1. D

    Low Step 2 CK (217). Able to match Pediatrics?

    Hello Sdn, I just received my step 2ck score of a 217 and I am absolutely devastated. All of my practice exams were in the 230-240 range with free 120 scores above 75% and I have no idea where this test went wrong. Here are some of my other stats: Step 1- Pass Level 1-Pass Sigma Sigma Phi...
  2. T

    MD & DO Developmental Peds (vs Child Psych)

    I’m a MS4 really interested in dev peds but I sometimes wonder if it makes more sense to go into psych instead of peds if I already know now that I want to do more behavioral work. I also fear that because I’m location bound due to having a family, I might not get into dev peds fellowship...
  3. C

    The ABP and changing the Board Certification process.

    Hi Everyone, My partner recently completed residency and just finished her initial board certification exam. I think this is relevant to residents and current attendings because it highlights some issues with board certification and the pressures and culture of this profession. I hope we can...
  4. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Pediatrics PGY-1 Residency Opening in New York

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ) -------------------------------------- 9/30/2022 Pediatrics PGY-1 Residency Opening in New York University of Rochester Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong 601 Elmwood Ave, Box 777-R Rochester, NY 14642 Click here to check if this...
  5. L

    Position Wanted PGY1 Pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine

    Hi Looking for a PGY1 in pediatrics, IM or Family Medicine anywhere. Years of research experience and several publications.
  6. G

    Failed peds boards on first attempt while in military fellowship?

    Does anyone on here know what happens if you are in an active duty pediatric subspecialty fellowship program and you fail the gen peds board exam on your first attempt? For reference, I graduated from an active duty peds residency program this past June 2021, and I’m now 3 months in to a 3-year...
  7. F

    Away rotation advice

    Any tips on scoring a sub-i at UoHawaii, Baylor CHOSA, LACUSC, UCSF Fresno or Loma Linda? As someone just entering 3rd year without access to VSAS/VSLO (what is the difference?) yet, can anyone shed light on what programs are looking for when picking applicants for away rotations? Are there any...
  8. D

    Which peds subspecialty has the least babies?

    Except adolescent medicine obviously, but are there organ systems in which the sx typically arise in kids/adolescents? I'd love to see mostly older kids and for the smallish ones <4yo to be the minority of my patient load.
  9. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  10. R

    Need advice - Psych vs FM vs Peds (DO student post-merger)

    Hey guys, Need thoughts. I only took COMLEX 1 (~600), no step 1. I really loved child psych, peds, and FM rotations. -FM: Love that you can build relationships with adults and kids over time. Don't want to do many procedures or manage HTN and DM all day though...Long hours/exhausting? Some...
  11. L

    Curious about pediatric HPM

    Is anyone able to comment on the pediatric only or pediatric track HPM fellowship programs (knowledge of, how competitive), as well as any insight into job market, etc. I'm a current Pediatrics resident considering applying to fellowship this cycle and finding it difficult to find information...
  12. C

    Pediatrics and Vacation/Time Off

    I get that all doctors have very busy schedules, and I am not expecting to walk into anything less, but in YOUR OPINION is your work/life balance sound as a "typical" physician in pediatrics (Would prefer to hear from peds doctors in a hospital setting instead of somewhere like a private...
  13. T

    family med or pediatrics residency?

    Hello all, interested in these 2 specialties and I am a 4th year trying to decide! I am starting my first inpatient peds (only have done outpatient thus far) next month so hopefully that will help determine. I am interested in doing rural medicine. I like the idea of full spectrum perhaps some...
  14. PeonyLeaf

    Rising MS3. Just got my Step 1 results. Wondering what my chances are for programs in Los Angeles?

    Rising M3, just got my Step 1 results back. Here are my overall stats. Happy to provide any other info I may have left out. Step 1: 239 AOA: No Class Rank: Don't know, probably somewhere in 50-75%ile School: Low-tier in the south. No significant ties to CA (Just a few family friends we...
  15. P

    Pediatrician vs PNP

    Hi! I am very new here (this account was just verified a few minutes ago) so I apologize if there’s anything wrong with this post. I’m about to start college and need to make a decision, and these decisions have been narrowed down to Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Pediatrician. I don’t hope to...
  16. S

    Medical Specialties Choice (Peds, Psych, and Neuro)

    Hi guys, I'm looking at several specialties that may be a strong fit for me. My interests are treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders and do autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities research. I've been pretty set on Pediatric Neurology. But, I'm aware that there are several pathways...
  17. S

    What is the lifestyle like for HSPS Army doctors after finishing residency?

    I am very curious about what life is like during the four years of active duty for Army pediatricians. Are there any current Army pediatricians that can share some details of their current life? or if you aren't in Peds, what is your specialty? I would greatly appreciate input on where you are...
  18. C

    Pediatrics residency

    I am a senior resident in a Canadian residency program (Canadian trained) in a program with significant overlap with pediatrics and was hoping to get additional training in the states to be dual licensed. Does anyone have any advice or feedback for my situation?
  19. LindaAccepted

    Medical A Conversation with Carly About Life as a Peds Resident and the Importance of Being Organized

    Learn how real students navigate their way through the medical school admissions process and med school itself with our What is Medical School Really Like? series. Meet Carly, a second-year pediatrics resident at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Carly, thank you for sharing...
  20. M

    Child neurology and pediatrics ERAS/residency application question(s)

    Hi everyone, I'm an IMG interested in applying for child neurology (which I hear is not very IMG friendly, generally, but I'm gonna try to press my luck because I love the field). There are all so little programs that I can apply to in the specialty and I plan on applying to pediatric programs...
  21. M

    Child Neurology and Pediatrics ERAS application question

    sorry, wrong forum!
  22. CoolCat53

    Can you make up for Low COMLEX 1 with COMLEX 2?

