1. Never_more

    EMDP2 FY24

    Hello! I saw a previous thread by another member @Tboos2193 for FY23 applicants and wanted to create a space for FY24 applicants to discuss any concerns, application questions, updates or any other information that members are willing to share. I applied for the FY24 cycle in early September...
  2. ntgsheeld

    Questions for USUHS and their MCB PhD

    After speaking to a representative on the phone and scanning this forum a bit, I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can kindly answer. To begin, I am a new Army LT (1 year post ROTC), and I utilized the Green to Gold Active Duty Option. As well, I worsened a progressing bilateral leg injury...
  3. A

    Mayo Clinic (MN) vs USUHS

    Hi everybody, I got accepted to the Mayo Clinic Rochester campus today and USUHS last week, and I am having a tough time choosing between them. Before applying, I served five years on active duty in the Marine Corps and three years in the Army National Guard. My plan upon leaving active duty...
  4. 47Pilot

    USUHS / HPSP Questions from Current Army Officer (non-medical)

  5. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  6. N

    Penn State vs USUHS

    I am currently accepted to Penn State and waitlisted at USUHS, but I’m trying to decide between them now so I know if I should move forward with housing, etc. I love both of them and need some outside opinions. Penn state is my alma mater. I love the aesthetics of the hershey campus, the pbl...
  7. evo512

    Letters of Rec. for USUHS

    I am applying in this upcoming cycle and my school has us do a mock up application to our pre med board coming up soon. As of right now my top choice is USUHS, but I am also applying to civilian medical schools and the HPSP. I watched a lot of my friends apply to military academies and having...
  8. A

    Thinking about HPSP/USUHS? READ THIS.

    Will be updated to reflect the latest news in military medicine and GME.
  9. found_cat

    IHS Doc

    What is it like to be a doctor in the IHS? I have read plenty about the frustrations military doctors go through (bureaucracy, poor leadership, lack of resources, etc.), but I couldn't find any IHS physicians' perspective. Do you have the support you need? Decent working conditions? A...
  10. A

    Avoid Military Medicine

    Prospective med students, I've used this forum many years ago to help me make a decision about going the military medicine route (I did) and I've decided to create a new account to come back with a warning: If you value any aspect of your professional/personal life -- AVOID MILITARY MEDICINE...
  11. C

    Rejected an MD acceptance

    In the 2017-2018 cycle, I applied to 24 schools, of which I interviewed at 2 and was accepted at 1. The acceptance came from USUHS (the military medical school). After a lot of deliberating, I decided to decline the offer (further explanation below). I am in the process of reapplying, however I...
  12. petomed

    USUHS and online coursework

    According to the MSAR, the answer is unambiguously No for all prerequisite coursework. However, I wrote this email to USUHS admissions just to be sure. Let me know your thoughts, I will post the reply from USUHS once received. Working full time while completing missing prerequisites did not...
  13. petomed

    USUHS and pre-existing student loans

    Are the same loan forgiveness / repayment options available as with regular military personnel if pre-existing or undergrad loans are not already paid down before beginning the 7+ year active duty requirement? Example: - $40,000 old undergrad debt remaining after completing USUHS + residency...
  14. N

    All Branch Topic (ABT) USUHS; Prior Service; I'd like your thoughts.

    I'm a long time listener and a first time caller... Just a little context, I'm applying to med school this cycle and will be 30 when classes start. I'm prior military with 5 years enlisted AD and because of that I'm strongly considering USUHS. I'm well aware of the down falls of military...
  15. militaryPHYS

    Ask Me Anything: Military Medicine

    I am very curious on the biggest questions that premed students have regarding military vs. civilian route. This can be an Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread or free speak. Intent is to understand current concerns regarding both pathways as well as to answer specific questions that arise. Please...
  16. S

    Any enlisted Navy personnel that made it to USUHS while on Active Duty?

    Good day to everyone, I'm currently an active duty Hospital Corpsman (HM2) with 9 years of service, and I'm finally ready to pursue being an MD. I originally specialized as a PMT a few years ago (Prev Med Tech, 68S for you Army cats) with the intentions of crossing over to the dark side as an...
  17. D

    USUHS How to be competitive

    Hi, I am interested in going to USUHS. What are some things that can make your competitive to be accepted? I know very well that others' experiences might not apply to mine, but I'm curious to see what others did
  18. Asclepius293

    Joining as derm with FAP or post-residency?

    Hey all, Elected to go with a full ride to state school vs HPSP or USUHS out of state and have an interest in dermatology. While I recognize like everyone says derm then changes as med school progresses, I really have enjoyed it in shadowing, especially MOHS surgery, and was just curious about...
  19. Asclepius293

    HSCP with Full Ride

    Hey all, I would really like to serve for a period with the Navy in military medicine at some point in my career. I was accepted for USUHS and HPSP but was then offered a full ride to Wayne State which seemed too good to pass up. I am now debating between taking HSCP during medical school to...
  20. spookyhero22

    New to SDN, a lot of questions about USUHS

    Hello, I just signed up to SDN. I'm currently a sophomore/junior in college in the process of completing my bachelor's in Biological Sciences. I actually switched from Nursing to Biology (I just didn't want to go the nursing route anymore and currently love my major). I wanted to know how...
  21. S

    USUHS Clinical Psychology - 2018 Cohort Applicants

    Applying for the USUHS 2018 Clinical Psychology - Military Track? Created the tread to network, ask questions, and share information. If you have previously applied, please share as well. This program is extremely competitive - encouragement to all!
  22. Asclepius293

    Reasons for HPSP vs USU?

