1. Anabell Golding

    The Truth About USC Dental School
  2. T

    DAT Retake: Round 3

    Hello - I am a current dental hygienist who plans to take the DAT for a third time, in hopes of enrolling into dental school this summer. I have a 3.5 GPA, a BA in biology (graduated 2015) and a BA in dental hygiene. I spent roughly 4 months with DAT Bootcamp to prepare for my first attempt and...
  3. T

    NYU masters in biology (oral track) fall 2022

    Has anybody applied to this program? Or has any information on it?
  4. 2


  5. thelazyvaca

    Anesthesiology (or any) residency from a pass/fail & rank-less dental school?

    Hello folks, I am about to attend a dental school that uses P/F in addition to being rank-less. I understand it is early to think about this, but what is the process with matching into a program without those two metrics? Is taking the ADAT a must for schools like that? I am super interested...
  6. sambarcenaa

    Advice for a senior in hs

    I'm graduating this summer, Long story short I'm going to do a program for dental assisting which is 10 months long, and then start my studies for dentistry. My question is if it's worth it to work as a dental assistant during dental school(Saturday and/or Sunday). I live in California and in my...
  7. L

    I will graduate with roughly ~240k in debt. Federal or private loans?

    I start dental school this summer and calculated that I’ll graduate with ~240k in debt. Should I use federal loans, private or both? my plan is to use to Federal unsubsidized loans (20k yearly) and then the decision comes to either use the grad PLUS to cover the rest (tuition, living expenses...
  8. L

    Do you need to have decent art skills to become a good dentist?

    Im starting dental school this year and am probably the least artsy person I know. I’m not very good at drawing and am kinda concerned that these lack of art skills may translate over to wax ups or other dental work. Is it possible to become a good dentist without being a good artist?
  9. S

    WAMC? When to take DAT?

    Hello, I am currently a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and I am interested in going to dental school. My GPA is very low compared to others; my cGPA is 3.28 and my sGPA is 3.27. I don't have much volunteer hours in the dental field but I have been shadowing a dentist. My...
  10. S

    Chances of getting into dental school

    Hi guys, I am just posting to see what I need to do to strengthen my Dental application for this May. I don’t have that many volunteer hours (about20-30) and i have only been able to shadow an oral surgeon for 55 hours. I also am on the table tennis team at my university and a TA. I have called...
  11. A

    Marquette (OOS) vs. Tufts

    Both are really great schools. I do not have a preference with location. (originally from New Jersey) *hope to specialize in the future Marquette (OOS) *cheaper by~ 250k *attended undergrad here If anyone could provide any feedback or personal experiences about either schools, that would be...
  12. L

    How accurate are schools Cost of Attendance sheets?

    The schools I’m looking at have their cost of attendance being ~$250k for the 4 years of attendance. How close is this to reality? Would you say this is a good approximation of what I’ll graduate with I’m loan debt? cost of attendance= tuition + fees+ housing + living expenses, etc.
  13. L

    Why does it seem like majority of general dentist/dental students stay away from learning molar root canal?

    This question is coming from a DH that is pursuing dental school (hopefully starting dental school in 2021) so please excuse my ignorance when it comes to actually performing a molar root canal. I work with a GP who rarely refers root canals out and does molar rcts in ~30 mins. It’s taken him 25...
  14. L

    Should clinical experience be the deciding factor in choosing a school? (Cost not a huge concern)

    I’ve had interviews at Univ of Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Dental College of Georgia, & Roseman. Although no acceptances have been announced yet; I like to plan ahead. I’m from Georgia and will end up practicing I’m Georgia once I graduate. To pay for dental school, I will be using my GI bill...
  15. I

    Dental Schools with group interviews?

    Does anyone know which dental schools do group interviews over one on one or MMI?
  16. M

    Is it possible to study for both the dat and mcat at the same time?

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased dat Bootcamp and was wondering if the bio, gen chem and o chem is the same for the mcat. I know that both exams have differences as far as pat, physics, bio chem, and math, but I wanted to know mainly for bio, gen chem and o chem. Thanks everyone!
  17. M

    Is it possible to study for the MCAT and DAT at the same time?

    Hi everyone. I purchased DAT Bootcamp a while ago and have been studying to take the dat. I wanted to know if the topics in bio and chem and Ochem will be the same for the MCAT. I know the dat has different topics like PAT and Calc and Stats and the MCAT has physics and Biochem, but let me know...
  18. H

    Best Externships for OMFS dreamers 2019!

    Hey fellow OMFS dreamers, the 2019 application cycle is almost upon us. Could people list best externships to check out before application cycle opens up !
  19. I

    Letters of Reccomendation

    This May sound like a dumb question, but for the AADSAS application to dental school, do you have to wait until May 15 to have your letters of recommendation submitted? That is the only date I can find online for when the new cycle “soft-opens”, but it seemed kind of late to me. Just wanted to...
  20. I

    Dental Shadowing Hours

    I was just curious, when a school says they have a reccomended ammount of shadowing hours, does that include hours with specialists or specifically general dentists? I’m looking at the dental college of georgia, and I saw somewhere that they prefer to see close to 300 hours of shadowing. Right...

    DACA dental schools

    I just wanted to list dental schools that consider applicants with DACA status. I thought it would be convenient for future applicants with DACA status. So we won't have to worry about wasting our money and time. Anyways, I am a reapplicant and had 3 interviews last cycle. Unfortunately, I...
  22. S

    What schools should I apply to?

