1. P

    Current Veterinarians

  2. P

    Post grad nonclinical medicine options

    I am a 4th year vet student and I dread every aspect of what we do in clinics. I can't see myself staying in this profession post grad- I honestly cannot wait to graduate and just be done and get out of it. I'm feeling a bit lost as to what my job prospects would be though..Does anyone have any...
  3. sevvet

    Looking for advice: Wait or Go?

    Hi all! I'm looking for some advice/opinions so I will try to keep the background very brief: I am currently 8 months into my year-long internship at a zoo hospital. I've been accepted (and plan to go to) St. George's, but their Fall 2022 class is full so I'm slated for January 2023 unless they...
  4. J

    Can anyone relate?

    Right now I am having such a difficult time focusing and I’m struggling to find the motivation. I fail exams, I procrastinate and I don’t put enough effort into my studies even tho I want to go to vet school so badly. I’m burnt out already and I’m graduating in the fall 2022, next semester. I...
  5. L


  6. L

    WAMC: Class of 2026 Hopeful!!

    South Carolina resident, 20 years old, 1st time traditional applicant Schools I plan to apply to: UGA (contract seat opportunity), Auburn, UPenn, Mississippi State (contract seat opportunity), Florida, Colorado State, Lincoln Memorial, LSU (?), Missouri, Tufts (?) Cumulative GPA: 3.75 Science...
  7. L

    Large dog and airplanes

    Hello, I wanted to ask a question to the students living in Ross University about how they took their pets and the airlines they used. I have a 40 pound husky and if I get into veterinary school I want to know my options on how to take her. Has anyone had experience with this? Especially taking...
  8. L

    GPA Questions

    Hi everyone! I am currently a sophomore in undergrad and will not be applying to vet school until the fall of 2021, but I am looking for a bit of advice. I am feeling a little bit discouraged about my GPA right now, after last semester (first semester of sophomore year) I had a cumulative 3.71...
  9. doctor-who

    Successful Applicants c/o 2024

    Congratulations to those who have heard happy news already! Please post your stats to help other applicants as the acceptances roll in. The format from years before is posted below. Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied...
  10. Doolitto

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian

    First I want to begin by saying I'm fully aware that this is a personal decision requiring hands on experience and shadowing to determine. I'm reaching out to the community for Your opinions on whether someone who has no interest in surgery should trouble themselves with the debt, time, and...
  11. dogtor27

    Low GRE. What Are My Chances?

    Hello, this is my VERY first time posting on here so I am not so sure how this works haha. The schools i’m applying to are: Tuskegee, LSU, Ohio, Virginia/Maryland, Kansas, and Missouri I have a GPA of 3.8, but my GRE score is a 293 I obviously already submitted my application. but i was just...
  12. F

    I'm interested in blood diagnostics(looking for suggestions/input on my idea)

    I'm currently a 2019 graduate of Penn State University wanting to pursue internal veterinarian medicine. Being fortunate enough to attend many veterinarian conferences my senior year of college, I noticed the inconsistencies with a handful of veterinarians misdiagnosing patients based on CBC...
  13. S

    Successful Applicants Stats - Class of 2023

    Starting it off a bit early, but I know some are starting to hear back so I hope this is okay. Congrats to those who have been accepted, waitlisted, and invited to interview! Please follow previous years formats: Successful Applicants Stats - Class of 2022
  14. ZZ801832

    AVC ℅ 2023 hopefuls

    Couldn't find a thread so figured I'd start it! Second round applying here, I feel like my application is much stronger this year but I'm still lacking vet experience hours. We'll see how it goes I guess!
  15. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    Edited to state the survey is still open! I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the...
  16. emlady09

    Survey of mental health among health professionals.

    I invite you to participate in this survey; an academic research study conducted by Erica M. Asencio under the supervision of Dr. Robert LaChausse through the College of Health Science at California Baptist University. The study is driven by the statistics that a disproportionately higher...
  17. V

    Suture practice!!

    Hey y’all! I will be starting veterinary school in January of 2019. I am looking for ways to practice veterinary sutures. I have looked on amazon at the practice suture kits but I’m not sure which is the best or most similar to animals. Thanks for any feedback!
  18. B

    GI Bill for In-state tuition=In-state classification for acceptance pool?

    Hi all, New here and just getting into the nitty gritty for figuring out what I want to do once I resign from active duty. I qualify for 100% GI Bill, and I know that with the Veteran Access/Choice Accountability Act we qualify for in-state tuition at any public IHE. My question is: does that...
  19. McDanji

    Lab Animal Residency

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice on a residency program. I'm finished with school in late September and was wondering if there are lab animal residency programs available before the match in July? My backup plan would be to take a GP job if I have to wait for the match, but I would...
  20. A

    Specialty vs GP? How to chose? Would you do it over again?

    Hey! New to the forum, current 4th year student, always debating between specialty and GP/non-residency careers. So naturally I have a lot of questions... What made you chose specialty vs GP/non-residency career? I was also wondering what people's thoughts and experiences with pursuing...
  21. NeedleDrivers

    Know Your Worth?

    hey guys, So one of the most stressful questions asked in job interviews is the 'expected pay' portion of the discussion. For me, its really difficult to evaluate my worth-so how do you evaluate and compare yourselves to the industry standard? I've discussed with recent graduates in my area...
  22. C

    Can I get experience from another country?

