1. cvilleroom4rent

    Renting Private Bedroom/Bathroom with Kitchenette - 10 minutes from UVA/Martha Jefferson (Charlottesville, VA)

    Fully furnished private bedroom and bathroom in finished basement of my town home. Kitchen appliances in room include a coffee maker, crock pot, water heater, microwave, toaster oven, and convection cook top. The room also has a small TV with a Roku. The bedroom does not have any windows, which...
  2. Mandy Peacock

    Housing in Charlottesville (shared, furnished)

    Home with three rooms to rent. Located on a quiet, central street in downtown Charlottesville. Recently updated home with lovely light! 5 minute walk to the bus/trolley station. Less than 10 minutes drive to hospital. All utilities (including trash and internet) included. Fully furnished...
  3. Q

    Decided :)

  4. B


  5. cvilleroom4rent

    Roommate Furnished room, private bath $750/mth (Charlottesville, VA/UVA)

    Fully furnished large bedroom and private bathroom in finished basement of my house. Bedroom includes access to full-sized fridge in the next room and has a crock pot, water heater, microwave, and toaster oven. The bedroom also has as a TV with a Roku. Bedroom doesn't have any windows so perfect...
  6. M

    UVA vs VCU

    I'm a VA resident and thankfully was able to receive some grant money but I'm stuck between a lower cost/ lower ranked VCU vs a slightly higher cost but better-ranked UVA. I think both schools offer great opportunities and I could see myself going to both but I'm a bit more drawn to UVA because...
  7. MedicalStudent2021

    Utah (full-tuition) vs Dartmouth (full-tuition) vs UVA (half-tuition scholarship)

  8. MedicalStudent2021

    Dartmouth (full-tuition) vs UVA (half-tuition scholarship)

  9. P


  10. Ernieke

    University of Virginia VS University of Pittsburgh undergrad

    Hi all, this is my first post. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools and wanted to hear what you guys thought of these schools for my undergrad. I am from Virginia, but Pitt would be cheaper, but the cost won't affect the decision. I applied as a bio major and I'm set on...
  11. boxalarm

    Post-Bac 2021-2022 Admissions

    Hi everyone! I don’t see a thread like this anywhere so I figured I’d start one. How is everyone’s application cycle going for next year’s post Bac cycle? I applied to UVA, Goucher, Bryn-Mawr and Loras. So far I’ve got interviews at UVA and Goucher, plus an acceptance at Loras.
  12. P

    UVA versus Hopkins Post-Bacc Programs (for Career Changers)

    I've been accepted to UVA and Hopkins' post-bacc programs for career changers. Anyone have opinions about one versus the other? UVA seems like a more collaborative rather than competitive environment, and features Post-Bacc-only classes for almost every prerequisite. At Hopkins, prereqs are...
  13. P

    Neuroscience vs Bio major at UVA?

    Hi everyone, I'm a rising second year at UVA and I have a tough decision to make before the school year begins. I have all of the necessary classes needed to declare either a neuroscience major or a biology major, with the exception of one course for the neuroscience major and 2 semesters of gen...
  14. N

    UF vs UVA

  15. D

    School List Help please!

    Hi guys! I am currently freaking out a bit about putting together a school list that covers the right amount of range of schools from all ranks. My stats are: MCAT 518, GPA 3.97 (from UVA-Virginia resident) Extracurricular wise, I've got a good number of hours of research (no major...
  16. hs764

    Is my dream medical school worth an extra $80,000+?

    I fell head over heels in love with Vanderbilt's program, both during the interview and the second look weekend, but they came through with a really weak financial aid package for me. Now I'm more seriously considering UVA, which I don't love quite as much and isn't as well-ranked, but it's...
  17. I

    UVA or UPitt undergrad premed?

    Hi guys, I may be on the wrong forum but oh well: So I'm considering between UVA and UPitt for undergrad. Fir Upitt total costs is around 23k while UVA is around 59k after financial aid and scholarships. I know for a fact I want to be a doctor, so which school is better for premed? Which one...
  18. hs764

    Vanderbilt vs Michigan vs UVA?

    Vanderbilt Pros: Highly ranked 1 year preclinical curriculum Small class size Shade Tree clinic - definitely the best student run clinic I've come across Great anatomy lab and opening a brand new med school building this year Great for neuro Nashville is very diverse city and is growing more...
  19. EmDeeAZ

    Undergrad School Choice Premed--HELP!

