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  1. F

    UF DPT Program

    Hey ya'll, So I had recently put my seat deposit down for Georgia Southern's DPT program and had plans on beginning there in May...however, I just found out that I have been accepted into the University of Florida's DPT program. I honestly had not been considering UF too much because I did not...
  2. M

    Emory vs UF vs Georgetown

    UF Pros -Cost: CoA is significantly cheaper 50K -Great Fit, all current students seem very welcoming and easy to get along with. -Very good match list, but perhaps the weakest of the three. Interested in a competitive specialty. - Administration seems very supportive and mentorship seems...
  3. G

    Premed: USF or UF?

    Hi, I was admitted into the honors college at USF and the Summer B program at UF going into premed, but I’m having trouble choosing which college to go to. I don’t know much about the difference between the pre med at these schools. Any information/ advice of which school to go to would help...
  4. jennyhou

    What should I do to prepare as a freshman?

    Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school, and I already decided to study animal science major for undergraduate and pursue a DVM. English is my second language. What should I do to be better prepared for going to a vet school? Are there any suggested books I should read or things I should do in...
  5. A

    UF Pre Health Post Bac Class of 2020

    I've just been accepted at UF Pre-health Post Bac, but since the program is relatively new, I can't really gauge how competitive the program is. Does anyone know the median gpa for the accepted students or is willing to share their stats? +Anyone entering UF Pre-Health Post Bac class of 2020...
  6. P

    Best Post Bacs in Florida?

    Was wondering if anyone had any insights on Post Bacs in Florida? Like which are the best and if any have some kind of linkages etc. Haven't found a ton of info here on Florida, I might be missing a thread somewhere but feel free to redirect me, super new here. Thanks! According to AAMC these...
  7. P

    UF PHPB advice/experience

    Has anyone applied to and received a decision from UF’s pre-health post bacc program? I submitted in August and everything verified September 19th and I’m nervous about not getting any sort of response yet.
  8. TheGroove

    Anyone get accepted with online degree?

    Got an associates degree with research, all my prerequisites done, multiple LOR’s, and have other awards/accomplishments specific to the small college but it’s a 90 minute drive. About to start a 24/48 schedule, so traditional classes would be hard and I’m considering finishing my undergrad at...
  9. TheGroove

    Online after finishing all prereqs, some research, etc. Advice needed

    Hi, everyone. SDN lurker for a while, but decided to make an account for a question I have. I’ll be graduating a small state college soon with an Associate of Science in Biology. I’ve taken all my prerequisites, have good LOR’s from professors, was a college ambassador, have shadowing...
  10. T

    UF (OOS) vs Case

    UF vs Case UF pros: - nice weather - more global health opportunities than Case - lecture is recorded and non-mandatory - affordable housing within walking distance of campus - less expensive (49k OOS) but could become IS (37k) after year 2 (over 4 years this is about a 85k total difference...
  11. H

    University of Florida Post-Bacc

    has anyone done the UF post bacc program (UF PHPB) or know anyone who has done it? I've been accepted to the program, but there seem to be very few reviews since the program is relatively new (2014).
  12. GirlsGoneGaga

    DPT Decision: UF vs Columbia

    Hey peeps. I seem to be in a bit of a dilemma (although i prob shouldn't complain) but, i have been admitted to my top 2 choices for physical therapy: University of Florida & Columbia University. Speaking as the most indecisive person ever, I need someone to tell me what the best decision is to...
  13. mpiano29

    MD Graduated with Bachelor of Music, now what?

    Hello, First time writing on this forum so excuse me if there's any style of writing that might be novel or different. I applied to medical schools in two previous cycles already and did not get into any MD schools that I applied to unfortunately. I'd like the idea of getting into medical...
  14. DrMDeezy

    UF Dental Interviewed vs Accepted

    Just curious since I can't find this data anywhere. How many people did UF Dental interview vs how many they accepted?
  15. Rosebud13563

    Unique case of premed-Help

    Hello there, The reason I titled this as an unique case of premed is because I am not the average undergrad and I haven’t seen posts about my situation. I graduated High school this past May with my AA degree from Broward College in Florida. My college GPA is currently 3.93. I wanted to stay...
  16. A

    Univ of Florida medical school admission

    Hello, So, I'm graduating from Univ of Florida with a bachelors degree in women's studies, and after I just realized I want to become a doctor. I want to take all of the prerequisites at Santa Fe college here in Gainesville. I'm worried about admission for a few reasons. I'd love if maybe...
  17. G

    Chances of Getting into Dental School this Year

    Just a fair warning: I am new to this website and this is my first post I graduated from UF last year with a B.S in Biology and am going to apply this 2018-19 cycle. I took the DAT last year and here are my results: Academic Average 20 Biology 22 General Chemistry 22 Organic Chemistry 21...
  18. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT schools

    Hi! I will soon be applying to OT schools and I wanted to gain any input from students who have previously been accepted to different OT programs in Florida like FIU, FGCU, USA, Nova, etc. and maybe any tips they can give me on what/what not to do? Or their current experience in any of these OT...
  19. G

    UF vs. USF

    Hey Guys! I have an acceptance to USF and was just offered an interview to UF I feel very committed to USF but did not want to just approach medical school with blinders. I think I have a pretty decent feel for USF but wanted some more info on UF. In particular the environment/student happiness...
  20. UNCafDDS

    DAT breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT) + chance me?

