1. H

    Any advice for gap year?

    Hi you all very nice people, I am taking 2 years off and applying during the 2023-2024 cycle! I would like to know if there is anything else I can do to improve my application during this year, especially about the leadership part. My plan wasn't for MD until my Junior year, so everything...
  2. Jaggar

    Advice on what to do next?

    Hi all. Topic is as the heading says. So to give some background, I'm a recent graduate of a canadian university, did a B.Sc with overall GPA of 3.23 (and for the record, my first two year averages were about 82% each, and last two years averages were about 79% each, one undergrad course a C...
  3. M

    Paid Scholarship for Medical School

    Good morning, our Undergraduate institution have a partnership with the 3 state school. If you marriculate, they will pay the cost of medical school. Do you think it wise idea to limit my self just to those 3 school. Even if I did not get in the first time, I will apply next cycle to the same...
  4. hachamor_persists

    Disease you wish you'd studied? (class project suggestions)

    (This is my first SDN post. If it's too far off-topic from applications which seem to dominate the conversation here, then let me know and I'll take it down ASAP!) For one of my courses we get to pair up to write a review article and do some presentations on (almost) any disease. Anyone have...
  5. F

    I'm interested in blood diagnostics(looking for suggestions/input on my idea)

    I'm currently a 2019 graduate of Penn State University wanting to pursue internal veterinarian medicine. Being fortunate enough to attend many veterinarian conferences my senior year of college, I noticed the inconsistencies with a handful of veterinarians misdiagnosing patients based on CBC...
  6. T

    General Admissions & OTCAS Chances of getting into school?

    Hi all! My name is Taylor, and I am planning to apply to a few OT programs for the fall of 2020. I have just recently graduated in May with a BS in exercise science from the University of Mississippi, and will be taking a year off in order to boost my resume. I plan to apply to University of...
  7. S

    Next Steps - requirements for different states

    I am a 2017 graduate with my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. For the past year and a half, I have been working as a rehabilitation technician with ATI Physical Therapy. I am extremely interested in Physical Therapy and would like to continue my development in that field. However, during my...
  8. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  9. S

    SMP Program Suggestions

    Hey guys. I am thinking about applying to SMPs (still undecided). I know I'm a little late in the game. Should I still apply or not? What are your personal thoughts and experiences? If so, which programs are the best, given the following stats: cGPA - 3.79 sGPA - 3.83 MCAT - 500/503 I...
  10. MarriedtoScience

    2 years undergrad remaining... what can I do to be more competitive applicant?

  11. NewYorkIsBestYork

    MD & DO Help creating school list and general speculation on odds.

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some help creating a school list. I'm applying this cycle as a first time applicant and not really sure how to categorize myself in terms of competitiveness. I'm a NY state resident and ORM. I qualify for FAP but don't really think I'd count as disadvantaged. I'll...
  12. G

    Suggestions for forums focused on Q&A about Medicine

    hello, I was surfing this website and I noticed that the kind of questions here are not related to technical/theoretical questions about Medicine (anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical...); So, what are some good forums for this kind of questions?
  13. Y

    Aiming for Step 1 score of 240+

    Hi! I am a second year MD student taking the step 1 in july 20. My semester ends May 11 which gives me about 9 weeks to prepare. Anyone has any suggestion or tip on how to prepare during those 9 weeks if I'm aiming for 240s? Things to do and things to avoid doing. I have uWorld, Rx, Pathoma...
  14. G

    What are my chances into Cali schools?

    Hello everyone this is my first time posting, so if this is in the wrong section please let me know! I am a socal asian male. I attend a Cal State University. Molecular Bio/Biotech with a minor in Chemistry My cumGPA is 3.75 (possibly 3.77, waiting on possible grade change) My scGPA is 3.71...
  15. future_nostalgia

    Chances for Next Cycle?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently a Junior and I'm planning on submitting my application as soon as it opens for the next cycle but just wanted to get an idea of my chances at the schools I have listed/get some suggestions of other schools to apply to! I'm a FL resident, but I'm currently a student at...
  16. L

    Applicant Specific Chances at St. Louis University SOM (SLUMD)

    Hi all, Sorry ahead of time to post this kind of a question. I know it is nuanced, but I have searched through the posts, looked at AMCAS stats and SLU's self reported stats but am still a bit unsure about my chances. Looking to see if anyone may have insight or experience with SLU that can be...
  17. mkvquigley

    Leave of Absence

    Due to myriad major life events that started before the semester did, resulting in my failing two blocks and barely passing two others so far, I've decided to take a leave of absence and re-start my first year next fall. So, I have 9 months of literal free time. I've been applying for all kinds...
  18. M

    semester + Gap year suggestions

    Hi all, I realized that if I wanted to I could graduate in 3.5 years. That is I can graduate in December if I wanted to and I currently have a 3.75 hoping to get that up to 3.8 in this coming semester. If I could graduate early do you guys think that it would be worth it given that I am pretty...
  19. D


    Hey, So i am looking to apply to dental schools and my undergrad GPA is 2.9. I am currently doing a Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at Rutgers. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about which schools i have the best chance of getting into as well as what i should do in order to...
  20. P

    LECOM Post Bac or MBS at RWJ?

