1. asukaran

    Non-VA intern programs that offer both neuropsych and non-neuro rotations?

    I am an international student and thus I am not eligible for applying to VA programs. I don't think I will have a competitive number of neuro reports for applying to a neuropsych track either. Btw, what is the average number of neuropsych reports for students who apply for a neuropsych track...
  2. L

    PhD/PsyD First year student seeking advice

    Hi! I am a first-year PsyD student, and I am planning to transfer out of the program as I feel like I'm not gaining any value, especially given what I'm paying for tuition. I chose this particular program as I believed there would be some if not an equal opportunity to pursue research and access...
  3. A

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD Psychology program interview invites and admissions (applied Fall 2021 for Fall 2022 admission)

    Hi everyone, It is that time of year to share what psychology doctorate programs people applied to during the Fall 2021, and when they received interview invites. Also, if you were accepted or not/your final decision. Please provide what faculty you wanted to work with as well and who...
  4. neurotic_cow

    What is an appropriate neuropsychology job search timeline?

    Hi all! I'll be finished with postdoc in August and was wondering when I can realistically start applying for jobs? Is it too early to start looking and apply to some now? What's a typical timeline for this stuff? I appreciate any guidance/advice!
  5. R

    Neuropsychology - Braincheck thoughts?

    As NP trainee, I'm all for efficiency and using technology for our assessments - if they're reliable and valid. https://braincheck.com ..however, it's concerning that programs like Braincheck don't seem to have any neuropsychologists or psychologists on their team. Also, while I didn't yet...
  6. fellwynd2

    PhD/PsyD Whiny Neuropsychology vs Medicine Question/Rant

    I apologize for the whiny rant to come. I’ve posted on here before about my inability to decide between psychology and medicine, and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can’t keep putting the decision off. I’ve finally realized that my ability to not decide is partially based off of...
  7. neurotic_cow

    Postdoc, licensure, and salary question

    Hello! This may have already been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't locate anything, so apologies if it has been! I am currently halfway through a 2 year neuropsychology postdoc and although not included as part of the requirements of the program when I signed on, now that I have completed one...
  8. S

    Quitting PsyD Neuropsychology Program. Advice?

    I am a 3rd year PsyD student (5 year program). I've been so unhappy with my program and consistently question my career choices. Before starting my program, I was set on wanting to get into a PsyD program and specializing in neuropsychology. I recently started my external practicum year and I...
  9. fellwynd2

    MS Neuroscience before PhD in Clinical Psychology?

    I'm currently planning on applying to PhD programs in clinical psychology for entry in Fall 2022, however I understand that there is extreme competition for these programs. Therefore I'm going to be applying to MS programs in clinical psychology as well. However, I'm interested specifically in...
  10. D

    Switching to Psychology from a pre-med

    Hello Everyone! A bit of a long post ahead: I'm not sure if a similar thread has been posted before but I am a student that switched from being very pre-med focused to psychology. I have always had an interest in Psych but never looked seriously into it as a career until I started working at a...
  11. C

    Insurance fraud?

    I'm a postdoctoral neuropsychology fellow in Arizona. In the reports we write, the supervisors name and post-docs names are supposed to be listed as co-authors (the postdocs write the entire report and the supervisor makes edits). I noticed several of the reports I had written being mailed out...
  12. O

    School Psychology reputable program advice.

    Hi all! I am currently working as a School Psych with my Ed.S. I also have an M.Ed Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I know I want to go back to get my Ph.D., I really would like to work/do research on ADHD, ASD, and/or SLD. In particular, I would like the opportunity to do academic...
  13. R

    Neurology for Neuropsychologists: Resources?