    Hi, I recently received all of my undergrad college admissions decisions and need to make my school choice very soon. I intend on studying biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) on the premed track. I really want to be a doctor. My top options are: M.I.T., University of Virginia, UC...
  20. P

    WashU vs. Pitt vs. UVA

    I've been accepted to all three (haven't heard anything from financial aid yet). Would be thankful for any input anyone might have because right now I'm really not leaning one way or the other. WashU Pro Top10, highly respected school with great hospital system St. Louis is an affordable place...
  21. Dr. Ozymandias

    Post Bacs are not pro-URM. Thoughts?

    Besides SIU's MedPrep and the UC-Consortium which are for academic enhancers and not career-changers, it seems post-bac programs are not URM-friendly, which is interesting considering the whole point of post-bac programs is to help get people into medical school. My reasoning: 1) Post-bacs are...
  22. Crocognar

    VCU vs Jeff vs UVA

    Hey everyone, Pretty glad I have a choice, but now I have no idea what to do. Background: From Virginia, want to match in Cali (born and raised there), probably gas, opthal, or rads. I feel like my situation is more or less Cost vs Lifestyle vs Prestige. VCU: ++ Great scholarship offer...
  23. M

    Johns Hopkins vs. UVA Post Bacc.

  24. hs764

    Vanderbilt vs. UVA

    Vanderbilt Pros: Very customizable and flexible curriculum Several months of the curriculum are dedicated specifically to a research project Strong neuro/psych research (an area of interest for me) Brand new anatomy lab (not in a basement!) Highly ranked I lived in Nashville from 2005-2010, I...
  25. SterlingMaloryArcher

    UVA, VCU, or CNU (undergrad)?

    I've been chasing UVA ever since I started at the community college, but now that application time is coming around, I've gotten honest with myself and it has sort of hit me that maybe a competitive school like UVA where A's are hard to come by (for example, Physics curves down) isn't the best...
  26. U

    MD 514, 3.36 from UVA

    Hi all, I just took my MCAT in July and got a 514 - 128 chem/phys, 126 cars, 130 bio, 130 psych. I have a 3.36 overall GPA from UVA but it shows a marked incline (got a 3.8 the last semester). Very involved with research (clinical and lab) and scribing. I think I will have good LORs as well...
  27. Wahoo1125

    Prospective DO Student with Unusual Circumstances (What are my chances!?!?)

    Hello everyone! I am a third year student at the University of Virginia hoping to apply to a long list of DO schools next fall in my final undergrad year. I didn't do so hot my 1st year and had a gpa of 2.9. My 2nd year I had surgery on my brain and was out for the fall semester and returned in...
  28. V

    UVA vs UF premed

    Hello! I got into UF (UF Honors) and UVa for undergrad. I plan on majoring in biology, going on the pre-med track. UF is my state school, so it's almost free (about 3K tuition). UVa would cost me about 32K tuition. Putting cost aside, which school is better for premed in terms of course work...
  29. dinomite00

    NJMS vs Dartmouth vs UVA

    Hey Guys, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to multiple schools, and have narrowed down my choices to these three. I am having a very hard time deciding between them and would love to get some input from anyone who has some insight into these institutions. I am not 100% sure what I...
  30. K

    University of Virginia: Apartment available for rent 4/1

    Apartment for Rent Available 4/1; Charlottesville, VA 22903 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom unfurnished apartment to sublet/rent. Available starting April 1. Lease is through July 15, 2017 with option to renew and lock in our super low price of $1290 month! (market price for this same apartment elsewhere...
  31. SterlingMaloryArcher

    First Two Years at CC, Good Idea to take Bio I/II and Chem I/II in summer at UVA?

    (UVA = University of Virginia, Probably regarded as the best public state school in VA) UVA allows visiting students in the summer sessions only. Obviously I did not have the High School grades to get into UVA as a 1st year (freshman.) *BIO I/II in the summer is already a done deal. Would it...
  32. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Value of various types of research opportunities & What to do in Summer

    1.) Are organized summer opportunities ( https://med.virginia.edu/diversity/programs/srip/ ) more or less valuable than research throughout the school year with a professor? ( http://uvaurn.org/register-with-urn/ ) I feel the latter would be a better opportunity to have long-term involvement...
  33. SterlingMaloryArcher

    HS: 1.667, Freshman: 4.0, Sophomore: 4.0, Junior: ?, Senior: ? - Recovery Strategy?

    Senior Year of High School I thought it would be fun to take my classes at the community college (BAD IDEA) F in Spanish I, D in Sociology, D in Government, D in College Composition II. Not hard classes, just wasn't putting in the work. I have read the related forums, I know, and accept, that...
  34. kmae

    Does legacy extend to grandparents and/or great grandparents?

    My paternal grandfather received his medical degree from West Virginia University and then was an attending/professor of radiology at the University of Virginia for about 40 years. He's retired now, but I think he's still a donor, though I'm not entirely certain. Also, both of my paternal...