    I live in a really small border town, and there are no vet clinics. For volunteer work, I applied in a vet clinic in the nearest town. However, I come from México, I live really close by, and I go there very often. In the border town of México, there is a zoo, a variety of vet clinics, and many...
  23. jtom

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to improve my application for this cycle. I am a non traditional student and had to take a few pre-reqs to be considered last year. I applied last year and got interviewed and waitlisted at tennessee and also waitlisted at UF...
  24. R

    cornell vs tufts vet school

    So i have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to Cornell (IS) and Penn and 5 other veterinary schools that i would not consider over Cornell or penn. I have an interview at Tufts next week and would have to take off two days of work to go to the interview. Is it worth it to go to the...
  25. P

    Can You still be a vet if you are squeamish??

    So I really love animals and I want to be a vet, but I'm really squeamish, like I had to leave the room during a heart dissection in class. Do you guys think that is something I can get over?? If so how?? Any advice is much appreciated!!! (BTW I'm currently in sophomore year of high school)
  26. N

    From Doctor Human Med to Veterinary Med, how can I do it?

    Hi, So as you can see in the title I'm looking to find out about transitioning from Medicine to Veterinary. I've found a post about doing the reverse but no info on Med -> Vet. At the minute i'm in my third year of medical school (3rd of 5) and whilst I don't hate it, in fact I quite like many...
  27. R

    Current DVM; Career change veterinary anatomic pathology or veterinary preventative medicine

    Currently I am a practicing large animal vet for four years and I am looking for a career change. My desire is to work with the state diagnostics laboratories, being on the front line of detecting disease or academia (I really enjoy teaching)! I am considering an anatomic pathology residencies...
  28. F

    Vet students and veterinarians, what are the grossest things you’ve seen in the field?

    Mine without a doubt is parasite removal. It makes my skin crawl. I am starting to watch videos to numb myself to it, but it’s still hard. It’s weird because I can handle pretty much anything else. I’m especially fascinated by surgery. I thought it’d be interesting to see what gross things...
  29. L

    Earn Residual Income as DVM Consultant

    Medical Basket Supplies, LLC is a retail medical supplies company located in Palm Beach County, FL. We are expanding, adding new preventive care and nutritional pet products from some of the largest manufacturers of pet food and supplies. We are seeking a licensed veterinarian looking to...
  30. Michael Furlong

    Veterinary Practice For Sale (Alabama)

    Small Animal Clinic for Sale in Central Alabama Located in Central Alabama, this doctor, animal hospital is a great opportunity to own a thriving Veterinary Practice. This busy profitable practice grossed $633,000 in 2016 and has an increasing trend in 2017. Personal income to owner (after...
  31. F

    Vet Tech or Veterinarian?

    I keep going back and forth on whether I want to become a veterinarian or veterinary technician. I love/hate both for different reasons. I love veterinarian because I love that I get to have a sick or injured animal, make a plan and be able to fix them. Plus I can live comfortably. I hate how...
  32. J

    Best Route for Canine Physical Therapy

    If my ultimate goal is to work as a canine physical rehabilitation therapist, what career route should I take? Veterinarian, physical therapist, or vet tech? What are some of the pros and cons to each? I would appreciate any insight from someone in the field. Thank you!
  33. A

    Can you become a veterinarian with only a biology degree?

    Hi, I'm about to attend college in January, however, I want to make sure I have everything set before attending. I have researched an in-state college that offers a biology course. On their website, it says "In all of its forms, from the molecular level to the whole organism, studies in biology...
  34. A

    Are you able to become a vet with only a biology degere?

    Hi, I'm about to attend college in January, however, I want to make sure I have everything set before attending. I have researched an in-state college that offers a biology course. On their website, it says "In all of its forms, from the molecular level to the whole organism, studies in biology...
  35. J

    Non-surgical Veterinarian

    Hello, would anyone be able to tell me what the non-surgical veterinary specialties are? I am interested in becoming a vet, but am not keen on performing surgery. Would it be possible to make a decent living as a vet with the main focus being on physical rehabilitation? I would appreciate any...
  36. immunokey

    Once in a Lifetime Biz Opportunity in Seattle (veterinary)

    Seattle startup is about to disrupt veterinary oncology with a medical device that completely eliminated tumors in 60% of dogs in recent PennVett dog study (dogs had 100% fatal cancers and were expected to live no more than six weeks). Our product is safe (no side effects, high quality of...
  37. H

    Renting Newly Remodeled Studio Apartment Near Tufts Veterinary

    Hi! I have a private, freshly renovated studio apartment available for rent near the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton. About a 5 minute drive or a 15 minute bike ride from campus. Message me for details.
  38. L

    Am I starting too young?

    Hi! I've been lurking the pre-vet forums for quite awhile but have yet to see any answers to my (many) questions and decided I might as well just ask. :) Anyway, I'm 16 and am going into my junior year of high school. I've been thinking about careers and I keep getting drawn into vet med - and...
  39. arm18

    High School Senior in Need of Advice From Veterinarians or Pre-Vets

    Hi! I'm a rising senior (and new to this site so I apologize if I'm being annoying) and I would really love advice. I want to be a veterinarian, so I was planning on majoring in Animal Science (does it matter if I major in Zoology or Animal Science?) but my mom wants me to major in Biology to...
  40. timberwolf89

    A Question

    Does anyone have an idea of how much veterinarians who own their own practice/employ other vets make in comparison to those who work for another vet? I am not asking anyone for their personal salary, but I'm simply curious. I am most interested in mixed animal, but any figures would be greatly...