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  1. S

    High Stats, Very Sticky LOR Situation

    @LizzyM @gyngyn @Goro would also appreciate your feedback on my situation, thanks so much!
  2. M

    Any somali in here ?

    hey any somali in here doing MD in SGU grenada please ?
  3. K

    2018-2019 Waitlist Support Thread

    I saw that a waitlist thread hasn't been made for this cycle, so I took the liberty of making one:happy:
  4. 9

    MCAT score

    So, I wanted to know if not reporting a score to AACOMAS (DO schools) would get me in trouble? I went from a 480 to 493 and and recently got a 487. I am beyond scared and just upset. I thought I would do better considering I had a 439 on my second attempt but I could not. Does anyone know if I...
  5. M

    Applying MD this late?

    Hey all, I applied to a bunch of DO schools earlier in the cycle but now I'm thinking I should've also applied MD, and people in my family are pressuring me into applying MD at this point even though it's extremely late in the cycle. With my stats (3.4 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA, 511 MCAT, ORM, lots of...
  6. O

    How to explain research interest (MD only) in written materials/interviews

    Hello, I'm applying MD only, and wondering how to properly communicate my interest in clinical research in both my secondary essays and if/when I get interviews, without giving off the impression that I'm more interested in research than medicine. I've seen various comments on here in different...
  7. U

    Secondaries 2018-2019

    My AMCAS was verified two weeks ago but still no secondaries, when do they get sent out? And do they come to my email or do I have to check the AAMC website? Thanks!
  8. justtryinghere010101

    507 MCAT, 3.52 GPA/3.5s GPA, Should I retake?

    Hello, I was wondering what my chances for getting into medical school. I am a 20-year-old Hispanic female about to graduate with my bachelors in July. I have 200+ shadowing hours (of different specialties and professions) I am president of a club I have done 2 medical mission trips I have 200+...
  9. R

    MD School List Help | cGPA/sGPA: 3.7/3.75, MCAT 521

    . Thank you everyone for the help! Much appreciated.
  10. M

    What should I do to increase my chances of being accepted into top M.D./Ph.D programs?

    I am a rising sophomore at a state school with a top - 35 med school (think UAB or Iowa). I am at this school primarily because it is close to home, I received a full ride scholarship, and I can be a “big fish”. I am double majoring in neuroscience and biophysics with a perfect GPA (so far). I...
  11. G

    Meharry Medical College OR Touro college of osteopathic MD in NY? Help!

    Hi amazing docs and future docs! Would like to get your advice on school decisions as I am a reapplicant and have been out of school for 3+ years. I got accepted into Touro a few months ago in the harlem campus. I was also waitlisted at Meharry until this past friday! Meharry offers a MD program...
  12. ancoraimparo

    MD STEP 1 before MS2?? MPH/MHA instead?

    Hello. I am a med student that has to take a medical leave between MS1 and MS2 for treatment. I also have to remediate anatomy - either this fall or next summer. I applied to and got admitted to an MPH program and a Master's in Healthcare administration program - both start next month and can...
  13. P

    mcat end of july early august, applying this cycle

    I took my mcat August 2016 and got a 491. It was pretty discouraging for me. My cgpa is 3.57 and sgpa is 3.44. I graduated in april 2017. My activities on my app are good. I was so discouraged by my score I decided to look into dental. I worked in a dental office the past year I did not like it...
  14. E

    Please help me.. Do I have any hope?

    Can I get into an MD or DO school? These are my stats: - Hispanic (Colombian) - Green card holder (Permanent resident) -- Florida resident - Biology major - 3.8 science GPA - 3.8 cumulative GPA - 497 MCAT (125 BS, 126 CP, 124 Social, 122 CARS) I am extremely disappointed with my score :( I...
  15. L

    Step 1 Study Partner in California

    Hey everyone, I am a Colombian MD living in Oakland, CA and working in research for ZSFGH. I am currently looking for a study partner to start the Step 1 journey with. I'm planning on taking the exam around December. I have all the Kaplan material and still studying from it and FA. Let me know...
  16. R

    Re-taking MCAT in July good idea?

    Hey all I could really use some advice as to how to handle my situation best. I took the MCAT in january received my score of 503 my GPA is a 3.78 I am a student-athlete with a good amount of extra-curriculars on my application. My question is should I apply to MD programs with my current GPA...
  17. Govols22

    Medical College of Georgia Vs Morehouse

    Hi, this question is for my girlfriend rather than myself. She recently has been accepted off the waitlist from both of these schools and needs to make a decision. I am currently on the waitlist for both of these schools *crosses fingers*. She would prefer to live in Atlanta rather than...
  18. Y

    extracurricular activities

    I am 28 yo, part time registered nurse in med surge, have been the chair for a safety committee at work, did research with an MD at the hospital (but my school wants me to do lab research with faculty member so they are not counting that research) I just started training in a lab but I am not...
  19. D

    FINAL WAMC - School List Help!!!! - URM

  20. E

    Advise Please - Low Psych/Soc , Unbalanced MCAT

    Hello Everyone I really need some advice because I am afraid I might be making the wrong decision if I retake my MCAT in a month. I took the MCAT in March and here is my score break down. 512- 130/126/130/126 From what I read online, 2 sections below 127 could screen me out of certain schools...
  21. Sadlyanon

    WAMC 3.8c 3.69s URM 504 MCAT

    Unwatch Thread Ignore Thre Hello all cGPA 3.80 sGPA 3.69 First mcat 501 (127/122/127/125) Predicted Second mcat 504 (128/120/127/129) My 3 aamc practice exams were all exactly 507 i really don’t know what happened. I know you are supposed to retake when you are ready, I never ever scored...
  22. Sage of Pale Bones

    How competitive is it for a DO to match Neurology?

