1. comewithme

    Neurology and Math?

    Hi, I am interested in doing neurology as my residency, currently 5th year (out of 6) of medicine in Europe. I also really like math and can’t help but wonder if math is used in neurology. I am aware that while admitting and treating patients there is no room for that but maybe there is...
  2. B

    Mid Application Cycle + Gap Year Advice (Feeling Stuck)

    Hey SDN community! Hope everyone is enjoying the end of year festivities. It has been quite some time since I've last posted and life has surely moved on since then. Right now I'm in the middle of an applicant cycle for MD. There was an issue in my university in regards to getting a...
  3. yelenaMV

    Prerequisites for Midwestern and Auburn, please help.

    Hello, questions about prerequisites: for Midwestern Mathematics 6 credits, I have Calc 4 credits, not sure if Statistics or Computer Science can be applied. for Auburn Cell Biology requirement what other courses can be applied? I have Animal Genetics and General Microbiology. Sent multiple...
  4. S

    I did poorly on my first calc 1 exam any tips ?

    Hello everyone since 2015 I had leukemia the placement test i took back then for math i did very poorly. In 2021 I came back to CC I took the placement test again I score very high into it I was placed into the higher math I took survey mathematics then I did a major swap to start pre med I...
  5. I

    Can a math professor fill a science rec?

    Title. And if so, have any admissions officers seen a difference in quality between math and B/C/P professors? I’m afraid of asking one because I’m assuming they haven’t written many med school recs. Something that particularly scares me is a story about an applicant who got no acceptances...
  6. leadsquid

    Khan Academy for algebra prep

    I’m a couple of years removed from any sort of math courses. I’m also not very good at math. Would going through the Khan Academy Algebra 1 and 2 courses be enough to set me up for success for General Chem 1 and Physics 1? My chemistry background is limited and I have no experience with physics...
  7. R

    What's my best option?

    Long story short, I graduated with a bachelor in Engineering (Chemical) with a 2.76 cGPA and just finished a maters in Mathematics with a cGPA 3.7. After a series of incidents, I decided now to go for medical school. I have research experience in math and biomed-engineering(worked under...
  8. postponemastudentloan

    Unit conversions

    Hi, I‘m currently using the Kaplan books for mcat review and the math portion states that “conversion factors will be provided as necessary.” I just wanted to clarify does that mean conversion factors for basic things we’ve learned in classes such as Celsius/Fahrenheit/Kelvin, miles to feet, eV...
  9. M

    Math Requirements

    Hello! I'm a non-traditional student currently in a post-bac. My undergrad cGPA was 2.72 (sGPA - 2.63). In my post-bac, my cGPA is 3.84 (sGPA - 3.78). I currently have Colorado residency where there is a math requirement of 2 semesters. However, I will have lived in Massachusetts long enough...
  10. G

    Getting through the MCAT with no calculator

    Hey guys so im studying for the MCAT, but I just found out that we can't use a calculator and honestly I'm lost on how im supposed to answer, for example, physics-related questions with no calculator. Does anyone have any tips on how they got around that
  11. Arv39

    How do I calculate my GPA?

    The plan is to finally apply to medical school next year but my gpa is all over the place as I was sick for a while and had drop down to part time. For example: 2015 Fall F A D B- (pre algebra) 2016 Spring A A C- (Algebra 1) A B+ C 2016 Summer Session 1 A A 2016 Summer session 2 A- 2016...
  12. A

    BCPM math course

    Hello, Im taking a math course called symbolic logic (philosophy-240) and it fulfills the math requirement at my University. Will this count in the BCPM gpa since it is technically a math class?
  13. D

    Pre-med math advice?

    Hello! I am a premed student taking integral calculus. It is the last math class I need to take for my degree and for my pre-med requirements. The problem is that I really struggle with calculus (which is why I am actually retaking this class). Does anyone have any resources or techniques that...
  14. bsneuroscience

    Stats & Biostatistics

    Hello all, I am currently taking a statistics course as a freshman student, and I've heard medical schools and medicine in general use A LOT more of statistics than calculus. Should I take biostatistics next semester or take calc 1 and be done with my math prereqs? The biostats class is geared...
  15. N

    AP Credits to Waive Math Pre-Reqs?

    Hi everyone, I want to drop a math class I am taking this semester (for personal reasons and scheduling conflicts), but I'm wondering if I even need take it next semester at all. I have AP credit from AP Stats and AP Calc AB, and I'm wondering if I can use both of those credits to satisfy the...
  16. D

    WUSTL Differential Equations

    Hello Everyone: I was looking at Washington University in St. Louis's Medical School prerequisites and I had a question I wanted to ask all of you. Do they want a differential equations class or classes like calculus I and calculus II that touch on the subject of differential equations? From...
  17. D

    Getting better at Math

    Hi! Math has always been a bit challenging for me and I've been doing well until recently. I dropped my Pre-Calculus 2 class because I could tell I was failing and I had no chance to raise my grade since the class is only 3 months long. As a consequence of that I need to drop the Calculus I had...
  18. D

    Just took DAT.. super low QR, third time taker

    AA/TS/OC/GC/BIO/RC/QR/PA 1st: 17/18/18/18/18/18/15/17 2nd: 18/18/19/19/18/17/16/18 3rd: 19/21/21/22/20/21/13/20 GPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.5 Overall, I am happy that I have improved. However, my QR score is clearly really low. I have never been good at math and it shows. I'm not really sure what to...
  19. manda4

    For Sale Cheap DAT Study Materials - ON SALE!

