1. L

    Low GPA. Is dental school still even an option?

    Hi, I am a non-traditional student and I graduated from undergraduate with a degree in mathematics. I am looking at making a career change and I am very interested in dentistry. I shadowed two dentists and one orthodontist and I loved my shadowing experience but my undergraduate gpa is a 2.8...
  2. M

    NYU vs Stony Brook vs Harvard Extension

    NYU vs Stony Brook vs Harvard Extension Undergrad from a SUNY school: psychology and journalism major with a 4.0 GPA and 7 years of clinical research experience in neuropsychology and immunology Sadly, price is an issue. From what I’ve researched, it seems like NYU has the best reputation and...
  3. 1

    BSN to MD

    What are my chances? BSN accelerated program: 3.8gpa with neuro ICU practicum. Now, 5 months in acute psych floor nurse at top hospital. Undergrad at top 10 school, 3.4gpa: took BIO1,2, Organic Chem1,2, Chem1 - still need a year of physics, biochem. Was going to go to a state school to finish...
  4. N

    Trying to get in MedSchool at 27yo; advices?

    Nontraditional is definitely a word that I could use to describe my situation. Graduated in Veterinary Medicine in my country, moved to the US at 25yo. Husband is a FM resident and his routine inspired me to try and achieve my long lost dream of going to Med School. I am 27yo now and on my 5th...
  5. amaastha

    Should I apply this upcoming cycle? 2.5 cgpa, 3.8 grad/smp gpa

    Hello everyone! I would like some advice regarding whether I should apply this upcoming cycle and if so, what schools to apply to? If not, what to do moving forward. I am currently in my last semester of an MS/smp program and will be ending with a 3.8 gpa. We also take the same class as the 2nd...
  6. arisharvey0

    Would you choose the traditional path if you could go back in time(given that life didn't get in the way)?

    TL;DR Given that you're in med school now or even an MD, do you think that going back in time and being "traditional" would have prepared you better for all the journey of becoming a doctor entails because of x,y,z etc. ? Or would you say becoming a non-trad actually gave you an advantage at...
  7. D

    WAMC, Low Stat MD/DO, 511 MCAT

  8. D

    MD WAMC: Non-Trad, 511 MCAT, 3.5 cGPA / 3.12 sGPA

  9. M

    Non trad looking for advice!

    Hey everyone! so long story short I’m a bit confused on what pathway to take. I used to be pre-med when I was in undergrad (graduated in 2013). I finished all the pre-reqs and did upper level science courses as well! I got three C+ that I received in my freshman and sophomore year but then all...
  10. lydia141822

    Non-traditional student interested in pursuing Clinical Psych PhD - advice?

    Hi all, I have just realized that I want to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I am 22/F and just graduated in May from Brown University with a Bachelor's in Urban Studies (similar to Urban Planning, a social science). I've got a relatively high GPA (3.75) and am currently working in a...
  11. D

    Non-Traditional Applicant For Psych Programs

    Hi everyone.....my situation is a bit odd...I graduated from UCSD in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Physiology and Neuroscience)..I originally wanted to go to medical school and was a pre-med but it did not happen. Unfortunately my father became really sick and I ended up taking care...
  12. F

    Online Undergrad, In Person Prereqs, Please Help

    Hi all, In May, I will graduate with a 4 year degree in psychology. After that, I plan on applying to med school. Here is my issue. I have done my entire degree online at a 4 year college. My prerequisite science courses will be taken in person at a community college along with the labs...
  13. S

    Advice needed

    Hey everyone, Nontrad student in my junior year and doing absolutely terrible in my classes. I am studying every day, learning the concepts, piecing everything together in lecture, performing great on quizzes and HW and yet my exam scores are so low. Got a C in genetics and just got a 60 on my...
  14. FomaticSysDunction

    Non Renewal

    I resigned my residency. My PD advised me he could not write me a LOR. I ran afoul of my PD and I’m not sure how. I did make some mistakes, but other issues in my final letter are sculpted to sound bad, or things I didn’t even do. I received passing marks and logged 27 C-sections observed...
  15. reesetee

    Anybody know any dpt programs accepting older prereqs 5-7 years old??

    I know UIC is one school... Any others??
  16. T

    Can you apply to medical school as an early college graduate?

    Currently, the plan is that I attend a community college then transfer to a four-year university. Normally, in the transfer program, students take two years at community college and two years at university. My plan is to use the ap credits I have to graduate in 1 year. I would have to take...
  17. C

    Non-traditional Applicant - How Can I Improve?

    Hello all. I'm planning to apply to DPT programs this cycle or next, depending on how these next few semesters pan out. I'm currently stressing about whether I even have a chance at all. If anyone has some feedback on what more can be improved, I would greatly appreciate it. THE FACTS...
  18. K

    CPA looking for a home

    Greetings SDN! I am just north of a decade into my career as a CPA with a wife in year 1 of an internal medicine residency. I always thought of being an MD, but thought that was something where simply nobody gets accepted, so you might as well not try. Fast forward (or rewind in the present...
  19. F


    Thanks for the help
  20. MissPi

    2018-2019 AMCAS Application

    Hi there! It’s official! May 1st has finally arrived.The AMCAS application opens today. Start uploading your documents now! Take your best shot. There is no better time than the present. Best of luck to every applicant. Be encouraged ;). MissPi
  21. A

    I think I am good non traditional applicant, but am I missing something?

    I am an older applicant. I am taking the MCAT in May and have completed the required coursework. I went to school right out of high school, but didn't get very good grades because I had no idea what I wanted to do and was just exploring different classes with no clear goal. So, I left after a...
  22. C

    MD & DO Vertical Upward Trend

    Are 54 classes (including all pre-reqs, upper-level sciences, etc., all in which someone maintains an uninterrupted 4.0) enough to offset 12 F's, and 10 Cs, and 4 Ds from 10 years ago? (120-ish credits of art school; was in an abusive relationship, had to get help and legal intervention, then...
  23. H

    Post Bacc: Is it worth it??

    Hi everybody, I’m a nurse with my BSN who is looking to go back to medical school. In college didn’t really take any pre-med courses so I would have to now take all of them which would take me at least 2 years. I have heard about some post bacc programs that only take 12 months which is very...
  24. H

    Pre-Med, Senior Year, Low GPA, Hopeful

    Hey Everyone, Fairly new to the site, but I am in need of some guidance. I am currently an undergraduate student and I will be starting my senior year in the fall. I currently am working full-time in a Medical Records Department in a Children's Hospital. My undergrad Stats thus far: cGPA: 2.97...
  25. Melbel505

    Typical Nontraditional question

    Hello everyone, Yes, this is another nursing to medical school question. Thanks for reading, and hopefully responding. This is my second year in nursing, but I feel like it is not as challenging as I want it to be. I have a 3.98 in all my classes. I have taken General Chemistry I & II and Bio...
  26. H

    Pre Med Visionary- Be apart of my movement

    I'm currently working on my under grad, and have barely scratched the surface because I'm serving in the United States Coast Guard. That's just a tiny bit of background information. ANYWAYS! I want to talk about wellness centers! My goal is to go to TCOM, become a D.O. (I originally wanted...
  27. H

    Bad HS student, Currently in the Coast Guard, Dying to be a doctor....

    Here's my story. Hopefully anyone can give me any advice? I did poorly my last two years of high school, mostly because of emotional trauma, lack of parents, typical daughter of teenage parents story situation. I didn't think I could get into a University, and had nobody to stay with to take...