1. P

    Study time for step 3 based on previous step scores

    Just started studying for step 3 and hoping to take it by end of the month since I'm on a relatively easy rotation in my residency program. Based on my past step scores (264 step 1, 275 step 2), how long do I realistically need to study for step 3? My thought was to spend most of my prep time...
  2. TragicalDrFaust

    How many reviews a day is too many?

    Yesterday for example. Exceeded 1,300 reviews and took 4 hours. Slightly more than 10sec/card. 140 new cards and probably spent some time editing them (adding pictures or clarifying wording) as I went along. Then spent about 2.5 hours going through two lecture hours to make more cards (our in...
  3. D

    No advisor, MCAT studying length for a non-traditional?

    Hello, I’m a 26 year old non-traditional student and need a decent Mcat score for my 3.32 gpa. I have a science/bio background but need to do some serious content review for the MCAT and not sure about the timeframe I should leave for this. I’m starting a post/bac program end of August. Would...
  4. Leftpaw

    Taking OAT in August for 2020 cycle?

    Hello! I was curious about whether this is feasible to still be "early" for applications. My grades are around the low 3s, so they're not completely amazing. However, I do have many years of experience in eye clinics alongside a good recommendation letter from an optometrist. I was thinking...
  5. 8YearsLate

    How to cope with demanding friends/family?

    Hi All, I thought my toughest challenges in pre-med would be academic, financial, etc. But here I am, with just one pre-req and MCAT left to go, and my biggest challenge is: getting my family to understand how much I have to study in order to pull all this off. I work part-time, single mom, in...
  6. A

    1 month till MCAT

    Hi guys, My MCAT exam is January 19th and Im going to have approximately 35 days to seriously study for it once my school semester is over in December. I spent about 2.5 months doing content review/light practice with princeton review during the summer already. At the end of the summer, I...
  7. D

    COMLEX Level 2 PE - Total Duration of PE on Exam Day

    Hello, I'm taking the COMLEX Level 2 PE later this year. I'm trying to complete all my travel arrangements. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the whole day lasts? If i'm scheduled for a morning session, what time will I get out by usually? Thanks!

    should I take full time scribe job?

    I'm currently finishing my freshman year and NEED to leave my hell of a retail job. I've been applying specifically to scribe jobs since January and finally got an offer. The only thing worrisome is that it is a full-time position. Do you think it would be possible to be in school full-time...
  9. F

    will a June 16th MCAT date put me behind ?

    I am taking the MCAT June 16th (score release July 17th). One of my biggest goals was that I wanted to apply as early as possible to be in the first wave, but due to unfortunate circumstances my mcat was pushed back to June 16th. Now I don't plan on selecting schools before my MCAT is released...
  10. Y

    IL MPJE Results Wait Time

    If you recently took IL MPJE via license transfer/reciprocity, how long did it take you to get your results, and how did you receive them? Mail or email?
  11. lovehate

    How long did your Certiphi background check take?

    How long did your Certiphi background check take to get processed? Mine was processed within 5 minutes. I got an email that it was complete and ready to be released to the schools. I logged in and released it. Is that normal ? I thought these background checks take at least few days!
  12. N

    is this enough time?

    is 4 weeks enough time for destroyer and Bootcamp practice tests? Ive already done 300 bio questions, 100 chem questions, and half the math in destroyer already. Ive also watched all of mikes ochem videos, and chads gen chem videos, as well as read all of Dr. Romano's 600 pages of Bio notes. Ive...
  13. A

    premed bf

    hi guys, my boyfriend, alex is a junior premed student at NYU- and they have one of the most competitive premed programs. it’s very vigorous. he studies for hours and hours on top of doing his work. exam weeks are hell. i barely see him once a week sometimes and it’s hard for me. (especially his...
  14. M

    How would medical school admissions look at someone with 6 years in undergrad?

    I'm graduating next semester with a BA in biology and honors in math and science. But thats it, after being in school for 6 years. When I started college, I was an accounting major for 2 years and tried to tough it out but found out I really hated looking at excel and balance sheets. I was sort...
  15. A

    Lots of free time, what to do?

    Hey all, first post. So I just graduated college in June and recently finished up on a company project I was required to do over the past couple months. I applied for a pre-dental Post Bac at East Bay and SFSU and if I get in, the programs won't begin until January. I just feel like I have too...
  16. D

    A day in the live of a DVM student [Guelph University]

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what the program is like. How many courses do you take per semester? What are they like? Does school run during summer? How many hours/week are you in school? What is the workload outside of classes? I'm a graduate (research) student...
  17. S

    PA Medical License IMG

    Hey all, I just finished residency in PA and am an IMG so had to wait till 30 days prior to residency finishing to fully submit my application for full license. In prior years most IMGs had received their licenses by July 1st, but mine has not even been reviewed yet. Is anyone else having this...
  18. PolypFiction

    Limited time to study?

    New here, sorry if I'm not doing this correctly. I took the MCAT last year and got a 499 (Phys/Chem 123, CARS 125, Bio 126, Psych 125). Finding time to study proved to be a challenge with a full time job, as I work M-F 8-5. On top of that I needed my daily gym time, time for dinner, time to...
  19. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Can you take your gap year to take graduate coursework to transfer towards an MSTP?

    This is just out of curiosity, but I was wondering if you could earn graduate credits which could be transferred into the PhD portion of an MSTP program to cut down on the time in the MSTP program?
  20. D

    NBDE Part 1 Results

    Hello, All! I took my NBDE Part 1 on the 5th of January, and my results were posted today (by results, I mean the test went from "In Process" to "Completed" in my account, and when I scrolled down, it said "Pass"). I passed! Woo! Anyway, I just wanted to say that a good handful of my...
  21. Tigrane

    Do Physical Therapists get (randomly or not) drug tested?

    I'm still young and for the past few years I've had trouble figuring out and solidifying a decision of what I'd like to do. When I was younger, like as a kid, I always aspired to become a doctor. I read up a ton on the subjects and dove pretty deep. My interest in pursuing that career dwindled...
  22. Threemethylcholanthrene

    Best use of gap year time? Thoughts/Concerns?

    Hi All, I wanted to ask what everyone thinks the best use of a gap year time would be. I recently just graduated ASU with a major in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell & Developmental) with a 3.58 cumulative. I think my sGPA is somewhere around 3.6 but I am not 100% sure. Currently I am...
  23. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Can you skip a section on DAT?

    Say you finished the natural science section rather quickly. Can you cumulatively carry those extra time to the PAT section? Also, do people in general run out of time / finish on point / have few minutes to spare to go over things during the actual DAT? Thanks for your replies.
  24. R

    When to take CASPer?

    When applying to american schools, should I take CASPer before or after the interview? Does it matter? Because the dates of the test are spread out over many months, all the way to the beginning of January, which would be after most of the interviews. In Canada, all of the CASPer dates are in...
  25. A

    DAT (Science) Time Breakdown

    Hi guys, So I'll be taking my DAT in mid-July and wanted an answer on my question from someone who has recently taken the DAT. I know that there will be 90 minutes allotted to the 100 Science questions, but do you get all the questions at once or you have to complete one section in a set amount...