  23. S

    Should I apply this cycle?

  24. R

    Chance Me | URM | MD/PHD AND MD

    Hello, Based on the following, what are my chances looking like for Top 20 Schools MD/PHD as well as MD programs (I know not to apply to both at the same time and I won't): cumulative GPA: 3.76 science GPA: 3.55 MCAT: 517 African-American female State of residence: NYC *woot*woot* Plethora of...
  25. N

    MD 516 MCAT & 3.99 GPA | Help with School List!! | WAMC?

    Hi Everyone! I am a Junior at my university and will be applying to medical school (MD) this cycle (2018). I would really appreciate any help with my school list! I would love to go to a top tier school and aim to apply to a large number (35+) of schools. I study at the Honors College of a...
  26. N

    LOR Advice needed

    Hi all. Recently I have been organizing my Letters of Recommendation. I am currently in a Masters program and I was recently told that putting my program director's letter of recommendation separate from my committee letter was wiser than including it in committee. I have had a history of...
  27. N

    Switching from MD to DVM?

    I'm sure the title sparks a lot of "why would you do that?" but hear me out. I started medical school at 28 and long story short, during my third year I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. I was sick a great deal of the time, sometimes requiring hospital admissions, and by the time fourth year...
  28. M

    MD MD or PhD?

    Hi everyone, Currently at a crossroads in my life, and want to ask SDN for some wisdom. I currently hold three acceptances to MD schools in the US. However, I've been seriously graduate school—getting a PhD (probably in mol bio) and becoming a professor. I've actually been debating the two for...
  29. AdenineThomasPhosphate


    Hi there. I am set on getting into an MD program in the US. I posted something very similar to this before, but wanted a list and criticism now that I have my MCAT score. I went to a community college for years, and didn't really apply myself. I ended up with a 3.4 or something. I applied...
  30. D

    MD International Student cGPA 3.81 sGPA 3.78 MCAT 507 518

    East Asia International student. Attended U.S. public school (top 50) that has a great med school. Sociology Major. sGPA-3.78--I had a rough freshman year because of various difficulty adapting to US cultures and academic environment. Only got 1 B- from Ochem 2 after freshman year. 300h...
  31. ME1221

    Misdemeanor Clarification

    Hi SDN, I have been browsing the forums looking for an answer to my question, but am still in need of some clarity. Not sure if the language has changed over the years or what. Under misdemeanor the application states: You must indicate if you have ever been convicted of, or pleaded guilty...
  32. H

    3.44 sgpa, 3.6 cgpa 510 MCAT

    sgpa 3.44 (3.8-4.0 last 3 semesters; last 2 semesters were all upper level bio's); 1 C in biochem and 1 C in gen chem cgpa 3.6 MCAT 510 Research: Not published but was with same prof 2 yrs; 500 hrs total, did a literature review for another prof; 30 hrs total Volunteer: volunteer in my college...
  33. M

    Chances for this cycle

    Hello all I graduated last semester and using the time I have left before June to improve some aspects of my application. I want to know my chances of getting in this cycle mainly at MD schools (but I am open to DO schools). I am South Asian (ORM) and CA resident with ties to FL (graduated...
  34. G

    Messing up my science GPA

    I am a 4th year studying Molecular Bio/Biotech with a minor in Chem. I've gotten an A/A- in every single science class I've taken. However I took two calculus classes my first year and recieved a C+ and a B. If it wasnt for those math classes my sciGPA would be approx 3.85, but because of the...
  35. R

    MD Chances at MD/PHD .. PLEASE HELP

    Hello all, I'm only coming here because I genuinely need advice on how I should go about my premed career. I am planning to apply for about 40 MD/pHD programs and I would like to know what tier schools I should apply for or whether or not I will get in anywhere. African-American, female, 3.8...
  36. BlackStar90

    IOWA post-baccalaureate research education program

    Hey everyone! I am wondering if anyone has heard of this program and/or any success stories from people doing this program. PREP: Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program | I plan on applying to this program. I'm currently getting my masters in Biomedical Science and I'll be finish with...
  37. D

    MD 4.0 GPA, projected 515 MCAT, volunteer concerns

  38. B

    MD 3.68cGPA 3.58sGPA 510MCAT for UA (Phoenix or Tucson)?

    This is a low-ball estimate for my GPA when I apply (summer 2018). At the moment I have 2 C's going onto my transcript, one in Orgo II and one in Physical Chemistry. To make up for that, I got an A in Biochem I the same semester as I got the C in P. Chem. Also estimating the MCAT based on...
  39. S

    MD How Important is being Magna Cum Laude?

    I'm in a position where I can have a really stressful and busy senior year at a UC and end up in magna cum laude. Do med schools even care about that? It would just be bells and whistles so I'm wondering if its worth it. Currently at a 3.7, depending on how hard I work it can be a 3.77 or 3.79-3.8.
  40. N

    AMCAS Resubmission Turnover Time

    A physician I know just offered to give me a letter of recommendation, but the priority deadline for the SOMs I'm applying to is Nov 1st, just a few days from now. So in order to add this new letter of recommendation to my AMCAS, I need to resubmit it. How long does it take for AMCAS to review a...