1. rgao972

    UMass vs. VCU

    Hello fellow experts of SDN! I know that the deadline for school selection is approaching in a few days. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools and am currently waitlisted at USF Morsani (CORE). (if you are a medical student there, I would love to chat more). I am chronically bad...
  2. R

    Program-Specific Info / Q's VCU OTD ED

    Hi! I was curious if anyone who has applied early decision to VCU in the past could give any insight on what the application timeline looks like. How long after your application was being reviewed did you get an interview scheduled, and how long after the interview did you hear if you got in or...
  3. OngoGablogianMD

    Jefferson vs. VCU

    Facing a really tough decision after getting off the WL at VCU (was not expecting WL movement this late!). I am a non-trad student currently living in Philly, but my fiance is from Virginia and has a lot of family in Richmond. Both schools seem like a great fit with little to really...
  4. rxsia

    VCU Pharmacy?

    Has anybody applied so far? If so what are your stats if you’d like to share? How are you feeling so far about the admission process?
  5. M

    UVA vs VCU

    I'm a VA resident and thankfully was able to receive some grant money but I'm stuck between a lower cost/ lower ranked VCU vs a slightly higher cost but better-ranked UVA. I think both schools offer great opportunities and I could see myself going to both but I'm a bit more drawn to UVA because...
  6. S

    WAMC Dental Schools... help!

    Date of submission: upcoming cycle Overall GPA: 3.81 Science GPA: 3.5 DAT score: AA 19, no section lower than 19 other than QR 17 State of Residence: West Virginia Undergrad Attended: WVU Major: Exercise Physiology, Health Professions Emphasis Minority? No Reapplicant? No Nontrad? Yes...
  7. A

    Temple (OOS) vs. VCU (OOS)

    Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get accepted into both Temple and VCU for dental school. I'm out of state for both schools and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to choose between the two. I enjoyed the interview for both schools, but I was only able to have an in person experience at VCU, so I...
  8. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's OT Cycle 2019-2020: ECU, VCU, WSSU, MUSC

    I'm starting a thread because I will be applying to OT schools this fall. I was hoping to receive advice from students who have gotten into these schools, their application experience, and perhaps their stats to compare to mine. I would like all the feedback that I can get because I'm scared...
  9. Kobethegoat24

    What do you think of my plan? Which schools should I apply to?

    So I recently took my DAT in march and now I am doing my shadowing and volunteering. I needed advice on when to apply and also which schools to apply to. My profile: 1.) GPA: 3.88 2.) DAT: AA= 21, Bio 21, General Chemistry 20, Organic Chemistry 23, Perceptual Ability 18, Quantitative Reasoning...
  10. U

    Louisville vs VCU

    I was accepted to both schools. I love both schools, they are both clinically strong schools. I heard Louisville had trouble graduating students a couple years ago not sure if this is the current situation. Also, there isn't a big difference in tuition (~5k). Inputs are appreciated :)
  11. TheSweetTooth

    VCU SAEP 2019

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a thread on the current VCU SAEP program cycle since the deadline for early decision just passed. Also, if anyone has already been through this program, would you recommend it? There isn't that much information on it online so I just want to make sure that I...
  12. T

    Program-Specific Info / Q's VCU OT 2019

    Hello everyone! After combing through many of the other threads in search of information about this year's VCU application cycle (and coming up empty handed) I decided to start one myself! Has anyone heard back yet? According to the admissions timeline on the website, regular decision...
  13. B

    VCU vs UIC

    Hi, I recently got accepted into both VCU and UIC and I am trying to decide between the two schools! I am really torn between the both schools because they both are really good schools. Being not from either state, the cost of both programs would be similar and I would love any input on the pros...
  14. xxmelodies

    VCU CERT 2019-2020

    Didn't see a thread up for the program for this year (did a search so if I somehow missed it, my bad!) so I thought that I'd throw one up for those of us who are applying! Best of luck everyone :)
  15. D

    508 MCAT/3.7 (both cGPA + sGPA). Advice on EC's and SMP/Post-bacc?

    Year in school: graduated spring 2018, planning to apply for 2020 cycle Country/state of residence: Virginia Schools to which you are applying: EVMS, VCU, VT (both DO/MD), GW, Rosalind Franklin, Quinnipiac, WVU, NOVA Southeastern (both DO/MD), U of Colorado, Seton Hall, Indiana University, U...
  16. P

    Hawaii JABSOM vs. VCU

    Hello, I am a Canadian who got accepted to both of these schools this week. I think I only have 5 business days to decide. Hawaii (JABSOM) Pros Hawaii is beautiful. I fell in love with Hawaii and the school while I was there. I would feel like the luckiest person ever to go to medical school...
  17. A

    OUWB (half ride) vs VCU

    loved both schools, but I enjoyed VCU’s location and curriculum more. Also, VCU is very established whereas OUWB is a very new/unknown school. Is it worth the extra 80k + interest?
  18. I

    UCF vs VCU (how important is overall feel?)

