high mcat low gpa

  1. AnnMarieLastrassi

    WAMC/School list help: MA, URM, Non-trad (cGPA 3.56/sGPA 3.54/ MCAT 520)

    Hey, I am a non-trad applicant and I'm struggling with building a school list. I'm open to suggestions I am not sure what I should do or how competitive I am in general. I have a heavy research background and I've gotten a lot of clinical experience over the last year. I also have a lot of...
  2. R

    WAMC 3.37sGPA / 3.49 cGPA | 517 MCAT

    Hello All, currently getting ready to apply and looking at my chances for this cycle. I'm not feeling too good about my GPA and extracurriculars. Would appreciate any realistic advice on what chances I have at going to medical school. Thanks for any help :) GPA: 3.49 cGPA / 3.37 sGPA / 3.27...
  3. B

    Assessing if I should apply

    Hi everyone :) hoping to get some advice!! Here’s my profile: Currently a management consultant at an MBB (top 3 firm) My overall college GPA was low— 3.4 with stark upward trend (senior year was 3.9) MCAT score 518 Had 2 funded research internships in a top hospital prior to MBB Have...
  4. A


    deleted for privacy, thank you all for the help!
  5. C

    Non Trad Low GPA Higher MCAT CA

    Hey guys, I'm a nontraditional 28 yo applicant, graduated class 2014 with biological sciences degree. Here are my stats: MCAT: 517 undergrad cGPA: 3.09 (including the postbacc "undergrad" courses) 2.92 (if I didn't include the postbacc) undergrad sGPA: 2.87 (including the postbacc "undergrad"...
  6. HeliseacombatronFIVES

    Non traditional students my story **Long Story Alert**

    Hi everyone, *** sorry about the long story important events to me are high lighted in red, I left out some stuff cause it gonna make this into a long essay*** *** before you read Thank you so much for listening to my story, and thanks to those who provide me with future insight and their...
  7. K

    High MCAT Low GPA - School List Help/Do I Have a Chance?

    Hi Friends, I'm applying this cycle to USA Med Schools and a little stressed about my GPA would appreciate advice on whether I a) have a chance for MD; b) if I should wait to finish my last year, do some GPA repair/get more research & clinical hours then apply c) apply to DO school instead (will...
  8. W

    MD & DO WAMC: 3.4c/3.2s ; 3.7 grad ; 518 MCAT.

    1. GPA: Undergrad: B.S. Pure Mathematics: 3.42 Cumulative, 3.2 Science. Upward trend. Those upper level proofs classes were not nice to my science GPA. Sucks because C's are good grades in those classes, but I know adcoms won't see it that way. I got my act together senior year and made the...
  9. S

    Reapplicant School list... Help very much appreciated!

    Hello all. I am nontraditional reapplicant hoping to apply broadly this year. I am also curious about whether or not you all think I have a shot at MD schools. I will be applying to both MD and DO but am more concerned with my MD school list right now. Stats: 3.1 Undergrad cGPA/sGPA (without...
  10. T


  11. B

    MD 517 MCAT, 3.22 cGPA, 3.20 sGPA

    Appreciate all help in creating a list to apply to! Thanks in advance! I am a year out of college now, and am excited to apply and make my dream become a reality! I have really pitched my goal as working to advance the standard of care in my primary application, as this has been the work of...
  12. S

    WAMC for top 10 school, high mcat, low GPA

    Hi All! Just trying to ease my mind here, trying to gauge whether my dream of getting into a top 10 (or top 20) school is viable, or if I should adjust my expectations. I have a high MCAT score and a relatively low gpa. My extracurriculars are really strong, I have consistent clinical...
  13. R

    School List help - 517 MCAT, c3.64/s3.74, non-trad + no research

  14. T

    MD Non-trad, MCAT 522, cGPA=3.53, sGPA=3.41

    Deleted for privacy! Feel free to message me if you're another non-trad/High MCAT/low GPA person looking for someone else in the same general situation.
  15. terebellumjokes

    Was it my late application? Reapply to new or same schools?

    Hey, this is my first post and I was hoping someone could offer me some advice on how to focus on the strengths (and my correct the weaknesses) of my application. I've been lurking the forums for a while now, but finally I think my situation is unique enough to warrant a post. Last cycle I...
  16. Future_Doc1997

    What are my chances?

    So this may be kind of long... I’m not the smartest, but I am a hard worker. Averaging B’s in most of my classes needed to take (i do have a few C’s) However one horrible semester brought my GPA down tremendously & it’s been hard trying to bring it back up (currently at a 2.58) I’m taking...
  17. Shubniguroth

    MD PhD with very high MCAT and very low undergrad GPA - WAMC?

  18. K

    What are my chances

    MCAT: 515 Science GPA: 3.4 (All Honors) Cumulative GPA: 3.6 200+ shadowing hours, founder of organization, worked as CNA, research experience, volunteer at nursing home, etc. The low science gpa can be explained by my enrollment in a prestigious honors program for health profession. I was...
  19. W

    Academic Dismissal, low GPA, upward trend

    Ok, so where do I begin.... I am a lower senior in my college and would like to go into medical school. Some facts about me, I was academically dismissed from my college during what would've been my first semester of my junior year ( two years ago). I've always been a good student but went...
  20. sparksflyup

    Low GPA High MCAT -Am I ducked?

    3.43 cGPA, 3.28 sGPA (from HYP) 526 MCAT White girl, graduated 2015 Wasn't "pre-med" as an undergrad (hence the GPAs) but did tons of community service. Now I'm working full-time in a research position at a pretty cool bio-tech company and still do a lot of service. I've sifted through some...
  21. P

    3.53 cGPA, 3.45 sGPA, 522 MCAT, should I do a SMP?