    Hey all, Down to the wire in my decision making between Navy HPSP at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia or Navy at USU. Anyone here that made a similar decision and has some insight? USU Pros: -O-1 salary during med school, zero cost of attendance, cool travel opportunities, camaraderie, better...
  23. C

    USUHS / HPSP Military Waver

    Does anyone have any experience with successfully completing a waver to be unconditionally accepted to USUHS based upon medical history? Serving in our nation's military as a medical doctor has been a dream of mine for years, but unfortunately my medical history is going to get in the way. I'm a...
  24. S

    NROTC then PhD?

    Is there a way to go from NROTC to USUHS for a PhD in clinical psychology? I know there is an option to go from NROTC to USUHS but I wasn't sure if that was limited to MDs
  25. V

    Army Civilian med school vs. USU

    First, I want to thank you for taking the time to read through my post. I have read through many of the threads here and took those to tailor to my specific situation. I have been driving myself crazy going back and forth since I heard back with acceptances and best for me to do at this point...
  26. Asclepius293

    Multiple Acceptances: Thoughts Appreciated!

    Hey all, I was fortunate enough to receive multiple acceptances this cycle and would be grateful for feedback as I deliberate them. I am a Michigan resident and will be doing the HPSP scholarship through the Navy (unless I decide on USUHS). The schools I'm deciding on are USUHS, Thomas...
  27. Asclepius293

    MDSSP then FAP?

    Hey all, First let me say thank you for any insight. This forum has been very valuable throughout my pre-med experience and I appreciate it. I was recently accepted to several medical schools, including USUHS, and am trying to decide on the best pathway for myself. I've talked to several...
  28. N

    Re-Introduction and Network for Non-trad Thread

    Hey all, Been reading for awhile, but haven't been able to post anything because I couldn't get my phone to authorize and my computer required online authorization from my phone. Go figure. I'm going to be a non-traditional student in a few years (hopefully). I was a biology major, spanish...
  29. ijustwannasaveppl

    ROTC? Best way to get into USUHS?

  30. Asclepius293

    Read through my USUHS Secondary?

    Hey all! I'm currently working on my secondary application for USUHS and was wondering if anyone affiliated with military medicine could read through it and give me some feedback. I appreciate it. Thank you!
  31. L

    USUHS Aspiration

    Hi, I am currently an undergraduate student at Duke majoring in biomedical engineering. My goal is to attend USUHS medical school, but my engineering coursework took a real hit on my GPA, (~3). I am looking into ways to raise my GPA, such as post-bacc programs. If I were to raise it to a more...
  32. B

    Military Medicine Today: 4th yr here to give an update view on milmed, and answer any/all (most) Qs!

    Hello SDN Nation, I'm currently a 4th year at USUHS and this month was recently declared military medicine month. If the exclamation point didn't give it away, I'm pretty pumped about medicine AND being in the military. I've read a lot of the horror stories, and though I'm not discounting their...
  33. The Dude....

    Current AD Officer - cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT ##

    cgpa 3.3 sgpa 3.6 MCAT- Haven't taken yet, but projecting a 32 to 34 after practice tests Age: 30 Non-Traditional- Family, three kids Bachelors: HIM (Texas State University) Initial bad grades and withdrawals during freshman and sophomore year with strong upward trend, culminating with Deans...
  34. Asclepius293

    Gay Pre-Med: HPSP and USUHS

    Hey everyone, I'm a pre med student applying to med school this upcoming summer. I've been really interested in going into military medicine through the HPSP program or the USUHS Military med school. I come from a big military family and I think it would be an honor and unique experience to...
  35. G

    USUHS, HPSP, or National Guard during Med School

    Hi all. So a little background on me: I am currently an undergrad studying Business with a minor in health administration, and pre med as well, and am also a 68W (healthcare specialist aka medic) in the national guard with an infantry unit. By the time I graduate, my guard contract will be over...
  36. P

    USUHS acceptances

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this website. I am currently a senior in college. I am also a reservist (medical tech) in the military. I would like to have some advice about getting into usuhs. My gpa is a 3.4. However, I am planning to do a post bacc before I start applying. I am currently doing...
  37. ReviewR

    OCS/OTS dates for HPSP

    Just called to get information about the OTS dates for Air Force applicants, as I couldn't find the information easily. If anyone knows the dates for Army/Navy, I am sure others would appreciate it. Air Force OTS for HPSP and USUHS students is Class 1605 and will take place on June 27 - July...
  38. P

    USUHS Psych Applicants Out There?

    Are there any USUHS applicants out there? The interview invites are due to come out in a couple of weeks. I'd like to link up and compare notes.