    So I scored pretty low on COMLEX 1 (under 500) and was wondering if I should bust my butt during my third year and take Step 1 to make up for it (which is extremely difficult in itself) or if I should just focus on COMLEX 2 and try and do really well on it. Say I get upper 500s or above, will...
  23. C

    Peds & Informatics - but need a career path change

    Hi all, I recently finished peds residency in the US and now doing an ACGME fellowship in clinical informatics. However, after being in the fellowship I realize that the informatics career is not for me. Outside of work I'm also having some personal issues and overall it's shown me that I need...
  24. punMD

    Peds Intern schedule. What order do I do it in?

    I realize that, much like the order of M3 rotations, intern year in pediatrics will be similar no matter how you slice and dice it.... I also realize there will be significant variation between programs... HOWEVER... I dont have any specific life events to schedule my vacation and Im not...
  25. oldbearprofessor

    Match Day 2019 edition

    Posted as I do every year in some form. In honor of those who will match into pediatrics on March 15, 2019 Just another day now..:scared: Let us know today where you're going to spend the next 3 years. As you open your envelope and see that you won the match day lottery, and got the place of...
  26. B

    Free (Giving away) Giving away Peds Rap discount promo code Was given a code for $20 off. I have no use for it, thought I'd share. Should work multiple times.
  27. K

    Research: Does Clinical vs. Bench matter?

    So I'm currently doing my masters and have the opportunity to do some research this summer. There are two programs that I'm interested in. One is a clinical / rural & community health research program working on Telemedicine and the other is bench research working with Pediatric Oncology. I'm...
  28. M

    IM, FM, or Peds residency?

    I'm a 3rd year Caribbean medical student, and I have a terrible step 1 score of 212...I'm not sure what happened there but I'm working towards a redeemable step 2 score. I'm interested in FM, IM and Peds (basically primary care), but I also want to make SURE I get a residency in one of those 3...
  29. I

    Pediatrics PT Observation Hours

    I'm in the process of obtaining more hours in a new setting for PT observation, but I'm not sure which to choose for pediatrics? There's one that is hospital based another that is outpatient, out of the two which would look better on an application for school?
  30. Doohickey550

    FM to PEM

    Hi all. Is there a possible pathway from FM to pediatric EM (official or unofficial)? Say if I’d do lots of pediatric electives during FM residency and complete the EM fellowship, would pediatric emergency departments consider me for a job? Lots of pediatric ERs hire regular pediatricians, so...
  31. D

    Child Neurology research for Neurology match

    Hey ya'll, I am currently an M1 at a lower tier MD school with aspirations of matching at a top 10 (or similar quality) neurology residency. I have been consistently scoring in the top ~10% of the class on my exams thus far. Getting to the gist of it, I have been doing research with a prominent...
  32. S

    Free (Giving away) Hippo Peds RAP Promo Code

    Just wanted to share my promo code for the Peds RAP podcast: wropricr. You an also click on the link below. The Irresistible Audio CME Podcast for Pediatrics | Peds RAP - The code will get you $25 off a 1 year subscription (for residents and students, this comes out to $70). -This podcast...
  33. G

    Super torn between pre-med and NP - advice?

    I’m considering being either a pediatrician or a pediatric nurse practitioner. I don’t know whether I want to work in primary care (I am considering psych or urology as well, having had experience as a pediatric patient in both myself.) I also have a passion for rural healthcare. I’ve heard...
  34. F

    For Sale PEDIATRICS | MedStudy Peds 2018-2019 Flashcards (ABP)

    Price: $150.00 Item: MedStudy 2018-2019 Flashcards for ABP (Pediatric Boards) Reinforce important, high yield essential facts for the Pediatric Boards with the new 2018-2019 printed flashcards! This product includes over 1000 printed cards (1088), with 50 "make your own" blank cards. They...
  35. C

    Specializing as an international student trained in US dental school

    Hi, I am currently a D3 attending an accredited US dental school. As you may have assumed from the title, I am an international student who has no US citizenship nor a green card. I was wondering if anyone knows if I will have any limitations in applying to specialty programs. I am specifically...
  36. M


    Welcome to the post-ERAS-submission world! Congratulations on getting this far! Let's get this thread started. Stealing this template from the thread from two years ago. 1) Keep the list in the body when you reply. 2) Please sort alphabetically by state. 3) Try to say what school/program you...
  37. L

    Primary Care

    Hey everyone! I've recently become quite interested in primary care, and I'm wondering if anyone could give me some information. I'd like to know which med schools have programs that are primary care focused - for example, they prefer to accept those going into primary care, they only train PC...
  38. L

    Primary Care Advice

    Hey everyone! I've recently become quite interested in primary care, and I'm wondering if anyone could give me some information. I'd like to know which med schools have programs that are primary care focused - for example, they prefer to accept those going into primary care, they only train PC...
  39. C

    USCE for IM Peds residency

    So I'm a US IMG and I wanted to pursue a residency in IM+Peds, I was wondering what rotations I should take in USCE. Should I take separate rotations in IM and Pediatrics or are there other options? Also in IM, there are various types of rotations like cardiology, etc. Which one is the best IM...
  40. P

    Official 2018-2019 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Match Cycle

    I always feel these threads create good content when it comes to timeline of interview invites and other tid bits. I figured it was too soon for invites to go out yet as I was told by multiple sources not to get my hopes up the first two weeks, but then I got a day 1 interview. So maybe they are...