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I think they wait until day of matriculation. Technically anyone can drop until then. But if you commit to enroll elsewhere then they require us to cancel our wait list spot.

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can’t distinguish between MSTP and MD in the GroupMe but a couple of people left and joined this week. Movement seems to be on an individual basis at this point (ie one person leaves, another person shortly joins)
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Is WL movement done?
Not 100% sure but I think the bulk of it is over. GroupMe changes have been pretty dead since May 20. Since then one person joined on May 29, and in the last two days, two people have left though it’s not clear if these are people who PTE’d Yale and got off another school’s waitlist, or if they never PTE’d and were just late to leave the GroupMe.

Also FYI for waitlisted people if it hasn’t been mentioned yet, Yale’s CTE deadline is June 17 so movement should end then