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  1. M

    WAMC/Help with School List 4.0 GPA, 506 MCAT

    cGPA 4.0 sGPA 4.0 MCAT last year 490 (121/123/123/123) --> this year 506 (125/126/126/129) Dual citizenship including U.S, reside in IL White First went to community college, then transferred to a small private university Clinical experience 2500 hours of paid clinical as a phlebotomist (Gap...
  2. S

    WAMC DO 3.28 cGPA 3.11sGPA TX resident 506 MCAT

    Howdy everyone! Stats: AACOMAS GPAs 3.28cGPA 3.11sGPA IMPORTANT NOTE: Last 38 credits are at a 4.0. 32 are considered science credits, ONLY 8 are a post bacc I did to bump my sGPA over 3.0. I have 2 W’s in last two semesters one in each. 1 was a miscommunication with advisor on classes I needed...
  3. painted_roses

    MD WAMC/School List - (MCAT/GPA vs Experiences??)

    I just got my MCAT back, and I’m really disappointed in my performance. Given the imbalance in my experiences compared to MCAT and GPA alone, I can’t gauge where to apply. I worked so hard switching majors to be here! Any input would be wonderful! GPA as calculated by AMCAS cGPA = 3.71 sGPA...
  4. G

    MD & DO ---

    Mid to late 20's nontrad Texas resident. I care more about getting in anywhere rather than any tier. Primary care interest and want to work with underserved populations, with a service oriented application. For those reasons I think I'll try TMDSAS and the only OOS schools I'll apply to will be...
  5. Sasha1234

    Pls help me whittle down my DO school list!

    Schools in consideration: LECOM - Bradenton (Don’t like the mandatory attendance + not being allowed to drink water during lecture but it’s in-state.) Nova - Tampa Bay Campus preference (in-state) PCOM South Georgia (Moultrie – if they focus on rural med, would this limit my match options? No...
  6. K

    Preparing for my second application cycle - WAMC/Advice building my school list

    Hi y'all, I am a Texas resident currently preparing to reapply this cycle after a difficult first cycle where I did not match. For context, I had 5 IIs in-state from Baylor, UTSW, McGovern, TTUHSC, and UTMB. I am currently on the waitlist for all 5 schools. I think the main reasons why things...
  7. A

    WAMC? 5 years since undergrad, strong peds background

    !!! PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE !!! cGPA: 3.15 sGPA: 2.9 (not officially calculated... could use help calculating for AMCAS/AACOM) MCAT 510 (127/127/128/128) taken Jan 2023 Arizona resident White/F/27 years old Undergraduate: BS Biology from University of Arizona, 2019 Clinical experience (volunteer...
  8. trueheater43

    WAMC/School list

    23 ORM. CA resident MCAT history: Sept 2022: 500 (125/125/125/125) May 2023: 508 (125/125/130/128) Mar 2024: 507 (129/125/125/128) cGPA is 3.38, BCPM GPA is 3.16. BCP GPA is 3.24. No upward trend, my GPA fluctuated a lot over the last 2 years. Graduated college about 6 months ago. ECs...
  9. Md1287-03

    WAMC/school list 3.52 cGPA 505 MCAT

    Just got my MCAT back and am contemplating a retake or wondering if I should apply with what I have. Any advice is appreciated! cGPA: 3.52 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.366 TMDSAS sGPA: 3.4555 MCAT: 505 (124/131/124/126) Residence: Texas Ethnicity/Race White, ORM Undergrad institution/ Category Human...
  10. glitterwitch666

    WAMC/School List, 3.5/508/CA resident/re-app

    Hi everyone! Returning to SDN from an unsuccessful application cycle from 2021-2022 year (all pre-II R). While I work on solidifying applications, I'm looking for overall general advice on school lists and answers to a few specific questions. Any and all help appreciated :) Demographics: white...
  11. F

    WAMC? Should I retake my MCAT?

    Hi I'm a pre-med student in a gap year looking to apply to DO schools next cycle, my stats are as follows: 1. 3.5 cGPA 2. 504 MCAT (125/127/125/127) 3. Illinois Resident 4. South asian 5. Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and a minor in chemistry...
  12. elijahl

    DO What are my chances? 3.789 GPA and 500 MCAT.

