1. Leftpaw

    Chance at getting into another school after suspension / dismissal

    Hello. As explained in another thread, I was dismissed from optometry school at the end of my 1st Year Fall Semester for academic reasons - failed one lab and lecture. I attempted to appeal and that fell through - the committee upheld my suspension. I was wondering how likely it could be to...
  2. Leftpaw


  3. diana2000

    biochem with little orgo knowledge?

    Hey everyone I’m a senior at my university and i took organic chemistry my freshman year and decided to take biochem now. My only problem is that i forgot a lot of the information for organic chem and barely remember how to name structures at the top of my head. I need to pass this biochem...
  4. ravenx

    Failed 1 class and now I’m doubting my future

    Hello everyone, This semester I transferred from a community college to a four-year institution; I’m a Junior and currently failing 1 class. I’m taking five courses in total and have 3 A’s and 1 B. For the course that I’m failing, I’m going to have either an F or a D. That class is Ecology, and...
  5. R

    This is my second time taking organic chemistry II and not doing too well should I drop it or stick it through?

    Just finished the 1st exam and felt like I did really bad. I studied but orgo has always been really confusing for me. I don't wanna fail again. So I can either "W" drop which will show on transcript or attempt to stick it through and by some miracle ace the next exams. The exams are mostly...
  6. Flamingo477

    Step 2 CS April-May Score release Thread 2019

    Hi Drs, I did my exam may the 3rd in Atlanta. I did plenty of mistakes that I hope would not lead me to a fail. - Did not have the time my personal notes perfectly. Many of them had only 2 DDx and some even did not have any supporting evidence. - Did not have time to add more than 3 workup...
  7. H

    in danger of failing (research credits).. help!

    a little background info.. i am a sophomore at a pretty prestigious undergrad school. i didn't do well at all freshman year, no Cs but only a few As and mostly Bs. this semester and while taking orgo over the summer, i've really turned it around and gotten only As and A-s, and am looking at a...
  8. kernel

    Need advice, ideas, and suggested timeline for self pity. Or maybe you went thru the same?

    Hi all, Here's another chronicle about how the NAVLE can crush some peoples' souls. Here's mine, and I'm still feeling so empty/shocked/utterly pathetic that I could really use and would appreciate everyone's insight, personal stories, comfort, reminders to buck the f*ck up, ideas for the next...
  9. H

    Need Advice

    This is my first post on SDN. I'm in a very specific situation, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would like to preface by saying that it is my dream to one day become a doctor. I am currently taking 2 labs, two second level science classes, and two electives. I am a full-time dual...
  10. H

    urgent and in need of advice!

    Hey guys! I'm a 21-year-old female. I'm currently still at a community college. I did well my first semester (3.0), did VERY POOR the next 3 semesters (1.73, 1.89, 1.87). I received F's, D's and I believe I withdrew from a course. At this point, my financial aid was dropped and I had to take a...
  11. Niikkiiii

    In Danger of Failing classes

    Hello friends, So I have finals in a few days, and I am concerned with a couple of classes, and I'm not sure what to do. I am currently failing my anatomy class, but have discussed withdrawing with my professor, so I'm guessing if I fail, I don't think he'll put an F as my grade, but instead...
  12. Niikkiiii

    Having trouble this semester

    Hey all, I have had a pretty rough semester. I guess I would like some reassurance (if possible). I want to go to medical school but I am literally in danger of failing two classes. I have been busting my ass and trying to pull through but I do not know if that will be enough as the semester...
  13. A

    STEP 2 CS- Mistakes enough to fail?

    Hey everyone, Just wrote my Step 2 CS as a Canadian IMG studying in the UK and i made some mistakes that are giving me anxiety and i'm wondering if it is enough to possibly cause me to fail. - I auscultated the aortic and pulmonary valve for every patient, but i did not auscultate at the 5th...
  14. N

    Can't Drill

  15. RabbitLove

    Should I give up while I still can?

    I have wanted to be a veterinarian for six years. My entire life has basically revolved around caring for animals. I have even gone as far as to foster over 70 animals in the past three years, work for an animal shelter, and even obtain the position of, "small animal coordinator". I am no...
  16. C

    Failing Organic

    Hi SDN! So I am about to be a junior this fall. I decided to take ochem this summer and actually just took my final for ochem 1 today. I am scared I will not pass the class with at least a C- because I am pretty sure I bombed the exam. How is retaking it in the fall going to affect my medical...
  17. H

    Really struggling...in need of advice!

    Hi everyone, First post on here so not sure how people will respond. I'm a first year med student. Currently in my second semester. The first block back from winter break, I found out that my mom's cancer had returned. I'm living at home with my mom (to save $$$). This block happened to be the...
  18. A


  19. J

    Can I recovering from failing orgo 2?

    Title: Can I recover* from failing orgo 2? I'm a first semester sophomore right now (english and bio double major). I had a really crappy time in orgo 1 (got a B, but with a really bad substitute teacher during the summer course) which really crippled me for orgo two and now I'm paying the...
  20. S

    Dropping General Chem 1 Lab?

    So, I'm in a situation where I am doing great in the chemistry lecture but very badly in the lab... I have until Nov. 2 to drop with a grade of DR on my transcript. If I don't drop it, I'll be getting a grade of D or F in the lab and will have to re-take it next semester. This is my first...
  21. F

    Struggling and i want to know my chances

    This is my first post on here. I'm 21, 3rd year in college education. First two or so I went to a community college and did most of my pre-req, I might have to do extra 2 classes because the university I go to requires little different classes. However, I am struggling in the science section. I...
  22. H

    Withdraw from class or wait and possibly fail?

    Hi. So right now I'm a freshman in college and I'm really struggling in my math class since the tests are extremely hard compared to the homework and classwork. Should I withdraw now or wait it out and possibly fail the class? Either way, I still have to retake the class even if I receive a C...
  23. Tigrane

    I failed Freshman, Sophomore year and now I'm failing Junior year? Can I still be successful?

    I'm now a Junior in high school, and the last two years (Freshman and Sophomore) have been complete trash (Bs and Cs all around) and now my Junior is already slipping down to hell(I have two Cs, a D-, and all rest Bs and As). I am extremely worried because I know even if I get straight A's my...
  24. S

    I want to keep trying...but I need some input, PLEASE.

    Hello Everyone! I have been relying on the information on this site for a long time but I haven't found a question close to mine. I am open to hearing advice, warning, alternative plans etc. I need different points of views since mine are now stagnant. So here is the deal: * first generation...