When I say PA, I actually mean AA - Anesthesiology...
  8. J

    CNA- Is it a good option for surgical pre-med?

    I am currently a high school student who's state allows those 16 and above to become a CNA. I plan to become a surgeon, so would this be a good opportunity? Also, would it look better than say, simply volunteering at a hospital to colleges and medical schools?
  9. Leviathan One


    I am a High school Sr from Florida and i am extremely interested in the medical field, specifically the surgical field. I want to know how to get in contact with doctors and see how they interact with patients.
  10. M

    Overwhelmed by shadowing

    So today I had the opportunity to shadow a pediatric ortho surgeon and it was really awesome going into the OR but I have been really overwhelmed by the experience. There was a scheduling issue so the surgeon did not know I would be there so I had no introduction to what would be happening...
  11. dimatteo.md

    Any HPSP Army-Surgeon (Ortho, or other) able to talk?

    I'm a HPSP applicant (waiting to hear back from boards whether I will be offered an acceptance). I have already been accepted to several private medical schools so saving money in addition to serving my country is rather appealing. Hesitant about HPSP only because of potential skill atrophy...
  12. 1

    What kind of doctor should I pursue?

    Hi, I'm an undergrad trying to figure out what kind of doctor I should be, so I apologize if I'm using the wrong terminology. I'm very interested in diagnosing and surgery, but I heard you can only pick one, diagnosing with internalist and surgery with surgeon. Is there something that have the...
  13. R

    90 hours of physician shadowing in highschool. Waste?

    I shadowed a cardiothoracic surgeon (family friend) for 50 hours over 2 weeks in 11th grade. Later, in 12th grade, I shadowed a General Surgeon for another 40 hours, also over 2 weeks. Both were kind enough to provide me with a signed letter of proof. Would these hours be worth mentioning on a...
  14. S

    Confused: Maternal-fetal medicine

    how surgical is a maternal-fetal physican? I have seen maternal-fetal physician also written as maternal-fetal surgeon. Are they two diffrent things? Also how involved is a perinatologist in fetal surgery? or are they two diffrent fields ? if not can you be borded in both maternal-fetal medicine...
  15. R

    Current enlisted soldier trying to get into medical school. Best choice?

    I am currently enlisted in the United States Army, I've been in 4 years and my contract ends in June of 2019. Im still working on my associates degree and I plan on having it done by the time my contract ends, and using my GI bill to complete my Bachelors. Afterwards i am trying to get into...
  16. Lost in Translation

    Quick question about LASIK

    If I'm interested in going into surgery and am currently a myope, would it be advisable to get LASIK done? Are there any surgeons here that have gotten LASIK? I've wanted to get LASIK for a while now and I think my eyes are stable enough for the procedure to last decades from now. However, I'm a...
  17. D


    Hi guys, What are some of the good surgical podcasts that you listen to? I would like to know those that are available for Android phones but so that it helps everyone maybe we can list all available ones? Free iPhone ICU doctor Android Paid
  18. S

    Orthopedic Surgery & women

    I am very much interested in becoming a surgeon of some sort. I am fascinated with orthopedics, organs transplants, and sports medicine. That being said, I am a female, and am always told it's "much different" for women- most don't make it, it's too hard, etc. I understand that women want to...
  19. anab21

    MD Completing Two Surgical Residencies: Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

    I actually found a surgeon who has done this. My question is, do you get dropped into the middle of the second residency or do you start at the beginning and have to do all 5-7 years? Lets say you did orthopedics first and then did a spine fellowship(they have spine fellowships where you learn...
  20. whats-up-doc

    Grey's Anatomy vs Real Life

    What are some of the similarities and differences between Grey's Anatomy and real life on what it's like to be a surgeon?
  21. Sellersrobe

    Surgical Oncology

    Hi! I am currently researching the different options as an oncologist and the two that interest me most are radiology and surgical careers. There is a lot out there about the job market, salary, etc on radiology oncology, but I couldn't find anything specific about surgical oncology. Does anyone...
  22. damusiel

    General Surgeon or Psychiatrist

    I am currently interested in becoming a general surgeon or a psychiatrist. What are the cons of each specialty and how can I decide? What should I choose and what are the common personalities of each? (My personality is an INFJ) Im compassionate, kind, caring and hardworking, but im impatient...
  23. damusiel

    General Surgery or Psychiatry

    I am currently interested in becoming a general surgeon or a psychiatrist. What are the cons of each specialty and how can I decide? What should I choose and what are the common personalities of each? (My personality is an INFJ) Im compassionate, kind, caring and hardworking, but im impatient...
  24. 7

    Scared Surgeon

    Hello I've been an Ob/gyn resident for two months (in my country, a student who has already chosen a speciality is called resident), and I am scared! Don't get me wrong, I love ob/gyn, I love the OR, I love the speciality per sé. The problem is, there is this enormous pressure to learn, there is...
  25. Morizaki Nao

    I decided I want to major in music, but...