    I attended my 1st neurological case conference, as a new NP extern in the neurological dept of a hospital. I did well in all my neurophysio, neurobio, and NP courses, but still did not understand maybe 1/2 of the neurologists' vocabulary. I know google is my friend, but what other resources have...
  14. R

    # of practica prior to internship?

    I'm a 2nd year student currently on my 1st external practicum. I'm interested in neuropsychology, but not sure if I want to have a specific NP practicum next year- I want to develop my therapy skills further. My current site has actually been great for assessments (already done several...
  15. S

    PhD/PsyD Clinical Neuropsychology Internship Site Rank Help Thread

    I am having some trouble ranking my internship interview sites and thought I would consult the board for some opinions. Specifically, I'm trying to ascertain the general perception of these site's reputation and prestige. While prestige/reputation is certainly not my only consideration, and...
  16. T

    Ethical Assessment

    There seems to be a lot of variability in testing hours out there. What amount (lower and upper cutoffs) of neuropsychological testing do you consider to be unethical? I’d love to hear from those in a variety of different settings (e.g., PP, AMCs, VAs, etc...). What factors should one consider...
  17. M

    Lifespan Training in Neuropsychology?

    I'm in a clinical PhD program, with an interest in neuropsychology. I'm starting to think about internship and post doc and I'm curious about ways to get training to make me qualified to work with children and adults as a neuropsychologist. It seems like there are a couple of postdocs that focus...
  18. D

    Postdoc at a private practice

    Long story short, the private practice where I am is significantly changing from what we had originally signed up for, so as a preventive measure, I have started to look into alternative placements to complete the second year of my fellowship, should this be needed. I wonder if anyone has had...
  19. S

    Pacific vs. Roosevelt PsyD in Neuropsychology

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty desperate to get some firsthand accounts from people who have gone through the PsyD programs at Pacific University in Oregon and Roosevelt University in Chicago. Both programs offer a neuropsychology track, which is what I'm truly interested in and why I've focused on...
  20. R

    Neuropsychological & Forensic Instruments Wanted...

    Looking for WRAML-2; WISC-V; WMS-IV; CVLT-3; RBANS; DRS-2; Nelson-Denny Reading; Benton; Tokens; SDMT; Visual Object Spatial Perception Battery (VOSP); HCR-20; Bricklin. Please email me at: [email protected] Thank you!
  21. danidoodle

    PhD/PsyD Is it worth pursuing neuropsychology after an unrelated bachelor’s?

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently been going back and forth between phrsuong occupational therapy or pursuing neuropsychology. I completed a bachelor’s degree in December in Business Management, but during my junior year had realized this was not the path I wanted to follow. I decided to take the...
  22. T

    Neuropsych Postdocs: Caution

    The purpose of this forum is to provide candid descriptions of postdoc residencies or fellowships for others’ benefit. If you do not feel comfortable posting the exact name of the program, please provide some description of the type of program and approximate location. Use your discretion when...
  23. C

    Ranking Neuropsychology Internships Geographically to Help with Post Doc?

    I'm a current neuropsychology internship applicant from the Midwest. My goal is to eventually end up on the West Coast since my partner is there. BUT, I have some really great opportunities in my area and am considering ranking the Midwest programs higher with the hope that a great internship...
  24. U

    Neuroscience Masters?

    I'm a psychology undergrad with an emphasis in neuroscience and I want to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology, though currently I'm looking at various masters programs to help me eventually get into a program. I'm having a hard time finding a solid research psychology masters, so I began...
  25. I

    Neuropsychology Private Practice Percentage Split

    What is the typical percentage split when joining a group neuropsychology practice? I have heard numbers such as 60%/40% and 70%/30%. I recently interviewed for a position that has a 50-50 split. They provide office space, furniture, testing materials and protocols, admin support, and send you...
  26. A

    Good Psychology Jobs?

    Hi everyone. I wanted to ask current grad students/current people working in the psychology field about the lucrative jobs in this field. I have no clue about the psychology field, but it's a topic that interests me, so that's why I'm researching more about psychology. To be more specific, the...
  27. A

    Future of Pediatric Neuropsychology?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any perspectives/standpoints on how the future of clinical neuropsychology is headed (approximately 5-15 years)? I've heard from multiple sources that the advancement in technology would eventually diminish the neuropsychology field. Any opinions on...
  28. A

    Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychologist?