    Hi guys, I've really been struggling deciding between these two schools. I guess I feel like it makes sense to go to UCF - it has great step scores and match lists, it's more affordable, and my family is near by. But for some reason, I fell in love with VCU, and I feel like my heart is there...
  19. Silver_Surfer

    HELP: VCU (MCV) vs Temple

    Hi everyone! I currently have a tough decision, and was very fortunate be accepted into both Temple and VCU's school of medicine. Although I am very thankful, I am now tasked to choose one of these schools! At the moment, the cost of attendance for both schools are pretty much the same (VCU is...
  20. darkpauladin

    Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) VS Rush Medical College (RMC)

    I am currently trying to decide between VCU and Rush and find myself flip-flopping every couple of days. What do you guys think? Long-term Career Goals: Competitive Specialty (preferably Ophtho/Otolyn/Rads/EM) West Coast Residency (prefer CA) Leave the door open for academic medicine/research...
  21. jtravens22

    Retaking DAT in Late August and Submitting App Early

    So I'm kind of in a big predicament right now. I just got accepted to VCU's Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP) last week and it's from May 22 to June 29th. It's basically a 6 week program where I take 3 dental school level classes (anatomy, pharmacology, and physiology) in VCU. I already...
  22. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  23. Crocognar

    VCU vs Jeff vs UVA

    Hey everyone, Pretty glad I have a choice, but now I have no idea what to do. Background: From Virginia, want to match in Cali (born and raised there), probably gas, opthal, or rads. I feel like my situation is more or less Cost vs Lifestyle vs Prestige. VCU: ++ Great scholarship offer...
  24. W

    General Admissions & OTCAS VCU OTD acceptance

    Hey guys! Has anybody who applied for VCU regular decision been notified of acceptance yet? I received acceptance offers from other schools but their deadlines are going to pass soon....
  25. Drangue

    VCU - Preliminary Surgery

    Hey, whats up. I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the VCU Surgery Preliminary spot? Are there any residents there that would be interested in answering a few questions or even just giving some opinions on their experience thus far?
  26. G

    VCU CERT 2018 - 2019

    Hey all, I haven't found a thread for the 2018-2019 VCU CERT program so here it is! I applied at the end of November and was recently offered admission. sGPA: 3.32; cGPA: 3.32 MCAT: 511 ECs: ER/Family Medicine scribe (current, gap year), volunteer, research, leadership exp, etc. I've read...
  27. S

    Interview Tips For VCU BS/DDS Program?

    I am a high school senior. I recently got an interview for the VCU Guaranteed Dental program. Are the interviews for these programs different than the interviews for dental school? Do you guys have any tips specific to the BS/DDS interview?
  28. Saint Richie

    Need Help Deciding on a School

    Since the beginning of December, I've been in a bit of a bind. I received acceptances to VCU, LECOM, and Nova. Obviously, only one of them can be chosen, but I suppose it would be best to get other opinions. Despite being a Florida resident, VCU seems to be the cheapest option since LECOM and...
  29. C

    Competitive scores? VCU?

    I took the PCAT for the first time in September and here are my scores: Bio 35 Reading 46 Math 94 Chem 91 Overall 75 Writing 3 Junior, Microbiology major, GPA 3.49, I currently am doing research for a pharmaceutical company (about 20+ hours a week). I have also worked in a pharmacy since I was...
  30. C

    Competitive PCAT scores?? VCU is goal!

    I took the PCAT for the first time in September and here are my scores: Bio 35 Reading 46 Math 94 Chem 91 Overall 75 Writing 3 Junior, Microbiology major, GPA 3.49, I currently am doing research for a pharmaceutical company. I have also worked in a pharmacy since I was 16 and have been a tech...
  31. SterlingMaloryArcher

    UVA, VCU, or CNU (undergrad)?

    I've been chasing UVA ever since I started at the community college, but now that application time is coming around, I've gotten honest with myself and it has sort of hit me that maybe a competitive school like UVA where A's are hard to come by (for example, Physics curves down) isn't the best...
  32. UNCafDDS

    DAT breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT) + chance me?

    Hey friends! So I took my DAT on 7/31/17 and here are my scores PAT: 22 QR: 22 RC: 19 Bio: 24 GC: 20 OC: 29 TS: 23 AA: 23 Overall, very happy with my scores! I prepared for 8 weeks, following Ari’s schedule. Additionally, I am a Bio major with minors in Chem and Art. I took a few...
  33. T

    MD Should I do a post bacc?

    Hey guys I was thinking about applying for MD schools for the 2018 cycle (as this cycle is too late) but wasn't sure if a post bacc would be right for me for this upcoming year or more clinical work/retaking MCAT. In terms of statistics: MCAT: 129 125 125 130 (509) Overall GPA 3.5 science GPA...
  34. D

    **Official Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Greetings and Salutations all! The new application cycle has started, so I have started this thread for those who will be applying to VCU. I applied last year, so if you are new to the whole application process and have any questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck, everyone!
  35. G

    VCU CERT 2017-18

    I couldn't find a thread for VCU's CERT Program for this upcoming fall (2017), so I figured I'd start one for anyone who will be attending/applying this program, especially for questions about the program, roommates, who's pre-med/pre-dental, etc. I was accepted a few weeks ago and have...
  36. D

    NYMC vs VCU

    Both schools have similar size in terms of class, both are new environments for me and it looks like tuition is gonna be similar for both since I'm OOS and from what I've read Virginia has strict laws on how one can be re-classified as a Virginia resident. NYMC Pros Location - It's NY, which I...
  37. AAAmeds

    VCU vs. GWU vs. OUWB

    Hi everyone, I am fortunate enough and thankful to have some options here. Some background on me: Canadian (don't qualify for scholarships except maybe at OUWB), have lived in big cities all my life and would prefer to continue to do so, and completely unsure of what specialty I want to do...
  38. bisonbison

    VCU vs Hawaii

    Hello! Currently deciding between these two schools and I'm having a bit of a hard time so I would love some input. I am currently a VA resident and have been accepted to VCU and JABSOM. I just want to note that my family is from all over so Hawaii being far isn't too much of a factor. JABSOM...
  39. kay815

    GW vs. VCU vs. NYMC

    Hi All! Some background on me -- IS in Virginia (currently living in Richmond), but family all lives in New Jersey (which I take into consideration some). Really my decision right now is between VCU and GW. There are things I love about both schools, but for totally different reasons. Pros of...