1. E

    3.55 GPA: is an smp/post-bacc program necessary?

    So I graduated in 2015 from a top 15 liberal arts school with an undergrad GPA of 3.55 in Biology, and I initially wanted to do research. But I decided during my senior year that I would enjoy doing medicine more as a career path, and now I'm looking how to boost my GPA for med school. MCAT...
  2. E

    3.55 GPA: smp/post-bacc necessary?

    Hi, I graduated in 2015 from a top 15 liberal arts school with an undergrad GPA of 3.55 in Biology. I initially wanted to do research, but I decided during my senior year that I would enjoy doing medicine more as a career path, and now I'm looking how to boost my GPA for med school. MCAT...
  3. H

    3.49 cGPA, 3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT

    Hi SDN! I need some advice on what to do! Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 cGPA/3.21 sGPA, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: - my science GPA is definitely hurt by a few classes: C- in...
  4. C

    2.58 uGPA - where to go from here

    Hi everyone, I graduated from UIC in December with a **** GPA, but i know i can handle the weight (based on my performance in my final semester...i know, idiotic to wait that long), and am adamant about going to med school, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've been told I need to do a...
  5. H

    Is an SMP for me?

    Long time lurker, first time poster! I was hoping for some advice. Graduated from a top 25 undergrad with a 3.46 ugpa/3.01 science gpa, 33 MCAT. I applied to ~30 MD schools this cycle and its not looking good currently. A little more about my app for reference: I worked through college which...
  6. femmegoblue

    Best SMP/Post-bacc for URM applicant

    I am trying to help a good friend get back into the game of applying to medical school, and looking to guide her toward the best post-bacc's or SMP's for URM students. She is Native American and Indigenous Mexican-American. She has completed all the pre-med pre-reqs, so no carer changers...
  7. F

    Is an SMP a good idea for me?

    I would just like to get a feel of whether you all feel that an SMP is a good decision for me. So for this cycle (my 1st) I have received 3 MD interviews (all OOS). I have been denied from 1, looks like in getting wait listed at 1, and still have one coming up. My Stats are: 3.47 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA...
  8. Student1222

    Special Masters Program

    I know there is an old long thread about SMPs. I was wondering if there is a list of well respected program list for SMP? I think there are a lot of programs out there, but I just want to find out which programs are best and most reliable.
  9. S

    Rosalind Franklin BMS 2016-2017

    Surprised no one has started this thread yet! Anyone apply already or planning to apply?
  10. B

    Boston University MAMS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone, welcome to the 2016-2017 thread for the Boston University MAMS Program! My name is Mike and I'm currently a second year MAMS student here at BU, so if anyone has any questions about the program, housing options, or Boston in general post them here and I'll answer as best as I can...
  11. N

    Need some Advice Post-Bacc student

    I recently graduated from a top university with a cgpa of 3.5 and a sgpa of 3.0. I have been enrolled in about 24 units of post bacc credit so far and have a post bacc sgpa of 3.75. I am enrolled in about 16 units currently and I am studying for the mcat. I also plan to take another 7-11 units...
  12. ka$hh

    SMP Comparison of Regis and Cincinnati

    Any thoughts on Regis University 1 year Masters vs. University of Cincinnati? I would like to know which program would better increase my changes of getting into medical school. Anyone who has been in either, how are the classes/faculty/student life?
  13. J

    Started from the Bottom...

    Hi Everyone, I used to be pre-med but now I'm not so sure. I've been pushing to be optimistic for the past few years, but looking at my trends and numbers, I believe it may be time to be realistic and change my career path as much as it pains me to do so. To what I don't even know. So...
  14. N

    SMP importance?

    I have read many posts that a Special Master's Program or post-bacc helps an applicant more than a traditional Master's. How is this so? If an applicant is initially screened for uGPA, how will exceptional grades in a SMP help?
  15. BioPeach88

    Tulane MS Microbiology & Immunology

    Hello, I am a non-traditional URM in undergrad as a working student. My major is biology. I am soon to graduate and have a current cGPA of 3.0. My ultimate goal is to work in global medicine for an organization like the CDC or NIH. My interests include immunology, neglected tropical diseases...
  16. G

    SMP during my gap year?

    Hello all, A little background information, I am a senior chemical engineering major at an HBCU. I've decided that I wanted to go to med school, but I put off taking the MCAT so now I have to take a gap year. My question is if I plan on taking the MCAT in May and applying shortly after (june or...
  17. D

    SMP or Pre-Medical Postbacc

    Hello everyone! I am hoping to get some insight as to what might be the next step for me in the medical school process. Here are my credentials so far: Senior (May 2016 graduation) at top 20 university, Neuroscience major 3.1 cGPA 2.9 sGPA (BCPM) No MCAT (Planning to take in April) 100+ hours...
  18. flamingo1

    Advice on this plan I have to increase my low GPA?

    Hello All, I have graduated with a bachelors in cellular and molecular science, with a overall GPA of 2.68, in June of 2015. I have been lurking on this forum for a very long time now. I've gotten more tips from this forum then I have from advisors, so that's why I would like to ask you guys...
  19. Student1222

    MD Is Special Masters Program really worth it?

    Hey guys, I am currently a Senior in College and was wondering if Special Masters Program are actually worth it. I will probably end up with a low GPA than most applicants (3.2~3.3cGPA, 3.3sGPA). Also, I have not taken the MCAT, yet, but preparing hard for it. I think I have standard amount of...
  20. mavsfanforlife6

    SMPs/Masters Programs for Dental School help!

    Hey guys! I'm a senior graduating in May and i'm going to try to keep this short.. Basically I started off my undergrad at a state school and started off there decent (A's and B's). During my second year my dad had a major heart surgery because of a heart attack, lost his job, and went through...
  21. T

    SMP question?

