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  1. Z

    Application timeline question- Should I apply this cycle?

    Hello, So I'm currently on my 3rd gap year and planning to apply to med school this cycle. I'm interested in applying to both MD and DO schools, but I'm planning on taking the MCAT near end of August/beginning of September. I've been averaging 505/506 on NextStep practice exams, but want to...
  2. C

    Proof of Extra-curricular activities

    Hey, how are we supposed to present our EC's in the application, and what sort of proof is required? Thanks in advance!
  3. Friendly MichaelMyers

    Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine / CCOM / MABS

    Hello. I was accepted recently to MABS program with an MCAT of 500. However, their guaranteed interview requires 504 MCAT. I could put good effort during MABS and that could get me an interview. But I am wondering if its worth it. Or should I just go for a less risky program (LECOM/VCOM)...
  4. A

    Help with school list/suggestion?

    Hi y'all, first time applicant trying to come up with a list of schools I should apply to this upcoming May. I am a Virginia resident and considering applying to low tier MDs and DOs due to my stats. Stats: Graduated from a school in Illinois 3.3 sGPA/cGPA (upward trend, with DIY post bacc)...
  5. D

    Child neuro elective rotations

    Hi! I’m a third year DO student interested in child neuro. I’m hoping to stay in the Midwest for residency and am wondering where to do electives/auditions. I scored decent on step 1 (240s) and tons of volunteering but only have research from undergrad. Does anyone have any tips on the best...
  6. BNoog

    MD/DO possible? IN resident with 3.5 cGPA/510 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker (inactive) for the past year and was wondering what your thoughts on my WAMC are! cGPA: 3.50 (upward zigzag trend explained below) sGPA: 3.18 AMCAS 3.25 AACOMAS MCAT score: 510 (127/128/128/127) State of residence: Indiana (have direct family connections in Ohio)...
  7. 9

    Rocky Vista UT vs Western U Lebanon

    Hello SDN. I am in the lucky and blessed position to have acceptances at both of these schools. I have various reasons for liking each, and I feel that this is the choice between two good options. Just want to see what others might have to chip in about my decision. (+pro, -con) Rocky Vista...
  8. SaraTonin_15

    2018/2019 DO Application Outcome Tracker

    Hi everyone, I made a tracker for MD interview/outcomes and I'm not sure if there was already tracker for DO schools so I made this one. Let me know if you have any comments/ suggestions:
  9. K

    Do Pre-Reqs affect Interview Decisions?

    I have my BSc. from a Canadian institution; Canadian med schools don't have pre-req courses, so I never really thought about them. Unfortunately, I only took 1 general (inorganic) chemistry, but I have all the other DO pre-reqs. Would missing 1 pre-req course immediately invalidate my...
  10. K

    Canadian Student Going to US DO School?

    I'm going into my second year of undergrad and I am looking into US DO schools. In Canada, we only have MD schools but internationally educated DOs can still practice in Canada. I am considering studying in the US because I like the ideas behind being a DO more than a MD. In Canada, most MD...
  11. B

    WAMC? and Help Creating a DO school list

    I know this is tough to dictate without an mcat score, but I have been scoring around a 504-505 on FL. Take exam September 8th. Resident of Arizona. Stats: Overall GPA:3.6, Science GPA: 3.2 (lower side), Post Bacc GPA: 4.0 (Respiratory Therapy Program) URM: Hispanic (Mexican-American) and Fluent...
  12. F

    Should I apply or wait?

    is it worth me trying to apply with an MCAT of 492 or should I just wait and retake the mcat and apply next cycle? Do schools like to see reapplicants? Help
  13. R

    496 MCAT

    Just got a 496. Planning on retaking in August or September. 5/5 Mcat- 496 C/P 122 CARS 127 B/B 124 P/S 123 I have a 3.61 Undergad GPA from a Florida University. Planning on retaking should I still apply with that score with the retake in on AACOMAS? If so what schools? Thanks guys I already...
  14. G

    Thoughts on my school list/what are my chances

    I have a 502 MCAT and with 2nd attempt got a 500 (don't ask, literally don' know what happened on test day as I was averaging 510 on AAMC practice). Anyways, I have a 3.55 GPA & 3.3 GPA, a lot of leadership, clinical experience, research and volunteering. I'm a FL resident and have compiled a...
  15. F

    500 now - Retake in JULY for DO school?