    I have been accepted to the LECOM post bac and RWJ MBS program. I am having trouble deciding which one to attend for my gap year. Any advice/suggestions please?
  21. P

    DAT Study Schedule During Summer Class?

    Hey I am taking BioChemistry this summer starting next week. The class is 5 days a week 11-2pm and goes till the week of July 17th. I'm planning on taking the DAT September 11th. I was wondering if anyone here would know a decent ratio of time spent on this course vs time spent studying for...
  22. P

    Help me pick reach schools

    My mcat is a 511 (128, 130, 125, 128), cGPA is a 3.897 (not 100% sure exactly what the sGPA is right now but before the end of last semester they were both 3.88, so sGPA is probably about the same). I have guaranteed acceptance somewhere (non-binding), so I'm only planning to apply to reach...
  23. D

    DAT Study Schedule, One month suggestions?

    Hi everyone! Taking my DAT for a second time in about 35 days. Was wondering your input on this study schedule. Materials: DAT Destroyer Chad's Videos Cliff's AP Bio DAT Bootcamp DAY 1 sample: Read Cliff’s AP biology chapter 1 (Chemistry) and chapter 2 (Cells) as well as the...
  24. M

    Application List??

  25. Y

    School list Suggestions/ Advise?

  26. S

    Looking for some options!

    Hello guys. I am an industrial microbiology student with a 3.70 GPA. I'm in my third year of college in the University of Puerto Rico. For those who do not know (and I do not want to give alot of details) it's the public university of Puerto Rico and it's the best one we have. We are currently...
  27. slowlybutshelly

    must pass step1,ck,3 back to back..gulp

    I am probably in an unprecedented situation. I have great undergrad science grades. I was 7 years from finishing ECFMG education, until a series of natural and unforeseen disasters happened. I am now being given one last second chance. Residency directors in my state have said that I must pass...
  28. A

    MD & DO Need advice on if I have a chance at any med school. Big step in life!

    Hello guys, I graduated with my bachelors this May. I am a pre-med and I am planning on taking 2 gap years before applying to medical school. But I really want your opinions on if I should apply/if I have even the slightest chance of getting into one. My GPA are as follows: Fall Freshman: 3.771...
  29. M

    What schools to apply to with stats?

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I could have a few suggestions on OOS MD schools to apply to given my stats and background. UMN Biochemistry major. Neuroscience minor. Old MCAT 2014 score: 31. New MCAT 2016 score: 515. cGPA: 3.82. sGPA:~3.75. 200+ hours shadowing MD/DO physicians in many...
  30. H

    Just discovered medical genetics exsites as a specialty?!

    Hey all, I have been wrestling back and forth for years about med school. I was really considering PA school but I just stumbled on to medical genetics after taking the specialty quiz. I had no idea that existed!! I work in a lab that runs a lot of diagnostic tests based on real time PCR, I...
  31. DentalRose

    Personal Advice Needed! (Update on my application etc.)

    Hello all! I posted maybe a year and a half ago about applying to dental school. About me: I switched from pre-dental after my first semester of college and I graduated in English with about a 2.9 undergraduate GPA. I tried my hand at a semester of law school right after. I was naive at the...
  32. D


    Just got my April 23rd scores back! Breakdown: 128 chem/phys 121 cars 125 bio 128 pysch/soc Total: 502 Currently thinking about a retake July 22. That will give me roughly 8 weeks or 2 months till test day. Planning on applying this cycle Fall 2017 admissions. Will need to focus on...
  33. A

    Suggestions for pre-med

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my second semester of my sophomore year as a pre-med student and am interested to hear anyone's suggestions about extracurricular activities. My GPA is slightly lower than I would like, but it has been gradually improving. During my freshman year, I was not...
  34. T

    Will my application be considered?

    Hi, I am a senior and will most likely be graduating by Summer 2016 with a Bachelor of Science and plan to apply for vet school. My overall GPA is low; currently 2.83 I hope to raise it to a 3.0 by the end of Summer 2016. I plan to wait a year or two before I apply for vet school and in the...
  35. J

    What are my chances (MD)?

    Hi all. I just graduated from the University of Colorado with a 3.4 in integrative physiology and a Spanish minor. MCAT is 30. I have done two years of volunteering at the local hospital, worked in a medical office last summer, coached high school cross country and track. As far as making myself...
  36. D

    Study music suggestions?

    I currently listen to the following: John Williams Max Richter Claude Debussy Sigor Ros Moby Any other suggestions?
  37. T

    BOTH Best Study Material for Step 1?

    Hey guys, I've looked around a bit and I haven't seen a thread in regards to what study material everyone is using for USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX. I'm a first year and have already purchased the USMLE First Aid book, but I'm looking for a good review series as well that goes a little more into...
  38. L

    History of bad grades - steps to take to get back on track?

  39. A

    Belmont DPT, UNC, VCU, ODU, Shenandoah, Elon, Arcadia Pros/Cons

    Hey everyone! I just applied to these schools and was wondering if any current students or alumni could give any insight on these programs? If you could go back and make a different decision, would you? Or would you recommend the program? Thanks!