    I know the MCAT score is very low. My lowest section was CP at 121. Some other background information is I've been working as a full time scribe for more than 2 years as well as volunteering with my ambulance company for around the same time (EMT certified in May 2023). I have/am applying to...
  13. L

    Overthinking and Confused so WAMC

    Hi guys! I'm a rising junior and I've been looking at a few (around 15-20 or so) MD and DO schools and the more I look at them the more I'm doubting that I'll have credentials by senior year to apply to Med school. Below are my stats: 3.9 cGPA and 3.8sGPA I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I'm...
  14. L

    WAMC low low MCAT and high GPA

    I have a 499 MCAT score and a 3.92 GPA. I took the MCAT in June and was averaging better than how I scored... but alas. i'm a PA resident, do I have any shot at MD schools anywhere? do you think most DO schools would interview? trying most for PCOM, but also don't know what to make of my school...
  15. S

    WAMC/School List Help- Low Stats

    Hi, I am submitting my AMCAS and AACOMAS tomorrow, and I wanted some advice on my school list. I understand that my MCAT and GPA are low and should be retaken, but to be transparent... I can't. My family thinks I am wasting my life away (I am three years out of undergrad) and wants me to find...
  16. jupemu

    School List Help: URM, 3.3 GPA, 509 MCAT, SMP

    cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS Undergrad cGPA: 3.16 AMCAS and 3.16 AACOMAS sGPA: 2.98 AMCAS and 3.04 AACOMAS Postbacc 4.00 Graduate SMP in Biomedical Sciences cGPA: 3.82 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.81 AMCAS and 3.82 AACOMAS cGPA: 3.31 AMCAS and 3.31 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.21...
  17. M

    WAMC- low mcat URM

    Hello all! As you’ll probably be able to tell from my info below, I show a great interest in giving back to my own community (AA female) through my job, ECs and volunteering. It’s been my dream to attend an HBCU for medical school from the time that I decided I wanted to become a physician. I...
  18. B

    WAMC and School List Recommendation

  19. R

    WAMC 3.37sGPA / 3.49 cGPA | 517 MCAT

    Hello All, currently getting ready to apply and looking at my chances for this cycle. I'm not feeling too good about my GPA and extracurriculars. Would appreciate any realistic advice on what chances I have at going to medical school. Thanks for any help :) GPA: 3.49 cGPA / 3.37 sGPA / 3.27...
  20. D

    MD WAMC/School List Help

  21. Yarida

    MD & DO WAMC/School List, Reapplicant 3.71 GPA/515 MCAT ORM

    Hello, this is my 3rd cycle for MD and my first cycle for DO. I'd like your opinions on my chances this cycle, suggestions for schools, and what I should do during the cycle. Stats/Info: 515 MCAT (129/126/130/130) from September 2020 3.71 GPA/3.60 sGPA (low GPA freshman year during family...
  22. McLovin_

    WAMC - For DO

  23. S

    WAMC: cGPA 3.48 sGPA 3.36 MCAT 505 (Next cycle)

    1. cGPA: 3.48 sGPA: 3.36 with the last 40 hours of science credits being 3.80+ 2. MCAT: 505 3. Residency: Kansas 4. Ethnicity: Caucasian 5. Shadowing: 200+ hours from 4 separate specialties, most hours coming from primary care 6. Employment: 2000+ paid clinical hours as a phlebotomist at...
  24. D

    WAMC: Non-Traditional Older Applicant With Highs and Lows.

    Hey there everyone, this is my first post on SDN, so I'll try my best to paint a clear picture. As a non-trad, there's a lot to summarize here. In short, I'm 29, have a master's, and decided to switch careers from industrial design (recently worked on medical device design/development) to pursue...
  25. monkeym8

    WAMC/School list (URM; disability; nontrad; MPH grad) - MCAT 503 cGPA 3.49 sGPA 3.29

    Hi there, I was wondering if y'all could help me formulate a school list as a non-trad URM with a rather low MCAT score... Background URM, moderate hearing loss (wear hearing aids), and ADHD (not sure if I would disclose this tbh; diagnosed 2nd yr in college) Parents were refugees from the...
  26. S

    DO edit.

