CCOM vs. DMU??

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Mar 8, 2010
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i would just like any opinion regarding these two awesome schools.

ccom offers great rotations during third and fourth years by being placed in hospitals all over chicago. but the academics are in the quarter system, which i have experienced as an undergrad, and am not too keen on. does that matter? also, ccom is pretty pricey...

dmu had excellent technological facilities - sim labs and surgical classes. but the fact that it's in iowa gets to me. and i'm also wondering about how much patient diversity i can be exposed to during rotations...

what would you lean towards and why?? thanks~

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There are five or six threads about this discussion already. Check them out.
k, found the one thread in the other general do group - although there wasn't a lot of replies... thanks
Try here:

In many ways I am in the same boat as you. Both are good schools, and many people have tried to point out the pros and cons of each. From what I understand, a few things to consider:

People that go to one school will usually favor that school.

CCOM seems to have better opportunities for residencies due to its affiliation within the Chicago area.

DMU seems to have extremely high pass rates for both comlex and matching. I am sure CCOM is comparable, but I just interviewed at DMU and their match rates are a little over 90% for first or second choices. That's pretty damn good.

So post your feedback and ideas. I just wanted to give you a heads up that there were several discussions about this already. The question is valid in my opinion, but I just wanted to point you towards what has already been said. :D