    California resident, 3rd time applicant. First MCAT (old)- 32. Just took the new MCAT: 522. Non-URM. 5000+ Hrs Clinical Experience 1400 Hrs Research Experience (No papers but have submitted abstracts and presented posters at the APA) 280 Hrs Non-Clinical Volunteering 700 Hrs Clinical...
  22. ER95

    MD Low GPA, high MCAT - School options

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what schools I should look at given the following stats: cGPA - 3.3 sGPA - 3.2 MCAT - 520 (131/130/132/127) I've got a little over 1000 hours of clinical experience as an ER tech, EMT experience, research experience, and...
  23. swimmergalpal1996

    Low BCPM, High MCAT, need honest opinion

  24. T

    Master's programs - low GPA/high MCAT, low research?

    Hey all, I applied last year to MD programs to no avail. I have a bad gpa (3.17) in BME from Stanford, but 518 MCAT (Apr 2016). I have been applying to post bacc programs but haven't got into any, so I am thinking of doing a DIY post bacc. However, I also got into 2 masters programs - one in...
  25. K

    MD & DO What Should I Do?

    Hey everyone, I messed up with my undergrad GPA (2.9). I was not considering pursuing medical school at that time. My GPA was on an upswing though as my last 60 units have a GPA of 3.5. I completed a post bacc program for Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS), and I obtained an ASCP certified...
  26. M

    MD & DO What are my chances? 3.1 gpa 520 mcat

    hello everyone! This is another what are my chances thread! I am an asian female, texas resident, and senior applying this cycle. I took my MCAT last summer and I got a 520! GPA wise i haven't been so lucky, i was enrolled in a dual credit program in high school and didn't do very well so...
  27. J

    Do I have a chance?

    Hi guys, I really want to get into a good MD school however my gpa is really bumming me out. I have a 3.35 and scored a 523 (131 CARS/131 CPB/131 PSB/130 BB) on the MCAT. I know I scored really well on the MCAT but I am afraid my GPA is a deal breaker for some of the better schools. What do...
  28. R

    What are my chances? (3.18/3.43/520)

  29. T

    MD CA resident/ORM with 3.61 cGPA, 3.63 sGPA, 522 MCAT

    Already applying (and struggling with secondaries), just wanted to get some feedback on my school list, especially if there's any worth cutting or adding. My GPA and MCAT are a little unbalanced, so picking reach/target/"safeties" has been confusing. Recent graduate of a CA private school...
  30. H

    521/3.47c/3.85s- SMP?? next steps

  31. L

    Ivy league undergrad low GPA high MCAT SMP or Apply?

    I am a URM tha graduated with a pretty low gpa from an ivy league (HYP). A 3.33 cGPA and 3.0 BCMPgpa due to a lot of personal issues that required me to be back home frequently. I plan on taking the MCAT soon. So far I have been scoring in the 518-520 range on practice and AAMC sample tests. If...
  32. BunnyMan17

    School Suggestions? Mediocre GPA but good MCAT

    Just got mcat scores back and I managed to pull a 518 (129, 131, 130, 128)... but... my gpa isn't that great. I've got a 3.47c and 3.3s (AMCAS). With grade replacement and such my AACOMAS gpa is higher so I'm mainly applying DO. I do like their philosophy and have been impressed by the ones I've...
  33. RisingCaduceus

    DO 3.16/519, worth a shot?

    Hey SDN! I'm trying to decide whether or not to bother with applying DO this year or just buckle down with another year of post-bac instead. I've seen a few success stories, but not enough to justify the money so far. I'd think 50:50 odds were worth it. Well here's my resume: Major: Molecular...
  34. G

    Should I do a Post-Bacc? 516 MCAT, 3.4 GPA

    I'm wondering if I should apply to medical school for the 2017 year now, or plan on a SMP program first? Summary Stats: 3.4 GPA, 516 MCAT, Hispanic, White Detailed Stats: a. 3.4 GPA with 3.4 sGPA. No good excuse for this--- I've had semesters of hard science classes with A's, and semesters...
  35. S

    high mcat low gpa med school

    I have a low overall GPA and a high mcat. I did show a very strong upward trend in my GPA though. I earned an A in all prerequisite science courses. I would like to be accepted into some type of US MD school. Overal GPA(186 credits): 2.6 Science GPA: 3.6 Post-bac (60 credits): 4.0 MCAT: 516...
  36. UreterIHardlyKnowHer

    MD & DO 3.52 cGPA, Low sGPA (?), 519 MCAT - School List Help Please!

    Hey guys, So here is my situation: -I am finishing up the last of my undergraduate work here at USC (also someone please tell me if I should make this more anonymous, everyone seems to do that here). I have 3.5 years of solid Alzheimer's research, 340 hours volunteering in the Cope "Clinical...
  37. m2regen

    Non Trad. Engineer --> MD/PhD, Schools List, Feedback, etc.

    Hey there! So I have been working in engineering R&D for a large and well-known medical device company for a couple of years and am interested in applying to MD/PhD programs in engineering. Here is my profile: (cGPA: 3.06) and (sGPA: 3.46), post-bacc GPA (all science): 3.84, grad GPA (MS...
  38. O

    hypothetical scenario

    Greetings SDN, If anyone out there is currently bored/procrastinating I've got a question that's been rolling around in the back of my mind and I'm curious if anyone has any strong opinions about it. Let's say someone scores decently well on the MCAT after a poor undergrad performance- let's...