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out when someone would ideally apply to an SMP for GPA reasons, if at all. My situation: 3.2 GPA, strong clinical research (10 publications), shadowing, volunteering, good rec letters, MCAT has not been taken yet. Would it be better to go ahead and apply...
  22. D

    Low MCAT, good GPA... SMP or Post-Bacc or neither??

    Almost all the threads I see about SMP or Post-Bacc only, for the most part, refer to these programs for people with low GPA's. But what about the people with low MCAT scores? Are the SMPs and Post-Bac programs not the way to go? From doing some research on a few programs, a number of them have...
  23. femmegoblue

    Do DO schools *really* reward reinvention?

    Hey all, I am currently in an SMP-like program at Wayne State Med School. Wayne, and all the in-state med schools, seem to regard this program favorably. However, I plan on applying DO in the 2016 cycle, and I was wondering if DO schools truly do reward reinvention. I graduated from Michigan...
  24. F

    SMPs with sub 3.0

    Hi, Hoping I can get some honest feedback on my chances of gaining acceptance to an SMP with my current stats: 5,000 hrs animal experience 3 strong LORs 1200 GRE (Q + V) - planning to retake this very soon prior to sending in my apps 2.99 uGPA - improved slightly with post bacc classes I am...
  25. M

    USC MS in Global Medicine- Opinion from Pre-dents

    Hey SDN, I'm a 3rd year pre-dental student and was just thinking about some options for when I graduate. My GPA at the moment isn't too hot but I don't think its low enough/will be low enough by the time I graduate for a Post-Bacc. I was looking at the Global Medicine program at USC and it...
  26. osujic1

    Post Bacc/ SMP I Really Need Advice

    Here goes... I'm finishing up my last semester and expect to graduate in January. However graduating is kind of bitter sweet since my stats are pretty awful. 3.09 overall/ 2.6 science. I wasn't a very good student my freshman and sophomore year and did particular bad in my chemistry and...
  27. K

    2nd Round Non-Trad Applicant with Low, Old GPA

    Post Bach or SMP?? I'm trying to figure out a back up plan in case I don't get accepted again. I do not want to find a different career path and am determined to become a doctor even though the stupidity of my younger years (bad gpa) is kicking me in the ass! From 2012-2014 I was a full-time...
  28. NeuroScot

    George Washington GCATS

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone is applying for the Fall of 2016 for the GW GCATS program. I know it isn't a "true" SMP, but I am very interested in the small class size, professors that are worked with, and the classes offered. Let me know, I'm hoping to get my app in as soon as possible in...
  29. D

    SMP, Postbac recommendations

    Hey guys So I am a senior at Stanford University and am in the process of applying to postbacs and special masters programs. Any recommendations as to which specific postbacs/smp to apply to? I haven't taken the MCAT yet but will be taking the GRE soon because many require it since I don't...
  30. S

    Should this be considered an SMP? UAB MSBHS Program

    In April this year my school approved a Masters of Biomedical and Health Sciences Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (where the medical school is by the way). I applied, was accepted and classes started in June. Because this is the first cohort in the program, most of us in the...
  31. Ollivander

    Verging on a C in biochemistry but already planning on doing a there hope?

    So I'm currently verging on a C in biochemistry. It's not that I don't understand the material. I use Chad's videos as a supplement to the course and understand it perfectly there. But my professor is awful and the exams are ridiculous (taught more in the style of MCAT prep/crash course than...
  32. homeostatic

    Choosing an SMP

  33. sloppypapi

    Another Postbacc vs SMP opinion post?

    The decision seems to be made case by case, so here's my situation: cGPA: 3.24 ( upward trend, my transcript shows that I really busted my ass during senior year) sGPA: 3.0 My biggest concern is to meet the general prerequisites. I've got consistent B/B+ in the chemistries/ physics, and As in...
  34. D

    Applying and reapplying

    Greetings, all. I'm a recent college grad, and I plan on taking two years off to improve my application. My original plan was to take about 25 credits science classes to boost sGPA and cGPA and get a 510+ on MCAT, and apply in June 2016 for a spot in med school. I realized that I may need...
  35. D


    SMPs generally have Feb deadlines for application submission, and from what I recall, there are rolling admissions. Would it be better ton apply later in the cycle and make your application more competitive or apply early with a weak application? Also, would it be better to apply to an...
  36. doctorleospaceman

    Maximum GPA to consider postbacc/SMP

  37. D

    sGPA Lowest for Competitive Applicant

    Currently retaking courses to get science GPA to 3.0 (from 2.73, but with no failing grades). What is a comfortable minimum science GPA? My plan is to get sGPA up to 3.0, then apply for SMP. I'm also thinking about just maybe retaking more science classes to get it higher (3.3+) since I'm...
  38. NeuroScot

    What SMPs do I have a chance at?

    Hello, I am looking to apply to SMP programs to boost my undergrad GPA. I graduated with a 4.0 in my major Neuro courses but the rest of my science/pre-med coursework makes me look a little bipolar. I had a lot going on during different undergrad semesters relating to health and family issues...
  39. D


    Can anyone taking an SMP tell me more about their experiences? For example, the rigor of courses, how to study for med courses, tuition, med schools that they'll apply to, and overall experience. Thanks.
  40. D

    Damage Control for Low GPA

    Hi, all. I'm a recent graduate with a BA in biological sciences, and unfortunately a very low GPA (cGPA: 3.04 and sGPA: 2.73). I never failed any classes, but I did the worst senior year (b/c of financial problems and my mother in the ICU before an upper level bio class final, which I failed)...