    Hello everyone. I'm in high school right now, and I'm just wondering about my future. I want to get into the psychology field because the topic interests me, but I'm not sure which jobs I should strive for. I have thought about becoming a clinical pediatric neuropsychologist and just wondering...
  29. P

    Best foot forward at this point in time?

    I'm a recent graduate with a BA in health science and policy and I plan to go on for an MPH in epidemiology, environmental health, or health & behavioral sciences. Maybe a dual degree? I'm very interested in disability, neuropsychology, environmental health and the medical humanities. I have...
  30. T

    References in Psych Reports?

    Does anyone include references in their neuropsych reports? If so, I'm imagining the in-text citations are standard APA formatting but where would you list the reference section (before or after signature) and is that in standard APA format? Any help is appreciated.
  31. U

    Neuropsychologist or Psychiatrist for Autism Treatment

    I'm currently an undergraduate student who is torn between getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology or going to Med School to become a Psychiatrist. I know what I want to in my career but I am not sure what the best path to take is to get there. I want to eventually work in an...
  32. mika1008

    PhD/PsyD Ph.D. Internship in Neuropsych for International Students

    Hi everyone, I am an international student, currently in a Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program. I am specializing in Neuropsychology and plan on going to a Neuropsych post-doc to become ABPP board certified as a Neuropsychologist. I do have a Green Card and am a permanent resident of the U.S...
  33. ARuams

    Faculty Pediatric Neuropsychologist Position Available

    The UAMS Department of Pediatrics is seeking applicants for a clinical faculty position at the Schmieding Developmental Center in Lowell, AR. The appointment will be in the Department of Pediatrics at UAMS, the largest Department in the Medical School. This faculty member will have primary...
  34. N

    Post Bac, Masters or Ph.D? (Clinical Neuropsychology)

    I am going into my last year of undergrad and I need advice on the best route to take after I graduate. The professors I have worked for seem to disagree on how hard it is to get into a Ph.D program that has a masters degree component. My long term goal is to become a clinical neuropsychologist...
  35. S

    Would it be possible to pursue a career as a Psychiatrist and a Neuropsychologist?

    I am quite interested in becoming a Psychiatrist, I have known a lot of people with a mental illness and many members of my family suffer from mental illness, and it has caused me to gain a great interest in being a psychiatrist and helping others. But I am also very very passionate about...
  36. X

    Classes for Neuropsychology

    If I'm interested in behavioral neuroscience or neuropsychologist, what undergraduate classes are advisable? I've searched around a bit and found that it's advisable to follow neuro-psych/bio classes, but my university only offers two classes that fall into that category (one is a psychology and...
  37. jmiah717

    Neuropsych Journals

    I have access through the VA to professional literature but I'm having some trouble finding neuropsych articles. I'd like to get better acquainted with the literature. What database should I be using? We don't seem to have a Neurology database and I'm not turning up much on the psych databases.
  38. l_studybuddy_l

    Junior Next Fall: Should I switch goals from Neuropsychologist to PA?

    Hi, I'm a current upper sophomore in undergrad majoring in Psych, minoring in Biology, and minoring in Neuroscience. I plan on going to school for my PSYD in Clinical Neuropsychology. So far I don't have any clinical experience, but I was a researcher's assistant last semester and got promoted...
  39. ThatGuy15

    Should I bother pursuing a master's degree?

    I am currently an undergraduate senior majoring in Applied Psychology at New York University. My plan after graduation was to pursue a mater's degree in psychology at Queens College and gain more research experience in clinical neuropsychology. However, I am now questioning my plan. As of right...
  40. AntsInMyEyes_Johnson

    How Do I Transition Into Biomedical Research from Neuropsychology Research?