    Hey friends! So I took my DAT on 7/31/17 and here are my scores PAT: 22 QR: 22 RC: 19 Bio: 24 GC: 20 OC: 29 TS: 23 AA: 23 Overall, very happy with my scores! I prepared for 8 weeks, following Ari’s schedule. Additionally, I am a Bio major with minors in Chem and Art. I took a few...
  21. A

    Strong in-state ties - Florida schools

    I'm a PA resident, but my sister lives near Tampa, my aunt and cousins live near Orlando. Would these be considered strong in-state ties for any FL schools? I'm fairly certain I'm going to apply to Miami, but I was also considering University of Florida and USF. I checked the MSAR for number...
  22. V

    UVA vs UF premed

    Hello! I got into UF (UF Honors) and UVa for undergrad. I plan on majoring in biology, going on the pre-med track. UF is my state school, so it's almost free (about 3K tuition). UVa would cost me about 32K tuition. Putting cost aside, which school is better for premed in terms of course work...
  23. zax

    UMD vs UF

    Hey guys! I am fortunate enough to have acceptances to two schools I have always been interested in. I would love to hear some opinions on both schools. To your knowledge how do these schools stack up to eachother? UF Pros- In state tuition, close to home, Pass Fail curriculum Cons- 4 more...
  24. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's FGCU OT vs. UF

    Hi, I plan on applying to the MOT program at FGCU and also UF for the upcoming fall 2017 cycle. I have seen posts similar to this one but some are inactive/outdated. FGCU is my top choice right now because I do like the location and it is also considerably less expensive than UF. However, UF is...
  25. Singerpremed

    Anyone taking the MCAT January 2017?

    Hi everyone, this semester I'm studying for the MCAT for January 2017. I'm using the Kaplan MCAT Live course and I live Gainesville, FL (University of Florida). I was interested in creating a study group here and connecting with you guys. I also have one on Facebook. :)
  26. V

    [2016-2017 cycle] University of Florida Pharmacy

    Hello everyone! Didn't see a thread for UF Pharmacy for this cycle, so i figured that i'd start one. My application with PharmCAS has been submitted & verified. Working on the supplemental app (not sure if that's also due by the 6th for early decision), taking the PCAT on 9/9. Where is...
  27. Asclepius293

    Best out of State "Reach" Schools? 3.8cGPA 511 MCAT

    Hey all! Currently applying and trying to create a list of out of state "reach" schools to apply for. I've bought MSAR and am going through that but am curious as to what the SDN community thinks of my stats and where I might have a good shot. Michigan resident, applied for all in-state...
  28. T

    Online Biochemistry?

    Has anyone taken the online Biochemistry course at the University of Florida or Colorado State University? I am specifically interested in the one at Florida, but want to hear opinions! Thanks!
  29. Enzo07

    Veterinary Forensic Certification Program at UF?

    Hi all, first time poster here! :) I am wondering if there is anyone who knows more about/has gone through either the Master's or Online Graduate Certification program at University of Florida. I'm currently a junior undergrad (just finished soph year), and am beginning to consider...
  30. CubanGatorGirl

    UF Masters of Medical science -- good route to take to get into an MD program?

    I graduated from the Univeristy of Florida in August of 2015 with a BS in Nutrional Sciences. Between then and now I have been retaking a few courses to boost my GPA because my goal was to go to a DO school because I had a horrible GPA (when I graduated it was sGPA 3.0 cGPA 2.9). I am starting...
  31. N

    University of Florida vs. University of Tennessee

    Hi y'all! I'm a FL resident who is applying for a Pharm. D. position at UT and UF. I was already accepted to UT and have an interview coming up for UF (so I may not even get accepted) and I wanted to hear some of your opinions. Both schools are in the top 20 ranked schools in the U.S. and they...
  32. E

    UF interview 2015

    got my interview for UF in November. What are the stats/chances of getting in once you have gotten an interview?
  33. H

    what are my chances? Should I retake my GRE?

    Hey! I'm currently in the process of applying to a lot of schools: Baylor, Miami (my undergrad), Duke, Belmont, USF, UCF, UF. I took my GRE today and wasn't pleased with my scores. I got a 159V and 155Q. I know I could have done a lot better on the quantitative portion I just got really nervous...