    Hi all! I unfortunately received a 500 on my MCAT. I have a 3.5 cGPA and around 3.2 sGPA. I am not sure if I should plan for a retake on July 24 or just apply to DO schools with this score now. Is there any way I can apply with this score and then sent an updated one? I would really like to...
  16. S

    Position Wanted DO TRI Seeking Open PGY-1/PGY-2 Positions

    Hello everyone, my searches through the AOA Post Match, AOA opportunities page and SwapAResident have been unfruitful thus far and I am trying to secure an open PGY-1/2 spot literally anywhere at this point, although would prefer to stay on the East Coast I am a current TRI (PGY-1) at an AOA...
  17. Mat the coolcat

    University of Alabama EM, DO friendly...?

    Interested in UAB, and wondering how apt they are to taking/interviewing DO's...I see on their website that they only currently have one DO in all 3 classes... I currently have a EM rotation offer with them, but I'm considering finding another one if i wouldn't be considered for a residency...
  18. L

    DO School Applicant Help

    Howdy! (as we say here at Texas A&M) I am currently a second-year college student and will be graduating a year early (in May of 2019) with a degree in health humanities, and minors in English and public health from A&M. I will be finishing up my pre-reqs for DO school post-bacc in the year...
  19. P

    DO Chances, any school suggestions?

  20. C

    DO School Stats

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up an excel sheet for myself so I can tell which DO programs I could realistically get into. I'm having trouble, however, as most of the schools' websites post the minimum GPA & MCAT scores needed to get in, not the average accepted scores. Does anyone know if there...
  21. H

    DO WAMC? 3.18 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA, 506 MCAT

    Hi everyone, I will be a reapplicant to the DO cycle. What are my chances for matriculation for Sept 2019? US PR (reside in Illinois) 3.18 cGPA, 3.09 sGPA, 3.33 non-sGPA, 506 MCAT I do have an upwards trend in my GPA. Clinical Experience: Physician Shadowing at Hines, VA - went to rounds...
  22. O

    Can I Even Do This [DO]

    Hey SDN forum folks! I was hoping for you guys to be able to help me shed some light as to if I even stand a chance. Fair warning, I haven't taken my MCAT, and my cum GPA from Undergrad was LOW. So here it goes, I finished up my undergrad with about a 2.5...
  23. J

    Whats the best SMP for me?

    Hey guys, Im applying to SMPs but found only 3 to 4 programs that are a good match for me. I sadly have a 2.9 gpa and a 500 mcat, but Im going ahead and applying to programs. Has anyone with stats similar to mine applied to SMPs and got accepted?
  24. F

    Masters or Postbacc for DO school?

    Hi all, sorry if this has already been posted before. I am interesting in going to DO school, but did not apply this cycle due to low stats (cGPA 3.4, sGPA 3.09, MCAT 500). In the year before I apply, I want to do either a post bacc or masters in order to increase my admissions chances. I also...
  25. D

    Anesthesia with only COMLEX

    Can someone who has applied to ACGME programs with only a COMLEX please list which programs were applied to? I have searched Freida and identified several anesthesia programs that do not require the USMLE; however, after reading other posts on this forum, it appears other applicants in my same...
  26. R

    Fairleigh Dickinson DO program

    I was wondering if anyone who is in the program or knows about the program, to explain how this program really works. I checked the site and I've seen some info, but I still wondering what are the chances of being admitted into the program? Thanks.
  27. joshmygosh

    How OMT-minded is your school?

    [This is my first post on SDN. Hi! I'm Josh!] I'm really wanting to go to a school that is heavily focused on osteopathic manipulation and philosophy. I did see another post about this from 2015 by Dohnut, but I'm looking for more specific data. If you're currently/previously a student at an...
  28. B

    DO DO applicant: I failed a spanish class, a guitar class, and a keyboarding class

    For my final semester at community college (spring 2017), i decided to take "fun classes." As the semester progressed, however, i became lazy and ended up failing all 3 of the "fun classes," which included conversational spanish, beginning guitar, and beginner keyboarding -- 6 units in total...