    I am in a really tough situation right now. I currently attend the University of Guam and it's my first semester. I am majoring in Biology right now and I love it so much, but it feels like something is missing. I want to major in music now, playing the piano, but I'm not sure if I am even good...
  26. Dust13

    What Class Should I Take?

    I am looking to start a career in the medical field this summer. I will be taking some classes, but I am unsure of where to start. My goal would be to work in the operating room as a surgeon. This is where it gets tricky for me so I would appreciate your advice. Should I take CNA classes? I...
  27. J

    PreMed first year 2016-

    Just looking for any first year PreMed Track friends ! I thought It would be a good idea to see what other people out in the world are on the road to becoming a M.D :)
  28. sufferfromrealness


  29. V

    Does Flat feet make any problem for surgeons?

    Hi guys I am Vito a medical student who like to be a surgeon in next years But I have an issue My feet are very flat Does it make any problem for me during my career or not? Do you know another surgeon with flat feet? Thanks
  30. eoSurgical

    eoSurgical - 2017 Student Essay Competition

    The eoSurgical 2017 Student Essay Competition is now open medical students worldwide. Title: 'How will the 'internet of things' impact delivery and training of surgery? Are we heading for a global surgical reticulum?’ Prizes: 1st: eoStudent Sim take-home laparoscopic surgical simulator (RRP...
  31. C

    What are my chances? Is it still possible?

    Only been in undergraduate for one semester (or two including one class over the summer). Spring semester my grades were C, C, C, and D (ahole professor whose online website crashed and didn't submit my final assignment. She had no sympathy, moved it from an F to a D) and over the summer, I...
  32. C

    I think I messed everything up

    I was motivated, extremely passionate, on a "this is my dream and it's the only thing I truly want" level. I obsessed over it. But when college came, depression hit in a sneaky way, and I messed up my first two semesters. Spring semester all C's, and one D (was supposed to be a B but the online...
  33. S

    UTSW Gen Surg

    What's the story on UT Southwestern's Gen Surg program. I've heard from residents there the following things, all a bit red flags for me. Lots of issues with the New (2013) Chair New PD (Brian Williams) as of this summer. I googled him and it was like he almost didn't exist. Anyone know who...
  34. E

    Nursing to Pre-Med...Should I do it?

  35. StudentDoctorDan

    Neurosurgeon Shadowing Opportunity?

    Hello! I am a current high school student and was really interested in shadowing a surgeon. Particularly a neurosurgeon. Currently, I have shadowed an Internal Medicine doctor and a Cardiologist. Would a neurosurgeon (assuming they aren't busy) allow me to shadow them for even a day if I am...
  36. M

    Depression, and life situation. Needing help.

    Hi, please read the whole thing. It really does mean a lot to me. I am an aspiring physician. Of course, life doesn't come off that easily. My father was born in Vietnam, at the bottom of the economy. He used the floor as paper because he couldn't afford any, and didn't take food on the table...
  37. reverence

    Family life as a gen surg resident and beyond?

    4th year here. My surgery rotation was at a community hospital with no surgery residents. Worked closely with attendings though. Can any current surgical residents or attendings who are married (+/- children) comment on the demands and sacrifices required of a surgeon and how that...
  38. DrSegovia

    U.S. Special Forces to Cardiothoracic Surgeon

    Brief Background: 20 years old. Self-Starter I Have my Associates of Science (3.97 GPA) I speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Turkish. Always been physically fit. I have an affinity for Medicine and I really see myself as a cardiovascular surgeon. However, I have all of...
  39. M

    Finding a residency for a foreign trained physician/surgeon

    Hi, My father was trained in a foreign country and performed many types of surgeries for 17 years in this country. He even taught as a professor in the surgery department. Not only was he a surgeon he also worked as a physician. We came to the US about 10 years ago, and he has yet to find a...