    These materials helped me study for the DAT and do well - I'm a D2 now :) DAT DESTROYERS/ODYSSEY: $70 EACH OBO! (shipping included) KAPLAN DAT: $20 individually or $10 with purchase of a destroyer DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great...
  20. P


    hey ! What would be my gpa for pharmcas if I have the following math grades: 1. Calc I -F (3crds) 2. Calc I- D (3crds) 3. Calc I- B (3crds) 4. PrecalculusI- C (3crds) 5. Precalculus II- C (3crds) I know my math grades are horrible but I have a 3.40 overall GPA and 92% Pcat but I would like...
  21. Justduckyy


    I memorized the answer accidentally, but don't actually understand why the .10 there?
  22. T

    Help with schedule

    Hello, I don't know if this is in the right place.. I have only posted one other time and didn't get yelled at, so hopefully this is okay too haha. I'm going into my second year of school, I am 27 years old, so my first 2 semesters consisted of your basic classes at a CC (humanities, English 1...
  23. 3

    Business math for Pre-Med?

    I plan on taking math 1324 (TX), Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences. Is this a good math course for getting into medical school and will it satisfy the math pre-req? Or is business calc more desirable? I know some people who got into med school who never took calc in college and I plan...
  24. N

    DAT bootcamp or Destroyer better for QR?

    Hi I was wondering what was more representative of whats going to be on the QR section?
  25. S

    Math not part of science GPA?

    Hello! First post in the podiatry forum :) I was looking through the AACPMAS course descriptions (I can't post links yet because I'm new) and realized math wasn't under science. Is this a recent change? All the older threads I've seen about course descriptions seemed to say math/statistics was...
  26. S

    Taking Major Course at Community College

    I'm a freshman currently enrolled as a bioengineering major at UCLA. I was wondering if it would matter on a medical school application if I took one of my pre-major courses, Differential Equations, at a community college this summer rather than at my institution. My departmental advisor...
  27. manda4

    For Sale DAT Destroyer, MATH Destroyer, Organic Chemistry Odyssey, and Kaplan For Sale

    These materials helped me study for the DAT! Now I'm a D2 and I realized these books can help another student out there. Private message me for pricing. DAT Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting MATH Destroyer 2013 - great condition, no writing/highlighting Organic Chemistry...
  28. T

    Will it be okay if I don't take Calc?

    I have a strong math background in Calc I and II, and I have AP credits for both classes. Additionally, I am a registered tutor with my university for Calc I and II and Finite Math, and I do have a semester of Finite Math and Biostatistics on my transcript. Is this enough? Or should I take Calc?
  29. N

    New QR videos?

    Where could i find videos on the new QR comparison stuff?
  30. liketb12

    PLEASE HELP!!! Switched Calc 2 to Cal 1

    Hey everyone, Last semester, I had to take Calc for the life and social sciences, basically an applied calc class, because there was only one calc 1 class and it was full. However that class was not the same as taking actual Calc 1 as they omitted practically all of trig, exponential, and log...
  31. sasukeuchiha33

    Statistics vs Biostatistics...very confused!

    As I'm scrolling through pre-med reqs now it would seem some medical schools require statistics, but prefer biostatistics. I am enrolled to take elementary statistics next semester, and this statistics course specifically geared towards students who will later pursue graduate school in the...
  32. K

    Is it okay to take Math at Community College?

    I'm new to SDN so please excuse any flaws in my posts to the thread! Okay, so, I'm a freshman who will be taking BIO 1, Chem 1 (Including the labs) among other classes for entrance into my major Public Health. I'm wondering if I can take English and Math Courses like STAT and CALC at my local...
  33. W

    Help With a Data Math Question

    Hey guys, so I was tutoring a student, but got stuck on this question: A cooler has 24 Greek Yogurt containers and 6 vanilla yogurt containers. The person in charge of the yogurt reaches into the cooler (without looking) and randomly picks them out of the cooler. What is the probability that...
  34. I

    Math on the DAT.

    is there seriously no material on the market that prepares you for math? i am having the biggest struggle trying to TEACH myself math. Yes i understand MATH destroyer and BOOTcamp are good reps of the test, but before attempting those problems i need to learn how to solve problems and learn the...
  35. P

    Does Precalc and Statistics apply to one's science GPA?

    Hello, I am not quite sure if math classes like precalc and statistics are applied to one's science GPA. Any help would appreciated.
  36. AcornFactory

    Which classes qualify as "college level math"?

    Math is not my area. It never has been. Obviously I know I'll need to be proficient enough to succeed in physics, chem, and two semesters of "college level math" in order to get into most med schools; but I'm honestly not 100% clear on what qualifies as "college level". College algebra? Pre...
  37. M

    Columbia: 6 credits of math..?

    Hey guys, Quick question. @Ari Rezaei, you might know this... I saw that for Columbia, you need 6 credits of mathematics. Does biostatistics count as a mathematics credit? I took an accelerated Calculus I course that was only 4 credits, and that is all I have taken because that is all I need as...
  38. C

    Kaplan Full Length Practice Tests vs. Real DAT

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how accurate the Kaplan Full length tests were compared to the real DAT? I use those to practice and I'm doing pretty well, however, the math sections are always my lowest scores. Do the difficulty of the questions in each section resemble the actual tests difficulty?
  39. D

    Worried about DAT QR!!

    Hi guys, i was hoping i could have some advice/motivation?? I am really struggling with the QR section of the DAT! Maths has always been a subject i was good at, im not one of the genius maths people, but definitely not bad either! So it came to a shock after taking the BC test 1, i only got a...
  40. F

    Bench Research vs. Non-Bench

    New to this forum, so wanted to say hi to everyone! This summer I am working on an independent research project --- just me, with an advisor --- and plan to continue it through junior year, after which I will use it as my Senior Thesis and (hopefully) have it published. I am confident that I...