    Thank you for the list!
  27. B

    WAMC GPA: 3.4, MCAT: 499

    I'm only applying to DO this cycle for obvious reasons and going to start prepping for an MCAT retake for next cycle. GPA: Haven't submitted my primary yet but my cumulative is 3.4 and my science should be very similar. MCAT: 499: 125/124/125/125 State of residence: FL Ethnicity and/or race...
  28. I

    Low MCAT (501) - High GPA (3.88) WAMC for both MD and DO

    Arizona State University GPA: cGPA 3.88 sGPA 3.81 MCAT: 494 (122/124/122/126) 501 (125/126/125/125) Residence: Arizona Pakistani Male Clinical: Scribing: (250 hrs + anticipated), Cardiologist clinic volunteering (125 hrs). Non-Clinical Volunteering: ASU Clubs. Mainly two. One focused on...
  29. K

    School list help: OR ORM 3.47 cGPA, 3.36 sGPA, 512 MCAT

    1.) cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA 3.47 Freshman: 3.05 Sophomore: 3.56 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.25 [Curse you COVID] Post-bacc: 3.92 (36 credits) sGPA 3.36 Freshman: 2.60 Sophomore: 3.46 Junior: 3.60 Senior: 3.17 Post-bacc 3.88 2.) MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 512 (128...
  30. U

    WAMC for DO? (3.7/500)

    cGPA = 3.7 and sGPA = 3.6 MCAT score(s) and breakdown: 500 (123/125/125/127) and 499 on retake (123/125/125/126) State of residence or country of citizenship (if non-US): NY Ethnicity and/or race: Afghan female Undergraduate institution or category: small private 4 year college Clinical...
  31. T

    Chances as NY resident

    WAMC- 3.82 GPA, MCAT 505 NY but applying DO everywhere. I graduated from college in 2020. Research Coordinator working on various clinical trials for 2 years. Volunteered at Nursing Home, and was a tutor in college. Worked for AmeriCorps Jumpstart. I was a part of a few clubs in college...
  32. K

    MD & DO MD/DO School List (3.6 cGPA, 511)

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who is able to take the time to make recommendations and give any advice. I appreciate all the valuable help/support! My cGPA is 3.6 sGPA is 3.3 (with upward trend) MCAT 511 White Attended state school Clinical - volunteer: ~50 (projected 250) Clinical - paid...
  33. F

    WAMC anesthesia residency

    Hey everyone! I'm just seeking some advice. I am a 3rd year DO student interested in anesthesia! Below is a little but more about me and my stats. I'm from Florida and will love to end up there for residency but I will settle with anything on the east coast. I will still be applying broadly...
  34. W

    WAMC/School list help

  35. D

    MD & DO WAMC? 3.86 cGPA, 3.79sGPA, 505 MCAT, 1000+ clinical hours

    I just graduated with my undergraduate degree and I am disappointed in getting a B- in my cellular biology course. The last B I received was my Freshman year and this ended up messing up my upward trend. I went from a 3.44 my freshman year to near 4.0 my sophomore and junior years to a 3.6ish...
  36. foultarnished97

    MD & DO WAMC (3.67 gpa / 3.35 sGPA) (512 MCAT) (ORM)

    I'm trying to figure out my chances for an MD/DO school and how I can strengthen my app for next year in case it doesn't work out this year. I'm an ORM from New Hampshire, currently on my 2nd gap year. Majored in Biology and minored in Philosophy at a T40 university in the Honors program. If...
  37. nn0401

    What are my chances? Should I increase my school list? (MD+DO) (3.3cGPA/503/CA/URM)

    Hey y'all! Thanks for clicking. I feel like a hail mary applicant with my stats.. What are my chances? Should I increase the number of schools I've applied to (both MD and DO) just to increase my probability of an acceptance? 1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.3...
  38. love_of_lox

    WAMC/list development; Reapplicant, 518, 3.81 cGPA, 3.70 sGPA, OR

    Hello! In addition to an assessment of my chances, I would really, really appreciate any information on unspoken preferences/recommendations, e.g. very community service-oriented, research-heavy, very social justice-focused, draws heavily from its own undergrads, etc. Other information: Not...
  39. Dobermann

    MD & DO WAMC and School List Help (Nontrad, 3.07/3.69/517)

    As the title states, I am a non-traditional applicant looking to get some help finalizing a strategic school list to hopefully get an MD/DO admit with only one application cycle. The specifics are below, but I am a career-changer and reinventor with poor/uneven stats and several red flags. I...