    Hey guys ill keep this short. Here are my stats: oGPA: 3.42 sGPA: 3.15 DAT(19AA, retaking it June 29th, hoping for anything >19) Doing the Master's of Arts Biomed program starting Aug at Midwestern. 3 shadowing exp >100hrs >200 volunteering hrs. I am applying very broadly - I am a reapplicant...
  23. M

    Shadowing log/signatures?

    Hello fellow pre-dental students! I have been shadowing a general dentist and periodontist for a while now and wanted to know how I should get their signature on the google sheets I've been logging my hours on. Do I print a physical copy and get it signed by them? Do I get a digital signature...
  24. S

    C in Gen. Chem 1&2

    Will I be able to get into dental school with a C in both gen. chem. 1 and 2? I'm worried that my grade in Gen. chem will prevent me from getting admitted into dental school. Should I just give up and choose a different career path?
  25. M

    Personal Statement Help**

    To those individuals that are in dental school right now, I need help with my personal statement. I have a rough draft down but I need opinions on what you guys think of it so far. If you would like to read my essay, please message me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys!
  26. A

    Honest Evaluation of My Chances of Getting into Dental School...I implore you.

    I have wanted to become a dentist since I could remember how to think. I am, a female, 21, a junior in a good private college. Both of my parents are dentists in PA, pediatric and general. I have had my dental radiology health and safety certification since I was 17 and have worked at their...
  27. dentaldiva27

    Is Midwestern-Glendale worth the cost?

    Hey guys! I just got accepted to MWU-AZ today and I’m trying to justify the cost. I loved the area, school, people and the clinic seemed really great. However, I feel like they really talked up their program and were really trying to sell you on going there. The tuition is crazy expensive so I’m...
  28. R

    Took the Canadian DAT in November

    I recently took the Canadian DAT in November and got these scores. Reading comp: 20 BIOL: 18 Chem: 17 Sci Total: 18 Academic Average: 18 PAT: 14 MDT: 6 This was my first time taking the DAT, and I went into it with zero preparation, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance...
  29. fangsaremythang

    Which schools have filled their class?

    I am curious as to which schools have filled up their class or try to. In terms of handing out acceptances because I know many students haven't decided which school they will attend yet. I think I heard UDM is one of them.
  30. A

    What to do

    hey I am just wondering I interviewed at a TX school at November 13 and heard nothing back from today I think they sent an email out at 12:01am. Also I didnt hear that I was waitlisted from that so what should I do feel bad that I didnt get waitlisted?
  31. D

    Critical Thinking

    hello everyone, Quick question... I have been asked on a secondary application for dental school on what I have done in the last year to improve my 'critical thinking'... Does anyone have any idea on what they are looking for? Please give me some suggestion and thank you!
  32. beardentist26

    Interview Tomorrow

    I have an interview tomorrow and I am really nervous. Does anyone have any tips or advice about the type of interview questions they could potentially ask me that might come off difficult or catch me off guard? I would really want to know just sample interview questions. Thank you!
  33. D1Bound

    Difficulty of Dental School

    Hello I was wondering if some people could give me advice about how "hard" dental school is. I recognize it's what you make of it and if you want to specialize then it is all the more rigorous because one must worry about grades. In undergrad, one must seek to answer the "why" question and apply...
  34. R

    Average dat scores this cycle

    Based of the forums it seems to be that the dat scores of applicants of this higher are much higher than years past. Is there any truth to this or anyway to find out the average dat score for this cycle?
  35. dentaldiva27

    Desperately need help narrowing down my list of schools

    Hi everyone, I am having a hard time choosing which schools would be best for me to apply to and eliminating some of my options. Residency: Pennsylvania GPA: 3.54 from University of Virginia I am taking the DAT on July 20th so I don't have my scores for that yet. I have ~500 hours of...
  36. Dustyrose96

    Dental school after post bacc or masters?

    Hello! Does anyone have any experience or have any stories of students who have successfully been accepted to dental schools after doing either a post bacc program or some master's program? Thank you!!
  37. W

    Which schools do I have the best chances?

    I'm from Texas so I'm applying to all school in-state no matter what. I have an overall gpa of 3.57 major gpa of 3.75. My DAT scores: PAT 21, QR 18, RC 21, Bio 20, GC 19, OC 19, TC 19, AA 19. I have over 100 hours shadowing, work experience, organization leadership, and volunteer hours. I don't...
  38. J

    How to get back on the track to dental school?

    Hello ! I graduated with my BA in Biology 4 years ago, and on my way into taking my DAT's to go into dental school. However, at that moment I was a 21 year old selfish, broke, in debt, student graduate. I was not ready to give up my time, more money, relationship, and family. Most importantly...
  39. Ckwondental


    Hello, I am a high school senior who got into the dental accelerated program (BS/DDS) at UoP, UDM, Nova, and NYU. I've been invited for interview from Case and waiting for the interview invitations from Marquette and Buffalo. I don't know much about the dental schools, as I'm still in high...
  40. C


    Hey guys I'm about to make teacher submit my letter of rec on inter folio for dental school is there any thing specific about the signature.. like all my professors are doing are writing sincerely, and there name... is it required to have a hand drawn signature or something ?? and if so, how do...